Sunday, February 15, 2015


Check out Dr. Sutherland's blog on what seems like a not so sure meeting coming up to discuss the new superintendent.  They need to truly evaluate what they are going to do.

If the lawyer for Boyd is present then it's history repeating just as they did in Santa Fe where he got a clause that he can give a 30 day notice to leave.  He needs to fulfill his contract fully if he is given one, no special conditions or not accept the offer.  Dr. Sutherland please demand commitment if he truly wants this job.

Check out the qualifications for Principal in FWISD.  How many of these does Boyd possess?  Interesting that the requirement for admin experience is now 2 years, used to be 3.  Why not 1 year or straight out of the classroom since it seems that's what we allowed for Boyd, why not allow it for our own?


  1. Do not be mislead to think Dan Powell is a good leader for FWISD. He is just another good ole boy that our city leaders and Needham and her board croonies (Sims and Moss; who can't think for themselves and need Jackson to pull their strings) want to continue to stagnate progress at FWISD ( business as usual). He is NOT what our children need. We need a 2015 leader, not a 1960 leader. HELL NO TO DAN POWELL!

  2. I figured as much. Didn't know who he was/is but once the rah rah starts you know it can't be good.