Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The district refused to accept or at least check out the offer made and instead of discussing a way to end it, it filed a motion yesterday for the case to be thrown out of court.  Which we don't get because the district asked and got a new trial.  

So what the hell is going on?  Dr. Sutherland we need to know, can the public know more and end the litigation?

Just who is the New HCM Chief?

As with anything that comes out of FWISD, not surprised the type of people they surround themselves with and so we wanted to highlight some of the same type of dealings that we have had to who is coming in to fill the post.

Cynthia Rincon is coming from Fort Bend ISD as the legal counsel there and served about 3 years in HR.  Our concern is the legal stuff she dealt with and used to shield secrets like our own FWISD.

We shall see what she will do but the record is clear.  Dr. Sutherland we need a close eye on this individual.

The Future of our Students reflected by President Ramos? A beer, a cigar and his real mission

Words can't express more the disgust with what our leaders are doing to the district.  This coming from someone who came in robed with a mantle of change and ended up being the same old thing times 2. Here you have Ramos who is traveling the world, who knows who is funding it and has all the time in the world when before he was barely making ends meet.

He is the false prophet if he ever deserves any title.  The message about culture that he brings is all about his BAM message, Bad Ass Mexican and the Mexican Mafia that surrounds him.  Who is paying for the workshops he is bringing?  How much conflict of interest is there when some of the people who train are his friends?

The time has come to end the charade.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Board Meeting Highlights: CAN WE SAY THE SHIP IS CRUMBLING!

If we had a chance to throw rotten tomatoes at what we see on the board, it be a tomato bath...

Everything we hear is we think, we believe, etc. and nothing is absolute with facts or anything to back it up.

The following videos show some of the more interesting things about how poorly managed and informed this district is and the governance not even up to par.. can we also get our board members to dress the part of leaders?  Any fashionistas out there that can give some advice?

So the last section of the board was a grievance heard and it was long so we are not publishing it, just commenting.  So UPN grieved that the RFP process for a hub was unfair because the RFP asked for something and the district chose something else.  The district sure does not have good presenters because their argument was lame.  Anyway, if the RFP process is not done correctly then the district could lose E-Rate money like Moss indicated has happened before.  The district is not worried about it because they feel regardless they did it right but from the outside looking in, something wasn't done right.
Apparently the other vendors did understand the RFP by the design they made not so much the writing on the plan.  So the district says no matter what was written just look at our drawing and you will get it.  But in it the district acknowledges it did choose something else and then tried to make UPN look worse by saying well those points are not the only things they didn't get points on other things so it shouldn't matter.  Typical FWISD!  So now the district is at risk of losing funds by Kyle who lord knows has done horribly at keeping technology on the right path.  So that doesn't surprise us.

Now to the videos.. discipline, no real training plan, etc. etc.  See how our leaders just get around to answering the questions and have no idea what is going on.  Sad!

Looks like the board wants more information on this because it's not showing what will be done to help curtail discipline.

Typical of not informing well the board and just asking for approval but they want more and sadly no great responses.  

Moss does bring up good points but no good resolutions to the questions.  Can we get the scores?  What's going to be different this year?


Just another quid pro quo item to report, at this point nothing is a mystery nor a big surprise to the people who run the district.

So this committee is tasked with helping resolve the issue with what looks like discipline and equity overall.  Talks about revising the student code of conduct, the policies on applying discipline, etc.

But the big item noted is the CBMCS (California Brief Multicultural Competence Scale) to train staff, etc.  So it happens that Mr. Ramos and another member Mr. Phillips are trainers.  So guess what, they will contact the trainers and see when they can come to FW.  So more money going to who you know and conflict of interest very well alive.  I wonder what other connection Mr. Ramos has to the company?  We know he made several trips and has had contact with California individuals who are interested in what he does.

So with this work, what are you trying to accomplish committee?

*What have you tried for a while that you have evaluated its effectiveness?  PBIS/CHAMPS?  Why can't we focus on one item and train people well and provide the resources, money, so that it stays solvent.  You are not thinking long term nor plan well, you just keep adding program after program which Scribner vowed to stop.

*Discipline is an issue because students who need strong support don't have it.  Adding more disciplinarians is not the issue, its the emotional and social support that is needed.  Yes, students who are completely unruly need a process but you are talking about a small percentage if you really studied things and followed through on policy.

The interesting thing here also is that you never present evidence, charts, etc. on anything related to why it is needed, it's like taking things out of the air and making it sound good.  Never hear about accountability!

Monday, August 8, 2016


So we hear that Mia Hall and Sherry Breed who now having meetings and forums with community and district employees on how to resolve discrimination, nepotism, workplace bullying, favoritism, low income campuses, etc.

So with their track records, how are we supposed to believe that they will know how to resolve the issues?

Come on now FWISD-  how many employees have you hurt for many years, pushed out with threats and ruined their reputations and lives?  There are countless stories that are untold because of the tactics used to keep them hidden.

So Mia and Sherry, saves us the politics and just sit and draw a check cause that's all you know how to do.  You will not solve the issues you both created and have supported for years.

What a joke!



Ok so we ran up against this part about Mia which makes you barf... she was no leader to the Young Women she hurt and it also shows how she caters to a different clientele.  She is for sure no role model, I think they need to look up the stories we have on her...

7-15-16 UPDATE
So Scribner settled with Mia Hall and just told parents, students and teachers their cries for help don't matter.  What a waste of a human being!


So the position posted is for legal related to policy- read the description to see how she qualifies, not by merit but by who you know.  Wonder if the EEOC can look into it so that we can see how many interviewed.


Flaunting herself in front of the world after getting a job with no interview and a 12K raise.  She created workplace bullying and bullied LGBT Youth!

She mentions God for supporting her.. you have no idea how that will come back to bite you.

What a disgrace!

Thanks Scribner for continued violence against students and teachers.