Monday, August 7, 2017


If you recall back when we covered the story about Ramos and his mistress whom he fathered a child, well not sure how this new lady is connected but has Ramos backing all the way.

Now enter Sandra Salinas who has been appointed to do various jobs at Diamond Hill Jarvis on behalf of Ramos.  She came into the school and destroyed PTA.

We found out that she does not live in the district yet is an employee and her daughter is there to do what Ramos did with his kids, take the ranking away from students who have been there for years.  So now this young lady is tops and looks like another TCU scholarship coming.  Sandra lives in Eagle Mountain-Saginaw district but is a transfer.

Ashely, is that not your school?  After Ramos helped your opponent in the election and now he is taking over your area, where are you?

Ramos has a new girl!

Saturday, July 29, 2017


This can't get any better folks.....

If you have not tuned into Facebook or other outlets, the Texas Association of School Boards or TASB, released personal information from district employees across the state but for sure FWISD.  They are going to help you monitor your credit for free just in case you have issues which you know are not easy to resolve.  Will they offer legal help in case your information is used?

The big question here is does FWISD have the legal right to release your information to an organization they pay to lawyer up, conflict of interest, just to send it over to the workforce commission?

When we signed up we either have a choice of yes or no to post our directory information.  I don't recall there being an area where the district says do you want TASB to have your information.  Any legal repercussions here?

Why can't the district give the information to the workforce commission?

This is completely adding insult to injury.  Let us know if any of you get an email about your information being published online and if the district apologizes for their stupidity.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

THE $130,000 MAN

Must be nice to get paid for doing what?

So whatever title he holds now is paying off dividends.  We would like to see his evaluation so that we can see his job description.  But it pays to do the dirty work for Ramos and to tell Scribner what to do.

Jerry, it paid off to sleep around with the Chief and to brown nose your way.

Friday, June 23, 2017


Scribner has finally found out that he is stuck at FWISD and that the label may not help his future aspirations.  FWISD was his fast track to stardom and the swamp ate him.  

Two individuals are running the district to their liking, Jerry Moore and Ramos.  Ramos protects Moore because he is running the programs that he favors of which Scribner was supposed to eliminate.  

Scribner it appears is lost not knowing who to trust and relies on Moore who by all accounts has less credibility than a roach.  

Ramos secretly wanted Paz and Sims to loose.  He offered Muhammad money to run against Sims but he saw his true colors and stuck to principles.  Ramos also paid his cronies to help Pilar run the campaign.

But back to Scribner, he is a puppet doing the bidding of the Mafia ring leader.  The power grab has been completed and has the money from Bass family to keep everyone in check.

You should of ran when you could Scribner.. now you are stuck unless your nice extended contract.  


It appears that a new clan has formed and perhaps not new because Breed is still there.  So all the appointees are part of the sorority as shown by their clan signals.  We know the Eastern Hills EL principal left to Crowley ISD and the new one is no other than the daughter of the Scott clan who were principals five years ago, ran Poly and involved in many tax scandals.  The new EH Elementary principal has about 2 years of experience as an AP who did not receive a good recommendation from her former campus but that doesn't matter when Breed, Sanchez, Buchanan are in charge.  So the committee to help hire admin worked hard thinking they were actually doing something good to come back and have Sanchez, Buchanan and the rest just pick who they wanted regardless.  Their selection process is not about skills or talent it is merely who they like or not.

FWISD is losing talent because of this.  Wonder why Hollinger left?  She saw the writing on the wall and look at those who have gone to other districts.  A shame but no surprise that clans and the mafia are ruining this even more.

Monday, June 12, 2017


So we hear that Scribner informed principals that Charles from Curriculum will now move over to HCM to take over the SLO and some of the same duties that Clint has now.  So we wonder what happened that he is being moved since he was in charge of curriculum.  

Does anyone have any information?  

This comes as the district trained principals on the new planning model that teachers will be trained on when they return.  Scribner requested that principals get 8 teachers to attend a session in July but no mention of pay for days not on contract.  This may sound like a voluntold type of thing.

So once again teachers will be subjected to fast training and immediate implementation with no sign of continued support to make sure it is done correctly.  Not sure if UEA has gotten anything more from the administration but this is the sloppy way FWISD brings on its new programs.  Another year to learn something new and blame the teachers for it not being done.

So get ready teachers, rest up.

Send us more information that we need to know because otherwise it stays all secret.


Sorry folks, we have been busy with the ending of school and trying to take a breather.

Below is the link to the Como letter referenced in the last post in comments regarding the credentials of individuals who are just hired for who they know and have no experience in anything else.

This letter was sent back when Linares was in charge and then turned a blind eye and ear and did not listen to the committee.  This is what community engagement looks like for FWISD.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Here is what Sutherland is fighting for.. waste of time and no input from anyone on the curriculum writing

Time to call out our curriculum department

by Ann Sutherland on 05/23/17
 Like most readers, I have been hugely frustrated over the many workshops and lectures by non-teachers over how we should manage our classrooms.  Last week I attended another one of those, run by attractive women gaily reading still another powerpoint.  This one is builds from the Common Core framework (yes, the CC) and hopes by training young teachers in "social emotional competency", after which the young teachers will train other young teachers through summer workshops.  The workshop was held in the heart of downtown in an expensive venue (with valet parking paid).

Did you hear that Mr. Carroll is going to be re-writing curriculum?  This is too much.  The curriculum already matches the TEKS and it is stuffed with those worthless Short Cycle Assessments (which are still illegal).  This garbage is a huge contributor to our failing urban schools.  It's time to declare independence from the stranglehold of the central office curriculum department.  


If these people are such great teachers, let's put them in classrooms and watch them where they can do some good.


Well we here at CIA missed the punches at the board meeting following the naming of all campus leaders.. side joke, we were busy with the Russia investigation..

But we have plenty here at FWISD. We hear that many friends and family members of our board were named to schools.  We know from just hearing Dr. Sutherland that some board members dipped their hands into the selection and others did not get who they wanted, presumably Dr. Sutherland.  
Some of the appointments just leave you to roll your eyes because they don't make sense.  Durbin for example of all people who was under Washington back at Meadowbrook and has done crap since yet he gets a school.  You have Christmas going from destroying one campus moved to the next one.

Another example is what credentials does Xavier Sanchez have?  The only one we know is his mother helped him get there and she now picked some of the principals announced.  

So the board led district has put people who have no major credentials to show.  

What we also hear is that the board meeting recording was altered to take out the part where Dr. Sutherland strongly objected to the naming of administrators by stating why some board members get who they want and other don't.  If this is true, as several people contacted, then this is a violation of the Open Meetings Act because they are choosing to publish what they want and not what exactly happened.  The district does not have the right to choose what the public is entitled to and Barbara Griffin and team were the ones in charge.  Dr. Sutherland, check to see if that occurred because not only are they trying to continue to censor you but now they are doing it deliberately.


So now comes Janna Russell Bennett the principal of K-8 Como Montessori School--- or Como Monster Sorry School because under Bennett she has created a House of Horrors!  Bennett is a an inept, bully who famously tells people Downtown that she grows her teachers--- which in FWISD code-speak means that she belittles, berates (in front of students), and brings her teachers to tears, while Downtown turns eyes wide shut.  What's it going to take?  Just this year, a middle school boy routinely "painted" the boys' restroom walls with his own feces!  Enough to get removed?  Enough to get psychological counseling?  Nope, he's still there and students and teachers alike dread his next masterpiece.  It's probably his way of interpreting the quality of the administrative leadership.
The middle school students  (including Fece-angelo) just returned from their academic trip to San Antonio; except that one young lady was forced to have her parents drive to San Antonio to have to retrieve their drunken daughter after she and her roommates broke into the hotel room liquor cabinet and getting fece-faced(?)  It's reported that up to five San Antonio Police cars and paramedics had to be called in.  All while Bennett was there "supervising" the trip (maybe she broke into her own room's liquor cabinet)!
Now CIA hears that Como Monster Sorry School has its own "fight club" going on in the restrooms that students love to video and set to music!  Creative juices or frustrated anxiety?  Students and teachers all know that Bennett, who grew up in the Como neighborhood does not discipline, suspend, or third party Black students because they may be related to Bennett or are from families that Bennett grew up knowing--- but forget it if you are a Hispanic living in and attending Como.  Bennett, like folks in Como, resent the now majority Hispanics moving into the Como neighborhood and she does all that she can to discourage Hispanic families from enrolling their children in "her school".  With what Bennett has done to destroy what used to be a well-known and respected Montessori school--- she can have it; but we wish that Downtown would do something, at least for humanity's sake.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


We all know that each time the district, every year, brings on something new and never really keeps one thing.  Think DII, the lady who got paid to do training that was nothing helpful, etc.

So now the district is going to rewrite the way curriculum is written this May, or is in progress and then roll it out we suppose.  We all know that everything is rushed a few days before school starts and then training during the year when we should be teaching.  So this process requires a lengthy detailed plan, so get ready for hours of planning since we do not know how to align what we teacher to what we test.  What a novel concept, we didn't know that's what it is.

The backward design for planning will be used, see this link

Then this Neuhaus Education is a non-profit who is focused on Reading but Sutherland says it cost 600,000 with no board approval.  Neuhaus is based out of Bellaire in Houston and well the ASSt. Super for Curriculum is from Houston so we get the connection.  We all know that some get kickbacks like Scribner from Achieve 3000.  So once again teachers have to redo because the district just can't figure out what to do and still believe our teachers have no clue on how to do their jobs.  They want a company or some program to fix teachers and students.

So get some rest this summer teachers because you will have to do something new and get beaten for not doing it right when you will not be trained well anyway.  So start your research and get ahead.

Such incompetence in this district.


It appears that a large exodus of principals from most high schools that are not part of the wealthy are disappearing.  We wonder if the Board of Managers (since they board runs the district) are leaving openings for retired or promoting their friends to fill spots they are unqualified for.  

Schools include:

Easter Hills HS
Poly HS
Carter-Riverside HS
South Hills HS
Western Hills HS

Teachers aren't the only ones leaving the chaos of which this board has created.  They have a puppet in Scribner who basically does what they say.

Where do the children of FWISD employees go?  Let's see  Dagget Montessori, Paschal, YWLA, YMLA, Tanglewood, Alice Carlson, World Languages Institute, Arlington Heights (well there is a gang infestation there so not topsy anymore.  

The only reason FWISD is not on the news is because the news refuses to cover it and we know this city will just push it under the rug.


Let's recall a story about Johnny Cole, former coach at Eastern Hills, accused of having an improper sexual relationship with a former student.  The board voted 5-3 to keep him and moved him to Wilkerson-Grimes.  TA Sims voted to keep him because he said he voted his conscience.  He probably fell asleep and pushed the wrong button, you think?

So now we hear that Cole has earned the Bully Award for mistreating employees under him at the Grimes.  So apparently the move to Grimes was to be away from students yet he is at the place where young ladies go to swim.  So tell us how far away is he from the place where he is housed and ladies are around.  The board is complicit!  But this is the Fort Worth ISD Board running the district and deciding to keep their friends instead of doing the best for students.

But currently Cole gets away with everything and employees have no support from anyone.  They are being harassed and bullied but INOK doesn't apply.

Wait the board wants to do away with bullying policy, which means silence the complaints.

Oh and Tobi is over Eastern Hills, wonder what happened there?

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Well folks, we can start packing our bags or drink heavily because another four years of torment are coming.

The results are in and the old guard won, even dinosaur Sims, and the good lord has not called him in.

So now the chips begin to move and looks like Tobi is a shoe in for President unless they keep Ramos.  The new girl Luebanos is bought by Ramos so no change there.

So Scribner is safe for the next four years to get his paycheck.

Elections do have consequences and we know too well what they will be.

Friday, May 5, 2017


There is so much crap happening that we can't keep up with it but the ultimate result is that it hurts our teachers and students.

Scribner was not brought here to change things rather become a poster manager to highlight propaganda items.  The objectives have the intention of improving but the actions taken by the administration do not mirror what is happening in the classrooms nor even their own initiatives.

A comment was made regarding the promise that Scribner made at Convocation 2016 when he said he reduced his cabinet to a team of 10 because support needed to be where the need is.  So we would have expected extra individuals to be supporting the classrooms and that was completely the opposite.

Hear his speech here and go to 1:15:38 until about 1:17.  Words don't mix with the action being taken.

Also we hear that Maria Sanchez, retired, has been contracted as a consultant to hire principals.  Recall that Robert Ray was brought back to take an academy, also retired.  So we are headed even backwards to the old FWISD, way of doing things.

If you saw the results given of the climate survey, it was a good laugh over coffee.  So the survey indicates that at least 80% or more of campuses will meet standard or higher because they have all the resources and support they need.  If that was the case we would  not have 40 under watch but they know best.

Spinning the propaganda machine!

Monday, May 1, 2017


We thought we had to contend with 100 days of Trump, thinking that it was the worse.  We come to Teacher Appreciation Week with Scribner slashing teachers in the Core Areas to allow 6.4 million dollars to go to central office because trickle down support will for sure help the schools.

Sutherland has shown us the tricky math the administration is using to justify their continued growth in central office with no data or results to show how it helps.  Tell us how?

We don't know whether even calling Scribner cynical fits his Trumpism.  Has no vision, no concept of governance and it has shown more and more.  He has allowed the erosion of employee rights, even more than before.

We don't hear anything from anyone else because they are given what they want if they just agree and shut up.  Sutherland still is hanging in there even when we disagree with her at times.

Where are the scores for the first round of testing?  Why are we not hearing about it?

So teachers, how are you being appreciated this week?

Thus far we've gotten the middle finger as a start...

Jump in!

Saturday, April 22, 2017


It is amazing how the thinking of this administration has been to overwork teachers and staff thinking that the monetary issue will be resolved by them working harder and still expect results.  It seems that Scribner did not listen to the needs nor does he truly care at this point about staff.  There are two separate worlds revolving within the district, the ones battling to make sure students are getting a descent education at least and the other sitting atop a tower looking down wondering how things are going, worried more about how to get more central admin to "solve problems" yet they have no idea what those problems are.  All they know is that there is a money issue and teachers are the problem.

Sutherland and a few comments came up with the proposed cuts over the next 5 years or so and basically no end to the suffering.  The comment made on the blog hits it right, you expect schools who need so much help to take on more students and expect small group teaching, interventions, etc.  Tells us oh wise admin from the board to Scribner, what research did you find that tells you this is the best approach.  You will have 5 schools loaded up with what everyone else needs because you all failed to have a plan.  So you are just putting out fires and when the next schools that struggle come up on the list, you will run to them and try to do the same.  

The issue is not the employees rather the lack of competency in budgeting and priorities.  The board believed that Scribner had the experience because he was leader of a district that dealt with only high schools as is the the way Arizona is setup by levels.  It is quite different when you have all different levels together and the needs.  He has still to learn how to govern, manage and above all be about students and teachers than himself.  You are a phony Scribner!  And the rest of the board for supporting it, will be reminded when the results are in....  Credit to Dr. Sutherland for giving us the information.

Without any outside intervention of sorts, we are doomed.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Last night the board tabled the policy revision where HCM and legal counsel want Bullying to be removed from policy because it is not needed.  They refer the matter to DH policy which covers harassment as they believe Bullying and Harassment are the same thing.  If we read the policies they are completely different just as we instituted a bullying policy for students.  If that was the case then why the whole INOK?

The question here is which legal counsel wants this?  I thought the legal counsel was gone.

This is what we get from having people with no credentials to run policy, Mia Hall.  In this case it would benefit her and other bullies to not have this.

Also noted that the department health and wellness was struck because it's not here which was needed.  This was the department in charge of training and supporting employees against bullying and other mistreatment but they cut that one out because of the large scale of complaints.

Anything they can do to harm employees is going to take place in FWISD. -DH Exhibit CHANGES LOCAL

Saturday, April 8, 2017


Look at this, this is the Policy and Planning department that used to have one person and now infested with people who the district would not get rid of and now have a job.
All of these employees were bought by board members.  All failures.

The admin gets fatter and fatter and the schools thinner and thinner.  The salary here could help save those teachers being let go.  Does Scribner not know how to manage the empire?  It seems it's too big for him when he can't control cost at the top and say he wants to support schools and well he is not.

What have they done that has helped?  Mia and Sammy got their plans for turnaround schools sent back and the board was mad but yet they are still there.

Special favors at its best!


We saw a comment post with a video showing Paz saying she will do whatever it takes to win even if she accepts money from someone, who?  We can guess people that have no interest in our district other than to benefit, could be the Bass family or other so called VIP in town.

But the most concerning part of this is that she will hang around people who have hurt students and continue to do so.  Just like the last bully award for Ms. Ford, where does Paz stand on that.  So we see her and Mia Hall the one person who hurt students at YWLA and got a director position instead of being fired.  Paz knew the issues and was asked to intervene and did nothing.  Interestingly enough she fought with Jackson in telling her to stay out of her lane and well she did nothing to stop the carnage.

So now she will do whatever it takes to win and has shown it many times.  You can say that she doesn't but a picture says a lot.  

We know the two ladies Paz and Hall but the lady next to them is a suicide prevention advocate that probably has no idea the danger Mia placed students at YWLA.  We know that Mia is a rep for Girls, Inc.  So does Girls Inc. discriminate against LGBT?

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Well our last Bully Award thwarted another nominee and this time the award goes to:
Darlene Ford, AP at Kirkpatrick Middle School.  Another example of getting moved around and promoted based on what you do to kids.  She was at Diamond Hill Jarvis HS and charged for outing lgbt students and risking their lives.  So instead of being fired, well that's against the FWISD WAY so she just got moved.  Now she is doing what she loves and that is harming kids and we wonder if the leader there is taking notice or a blind eye.

Darlene Ford

Nick Torres-Principal

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Why would we think any different about the numbers that can never be right in FWISD.  So we do know that at least 200 teachers are on the chopping block because the district does not have the money.  yet they have money for a heavy central office and for program after program.

They allowed 1.3 million for this training on racial equity yet 200 people will not be trained so where is that money going?  

Then I.M Terrell has been postponed because there is not enough money, so where did the bond money go?  The bond money was set for the new performing arts school and now nothing is going to happen.  This has happened time and time again where the voters have been lied to.

So you are beginning leadership academies where you say you have money from a foundation but that is just a small portion.  You are taking money from other needy schools and now they won't have teachers.

Lies and more lies!


We all have known that our fearless president Ramos had an affair before his ascension to the high chair.  Once he won the seat he hired his mistress at the discipline office.  What we have found out and will be confirming is that when he ran against Carlos Vasquez a flyer was used with the church background to bash Carlos for being gay.  If anyone remembers or knows about that on the Northside let us know.  What we don't understand is how Father Jasso, the FWISD church patron, blesses adultery and continues to do so when Ramos and his mistress parade themselves on the Northside like nothing.  We guess that Ramos comes and repents every Sunday or has Father Jasso on speed dial to ask for forgiveness to continue to do his bidding.

Not enough that Ramos is bought by the Bass brothers.  He jumps when they say jump and that is how he gets the others to come to the cult, money.  If you join him you get the big bucks to fund what you need.  

We do know that with the state investigating voter fraud on the Northside, Espino and Romero, are also implicated in the type of illegal voting that Trump assures happened.  We have the prime example here in Fort Worth.  Senior citizens are being interviewed because the ballots were stuffed more than once and it is a matter of time before the news comes out.  Voter fraud on the Northside is well documented.  


It appears that bullying is rampart in the FWISD again and again.  This time we wanted to recognize Mr. Keith Christmas with the BULLY AWARD.  He is the principal of Glencrest 6th Grade and is known in the hallways as the bull horn man who screams at teachers and bullies them.  Verbal threats, write ups for small reasons, just an overall bad working situation.  

And well we can't expect sleepy T.A. Sims to do much about it because we can't get him to wake up.  He is oblivious to the sad state of affairs of the school and we don't expect anyone else to step up.

Teachers make sure to document everything, don't leave nothing to chance because when the time comes, it will be needed.

What we do know about Mr. Christmas is that he has been a failure at every campus he has been in.  We were able to find a lawsuit brought by a student against FWISD for failure of due process and Mr. Christmas was the vice principal at Dunbar who suspended the student based on a terroristic threat for performing a rap song that was not vetted by the staff and a student felt threatened.  

Glencrest is an IR school when it used to be way better!!!



If you are confused about the title then you should be.  We received a comment related to current South Hills High School principal Dorothy Gomez on leave for an unknown reason but obviously not a good one.  The main issue that keeps surfacing is workplace bullying and hopefully someone can shed some more light on this.

Before coming to FWISD she was a top administrator in Dallas ISD and in 2012 left before being fired by the chief of staff at the time.

The word coming to us is that the district is ready to fire her and haven't.  Now the talks is about swapping her with another principal, basically passing the lemon around.  This is the FWISD way, the worse they do, the promotions or just basic move comes along.  Now she will be able to terrorize another school and its culture.  If she is not good enough for SHHS then she is not good enough for any other school.

Dr. Sutherland this is in your district and hopefully you will get more information so that you can push for something better for SHHS.  The more time passes the more things stay the same.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Well folks weeks ago the district lauded this new investment in schools to transform and change how we help struggling campuses.  Money and resources will be pulled in to make sure that the job gets done.  The district called this big event to inform any interested people to come and apply to get the best of the best in those schools.

In attendance were a multitude from various districts around the area.  The 5 schools selected would each get a brand new crew, everything new.  Some staff could stay only if the principal would hire them back, etc. etc.  The incentive pay.  So it appeared from the presentation that brand new people would be coming to the campuses to make the change needed for the schools to get out of where they are.

Did you all think for a minute things would be different.  Well guess who we have serving our children?

Robert Ray- remember him- yes Robert Ray will be going to Logan Elementary as the Turnaround principal.  Our head did a big turnaround in disbelief that after unproven success he would be selected from a multitude of talented individuals.

It gets better, so did we hear new principals, well we are dumb for thinking there was change.  The principal at John T White and Como will get to stay at their campuses.  The Principal from CC Moss will go to Forest Oak and the Principal from Rosemont Park EL will get to take Mitchell Blvd.

So tell us how the data supports the people being put in place.  Since the model to transform came from Dallas, the question many have from there is how are they measuring success to impact student achievement?  As always they never show the data, it's who you know.  So no one from the outside will come in and influence the Fort Worth way.  We looked at the school report card for the schools the new leaders or so called new leaders have garnered and it is not impressive.  Even fellow colleagues call the moves weak at best.  The data is from three years of scores and well for Robert Ray, there is nothing to show.

The issue now is that talent will be pulled from campuses who need support as well and so the fishing game begins.  Hire who you like.  Now the remaining principals will get to fire or let go those teachers they didn't like, so lucky them.

Oh, the Places We Will Not Go!

So board members, how do you like this now?  Welcome Mr. Ray, I guess you missed us so much that you want to get back in the ranks. Wait! Did you spend all your money already and needed to fill the piggy bank again?

Monday, March 20, 2017


We received a report from an elementary school where children are being hurt based on the evilness of principals and central administration.  This is happening at other schools and the source will gather the school names to post in an update.

It appears that the dual language program has begun to immensely be abused and not utilized as it should be.  Students who are Dominant Spanish, based on regulation, should be taught mostly in Spanish in grades PK-1 and then both languages as they move up the grade levels.  State law states that it is mandatory unless the student meets exit criteria.  It seems a good majority of principals do not believe in this and have begun to tell teachers to push English and forget Spanish.  In some schools Spanish is forbidden and punishable.  It appears students are not to speak Spanish anywhere not even during recess.  So the Trump era has infected the FWISD in a big way where we are now punishing students.  All Spanish books were ordered out of the classrooms and to report anyone heard speaking Spanish.   The leaders of this round up are the Director of Bilingual Education and the Director of the SPC.  Parents are not aware at all what is happening.
Then Scribner has ordered all LPAC chairs to test all incoming PK students which is the purpose of the SPC center to come and support the schools.  So now principals have a say in who comes in or not which they are pushing English rather than Spanish.  So now you have Federal law violated by students who qualify for PK may be denied due to Spanish.
Teachers who were not going along with the scheme have been told to resign and those that resist have their lives made hell by principals.  This has been addressed with central administration and has been ignored as we expect the Fort Worth way to be.

Now we can see why Dual Language Scores have been disappointing since children are not being addressed appropriately.  Recall one elementary was outpacing most schools due to dual language students who by research show they outperform their English counterparts.  Such a shame of the bigotry!  Dr. Sutherland can you look into this please. Check with SPC to see who tests PK students and ask for proof and check book inventory of books that have been returned in Spanish.  We have a bloated central admin and now more work has been pushed to the campuses.  Then you have rogue administrators who are hurting students.  
Maybe during election year we can get some help from people who are looking to appear interested.  You would think UEA would be helping out but it's not profitable to bite the hand that feeds you.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Who would of thought that the leader of the FWISD would have a problem with a woman saying anything about Day  of the Woman unless he is the one that says it, stamped by his machismo which comes from Ramos. He has been infected with insecurity that he has to attack one individual to make his case that he is in charge and his cronies will back him up.

Read up on Sutherland's post, part of it here to see how backwards this district is and will continue to be.  So far Paz has not spoken up to defend this employee.  So now it is wrong for people to post information on their personal Facebook that supports a cause.  SAD! Scribner

A regulation is how a policy is implemented just like any law.  It does not change the law and to apply a standard that Scribner cannot follow then it's mute.  Seems that Scribner is sounding more like the Trump admin at this point.  The rules don't apply to them only the rest.   Will we see UEA act or hopefully the person has another organization willing to do what is right.

Do you hear no one else standing up?

To all teachers everywhere, there is a court case dealing with stuff like this that has you protected and of course the FIRST AMENDMENT!  I know EEOC can certainly look this up based on sex discrimination because a man did it and nothing happened.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


With election season underway, the mighty UEA has endorsed the current member Ashley Paz.  We also know that UEA has been in bed with the district for years and does the bare minimum to make it look like they are for their paid members when in actuality they are not.

So did all members agree to support PAZ?  How is it that they decide who to support?
Well it seems that some of those paid members will be losing their jobs pretty soon once they approved a vendor to oversee food services.  So how is it that Paz who won hispanic support will not see to it that employees lose their job?  As it is UEA does not employ, as far as we know, hispanic employees at the highest levels.  So tell us how that is not unethical?

So look out people, you pay UEA to do the very things that are happening to you because they go along with the same board members they come out against at times.  So they play around and not truly set the expectation for their members.  This is a scheme.

So Paz, can you explain if our employees will be hired by the company or will they be walking the unemployment line?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


We have heard that the DII- instructional tool-pushed on staff has left town.  Apparently they will not be funded next year so the people packed up and left.  Now they left our staff wandering around not knowing what else to do.

Can anyone verify this?  If true, what did we gain in terms of student achievement?  Who is responsible for this debacle?  Dr. Sutherland, anyone?

Sunday, February 19, 2017


So here are the filings thus far.

Ramos unopposed so four more years of crap unless new members can question him.  Will need to see...
Avila is out according to the STAR.  New blood is needed, not sure about all the new candidates but be refreshing to see something different.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Just a quick write on the presentations given to the board related to the TAPR report on STAAR results, Attendance, Graduation, College and Career Readiness.  Also the results of how Achieve 3000 has supported student achievement.

The TAPR report went fast and furious as Arispe just showed the slide and said this is what it is with no substance behind some of the information where the district is struggling or the plan to address it, if the plan is in place or what will be done.  With at least 40 schools under PEG you would think major things would be taking place.  But as we hear all the time, great powerpoint.  Paz has become the new Needham as she hails the reports with so much enthusiasm but can't tell you what it means.  Our students are not College and Career Ready, our SAT/ACT is low.  While we want students to be on grade level and reading by 3rd grade, we still have thousands who have slipped through the cracks and won't be ready.  You can't just forget about them to focus on others, those are the students who will impact our society until 2025 when the goals is to be reached.

So we get to Achieve 3000 and the monotone robots of Charles and the new girl in Curriculum.  So they prepared written statements and read off of them which tells you they needed to make sure the message was exactly how Scribner wanted it because this program is costly and implementation was bad.  But what we heard here is that Lexile scores have risen as students sit through 40 lessons and that indicates to them that students have learned much more.  The more you read the better you get, etc. so there is bound to be growth.  How much of that growth translates into comprehension, analytical skills, etc. we don't know.

Many questions that our leaders don't know to ask were left unanswered.

*How does the growth in Achieve 3000 correlate to the TEKS and mastery?

*What are the benchmark scores after going through a semester of Achieve 3000?  If there is growth there then it should show?  We don't get to see that.

*How has it impacted teacher time as they are required to do it two days a week?  Apparently teachers are to pre-teach and then students get on the computer.

The board is so excited about it that they feel Achieve 3000 is the savior of all that ails FWISD, in that case why have teachers?

The PD figures presented by Curriculum didn't say if it was on site training or teachers who went on their own time.  Forced fed PD is not differentiated, it is compliance.

So any of you see anything different?

Monday, February 13, 2017


This is an interesting vote as it comes on the heels of what was to happen years ago and of course election time is here.  There is no doubt we have some institutional racism and students need to know their history.

The only issue we have with this is the money being paid to potential organizations tied to President Ramos or to Scribner to train staff.  When will training take place, during the time teachers need to plan?  With the type of roll outs that the district has, we can bet this one will be rushed and teachers bear the brunt of it.

We have no issue with supporting students and giving them opportunities for success but at the expense of board member kids benefitting, we think not.  Why does it take a policy to do what is right and what should have been done regardless of it.

Board members are using this as a tactic to brand their outlook to the community and not for the students.  Years and years of the same!

what say you?

Oh and Facebook shut down again LOL.. we happened to send Ramos his own stories and he didn't like them.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Well it seems campaign funds are well spent at Hooters Restaurant by President Ramos.  We wonder what kind of lesson plan he would put in place if he needed to justify the educational trip like everybody else.  How did it contribute to student achievement?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


So the filings begin for the three races up for grabs and the first one we hear of is District 9 where Ashley Paz is the current member.

We mentioned in a story early in our beginnings when Paz was not conforming to Ramos that he wanted someone to run against her.  Now Paz is on the boat and doing what she is told from Ramos rather than her constituents.  She sold out like he did.. so time to boot them out!

So now she has one opponent and could be one more from Stand for Fort Worth.  This will be one race to watch to clean incumbents.

The one candidate declared is Pilar Candia and supported by Northside big wigs.  Will be interesting to see Ramos go against her and the people who helped him as well.  Interesting times.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


There is confirmation of our comments and stories regarding the TCU scholarships given to a handful of student including Jacinto Ramos' son.  We formulated various theories and reasons why he may or may not have been deserving but we focused on the one where Ramos has influence and connections to make it happen.

So it happens that Tony Martinez, the Principal of North Side High School moved mountains to ensure that Ramos' son qualified for the TCU scholarship.  He pulled a lot of strings at the request of Ramos bypassing many deserving students.  Remember these are students who have great financial need and who have outstanding records.  While the son may have a good record, financially they were not suffering regardless of the community they live in.  Ramos has made enough money on the job he only works two hours a day and also from consulting and any other backhand money he gets.

So yeah we knew it was too good to be true.  A Con Man exemplifying the example to his children that it's ok to cheat the system for your own good.

Principal Martinez


Recall when Scribner told principals that Karen Molinar would be the go to person for any concerns from them, etc.?  Then Karen follows up with an email showing training dates that are the only ones available to teachers and not taking requests from principals.  Teachers are complaining that the quality of the training is lacking.  The sessions are a waste of time and were better last year.  People are afraid to speak to upper management.  So the purpose of Karen was to listen to the people on the ground, yet no support for the principals running the schools every day who know what they need.

So what happened to utilizing the people at central office to help the campuses?  Dr. Sutherland, can we get some help on this, why are requests being denied?  Scribner told us why he was moving resources around and it seems that schools are being left to burn and tend to themselves.  They are not able to use money to get help at all and now the district doesn't help them either.  Don't blame the principals for the failings come test time because they have made the requests and Karen has denied them.


So we read that the board has under consideration 1.4 million dollars for Racial Equity of which no specific plan has been presented to the community.  The board President doesn't seem to know or care about detailing why they are spending that amount of money to help his buddies and himself as he is part of the "consulting group."  How does this impact student achievement in relation to the district goals?  Show us how you are are going to measure it and when we will hear any report on it.  Is Scribner turning a blind eye to it?

Almost 4 years and Ramos has not done anything "free" to help with cultural and racial proficiency because employees are still being bullied and harassed at work.  Students are not faring any better, so why this now?

Ramos is a presenter along with buddies Dr. Kristen Guillory and Quinton Phillips, all who have benefited.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


We are witnessing the unraveling of what we have said over and over again:

Unethical conduct, Nepotism, Incompetence and much more on the board and leadership that has done nothing to correct anything.

The STEM/VPA school is a debacle from the beginning when the land issue came in play.  Needham and cronies were involved to make a few bucks.

Now comes Scriber who was UPSET at the principal meeting and we did call around to verify some of the things we heard happened.  In summary he is upset that he is being played by the board and was taken off course to do stuff for the city and not what he wanted to do (this is what he says).  Now he is going to get rid of departments that are a waste.  He has already told a few people that they are not coming back and we will try and find out the names.  One for sure that we heard is Mia Hall, again we will find out.  Remember that she wrote the plans for the Turnaround schools and it was a failure when the state rejected them and told the board to come to training.  We told you so!

*The Department where Jerry Moore is working with Camp Community and using district resources to make Ramos' company richer needs to go.  What is the purpose of the department? Show us the data where it has impacted student achievement.

*Scribner told the principals that board members have come up to him and told him he can't close such department because their children work there.  We all know that, lots of family members from the board work in FWISD.

*The Department where Ramos' mentor and friend, Juan Garcia, created just for him, needs to go.  This also goes to YAP where his circle of friends work.

*Can we dismantle the layers in departments.  Why do directors of small departments need so many administrative assistants?  Do away with assistant directors and have the directors do the job they get heavily paid for.  Once that happens there will be plenty of savings.

*Let's look at revamping discipline department or area altogether.  Sutherland posted an incident at SHS where a big fight happened and the complaint is that FWISD will not get rid (perhaps send to alternative) of the students.  We have said this for the past 8+ years that there are not preventive measures nor anything to support emotional kids... That in itself is 50% or more of the problems in schools and there has never been enough support nor care by anyone.

*We heard that Cherie Washington, Chief of Secondary Schools, her husband has been hired as a sub principal.  So how is that not nepotism?  Cashing in folks!!

*Settle the Palazzolo case.  Stalling will not make it go away.  The case is going back to Wise County where it was won the first time years ago.

* We hear Cinto Ramos is out recruiting people to run for the board which of course are his own people.  He is backed by the elite in FW as we are told and helping his own friends will only secure things continue as they are.

*Apparently Moss is not running again and someone will be running against Robbins.  Can't wait!

*END achieve 3000 and Smarty P(ANTS)-waste of money and killing our students.

*We heard Needham is in a drug rehab place, very ill.  She had a doctor's excuse for missing training.

*Tobi, our two hour bus rider, has already declared herself President of the Board come May.

So Scribner, if you have woken up, welcome!   It is time to purge and cleanse FWISD or you won't get anywhere.  Yes they will fight you but you by law are the one that runs the district and well you have a long contract so you have nothing to lose.  You will get your money if they try to get rid of you.  There are plenty of friends of board members working in the district- if you did tell a few its time then go ahead because plenty of ones that left and care for kids- are ready to return but the cronies are keeping them out.  It is time to end the bullying of our workers.

***Anyone with more information email and we will update it here

Sunday, January 8, 2017


We are not sure what the exact plan for improvement is since nothing has been revealed nor will it be.  The plans will be kept secret and only given a summary of good praises at each board meeting.  The set goal of 2025 for full improvement, while a goal, is by far out of reach without efficient and specific ways to do so.  Tell us ADMIN how will you do that when you can't even get the current students the resources they need and you change programs every year.  Unless Scribner is going to get a 10+ years contract then we will only have it changed yet again.  And for sure we don't need him here if he has shown that in one year he is already incompetent.  

Tell us at this point how the metrics look, what the data says on how so far we have met 2025 goals.
You see Board Members, it doesn't magically happen when the same people who got us here are still in power.  You seem to hold onto the same people because they know the corruption and will sell you out.  SO it's not because of the children, it's because of the nepotism and lack of ethics that abound in FWISD that we have problems.  There is always someone else to blame and that will continue to show itself once results come out.  You have no idea how to play in this accountability game because you are inept.

So now you are not ready nor will you be ready to improve anything for students.  Scribner sold out in many ways, stopping the audit as a favor for Medusa and covered everything else.  Just look at the people who are having to clean up after each mess.  But why should you care, you have a hefty pay check each month.  

Don't call what you have values and care for our children because you are all LIARS!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


It would be great to have something new and better come to FWISD but so far nothing.  We end up with the same crap just different incompetence.

So Principals were given a good talking to by Scribner prior to the break where he got mad at them for what he lacks from his cabinet.  He said people must follow the chain of command to report stuff and not to board members.  That there must be communication, blah, blah.
Funny he says communication when he failed to inform parents of the new Visual Arts school and how they are putting it off another year.  Thanks for informing parents.

Principals have no support as Achieve 3000 and Smarty Ants have completely destroyed any type of accountability that makes sense for student learning.  Scribner said he has made improvements in learning after he got his new contract and no data to present.  So he is upset and tells principals that people are not prepared at board meetings when members ask for information.  Ah, well that's nothing new, you kept the same people in place and that is the norm.  Say things are good and nothing to show for it.

So back to Achieve 3000, Scribner, the program is differentiation for students who can read!!!  So when you are trying to say the program will help students, no it helps them when they are able to read and it differentiates the reading and comprehension levels.  Computers are not working well at the schools and can't get to the sites.  The Spanish for Smarty Ants is nowhere to be found...
So your friends made some money on the backs of our students.. if it is working show us the data.

We have a some days left before going back.. but the nightmare is still there.  We are screwed with no one to help us out.  Scores will show for sure!!!

See how he is praised for greatness!! puke!