Thursday, March 30, 2017


Why would we think any different about the numbers that can never be right in FWISD.  So we do know that at least 200 teachers are on the chopping block because the district does not have the money.  yet they have money for a heavy central office and for program after program.

They allowed 1.3 million for this training on racial equity yet 200 people will not be trained so where is that money going?  

Then I.M Terrell has been postponed because there is not enough money, so where did the bond money go?  The bond money was set for the new performing arts school and now nothing is going to happen.  This has happened time and time again where the voters have been lied to.

So you are beginning leadership academies where you say you have money from a foundation but that is just a small portion.  You are taking money from other needy schools and now they won't have teachers.

Lies and more lies!


We all have known that our fearless president Ramos had an affair before his ascension to the high chair.  Once he won the seat he hired his mistress at the discipline office.  What we have found out and will be confirming is that when he ran against Carlos Vasquez a flyer was used with the church background to bash Carlos for being gay.  If anyone remembers or knows about that on the Northside let us know.  What we don't understand is how Father Jasso, the FWISD church patron, blesses adultery and continues to do so when Ramos and his mistress parade themselves on the Northside like nothing.  We guess that Ramos comes and repents every Sunday or has Father Jasso on speed dial to ask for forgiveness to continue to do his bidding.

Not enough that Ramos is bought by the Bass brothers.  He jumps when they say jump and that is how he gets the others to come to the cult, money.  If you join him you get the big bucks to fund what you need.  

We do know that with the state investigating voter fraud on the Northside, Espino and Romero, are also implicated in the type of illegal voting that Trump assures happened.  We have the prime example here in Fort Worth.  Senior citizens are being interviewed because the ballots were stuffed more than once and it is a matter of time before the news comes out.  Voter fraud on the Northside is well documented.  


It appears that bullying is rampart in the FWISD again and again.  This time we wanted to recognize Mr. Keith Christmas with the BULLY AWARD.  He is the principal of Glencrest 6th Grade and is known in the hallways as the bull horn man who screams at teachers and bullies them.  Verbal threats, write ups for small reasons, just an overall bad working situation.  

And well we can't expect sleepy T.A. Sims to do much about it because we can't get him to wake up.  He is oblivious to the sad state of affairs of the school and we don't expect anyone else to step up.

Teachers make sure to document everything, don't leave nothing to chance because when the time comes, it will be needed.

What we do know about Mr. Christmas is that he has been a failure at every campus he has been in.  We were able to find a lawsuit brought by a student against FWISD for failure of due process and Mr. Christmas was the vice principal at Dunbar who suspended the student based on a terroristic threat for performing a rap song that was not vetted by the staff and a student felt threatened.  

Glencrest is an IR school when it used to be way better!!!



If you are confused about the title then you should be.  We received a comment related to current South Hills High School principal Dorothy Gomez on leave for an unknown reason but obviously not a good one.  The main issue that keeps surfacing is workplace bullying and hopefully someone can shed some more light on this.

Before coming to FWISD she was a top administrator in Dallas ISD and in 2012 left before being fired by the chief of staff at the time.

The word coming to us is that the district is ready to fire her and haven't.  Now the talks is about swapping her with another principal, basically passing the lemon around.  This is the FWISD way, the worse they do, the promotions or just basic move comes along.  Now she will be able to terrorize another school and its culture.  If she is not good enough for SHHS then she is not good enough for any other school.

Dr. Sutherland this is in your district and hopefully you will get more information so that you can push for something better for SHHS.  The more time passes the more things stay the same.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Well folks weeks ago the district lauded this new investment in schools to transform and change how we help struggling campuses.  Money and resources will be pulled in to make sure that the job gets done.  The district called this big event to inform any interested people to come and apply to get the best of the best in those schools.

In attendance were a multitude from various districts around the area.  The 5 schools selected would each get a brand new crew, everything new.  Some staff could stay only if the principal would hire them back, etc. etc.  The incentive pay.  So it appeared from the presentation that brand new people would be coming to the campuses to make the change needed for the schools to get out of where they are.

Did you all think for a minute things would be different.  Well guess who we have serving our children?

Robert Ray- remember him- yes Robert Ray will be going to Logan Elementary as the Turnaround principal.  Our head did a big turnaround in disbelief that after unproven success he would be selected from a multitude of talented individuals.

It gets better, so did we hear new principals, well we are dumb for thinking there was change.  The principal at John T White and Como will get to stay at their campuses.  The Principal from CC Moss will go to Forest Oak and the Principal from Rosemont Park EL will get to take Mitchell Blvd.

So tell us how the data supports the people being put in place.  Since the model to transform came from Dallas, the question many have from there is how are they measuring success to impact student achievement?  As always they never show the data, it's who you know.  So no one from the outside will come in and influence the Fort Worth way.  We looked at the school report card for the schools the new leaders or so called new leaders have garnered and it is not impressive.  Even fellow colleagues call the moves weak at best.  The data is from three years of scores and well for Robert Ray, there is nothing to show.

The issue now is that talent will be pulled from campuses who need support as well and so the fishing game begins.  Hire who you like.  Now the remaining principals will get to fire or let go those teachers they didn't like, so lucky them.

Oh, the Places We Will Not Go!

So board members, how do you like this now?  Welcome Mr. Ray, I guess you missed us so much that you want to get back in the ranks. Wait! Did you spend all your money already and needed to fill the piggy bank again?

Monday, March 20, 2017


We received a report from an elementary school where children are being hurt based on the evilness of principals and central administration.  This is happening at other schools and the source will gather the school names to post in an update.

It appears that the dual language program has begun to immensely be abused and not utilized as it should be.  Students who are Dominant Spanish, based on regulation, should be taught mostly in Spanish in grades PK-1 and then both languages as they move up the grade levels.  State law states that it is mandatory unless the student meets exit criteria.  It seems a good majority of principals do not believe in this and have begun to tell teachers to push English and forget Spanish.  In some schools Spanish is forbidden and punishable.  It appears students are not to speak Spanish anywhere not even during recess.  So the Trump era has infected the FWISD in a big way where we are now punishing students.  All Spanish books were ordered out of the classrooms and to report anyone heard speaking Spanish.   The leaders of this round up are the Director of Bilingual Education and the Director of the SPC.  Parents are not aware at all what is happening.
Then Scribner has ordered all LPAC chairs to test all incoming PK students which is the purpose of the SPC center to come and support the schools.  So now principals have a say in who comes in or not which they are pushing English rather than Spanish.  So now you have Federal law violated by students who qualify for PK may be denied due to Spanish.
Teachers who were not going along with the scheme have been told to resign and those that resist have their lives made hell by principals.  This has been addressed with central administration and has been ignored as we expect the Fort Worth way to be.

Now we can see why Dual Language Scores have been disappointing since children are not being addressed appropriately.  Recall one elementary was outpacing most schools due to dual language students who by research show they outperform their English counterparts.  Such a shame of the bigotry!  Dr. Sutherland can you look into this please. Check with SPC to see who tests PK students and ask for proof and check book inventory of books that have been returned in Spanish.  We have a bloated central admin and now more work has been pushed to the campuses.  Then you have rogue administrators who are hurting students.  
Maybe during election year we can get some help from people who are looking to appear interested.  You would think UEA would be helping out but it's not profitable to bite the hand that feeds you.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Who would of thought that the leader of the FWISD would have a problem with a woman saying anything about Day  of the Woman unless he is the one that says it, stamped by his machismo which comes from Ramos. He has been infected with insecurity that he has to attack one individual to make his case that he is in charge and his cronies will back him up.

Read up on Sutherland's post, part of it here to see how backwards this district is and will continue to be.  So far Paz has not spoken up to defend this employee.  So now it is wrong for people to post information on their personal Facebook that supports a cause.  SAD! Scribner

A regulation is how a policy is implemented just like any law.  It does not change the law and to apply a standard that Scribner cannot follow then it's mute.  Seems that Scribner is sounding more like the Trump admin at this point.  The rules don't apply to them only the rest.   Will we see UEA act or hopefully the person has another organization willing to do what is right.

Do you hear no one else standing up?

To all teachers everywhere, there is a court case dealing with stuff like this that has you protected and of course the FIRST AMENDMENT!  I know EEOC can certainly look this up based on sex discrimination because a man did it and nothing happened.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


With election season underway, the mighty UEA has endorsed the current member Ashley Paz.  We also know that UEA has been in bed with the district for years and does the bare minimum to make it look like they are for their paid members when in actuality they are not.

So did all members agree to support PAZ?  How is it that they decide who to support?
Well it seems that some of those paid members will be losing their jobs pretty soon once they approved a vendor to oversee food services.  So how is it that Paz who won hispanic support will not see to it that employees lose their job?  As it is UEA does not employ, as far as we know, hispanic employees at the highest levels.  So tell us how that is not unethical?

So look out people, you pay UEA to do the very things that are happening to you because they go along with the same board members they come out against at times.  So they play around and not truly set the expectation for their members.  This is a scheme.

So Paz, can you explain if our employees will be hired by the company or will they be walking the unemployment line?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


We have heard that the DII- instructional tool-pushed on staff has left town.  Apparently they will not be funded next year so the people packed up and left.  Now they left our staff wandering around not knowing what else to do.

Can anyone verify this?  If true, what did we gain in terms of student achievement?  Who is responsible for this debacle?  Dr. Sutherland, anyone?