Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We received very disconcerting news about practices left at Santa Fe Public Schools.  Recall that we brought up the Broad  Virus stuff where they come in, clean house, setup pay for performance, etc. and then Teach for America comes in.  As we said check out Dallas ISD, same tactic.

So we received the pay scale for Santa Fe and it is set in Tiers, meaning teachers have to jump from Tier to Tier in order to receive that pay based on test scores, etc.  If you study that and read Dallas ISDs system they are compatible. 

Teachers there is no incentive within the pay, it looks good and they sell it well but believe us when we say it is a fluke because it is bent on saving money on the backs of you.  If you think testing is bad now.. just wait until this type of system is implemented.  Recall Dallas kiddos testing in Art, Music and PE, read the news.  We have said from the first time we heard of Boyd, we don't need that style of leadership.  We need something created by all of us.. not a copy of what others have done.

Be forewarned.

Santa FE Teacher Pay

Dallas Plan- skim through it and see how teachers are being evaluated and paid.

Dallas News Article- students staying after school for art tutoring to get ready for semester exam

What's on the tests that elementary students had to take so teachers can be graded on achievement


  1. Well Teachers, time to fight back at the voting booth. This is what your Board and the corrupt big money interests backing them think of you. The only person on that God-forsaken Board standing up for you is Ann Sutherland. She needs help. Help in the form of new Board Members like Joel Aguilar. We have to rally family, friends, and neighbors to vote OUT Needham, Jackson and Moss. Teach For America is going to destroy what is left of public education in Fort Worth. VOTE! And don't forget: Robbins is still trying to silence Ann; retired puppet Cecelia Speer is running against her, and both Ramos and Paz have been bought off with TCU trinkets.

  2. It will not do any good, if no one has the guts to run against Needham...she is the one that must be GONE!!! There is only 2days left to file..

  3. It baffles me why there is NO ONE in District 5 willing to run against J.Needham. Her expiration date is way past! Come on someone with a new perspective and RUN against her.

  4. Why not try someone new?February 25, 2015 at 10:21 PM

    Just so you know, we have already been under pay for performance in FWISD. It began with the PEAK program which rolled into the RISE program. Although, I don't think too many have gotten much from it. The PEAK program was funded in part by a $4 million grant that the BOE voted to match with $5 million from the General Fund. When that grant was up, they found a couple of others they used to comprise the RISE program. Look 'em up in the Board archives. Also, we have had Teach for America the last few years already, look that up in the archives too. As I recall Ann Sutherland was the only BOE member to oppose that contract. As far as "cleaning house" that is what we seriously need at Central Admin and a review of the many sorry principals we have. Most principal appointments and central admin appointmment seem to be weighted more to the side of who they know than their ability and expertise in their field. We currently have a system of pay for POOR performance. Seems the worse the CA people do, the more money they make, which shrinks the amount being spent to directly educate our fort worth children. Couldn't someone with a new outlook do a better job than going with the same old formulas we have time after time?

  5. Looks like Needham now has 2 opponents according the applicants listed on the May Election link of the FWISD Board page? Linda Labeau & Michael Johnston. Any confirmation of this?

  6. Yes, this is true for teachers at PEAK schools. I know of one teacher who has received as much as $10,000/ for a slightly less than 5% increase. It's federal money, so no one seems to care. I've mentioned this before but, very few people seem to think this is an issue. However, I'm not so quick to dismiss ANY performance pay in theory. The problem isn't the evaluation, it's what the evaluation is based on and the person evaluating. Evaluations are really a joke on our campus. This is mostly a biased opinion of one person and his or her attitude about the person that's being evaluated. It has very little to do with the teacher's ability to engage the students. Yes I am aware of the several different domains and the criteria (I'm also certified to evaluate) I just think that too many principals and AP's get it wrong! In some cases, horribly wrong!

  7. Yes. Now it's a race in District 5. Medusa has two opponents. While we don't need another bully, we do need Moss out. For that reason I hope Dansby runs. The real question in this election is: will the big money special interests represented by Ray Dickerson and friends - including any fool supporting Cecelia Speer (REALLY?), beat the rank and file voters and parents - people with a REAL stake in the children of FWISD?

  8. Give someone new a chanceFebruary 26, 2015 at 8:23 PM

    Yay! thank you to these 2 brave individuals. Now all you voters in District 5 check them out and see which one you can vote for so Needham can be replaced.

  9. NSA, the PEAK money was $1 million less than the district money. I care. Also, as I said, the PEAK grant ran out within 5 years and then the district cobbled together funds and grants to create RISE. Of course, both of these programs were only available at a handful of schools, supposedly the lowest performing. Since pretty much the same schools are still the lowest performing, it doesn't look like the ditsrict got its money's worth.