Friday, January 30, 2015


So far the nicer word we tried to find to describe what Dansby is, according to reports, going to do to continue his crusade to demolish the FWISD at whatever cost and over Moss' body if that's what it takes.

This man truly shows that he has no integrity or dignity when it comes to leaving the district and being humble.  So he drowns the district, involved in the Tocco corruption and hides under the banner of running the capital improvement plan and a good ol boy from Fort Worth.  Surprised he didn't ask for a statue to be built in his honor.    You see lifelong recognitions are given to those who have given of themselves to better the lives of others; in this case children.  But when you look back, who can count or truly describe the positive impact he has made?

Just because you have lived or worked in a place for a long time does not make you invincible or immune to causing damage and hurting others to advance your self-interest.  We lived his crusade and just like the board members told him, he did not live up to expectations.  Once again just because you have  worked in a place for a while does not make you the best choice for anything.  Dansby is a manger he is not an educator or a mentor because he didn't care to listen to others.  For example, on his first day on the job he told a group of employees, " you don't think or feel, you just do"  "if you don't like it then your opportunity to leave."  So are these the words of someone who truly has a vision to improve anything?

Now he wants to run for the board to in a sense make sure that lawsuits against him don't prevail or use the power to keep the suits going and spend more money.  He got $900,000 to leave and now he is going to use that money to manipulate the system no matter what.  He is bitter that he didn't get what he wanted and now he is going to be on a rampage.  He is a bully and many of you know.

He stuffed the pockets of his cronies and left us in the classroom to rot.

Life in the FWISD will be hell if he is elected.. and those board members who voted to let him go, watch out.....

Read the transcript once again of the so called mistake in the Palazzolo case.. he knew what he was doing..

Sunday, January 25, 2015


We as teachers have to wonder where the board members spend their time before election time.  If they truly cared about us they would give a good curriculum, good leaders,etc. and pay us.  Do you remember the so called salary study that the district says would keep us competitive to attract people?

Here is some of the salary study:

Here we posted about the compensation-

The district provided us with how much employees at the top got the raise.  Our employees at the bottom got leftovers if any.  We found out from sources that employees were being underpaid but instead of adjusting the pay, they told them that they needed to apply for the raise if you wanted then you needed to have higher ups sign the form within a day or two after the announcement.  So what a great way to intimidate our fellow employees and sit in the Godfather tribunal of Dansby and Company just to get what you deserve.  Yes folks Dansby was in charge.  We know that the culture of bullying and intimidation is ongoing.

Here are the links to the application for employee review of salary increase which is pathetic to go through a process that is a given.

So then they hire someone who is supposed to better everything and no results as of yet.  Ms. STAAR STOP AND JOT STRATEGIES is paid $123, 750 when the people doing the work get nothing.  See the contract approved under the same regime.

WATCH OUT! Dansby news has hit the admin area it seems he is running for board.  So now he gets to use the taxpayer money to run, must be nice.  Wish we teachers could make that amount when we decide we are fed up but guess what, we get crap!

So now that the campaign has started, Ms. Jackson, the things you should be concerned about is us in the classroom and what we lack and how it's affecting our students.  If you want to request videos of how things have been going for all of us then we can send you some.  We have plenty to tell you.  By the way how long has it been seen you have visited the Meadowbrook area?  People don't know who you are, we would of thought you at least could take a picture with the schools in the background and say I was here.  But now that we have mentioned it folks, watch out for PAPARAZZI JACKSON, coming to a school near you!

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Think back FWISD to 5 years ago when this board, minus a few new ones, gave themselves an extra year on the board to make it a 5 year term rather than 4 years as most have done.  Now we come to this next cycle in 2015 that will decide the continued doom of our district or somewhat of a fresh start.  The biggest goal is to cripple the mafia!

We have had more than 5 years of Sorum and tell us teachers if things have improved for you?  Have students progressed further?  Have you been trained appropriately?  Have you received just compensation for your dedication?  Sorum and Company have gotten their fair share of raises and glory and can't produce one shred of data to show improvement.  They base it all on the STAAR test but can't articulate how the 30 or more schools that have failed will be improved.  It's more of the same.

We will highlight one board member who has already chosen re-election but we call it re-jection.
You will be seeing this logo for the upcoming campaign and if you watch her Facebook she is busy taking pictures to make sure that she is seen as caring for children and moving the education needle.  Not sure how she sees her needle but our is on EMPTY.  EMPTY promises, hurting our students, making sweet deals on the backs of our taxpayers.  Let's not forget how she feels about other children and why not since as board member she gets to choose what school her own children attend.  
Let's see.. the daughter got a seat at the Young Women's academy which we assume she went through the same process as every other student in the district, which we doubt very much from conversations from people close to the school.  Then this school year she ends up at Paschal which we wonder if she went through the process of being accepted like every other student, which we doubt.  So the position has it's benefits.  
Let's play back her comments on what kids should do who have to ride an hour on a bus just to go to a school of choice:  take it away Tobi!

Let's not be fooled folks because  you can't hide this.  Then let's go back to her deposition on the whole Palazzolo case, she not knowing that she was meeting with people who had an interest in the district and should not have happened even with the Mayor present.  Guess it pays to do what you have to do in a sleazy way.    The deposition is lengthy but worth the read, here is the link:

Let's also not forget the supposed error from the last campaign on money she took from a convicted lawyer which she later changed almost a year after it should have been done.
Read all about it:

Here we have Jackson photo op but doesn't support LGBT students even with a transgender family member. 

We also have Norm Robbins refusing to put agenda items basically using his power to do what he wants without any accountability to district/state policies.  He says that there is no bullying occurring and that he doesn't believe retaliation happens.. pfff!!
The bond is a bust but they will tell you what a success it was for them so they can put it on their resume.  They lied to the public.

Then under Needham we have the teacher who had a relationship with a student in front of everybody's face and the teacher left this year.. after how long.  The evidence was there and nothing was investigated.

So while this wrangling continues our students suffer, Sorum and Company get to do what they want with teachers, bullying is not resolved and so on.  If we all want more of the same then we allow the same people to get elected over and over but if you want something different, go out and get your voice heard.  CHANGE IS NEEDED NOW!

SO are you better off?

Thursday, January 15, 2015



Oh how the gods seem to be looking down..

Let's recall the facts folks about how all of this started... in the secret board room behind closed doors.
Deals were made to benefit some board members and their connections on the backs of students.

Now AECOM has not done the job it promised and costs have risen that some projects are in danger of not happening.  When the district decided to choose AECOM we were against it because of the lousy jobs they have done before.  The biggest issue was Dansby and his dealings, big conflict of interest.  So now Mighty Dansby has left the district dealing with issues....  What we still don't get is how shortage of labor continues to be a reason that costs are high.  Perhaps someone can enlighten us on this because I can find plenty of workers in corners willing to work.  How about the homeless people who do want to work, go on over to Lancaster.

Listen to the Bond Committee tell the Board what we said. The Bond was moved too fast.. can you imagine approval of at least 800 million?

So now we are left with a mess that was created by rushing the bond because the mighty Dansby needed something to say he did it.  Funny how when it was done for him he managed it and then he tried to put it together and he failed at it.  But politics all the way because everyone wanted something and now disparity and inequality.  So much talk about doing for children it was about individuals and some who took it and sold it on their website as the best thing since sliced bread.  Others took more photo ops and yet we don't hear them explaining to the public.  You ALL voted for it and then sold it as great to the public and now where is the mea culpa.


So finally figure out that you need oversight is it?

So how much money did Needham loose in this deal or how many friends are mad at her?


And to think that the Holidays were about celebrations and good tidings.. it has been an interesting two weeks after the break in the FWISD.  As you noticed we have Part 1 of many issues that we have regarding how our students continue to be on the losing end of the regime.

We begin with an issue that has now caught the attention of upper administration and that is a concern about discrimination of students over at Carter Riverside High School.  We were able to get in contact with the very people that work tirelessly to help students succeed and it seems the Principal Mr. Ruthart doesn't have a HART.  There could be many issues but in particular the Credit Recovery Lab which seems to be working against the students.

The concern stems from students who truly can benefit from making up credits that would keep them from graduation.  On the other side, the Principal has his own set of rules as to how someone will qualify for the credit and what they will need to pay for it.  Presently there seems to be about 50 or so students that should be enrolled but apparently the principal does not think so.

In looking at District policy, the students have an opportunity to make up credits during the school day and if funds allows before/after school and on Saturdays.  In reviewing the document it doesn't look like there are fees attached the program.  It would make sense since the district purchased the program for students.  One can argue whether students fail just to make take the course but that cannot be determining factor for other students who are doing their best.  There must be a process where students who are failing are met with, parents are called in , home visits made if necessary but exhaust everything before deciding that a student cannot be placed in credit recovery.

The next piece is what the principal sent out to teachers regarding credit recovery.  Basically the students must attend summer school if he seems fit, charge $90 dollars per course.  During the school day it looks like students do attend tutorials, if the teacher is having them, if not then they get detention.  Trying to understand how detention benefits the student in this scenario when it is not a discipline issue.

Now it looks like someone has made the issue known and Ms. Sanchez, the Asst. Super over that area showed up to the school.  Where is the oversight with the top admin.  Why does it have to take this in order to see how destructive policies like this are towards students.

What do you think?

Friday, January 9, 2015


So Queen Linares seems to believe that the BOARD has no right to do anything in the FWISD.  She forgets that in any organization there is oversight on any matter that affects the FWISD.  So now she has picked on Dr. Sutherland regarding testing schedules or testing in general.  She apparently asked legal to provide her with an opinion on what the ELECTED BOARD can and cannot do.  
This has been going on for many, many years where the ROYAL COURT and JOKER (SORUM) seem to be above anything that will hide their corrupt and damaging ways.  

SO Queen Linares, if you don't believe that the ELECTED BOARD has any say on what you do then who will you answer to?  Why won't you share the results of any assessments given?  
Let's go with the SCAs, why haven't we seen how our standards are being taught and how our students are doing?  You seem to give great presentations but no substance.  You may think many of us don't see how inefficient everything has been and  business as usual.

The Board of Trustees has the right to request, ask, suggest, etc on many things.  They are the ones that make policy and you execute it.  They take your recommendations and decide whether they want to go with it or not.  Do we need to do Government 101 for all top admin people?  Some of you seem to believe that you have no bosses and that seems to show because of the persecutions happening, the changing of the Curriculum mid semester.  You didn't think we knew did you?  Yes folks
The JOKER has changed the Curriculum for the Teachers and I am sure that no training occurred.  So maybe he will enlighten us with great results at some point because as of now, there is nothing we can figure out about their MADNESS.  

Don't give up Dr. Sutherland, continue to ask and do share the document with us so we can show the PEOPLE that their administration is continuing to stick the middle finger out.  They need to ask the attorney for an opinion on what they should be doing and that is educating children effectively and treating people with dignity, ethics and respect.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


2015 just began folks and we do hope you enjoyed the festivities but we can't let our guard down on what is happening in our district.  While the district wants to distract you with the bond, which is another mess, we need to keep our focus on the high costs of litigation that seem to continue in the style of THE INQUISITION.

You would of thought that this style of pursuit to punish those who have spoken the truth would be thousands of years long gone.  Well think again.  The only positive is that while the district hired attorneys are not doing physical harm in this sense, they are doing harm altogether to the work environment of our employees.  We know that about 200 employees are being investigated of what we do not know.  The district is unwilling to let us know how the taxpayer dollars are being spent and for what reason.   What have they done and do we need to be aware so that the practice ends?

So we know about the Palazzolo case alone and a few other cases that are being settled.  Recently the district acknowledged that the attendance issue was the cause of the system yet they demoted an employee, accusing the employee of the error.  We hope the employee will fight back but rest assured that he or she is a target now.  It seems that the investigations make sense with Linares at the helm, remember she left at the height of the corruption and perhaps settling some old business.

So let's take the cases, 200 or so and for one hour of attorney fees is about $300 dollars.  So if they just spend one hour per employee the bill comes to $60,000 per hour.  Think back to the $1.5 million legal requested and all for what?  Well this makes more sense that they need an increase to cover the cost of the persecutions.  

Board members you are the fiscal police that needs to do the work and find out why they need to investigate so many people.  What is happening inside the district that is being kept quiet?  Why are we not spending more money on at-risk students?  

See some information below for your reading pleasure:

Thanks Dr. Sutherland for taking wasteful spending on!