Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We know how cozy the city and FWISD are when it comes to getting money for their particular needs and not the school.

So Fort Worth stopped it's own truancy process and contracted with the city.  The district pays the City truancy court $313, 000 a year besides giving them space to do the job, furniture and equipment.  So far the city has made $600,000 solely on student fines and court costs.  So the city gets rich from our students and parents and you never hear or see preventive measures to assist students and parents.  Do they forget that our students need help?  You want to talk about the achievement gap among our African American students?  You can't create change if you are using punitive measures all the time.  Can we take the time to get to know our students, know their life situation and spend money based on a needs assessment? 

What we do have is a bunch of probation officers chasing our students since OPS is full of ex city officers.  So we know there is a hand into decisions from the powers that be.
 What happened to parent and community engagement On Purpose?  What happened to Continuous Improvement ON PURPOSE?

All a bunch of crap!


Those of us who have followed the trials are amazed, shouldn't be, at the level of corruption and bullying in FWISD.  Bullies continue to argue baseless points while taxpayers pay the bill.  Read the article by the weekly which gives factual information regarding years and years of waste by those who say they are doing things on purpose, bullying on purpose, wasting taxpayer money on purpose and for what?  To cover their lies, hiding it from the public and acting like nothing happened.

A shame that these people go to bed like nothing happened.  I am sure they go to church and beg forgiveness for their lies and yet they continue to create a hostile environment and have no regard for human decency.

Outrage from the public is what it will take to stop them!!

One of the most outrageous part is how the board kept Dr. Sutherland from being present at the executive meeting after she testified.  Yet Robbins and Needham were present.

Dr. Sutherland you should get legal counsel and sue the district.  You are an elected member not their puppet. 

A clean up is needed big time.  Menchaca has done so much damage to the district as has the others.  Raking raises and forget about students and teachers who are needing help.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


We had inquired how our tests scores did and how our kiddos are being taken care of academically.  As you may know the state sets the standard for the initial inception of any test low to allow time to do well. This area is being edited since we forget not all know the education lingo.  The new chart shows what the scale score means in a percent.  For example 3rd grade reading, students need to only pass 20 questions for 50% and that's the minimum score.  For 5th grade of which we have scores.  In Reading they need to make a 57% to pass and so on as you look at the grades. We are still in Phase 1.  So our issue is that the district celebrates the minimum and we do appreciate the effort made but when you look down the road and how the number will rise to 78% after two years or so unless the commissioner decides differently.  Why are we not focusing on the long term and teach our kids to reach higher. We spend second semester remediating when we should be proactive.  Teachers are bogged down teaching the test and many others are sacrificed.  If you look at the scores and how they put how many need just one question or 4 to pass, that's the focus for second semester and the rest of the year, only those who you think will pass will be taught.  So then what happens to the 40% or so that didn't?  We have asked that question, we have asked what can be done to stop this trend and end up with the same results.   They have no clue, just a bandaid each year.

The scale score is what the state assigns to show growth through the years, so you can see here the minimum scale score for passing and so on.  Hope this helps a bit better but you can always email and can provide more clarity.  Also the Level III advanced is what we will be measured as well, how many excel.  Once the final results come out, judge for yourself how ready our students are at the highest level.

The links to the scores:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Here is the transcript of the audio that was redacted, which was posted on the website.

Keep in mind that a board member testified that the audio was not the original.  So as the statements made on the statements state that the original file was posted accidentally since the system is set to automatically post.  So then why was a redacted posted?  You would think we would hear other conversations in the audio by accident since that's what they state.

Don't be fooled by anything that comes from them.. it's all a cover up and a setup, who knows what Dansby wanted to accomplish.

If it gets put down please email and can email u a copy.  all your information is kept confidential.


Hello fellow readers:

It seems that our fellow FWISD is spending lots of resources to take down anything related to the defamation suit and other documents.  You may have noticed that the links on the post Documents never meant to be seen have been blocked somehow.  The audio was taken down.

Everything will be reposted soon.  They are working hard to not have the public know the dirty tricks they play.  our voices will not be silenced, we shall persist and begin to out all of them.

Apparently google took away the link to the documents and then some documents are no longer attached.  Very strange.  So here is the link to the statements made by employees regarding the reason for the audio

Let's see if they block this one as well.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


As some may know, Dansby has been sued for defamation and the Texas Open Meetings Act for the leaked audio of which there is a link and transcript in prior posts.

So at first we thought that TASB lawyers were representing, they recanted and then someone else was hired.  Now TASB lawyers of which one is Brandt will represent Dansby.  It just so happens that Brandt was in a meeting where Palazzolo was being discussed and so now you have the same guys who advised you on Palazzolo represent you for what they were supposed to defend you.  Yeah it sounds twisted because it is.  Hide as much as you can with the guys who helped you continue the debacle.  I am sure a lawyer with some sense would see through all the mess.

Many, many more things to come.. stay tuned.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Our board has been deliberating for some time now whether to appeal the palazzolo verdict.  While many of us want the district to move on, it seems that since sore losers don't want the dirty laundry out they will continue to fight and waste our tax dollars to feel vindicated.

A jury of their peers, listened and deliberated as the system is setup to be.  The facts are there, facts not hear say.  We do have a board member who has been chastised and bullied by the rest just because she speaks her mind.  See below what was asked and the response.  You would think we live in America where we live by the rule of law and yet some think they are above it.

Dansby messed up and now wants all to clean it up.  Yes taxpayer you will foot the bill for his defense on the defamation suit.  Yes it is 1 million for the first case and who knows how much more.

So when you hear that there is no money you can point to those that wasted it.

3.CIA said on 4/17/14 - 01:19PM
Dr. Sutherland, off topic, will the board let the public know if it is appealing the palazzolo ruling? No voting of any kind was taken. I know the sensitivity of the case and don't want you to get in trouble by me asking the question. We feel if they are it should be told to us.
4.Ann replies said on 4/17/14 - 04:32PM
If there is an announcement of the appeal, I will post it here. Also, after the appeal is filed it becomes public knowledge so you will be able to read the reasons behind it. I am staying away from the board's deliberations on this issue.
5.Jacob said on 4/17/14 - 10:27PM
6.Jacob said on 4/17/14 - 10:28PM
as in why are you staying away? why wouldn't you be part of a board deliberation on an issue?
7.No Strings Attached said on 4/20/14 - 09:38AM
Is this because you would be the "lone holdout?" I mean, I've watched you on several issues and I rode with you to Austin to protest and I feel that most of the time, you are just. Unfortunately, this will probably come down to who's willing to stick their neck out for what's really a matter of concession. No one wants to concede that AHHS did anything improper nor did Dansby. All that ego hurts our district! We should pay him his money and come clean because we look really stupid trying to save face! Everyone heard those leaked tapes! Stand up, Ann don't shy away from those bullies!
8.Ann replies to #7 said on 4/20/14 - 07:39PM
I may be the last holdout but I'm not sure. Originally Juan Rangel, Carlos Vasquez and I all voted not to terminate Mr. Palazzolo, but they are no longer with us. There are three new board members but they didn't have a vote on whether we went to trial. Perhaps I should be more available when the board considers whether to appeal. It was very hard to testify; I was exhausted for 3 days even though the testimony only took an hour.

So our own board bullies her to stay away from telling the truth.  What an outrage!!!  Citizens voting beings next year to replace.. let's do it and clean up.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

How is HCM doing on checking backgrounds?

HCM or Human Capital Management undertook a change or reorganization back a few years ago.  We know that hiring and other functions of the department have been very unorganized and inconsistent.  The area that also needs help is staffing.  We know that many employees have not been vetted and some have records.  One individual at an elementary has been there for many years and back in 2009 or so he was called by OPS because they found a record on him.  Apparently it dealt with assault involving minors or the like.  The person was off a few days and came back and is still at the school. 

So we can go through many individuals but HCM does not vet well.

For example we have Christopher Riddick who was hired by FWISD.  He abandoned FWISD years ago.  He went on to work at Milwood hospital and was fired due to HIS PATIENT COMMITTING SUICIDE.  So I wonder if he put it on his resume now that he has been rehired.  Former employees describe him as a bully.  So is he safe to work with students or be around them?  WHy would he be rehired?  He must have friends in high places and how did HCM not find out about his prior employee? 

The district sure found out that palazzolo owed some money back in the 80s, which was a non issue and they used it to fire him because he lied on his application and then on settlement said they didn't want him around children but you have  someone who does worse and gets a nice position.  Tell me if that's not hypocrisy..

So who is doing the background checks?  Apparently it looks like no one......

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We all know that rewards are high in FWISD if you are involved in a cover up and play by the rules.  Also the growth of staff at the district continues and of course many questionable hirings of family members.

So let's drop the red carpet!

Here comes Debra Bell secretary to former principal winner Alexander.  She is being promoted to technology.  So this is her reward for helping cover up the issue at AHHS.  At the same time you have very qualified individuals who have been passed over even when they are doing the job.  If not mistaken Diana Vargas at staffing processed her own son for a technology position where a qualified candidate that already works for the district was passed over.  So again conflict of interest.  Check technology and see if her son is not there.

Now Mr. Dansby is here to provide an update on how sports are more important than academics.

"I want to announce to the principals and of course our stakeholders that Athletic Directors will not be teaching more than 3 classes a day and so I will need more FTEs (more teachers) so that they can grow the program."

Who will get rewarded next?

Stay tuned because it's the time of year that those who have done his bidding will be getting their reward regardless if they are qualified to do so.  Hence last year Jason Oliver, Principal of AHHS, promoted to director and Xavier Sanchez, whose mom is an assistant superintendent, got promoted to director.  None showed any type of academic anything but who cares right, it's just our students lives at stake.  FWISD takes care of their own!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


As you may recall, Dansby has long been a fort worth child in the ISD.  He has been a manager for the most part as it shows in how he can't seem to manage curriculum or knows exactly what our schools need.  If it's a football field or anything athletic he is on it and giddy like a kid, just watch him at board meetings.

But let's get to what is gong on now.  The Palazzolo case was settled in court but they haven't responded to an appeal.  Then a defamation suit was filed due to the release of the executive session recording that showed just how they would get Mr. Palazzolo to disappear from being in schools and basically put him in a closet.  Now that the case will move forward, the district discussed in closed session to ask the attorney general if he can get sued since the information was done in closed session and that's confidential.  Well it would be different if the district had not released the information on what they call an accident.  As mentioned in other writings and I believe statements from the people involved are in the documents not meant to be seen post, if not can give you access to them.  In those statements most of the workers state that they have never been asked to put microphones inside a closed session and even the technicians were surprised that they had to put up the microphones and second that they were asked to leave and have the secretaries handle the equipment when they have never done it.

Dansby states in his statement that a board member needed the microphones to amplify the conversation.  If any of you have ever been inside the board room, when you have only board members I am sure that they could hear each other.  The only way for a microphone to amplify if it's on.  From the statements Dansby asked for them to amplify sound and make sure they were turned off.  How do you amplify if they are not on?

So now he finds himself in another lawsuit that will cost more money.  The district lawyers or others that the district used declined to represent him.  Now the district has acquired other lawyers of which one is pictured as a registered lobbyist. 

Now the Star is upset that the board keeps delaying Dansby's evaluation and mainly because there are board members who are opposed to extending his contract.  SO far it looks like 4 to vote no, so get with your board member to pressure to vote him out.  He has caused enough trouble and money.  Recall the Tocco issues, he was involved in that but of course when you hide everything then he is safe. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014


So it seems that Gene Oehl gets to stay when he lied about his degree that never was....


Maybe if he has lied about a degree from A&M, he would now be a District Director making a six figure income. Dansby and Kaufman were involved in this:
“Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX)
June 29, 2002
School executive under investigation over his resume
Author: JENNIFER AUTREY; Star-Telegram Staff Writer
Edition: FINAL
Section: Metro;Fort Worth & Region
Page: 8
Article Text:
A supervisor promoted to help overhaul the Fort Worth school district’s troubled maintenance department is himself under an internal investigation amid questions about his resume.
Gene Oehl, who was named the new executive director of custodial services Tuesday, listed a bachelor of science degree from Texas A&M University among his qualifications. The resume was given to trustees before they unanimously approved his hiring.
But Registrar Donald Carter told the Star-Telegram that, according to the university’s records, Oehl did not complete requirements for a degree. He attended classes from 1966 to 1970, Carter said.
Oehl, 56, who has worked for the district for more than two decades, did not return repeated phone calls.
He is one of two men promoted as part of a reorganization of the department that oversees custodial, maintenance and construction projects. Deputy Superintendent Walter Dansby revamped the department in response to frequent complaints about performance, including criticism from state Comptroller Carole Keeton Rylander. The FBI is also investigating the district’s construction spending.
“In my estimation, he was the best person for the job,” said Dansby, who declined to comment on the investigation.
The district began the investigation after the newspaper asked about the resume discrepancy Friday. Dansby said he hopes that it will be finished by next week.
Superintendent Thomas Tocco also declined to comment on the investigation, saying it is a personnel matter. He said that “misrepresentation of a college degree on an application to get a job or to be considered for a promotion is an exceedingly serious matter.”
District employees can be fired for misrepresenting facts to a supervisor or district official or for falsifying documents related to district activities, according to board policy.
Trustee Juan Rangel questioned whether Oehl could be an effective supervisor if he is found to have lied about his credentials.
“I think the work environment would not be healthy,” Rangel said.
But Trustee Elaine Klos said she believes that Oehl’s experience with the district is more relevant than whether his resume was misleading. She said that someone else might have typed his resume and that he might not have read it.
“People exaggerate their resumes all the time,” Klos said.
Oehl’s new position does not require a college degree. Only a high school diploma is mandatory, although a college degree is preferred. The position pays $84,031.
Carla Kaufman, Fort Worth’s assistant superintendent of human resources, said her department is required to check the transcripts of new hires who claim to have degrees. But she declined to discuss the policy for internal candidates.
Jennifer Autrey, (817) 390-7126
Copyright 2002 Star-Telegram, Inc.
Record Number: 11101748″


Principal at the time Doug Williams was caught pinching male student nipples on what he says was a form of punishment and also taking pictures of the males without a shirt.

So what happens in FWISD when you do bad things?  anyone?  anyone?