Friday, February 20, 2015

STAR Telegram Boyd Comment

Interesting take in this opinion column about what the district is heading into soon. Time to really think!  No time left as the clock winds down.


  1. It's a good article but I have to disagree with the idea of performance bonus'. If Boyd agrees to whatever salary he's paid, and that salary will be substantially more than what's he's making now, he should do the very best job he can possibly do for that amount of money period. Why should he or any other administrator be paid a bonus for doing their job. Teachers don't get extra money for doing theirs. With all the raises being paid to people in the admin building, it's time the board watched how much is spent down there.

  2. I agree completely. No bonus = more $$$ in classroom. This bonus garbage started with MJ who was perhaps the most overpaid bag of wind to ever hit FWISD - thanks to Judy Needham. I pray to God someone will run against that evil destructive bitch.