Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's All About the SCAs, SCAs--more testing

The Board is set to vote on the SCAs whether to cut them or not.  We said from the beginning that this was not the way to do assessment.  This was Sorum's idea from the beginning, no input, just his way.

So while the agenda has it, Sorum sent out a memo to principals on the revised policy.  So it looks like our struggling schools get stuck with more testing based on one benchmark, while the rest who made 60% or better don't have to do them any more. Our teachers need time to teach and intervene not test more.


Here are the Benchmark results.... based on phase 1 which is the lower standard to pass mostly below 70%.  So we focus on making the minimum to pass and that's what we celebrate instead of looking for more advanced and raising the stakes.

Benchmark Results:



STATE PASSING STANDARDS-LOOK AT PHASE I-we will move to Phase II at some point, then Phase III and eventually the standard will be final recommendation.  


So Sorum decided to do a song for us based on All About that Bass

It’s all bout  them SCAs, SCAs ---- more testing

yeah, it’s pretty clear Sorum got no clue
but he can lie a bit
like he’s  used to
cause he got that board, board backing that we all hate
and all the big raises we ain’t gonna get

We see the STAR T,  giving out high fives
we know that **** ain’t real
come on now make it stop
if you got any sense u better pack up
cause clean up is coming from the bottom to the top

Yeah, mama Linares told Sorum don’t worry about your raise
She says, “no one can stop us cause we the ******.”
We know Sorum is no intellectual
So you better pack up your bags and move along...


  1. So which principal is giving out this info?

  2. Ann posted the letter on her blog. It almost read, to me anyway, that I know we shouldn't be doing this but since we are I'm going to give those that are kinda sorta doing ok a break and maybe everybody will quit complaining and I can go back to buying friends with district money.

  3. The song is available to anyone who wants to sing it.

  4. As we swirl down the drain........ Board voted 8-0 to move STEM and VPARTS to Terrell. Sad, sad, day for children. Another boondoggle for FWISD. Of course it goes without saying that none of these fools would dare send there children there. Once again it is Ashley Paz, (apparently starved for the acceptance of co-members) to make the comment of the night: “I would like to thank my colleagues for getting through this decision and also having our heads in place,” Trustee Ashley Paz said."
    Yes Ashley your heads were all in one place: Up your backside when you voted to approve this. Notice how Needham was not there again? Ultimately the original Bond Property promised to taxpayers will be sold to some Needham crony. For me it is now a clean sweep of incumbents in the coming Board Election. Sutherland is wobbling once again.

  5. My comment should have read: "...none of these fools would dare send their children there." And no, I will not be voting for Spear but I will not now vote for Sutherland. She is bowing to pressure: Moss can get the renaming of Dunbar on the agenda, but Robbins would not place the Whitaker grievance. And in addition to this second depraved decision in four days, FYI Board: You may have heard of DISD's recent Board Meeting over the Personnel Dept. which was stopped by their attorney as it violated the Open meetings Act. Aren't you still fighting the Palazzolo matter? Who is paying for that now?

  6. I'm glad it's out, just wanting to know who to thank. Sorum is an idiot. Hopefully he will be gone soon! But, he will probably be kissing the new Supt's butt!

  7. Sorum and Marky Mark are buddies. MJ was already there today parking in her old spot, paying homage. We are the poster child of the Broad/Teach America ilk and of the failure of public education.