Friday, July 24, 2015

The Good, The Bad and the Status Quo: WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FOR THE NEW YEAR

Well folks the new school year is approaching very fast but we wanted to just provide a review of what has been and more than likely continue to be the dark cloud over FWISD

While we can debate many things happening prior to the Ramos Presidency, one point that was made before he took over is that this was the perfect dictatorship.  Think about North Korea and the image portrayed to the world is not exactly what people are living in reality.  FWISD has begun that phase and the tiny bit of hope left is almost completely erased.  The one person that may surprise us if any is who they choose as superintendent and how the person either stands up or is just sucked up like the rest.

Think about it, administration started making changes and hiring the people they wanted so that they could entrench themselves before the new person arrived, making it seem like the team is in place to support the new person.  Interestingly enough the people that are hired are people who have connections to someone in the district which goes along with the district mission:  We want you as long as you know someone on the inside.  For example,  ironic that Cherie Washington left for Dallas and in two years has risen to ASST. SUP level without showing any proof that she was effective.  Boyd was shown the door when his results weren't up to par but that doesn't go with the likes of the favorites sons and daughters of the FWISD.  So then Washington brings in Deborah Traylor from Dallas ISD which was a principal she supervised in her division in Dallas.  Deborah Traylor is another Sherry Breed, the rules apply to everyone else but them.  Mark my word, teachers or administrators who are under her, she can dress nice and profess she is about many things but the truth is she is a bully and breaks the rules to suit her and/or family.  Our source tells us that Traylor had a son at one of the magnet high schools in Dallas.  Her son could do no wrong because mom knew the policies and would find technicalities to get what she wanted.  For example, her son forged signatures on absence notes, left school when he wanted and when caught mom dared to tell the administration that they had no right to discipline her child.  Let's just say the name Traylor is cemented at the high school and hers as well.  So like we said the administration hires like minded people that are sucking up space rather than being effective.  Thank Cherie Washington, Tobi's child, for hiring trash.  Of course more creation of positions at the Director levels and central office just keeps on getting fatter and classrooms more crowded.

At least the North Side is happy with Ramos since he is bringing home the bacon for them.  Tobi doesn't care about the East Side which is dry.

A lot of you have commented on Dr. Sutherland and the hope of at least someone continuing the fight for openness in the district.  The perfect dictatorship has swallowed her up and it was a very strategic way that it was done.  The Ramos message of bringing everyone together seemed pretty good on paper but in reality it was a way to shut the voices down while they are hiring a new superintendent.  Remember last time we were all over their shady process and now, not even Sutherland speaks.  So we wonder if the policy of having an agenda items placed by a vote of two members, was it really a ploy to then give Sutherland what she wanted and that's that.  The comment made by Sutherland regarding Palazzolo kind of indicated to us that it was the case.  The district will not discuss the case until all legal matters are resolved which means that the tactic of doing nothing for as long as possible will never bring the case to executive session.  So basically Dr. Sutherland, they did play you really well because you got what you wanted and then they told you yes we will discuss it but until we decide and you were fine with it.  Also we knew the FEDS were about to begin to investigate FWISD and not just the issue of the agenda item but everything else and you Dr. Sutherland told them things were fine.  So in effect you allowed them to silence you for whatever gain you thought was enough.

We didn't get to view the board meeting which some of you have commented how idiotic it was.  The one thing left out completely is what the results of the district were, unless they did present them or as Moss indicated, are we ready?

The point is unless people are willing to voice the wrongs be it here anonymously or in other ways things will not change.  The voters are apathetic unless they lose money and so teachers were are left to fend for ourselves.  As the year approaches take the opportunity to let us know what it going on inside because otherwise no one on the outside will know.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


The Tarrant County District Attorney Sharon Wilson provided a response to a request regarding the legality of the appeal for the Palazzolo case.  The question has been how TASB moved ahead with the appeal without a board vote.  You can read the letter following the link but in summary:

*The TASB contract with FWISD back in 2010 when the issue ensued is valid until the case is resolved all together.  In layman terms, TASB can drag this case out for as long as it wants because it has full control of the case.  The Board does not have to vote on anything they do.

*DA Wilson states that due to the clauses in the contract the board has no say in what TASB does because in layman terms it sold it's soul to the devil.

Never in our life would we have thought that in the United States of America who prides itself in the rule of law and representation would we think that one entity, TASB, would have power over an elected representative body the FWISD Board of Trustees.  Taxpayers are funding the legal matters of the FWISD and the board cannot stop the process in any manner according to the district attorney.  Foremost that there is no violation of the open meetings act.
We have an authoritarian mentality in every aspect of the Board, the District, the City and looks like the state.  You swear to protect the constitution and yet the values professed do not protect the people who elected the board to work in the best interest of those it represents.  In this case there is no representative government whatsoever because the contract stipulates and is interpreted one sided.

We do need the TOMA suit to proceed so that we can get a second opinion from a different court or perhaps a jury if possible.  Brings to mind when you retain an attorney, they represent and do what they need but with your knowledge.  Yet you can break the contract when you feel your rights and best interests are not being represented.  How then can a body created by the State of Texas and given power to rule be dumbed down by one lawyer from TASB?

So much for one person, one vote.