Friday, April 29, 2016


We all know this topic very well because it happens a lot in FWISD.  The only way to get noticed and to be promoted is to do something bad and there are plenty of stories.

One that is under the new Chief of Secondary Schools Cherie Washington and her husband the principal at OD Wyatt is, Mr. Corey Shepard, an assistant principal, who had a bit of a run with the law and who now gets to be an example for our students.  So got a promotion for his debacle and well we know T.A. SIMS has him covered and the current administration as well.

We have many more stories that you can catch up on if you are new.  How about the nipple pinching principal who got reassigned to central office instead of being fired?

Dugan from Trimble Tech reassigned even after the investigation was completed.

Neta Alexander was at fault for the Arlington Heights Scandal but was paid her entire contract after she resigned.

Sherry Breed untouchable because of her lawsuit against the district for reported abuse.

Nothing new here!

Thursday, April 21, 2016


This is not related to FWISD of sorts but the same individuals who are supporting the current FWISD system are crying out for representation at the city level.

The article given by Ramon Romero is laughable to cry wolf about the hispanic race card.  Using hispanics to springboard to other things and ignore the core issues that abound in this city.  You want to help the people Mr. Romero then do what you were voted to do.  Do what you say and not what is convenient.

Let's put it this way, the move to 10 districts allow more of the same people to covet those positions like Ramos, Romero, people tied to Espino and so on.  You forget that the people who finance your campaigns will only let you go as far as they want and you know money speaks in this town.  You forget where you live and what has been done to the hispanics in this city.  this is just a step to something else, which in Texas sir won't get you too far.  Enjoy the comfy chair you have now.... and stay in the closet.

We are not fooled, we know why people are put in positions, not by merit but by who you know.  FWISD has BAM Ramos and then you as someone who has nothing to show other than using this immigrant story or your parents who by all means will stand by you but it is clear that this story covers up the corruption that is rampant in this city and school district.

So once you truly help out teachers, students and citizens then we can agree with this.

We stand with the council not expanding the districts, not because we don't believe in democracy, but because the devil lurks and is ready to seize control.


Read up and be the judge:  Nothing new other than people getting promoted and nothing to show for it.  They want to tie a lot on the evaluations of teachers but nothing on those who hold the power.  Teachers are out of luck big time.


We tried to find a better title but our brains are dead after teaching all day and all year, so we settled for IDIOTS RAMOS AND PAZ.  We did feature them on their empire that is crumbling little by little but they wouldn't know it because they are so full of themselves.

Seems that our BAM President of the Board is building his group in the Diamond Hill area to begin with Garcia from Elder and situate people in the right places to overtake more for the empire. Yet Garcia doesn't know Spanish but is using the tutoring services of the FWISD to get Spanish lessons.
 This is a warning sign for PAZ as he is pushing them to her area basically to overthrow her.  Apparently he feels betrayed by her and so they are setting up the stage to beat her in the election next year.  Watch out Ashley cause the mafia is coming after you and when they play dirty it's over.  Use that MBA stuff and start planning.

It seems that Mafia team member Gerardo Contreras, relative of the president, spent his time working on Libby's campaign on the YAP clock.  So scratch my back and I'll rip yours off because they can.

Ramos is still bragging of being President for the foreseeable future but needs to place his people there.  He seems to appeal to his man of the people crap which basically translates into knowing people's weaknesses like the latino community and takes advantage of the fears and aspirations .  He claims to be their voice and shows something completely different.  A SELL OUT!  He works hand in hand with another idiot, Sal Espino who once hated him and dragged his name through the mud.  Politics is dirty but this is way past that.

We know that the district has avoided parents from the Northside because they actually have an interest in their community and continue to be shunned.  It so happens that a big discord surrounds M.H. Moore Elementary which is Paz territory but lots of Ramos influence there with the principal and certain influential people that have created a who's who type of place.  The principal Schultze has been reported for misuse of funds, using PTA funds to buy office furniture even when parents have objected.  There are iPads given for parent use but parents can't use them yet the principal has three computers in his office.
Students being bullied at the school by staff and everything is hush, hush.  Everything has been reported to OPS but we know that department is a laugh.  Staff is not allowed to speak out or with anyone.  The Mafia controls the area and you can't get out of line.  Get this: an employee there was falsely accused of an incident and a meeting was held with staff and students without the employee knowing until they had already made the decision to move the teacher.  So anyone considering going up North, better look to another place because it's dirty in those areas.  Parents, students and teachers are suffering because of it.  Yet the Ramos and Paz empire cares not.

By the way Paz, this posting you made regarding this park or whatever it is at M.H. Moore, all the people on the pictures celebrating this project had nothing to do with it.  It seems the ones without the credit did everything and you fell for it.  Says how much you are out of touch and how this will be used against you.  Better wake up!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Cherie Washington and Karen Molinar have been chosen to move into the chief positions for secondary and elementary. 

Tell us how they are qualified?  Cherie is a board appointment in the works for years by Tobi. What success has she shown?  Eastern Hills surely is not performing and during her stay nothing happened. As Moss would say, how are we going to be different with results?  Sorry MS Moss it won't be anytime soon

Molinar, well it's all about appearance and who you know. The tighter the clothes the faster you move up. No more to say on that. Scribner your choices are not panning out well. Once again no Hispanic is qualified it looks like. 

Monday, April 11, 2016


So our own people can't do their job with their big salaries and now TFA is getting paid to do it. We got money to spend it looks like. Teachers can use a raise Mr Scribner. Can we use the overpaid secretaries to go recruit?  

just read this on Ann's blog

HCM? staff proposes to spend $1 million to hire 125 teachers

by Ann Sutherland on 04/09/16

Instead of sending letter s--or recruiters--to neighboring states which pay starting teachers in the $30,000-$40,000 range, the board faces a proposal from staff which proposes paying $8000 per teacher to let Teach for America to recruit teachers. Our data shows that two-thirds of these teachers will quit after two years, a higher rate than with teachers hired; national data says almost all are gone after three years.

Also questionable is why TFA has raised their rates from $5000 per teacher to $8000 in the last six years despite an inflation rate hovering around 1% per year.

Tell your board members to vote "no". Maybe the HCM staff will start doing their jobs.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Well folks, our BAM President keeps on giving us plenty to talk about and we have just the latest of the incompetence that is the board in the hands of self-serving individuals.

It so happens that Ramos has been letting people know how much he has a hand in picking who he wants at Northside schools and how Scribner is his puppet because he does what he asks.

Ramos has already made his choice for Diamond Hill High School principal to be Mr. Garcia from JP Elder Middle School.  So apparently Ramos can't follow procedure and let HR and mainly school leadership make that determination but why wait, he has the ear of the Supe.  So Mr. Garcia, pack your bags your movin on up to the Northside.

Let's move on but stay at the Northside and introduce what has become the mantra of the Board President and those that surround him and inaugurate on this site a learning environment that has become
The Northside High School Playboy Mansion

Why you ask?  Well it seems that some staff members have been allowed to have relationships with students and mysteriously disappear for days and then return.  We know that the example comes from the top as our own president has had affairs and children out of marriage and current principal Martinez has his own makings to attest to.  But all is well in the land of Ramos and Crew.  The principal has been on a rampage with staff and some are being asked to cover it up.  

The Diamond Hill parents have been ignored by Scribner as they try to reach out to him.  They have plenty of concerns to share but he doesn't seem to care.  Interesting that he talks about reaching out to the community and nothing is done.  But because the Mansion is more important, he spends the time there and not DH.  Ramos promised to help it but has ignored and chided the parent leaders any opportunity he gets as is the FWISD way of killing those who want to do good.  But because this would get in the way of his plans well, you gotta do the mafia bidding and dispose of the bodies.

Things won't change soon as Ramos has made it public that he will be running for a second term as president of the board.  He stated that his colleagues have given him great reviews and so why not?  So for the near future, things will get worse and everything comes full circle.  

Mr. Scribner, we want more of the walk and less of the talk.  Talk is cheap and your capital is being depleted as long as you listen to Ramos and anyone else and not do what you said you would do.  Clock is ticking!!


We wanted to acknowledge one of the comments placed here regarding the restructuring and how some of these changes seem like the same things that have been done before.

Read the comment below:

New positions are being created "Collaborative Engagement Specialist" and as quoted from a letter sent to principals
"Next as an entire District, we will begin learning about Direct Interactive Instruction (DII) in the next few weeks. Members at all levels of the organization will be involved at varying degrees. Of course, teachers, school based administrators and central office departments —
those that work closely with schools, students, and instruction — will be the first to participate in this learning.
Additionally, we will identify and train 120 certified teachers that will form a pool of potential Direct Interactive Instruction (DII) Coaches. After initial training, we will select 60 highly qualified individuals from this pool of 120; these 60 will receive additional training and will serve as DII coaches on our campuses. During the 2016-2017 school year, these DII coaches will concentrate their work at approximately 1/3 of our campuses. An additional 1/3 of our campuses will be added in each of the subsequent two years. Please note that ALL principals and assistant principals will be actively and fully trained as the first cohort is launched this year.
We are in the process of identifying this cohort of 120 candidates to attend the "pre-coaches" training as a first step to selecting the 60 DII coaches. The turn-around is short, but I know that I
can count on you to help me recruit teachers whom you believe would make strong instructional coaches. These DII coach positions will be content neutral; DII coaches will be experts in the
'moves" associated with Direct Interactive Instruction and will work with teachers of all content areas and all grade levels."

For those of you who have been in the district a long time, this reminds us of the changes made with the literacy coaches, learning networks, specialists, etc.  Now you have this new program or approach that is to fix everything and you are playing musical chairs to get people to commit to this when the district cannot commit to them or to the schools.  The biggest thing is everything being controlled from central office.  Wouldn't it be better to give the allocation to the campuses and let them control, work with the individuals to help the school.  Once again, you are placing more red tape into the schools and this is nothing new, just another program, more expense, more chiefs and not enough indians.  So you have some campuses start and then the next year something new will come up, so don't expect consistency at all.  Some schools will have to wait longer to get help and as Ms. Moss said, we always have to wait until the results are back to then say something about it.  Recall the last board meeting video where Sorum could not tell her how the district is doing and what can be expected.