Wednesday, September 24, 2014



Recall that on August 12, 2014, the board had on the agenda to go into executive or closed session to decide on Palazzolo case.  At such time nothing was discussed nor decisions made in public.

Then we have the release of the communique from the district that they have decided to appeal the case.  Remember also that the attorney Brandt has taken the case because he has to prove that he is right and because TASB is paying for it, then he feels that he can take any decision without approval of the elected body who represents the PEOPLE.  Board of Trustees you have all allowed this to go on for too long.  Read the suit presented today.

Exclusively here at CIA, standing up for the voices who have been silenced for far too long.



Sunday, September 21, 2014


We can tell you that we would be better off without them.  Below are comments made to Dr. Sutherland on the SCAs and how teachers are having more time taken away from instruction.  Funny how one thing Sorum forgot to mention is accommodating students who have an IEP, 504, etc.  You also have dual language that needs tests in Spanish and then some make them take both.

Please read the comments below and see if this is how it went in your classroom.  Board and anyone who listens, what have you done to completely disrupt the educational flow?  We told you so!

Readers comment on the first SCA

by Ann Sutherland on 09/16/14
I received a copy of the testing schedule today--fifth grade has 48 tests in English and 38 in Spanish--and on some days the teachers have to do BOTH tests.   (I didn't count the other grades.)

*Unrealistic expectations for first 3 weeks. Items are not field tested, consequently there is no data on reliability nor validity. Instruments are questionable at best. Translations from English to Spanish are questionable. Tests take 1 1/2 days to complete. Time wasted on test administration. Time wasted on searching for information on Eduphoria and an internet system that consistently collapses. Let's go back to CBA's!! We went from the frying pan to the fire!!

*I observed the same things commented on by the teacher. Additionally, students needing special test accommodations were pulled out, had to find additional space, and their testing took at least 1 hour for each test. The loss of instructional time is horrendous! The ISIP testing is going on within the same window of time causing more loss of instuctional time. The portion of HB5 you posted says "no more than 2 assessments related to the STAAR", but those 2 exclude other tests traditionally given including PSAT, SAT, ACT, IB and regular tests given by the classroom teachers trying to make their own assessments to inform their teaching, which the SCAs don't. Also, this first one at least is really a picture, not of this year's teacher, but previous teachers. These SCAs are intrusive to the regular flow of the academic year. This is a lot of data. Where is it going? What is its true purpose? Some wonder if someone at central admnistration is working on a doctorate and needing data to analyze. Is this a possibility? This is just another disaster that will produce no good results and further limit valuable instruction time. These SCAs were treated like the CBAs in that the tests were put under lock and key and lines formed outside the test coordinator's offices so that teachers could turn in their test stuff. There were long faculty meetings following. Is this going to be every time?

*Reflections on the first SCA:
           What was supposed to be a 30 minute test ended up taking an hour and 
a half.  (This was for the 3rd  grade math test.)

           Because of the reordering of the curriculum, we taught Origo Module  
7 which covers graphing first, our students had not been exposed to many of the 
topics embedded in the test yet this year.  For example,  all ten questions     
required the students to add and subtract two digit numbers.  Although this was 
taught in 2nd grade, there has been no refresher on this in 3rd, because we     
taught the Origo Modules out of order.            

6 out of the 10 questions were “How many more questions.”  This made it a test  
less of graphing and more about subtraction comparison questions which has not  
been reviewed this year and is one of the most difficult concepts for students  
to understand.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Once again, the mighty RUBBER STAMP by the blind FWISD board!

Former Santa Fe Youth Service employees reached out to alert CIA of a push for a contract that is absolutely worthless to FWISD students.
No one in this organization is certified to work with youth and many HIPPA laws are violated and caseloads are impossible to complete, but they must have the numbers to fulfill their grant! 
Once again, no one asks questions or investigates the validity of some organizations- NO TRANSPARENCY and the board RUBBER STAMPS it!

Hey, how about we ask the folks on the ground for input, like you should have asked the teachers input before you rolled out yet ANOTHER TEST!!!

The air must be thin up in cabinet to make such ridiculous decisions, but again it is who you know!

Monday, September 15, 2014







Employees in the Technology Department are giving us horror stories of the type of treatment they are receiving from this maniac who goes unchecked!
By the time he gets through with his bullying, employees may even have to ask when to go to the restroom, it's so bad they are afraid to say anything due to retaliations and no on at the top to help them.  Board Members, what were you elected to do?

Here are some of the things he does:
*He allows his minions to bully others
*He assigns projects and does not provide the resources for example the distribution job, which we think may be the issue with laptops since teachers did not have them yet we didn't hear him explain it but had someone else take the hit.
*Ordering equipment that is not compatible with the network even when he receives feedback not to do it.  So let's take the millions in equipment that is not being used or was never used.  So again non one at the top is checking on this, they allow waste to happen and of course taxpayers pay for it.
*If you don't kiss up to him then he makes your life hell.

We will find out more!!!!  Shame that no one takes a look at this and I am sure there are reports that have been hidden for a long time.  

Sunday, September 14, 2014


As we debate money, raises and the selfish views of our district...... STUDENTS ARE LAST ON THE LIST!

We are sharing this story to show how incompetent our FWISD administration is when it comes to protecting children.

For many years an individual, who has since resigned, from Seminary Hills Park Elementary, was sent to OPS just about each year for hitting, pulling, cussing or slapping students.  Piles and piles of documentation were provided to Menchaca and all the teacher would do is write a statement that she would not do it again and be on her merry way.  If you don't believe us check the documentation at OPS and see if Menchaca will give you the information.

Forward to this past school year and our source gave us the following information.  A substitute witnessed the same teacher slap a student and debated on what to do.  She was informing other teachers on what should happen, one of the teachers ended up hearing the conversation and brought it up to administration.  The substitute was removed from the school and nothing was done about the situation.  The teacher was gone for about 10 days, which we hope was an investigation, but returned to finish the school year.  The teacher resigned.  This is one of many examples of how FWISD looks the other way when it comes to children.  They allow things to happen to our children and yet they wonder why students don't achieve, how many bad apples are allowed to do this.  We know many of our teachers work their heart out for kids and the few bad ones make it bad for the rest of us.  We hear it from principals all the time that they do not get support from OPS because they hide it.  I would ask our board members to ask for the documentation.  Below is the picture of the teacher who did it and the administrator who allowed it to remain hidden, so many accomplices and yet the student I am sure is marked by it.  So Board, ADMIN, enjoy your raises and all the comforts that the taxpayers afford to you and damn the children who you say you are here for.  Unbelievable.

Principal Lorena Delgado

Ms. Kay M. Scarlett

Let's not forget how one of our Chief's Sherry Breed was involved in an instance where child abuse was not reported.  Read up and you be the judge of the type of individuals we have leading our district.  If it was one of us they would have fired us in an instant regardless, I am sure a favor was handed down and Breed remains until the day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


So we are back once again to retell a story that has been told many times yet no changes.

If you were watching the board meeting last night we had an interesting take on the bond money.  We ran a small story on how the bond committee plainly stated that the district needed to spend the money on what the voters decided it should be spent on.  Remember that athletics was taken off the bond because the way it was sold to voters is that we needed to improve our schools, raise our expectations, etc.  Well let's just say it plain and simple!

Yes my friends the board once again lied to the taxpayers about what it's intention to spend the money for the classrooms, etc.  Again and again they don't feel any remorse nor anything towards us because they run the board as they wish.

So let me ask you board members:
*Have you resolved the issue with the laptops?
*Have you resolved the issue with the loss of equipment?
*Have you resolved the issue with the PK resources needed?

Would not a million dollars be useful for the classroom, teacher pay, etc. ?

As our board will not answer us, just know taxpayers that they approved ONE MILLION DOLLARS for each High School's athletic program.  Even some on the board questioned why it was not equitable given that some schools have sorry facilities.  Yet the same board members voted for it as if the complaints were just a front to the reality of what teachers, students live each day.

We are not against athletics but give us the research on athletics affecting student achievement when there is an urgency to improve academics.  We were driving past Arlington Heights and they have nice turn on their field.  So another million to add three more layers of turf?  But wait the article states that north side has the biggest facility and good ol boy Dansby was on hand.  So this tells us that deals were made during the bond process and even though on paper they were not put up for votes, they knew they could circumvent the process and still get what you need.  So we have sell outs on the board and we expected, yes expected more from the new bloods which at this point have been infected with the same shameful behavior they ran against.  But of course they go to church and ask for forgiveness to do it again and again...

Truly this is about the board lying again and again.  The money was not for sports, that's why you have to budget for items you need.  What kind of lives are you people living?  Is this how you do things at home?  I would bet you take care of your money better than you do what we entrusted you with.  So teachers sorry that you did not have all the resources up front but just know you can look forward to a nice athletic facility for you to tutor in or perhaps take a break from the undue stress being put on you with out any support.

Monday, September 8, 2014


So a few posts back we posted here and on Facebook about the bond committee that was upset at the district for spending money and not telling them how it was being used or used money that was not slated for another project other than the bond projects.  Bond Committee this is what FWISD does, it spends how it wants regardless of anything because they don't feel they owe nothing to the taxpayers who approved it.

So now the story breaks on the Telegram which is a bit behind since we reported on it when Dr. Sutherland brought it to our attention on the board agenda.

So the question is who is giving the board advice?  Where do they get that they can spend money however they want?  I thought we had a nice fund balance to spend as we wish?  We sure did hire people and give raises to the top echelon.  No shame to what you do.  So lawyers on the board, what do you advice since you are all top notch?  Somebody, anybody?  Exactly, you have nothing to say because you know it is wrong.  We hope you all go to church and pray about it and let God know what you did wrong that's if you do feel any remorse.

It so happens that they got caught and now they say they did it legally and with what they knew at the time.  Come on folks!  This is not the first time the board has done this it just so happens that the people on the committee are a bit smarter than our board.  Yet no one on the board comes out and criticizes the decision and explains to their constituents what is going on.  We know the board does things in secrecy and it doesn't surprise because at the end the taxpayers end up picking up the bill and they don't care because it doesn't come out of their pocket. 

So a fine lesson the board is teaching our students, take money that doesn't belong to you and just say you did it with what you knew at the time.  Let's see how far mom and dad let you get away with it.

Monday, September 1, 2014


Very impressive dialogue between our readers and some of our board members.  Healthy dialogue regardless of which side we are on.  We as educators know the facts on the ground and we ask our board members to come see us more often and know the truth.  We speak here because we fear retaliation all around if not we would be in front of you.