Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Just watching Board Members discuss items is a killer because you want to scream you head off when they have not done their own homework.

But let's start with how our district is doing with our graduates.  If you all recall we brought this up when we discussed the FWISD data and how we were celebrating it.  We dove deep into the data on the College Readiness section and saw how bad our students are performing.  At that time we believe the board did not look into it and really made sense of it because they believe everything Sorum says, hands-off so he can do what he wants and then complain at the end of the year when it didn't, give him a nice raise and good job on his presentations.

So here we are again:  The charts may be hard to see but they tell the story.  Sorum could not give any good answer on how we are doing.  This is their data, they own it.. Most of the Board owns it... this is what you all have caused, we will give a pass to Ramos, Paz and Avila for now.


Hard to watch them discuss SCAs when they don't get it.  
Thanks Dr. Sutherland..   there are ways  to assess students and good teachers know that.  If you need to know how kids are doing come and ask.. we can tell you about each student.  You really think the SCAs give you the data that you haven't shared?  


  1. Bravo Mr. Poole! What a bunch of GOOFS on this Board. Ann Sutherland is the ONLY ONE who stood for teachers and students. Robbins has no business as President, HE IS A BOOB.

  2. Thank you Dr. Sutherland for standing your ground in support of Students, Teachers, and Parents. The minority dinosaurs who have made a career of being on the Board and destroying this ISD in the process were silent. So too with the new three stooges. Jackson seemed put out. Special thanks to Cinto from the Hispanic Community you supposedly represent. You just sat there. You have to preserve that new Needham job right? Ashley - you've been so vocal in support of the party line lately, nothing in support of kids? And of course Normy was well, his usual befuddled self - looking for his script. Ann Sutherland owned this night. Come back CARLOS!

  3. UEA sent out a great e-mail about this today. Also, I hear that Ashley and Cinto are back in DC (again!) for some conference. Who is paying for all of these getaways?

  4. They are being bought off by Koehler. If you are tired of all of this corruption, you will absolutely BARF when you read good 'ol Bud Kennedy. Imagine anyone referring to Sleepy time Sims as the "elder Statesman" of the Board. He and Needham should have ..... oh well I am tired too.