Tuesday, May 31, 2016


This is not a long post just a look at the past that we repeat year after year.  Take out the issue with Palazzolo and listen to the words that still resonate in this district.

Our employees who do not get paid enough, who work to keep our district clean, who feed our students, who serve, are mistreated and bullied by the department of Art Cavazos another good ole boy.  Things will not change until our leaders say enough is enough and you Mr. Ramos are complicit in this because you continue to allow it when you vowed to change it.  Now you are in power and what are you doing?  Worried more about yourself and gained so much more than the people who stood up for you.  The people at the bottom are suffering while you enjoy your prideful rise to whatever your masters allow you and give you.  Yes your masters who funded you and will continue to do so because as George Bush said, my little Mexican will do as we say.  You fly the Mexican flag, while in church hit your chest to signal forgiveness and hide under the raza emblem.. You sir are no Cesar Chavez nor any type of leader that is celebrated in this country.. You are a sell out period!  You stand for nothing and shall fall with nothing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Well just a tidbit about other things going on in the district.

The bathroom issue now seems to be going to forums so that parents get a say.  This can either mean, changing the policy or the board actually standing up to what they approved 5 years ago.  We will see if big money wins as they do in elections.

We got word that the Principal at Rosemont MS seems to be absent a lot and does not document absences.  But since Hilda Caballero is at the helm, the principal is protected.  Once again, do I as I say not as I do.  This can also mean that people in upper mgmt are protecting as well.

Tonight the board will vote on the new principals at OD Wyatt and Diamond Hill Jarvis HS---no surprises here.. we called it.. Garcia from Elder will go to DHJH and the Principal from Jacquet Martin will be going to OD Wyatt.  Keeping the status quo alive.  Then we have TA Sims requesting a black AP for the school as well, guess there are no other type of people around.

And big kudos to Gerardo Contreras, who by nepotism, won the YAP Advocate of the Year Award.  Im sure a big drinking party and smoking will come after.  Cheers!!!


Here is information from a staff member on the woes of Daggett MS.

The public school's  system of hierarchy does not work.  Building principals have way too much power than they should.  Teachers suffer abuse at the hands of bullying principals like Cynthia Miles Brown.  I think if there was an investigation into the things that have happened in this school the findings would be Shocking! 

The decisions Brown makes are so bad and have nothing to do with what is in the best interest of students and their families.  She has to buy her friends by giving them jobs they are not qualified to have.  She has people in admin positions that have never had  a classroom of their own.

Her assistant principal Katy Kirby was an inclusion teacher for 3 years and decided she was such an expert on general education and special education that she should be an administrator and tell teachers what to do that are far superior to her.  Three years of inclusion makes you an expert on nothing, not even inclusion!

Brown herself said she taught inclusion but what does that mean? Did she really teach inclusion? Rumor has it she never did but began her career at a charter school and never had her own classroom.

Brown plays favorites.  George Moore a friend of hers dresses like a slob and chews tobacco on campus, ties a child's legs to his chair and gets paid leave while she tried to get someone else fired because they caught her in several lies and instead of letting Brown get away with the lies, this person exposed her with proof!  Brown's sense of entitlement is astounding!  

Anyone who has worked with George Moore for even a few minutes knew putting him a special education classroom was going to be a disaster!  Brown has known him for years and thought this would be a good idea.  Another example of poor decision making.  

There have been at least 10 attacks on teachers/staff from students.  The teachers were treated like criminals and questioned like they were 12 years old.  She does not support her teachers.  

The behavior problems at Daggett Middle School are horrible!  If she tells you she'll check the camera footage to see what happened...a lot of them don't work.  She knows it; she has probably always known it!  How could she not?!

And what about the school climate survey?  Where is it?  It must be pretty bad of she's refusing to let the teachers, who deserve to know what it says, see it.

Every now and then she brings around a bag of chips or a pack of gum for her teachers to show how she supports them...how about a little more honesty and better judgement and a lot less entitlement?  These "treats" are obvious and it's not working..  You can't  be guilty at making such rotten decisions and cover them up with a "bag o chips."   "Oh never mind that she chose a tobacco chewing slob that ties a defenseless child to a wheelchair, she gave us chips and gum!"

A couple of months ago a substitute teacher was in one of the portable classrooms and administrators knew it was left unlocked and unattended.  As a result kids came in and trashed it!  A couple of weeks ago a teacher left his portable classroom unlocked and empty, students came in and a female student was molested!  That teacher was put on leave and hasn't been seen since.

In other words administrators can make the same mistakes, leaving a portable unlocked and empty, just like the teacher and it's okay.  Did they have any consequences for their poor decision?  Did they have any understanding for this teacher and say something like, OMG that could have happened when we did that!      instead of the other teacher's room getting trashed someone, a student, could have hurt because we did the same thing.   Maybe we should make a rule that all portables must be locked when unattended.

No let's ruin his life, be glad it wasn't us this time and give George Moore the same kind of punishment and he maliciously (there is no other way to tie a child with bailing twine) tied a helpless child to a wheelchair!  By the way, what happened to the aides?  They had to know/see something and they are still there!

There needs to be an investigation into this school and let the chips fall where they may!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Arlington Heights High School Cover Up: Nothing Has Changed

So 6 baseball players and 2 cheerleader/girls soccer players show up at the prom drunk and high and don't even get suspended. The super stud pitcher being one of them. Any guess as to their ethnicity? Of course Weeks and Needham are brushing it all under the rug. All will be playing at the playoff game on Thursday. Hypocrisy at its finest. To add more, we get an email forbidding us to discuss anything that happened at the prom. Cover up big time!!

Remember this story of the soccer boys?

Email sent:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Sexual assault on language center student while teacher, Mr. Kevin Bishop, leaves students unattended in his portable. Female student attacked by 3-4 boys.  Boys are still at school, ISS/OCI punishment, that it all. Bishop on leave.

Non-verbal special education student bound to his wheelchair by teacher, Mr. Moore, using bailing twine. Second occurrence. Punishment? All special education staff  have to undergo further training on how to properly restrain a student in their wheelchair. Malicious child abuse and he gets a slap on the wrist. Thanks FWISD and DMS admin for dropping the ball once again.

In preparation for STAAR retakes, those who passed the first round are allowed to play on their phones, watch movies, walk the track and hang out while those that failed are in camps.  Why attend the last 3 weeks of school if teachers aren't going to teach?

We have a major pile of students that need to be seen and tested by our LSSP. She is yet to darken DMS doors this year. Two years now.

Student behavior of out of control.  How many teacher assaults have we had this year? What's the point of an infraction if admin won't work it?

How is our principal  still employed? How many grievances have been brought upon her this year?

Our school is unsafe and poorly lead. Can we get a real leader?

Principal Cynthia Miles Brown

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Polytechnic High School – the Most UNETHICAL, Unappreciative School in America

Yet again the administration asleep and doing nothing. 

1) Congrats Poly Teachers --- Teacher Appreciation Week was last week – May 2nd – 6th. Not one single thing was done for the teachers from the ADMINISTRATION. No email, no announcement, no acknowledgement. Guess, having a repeat of last year. The administrators will realize next week and do like they did last year – a 2 week late attempt at it that was a joke.

2) Why is the change in student attendance rampant, as usual? Thought TEA was coming to complete an audit. They better hurry before all of the evidence is destroyed again.

3) Why is the Attendance Clerk 2 – 3 weeks behind in entering data and allowing students to enter “confidential data”?

4) Students completing the IGC program because they can’t pass the STAAR test to graduate have been pulled out of class for a week. Now will be pulled for 1 – 2 more w eeks to be tutored to finish. Is this legal? Being tutored by teachers who are pulled from their core subject classes and not teaching their students. Seniors are being excused from making up any missed work from classes since they are working on their IGC. They have already had 6 weeks to work on it on their own.

5) Why were IGC Algebra students taken out of class, off campus without parent permission to the Boys and Girls Club to be tutored, then receive assistance with the IGC – isn’t that “cheating”? And illegal? And Unethical?

6) Students who a re no longer enrolled in the school are being tutored for the STAAR test. Teachers are not tutoring currently enrolled students – isn’t that a misuse of human resources??

7) Teachers (especially of seniors) are being pressured to change grades to passing. (not exclusive to Poly, teachers at Carter-Riverside and Northwest have complained as well)

8) Attendance at AP testing has been less than 50%, yet the tests are paid for by the district. The “entitled” students don’t feel the need to take the test because they didn’t pay for it. What a waste of tax payers dollars.

9) Why are there over 100 students in AP Social Studies classes when less than 20 qualify?

10) Financial Responsibility - why was an AP’s hotel room in San Antonio on the Riverwalk $343 a night paid with title 1 funds, when the rest of the school stayed in a Comfort Inn for $70 a night, government regulated price for the State Mariachi Competition?

11) Why are school records in an open office anybody can walk in and take a look at? Aren’t they supposed to be locked behind closed doors?

12) When was the last time Tobi Jackson visited the campus and wanted to make a difference? Seems she has been MIA since Scroggins was dismissed. Oh I know, check out her Facebook, her only concern is Eastern Hills.

13) Why isn’t the Master Schedule ready for next year? It was due April 26. Why did the AP start caring a week after it was due? When will they be held responsible for not completing their work on time and correctly? Why are core teachers being assigned to teach subjects they are not certified in? Why are they being reassigned to subjects they have never taught before?

14) Why are students put in classes they don’t want to take by the counselors? Why are counselors allowed to continually put students in Adv Placement classes to raise their GPA’s when colleges don’t considered the inflated GPA for college entrance?

15) Why are senior students with more than excessive absences by law being allowed to make up attendance?

16) Why are students who failed a class due to excessive absences being allowed to take the class in Odyssey? Thought Odyssey was only for failed classes? These actions send a message to students – not only do they not have to do the work, they don’t even have to come to class anymore. They can skip and make it up in Odyssey.

17) Why aren’t students punished for being tardy? Students have been tardy over 100 times and nothing happens to them.

18) Why isn’t the dress code being followed or enforced? Why are the teachers being told “because that might be all the student can afford so don’t worry about dress code”? If they are wearing $300 Jordan’s, carrying a Michael Kors purse, and have $250 Beats on their heads, pretty sure they can afford clothes to follow the dress code.

19) Why are students on their phones with headphones in their ears when the teacher is lecturing or conducing class? Students have laptops now, they don’t need their phone as a resource.

20) Why is the store across the street a revolving door during class? Any given time, 5 or more students will be over there when they are supposed to be in class. Just waiting on one to get run over so the parents can sue.

21) Why are there over 25 students in the 1st floor hallway during class time? 9th graders specifically are out of control.

22) Why can a teacher be cussed out and treated with disrespect, and the student receives no discipline?

23) Why are teachers being disciplined for writing discipline referrals? Why aren’t discipline referrals handled in a timely manner if handled at all?

24) Why are teachers being written up for missing Monday and Friday? Didn’t they earn those days off? Isn’t their right to take off the days they need to?

25) Why is teachers allowed to make up grades for students and not follow district policy? Stude nts GPA’s are being affected because teachers aren’t being held accountable for grades.

26) Why is a math substitute still in place 6 months after the teacher quit? Students aren’t being taught. They are being told to complete their work on a math web site, with not instructions or assistance.

27) Why are teachers showing movies in class? Teachers were told in Faculty meeting -- NO MOVIES – STAAR testing wasn’t even over and teachers were already showing movies.

28) Why is their a field day called Hunger Games happening “off campus” on May 27th – senior finals day and final review day for undergrads? Why does the application say the student have to have a teacher sponsor, but the teacher doesn’t have to attend the event? Isn’t there supposed to be a teacher sponsor for every 10 students they travel off campus?

29) Why are the Poly students running the building and not the administrators? The place is totally out of control with undisciplined, disrespectful, out of control teenagers.

Thursday, May 5, 2016


It's the season to find the best talent for our kiddos. Don't be fooled no real interviews are happening just going through formalities. The positions are hand picked. 

In the Policy and Planning Org, an open records coordinator post is open and well the hand picked one is Joanna Talley who happens to be Raphaela Gomez's daughter. The only credentials we know of is that she has a high school diploma. Not sure if position will require a higher degree for a very important post. Think about all the files that need to follow the law for release. But the new chief Monge well it's a sealed deal since he hired Gomez and gave her a raise making more than teachers on a GED. So no need to apply for anyone. 
Word is out that recruiting for board races has begun. Next year a few openings and the Mexican mafia needs to grow its grip on power. So be on the lookout for the cat fights to begin. 
It seems that Ramos has started to target Paz, Jackson and TA Sims. Bite the hand of the ones who supported him. Reality tv at its best. 

Monday, May 2, 2016


Just when we think we can start something new for you to enjoy we keep getting the same ol thing.

Well we are on our way to be proven correct when it comes to the stronghold that Ramos has on the Northside, Garcia, the principal at JP Elder got a face to face interview this past Friday while the other candidates got it through digital means.  Congratulations Mr. Garcia you made it to Diamond Hill Jarvis because of who you know. Anyone else wishing to apply know that when you get interviewed on camera, it's a no for you.  Email us and we can tell you if it's worth interviewing, don't waste your time.

T.A. Sims, when awake, keeps the minority-majority silent as he places people he wants that do not match the overall hispanic population of the OD Wyatt area.

Let's just say student demographics have changed but the district still operates in the same way and wonders why education is at the bottom.

Tobi Jackson keeps her hands on administrative moves with all the moves being made.
Guess Scribner can't get a break from his friends who stab him in the back.  You are just a placeholder sir.. start applying so that you can find something better.... earn your keep by making a scandal so you can get bought out and earn a lot of money.

Just saying!