Saturday, February 7, 2015


Well Fort Worth ISD if you have any friends in Dallas ISD and it's all true then get ready for a typhoon.....

While we want to think that the new person has the best intentions and may prove us wrong then the pudding is in what he will do.  Apparently from Trustee Paz, Fort Worth got the best superintendent in the US.. Not sure why you are praising him already when he has done nothing.  PR is important but come on that's how every person has been sold and look at the state of FWISD.  If he is what he sells himself to be then he will do things methodically, listen first then talk.

The one thing that we found is that he is Teach for America, where teachers come in teach for a few years and then go back to get trained for administrators don't have a lot of stake in education.  So he is 35 or so years old a product of the Philadelphia system and moved up the ranks quickly.  He is a Harvard trained guy.  He oversaw an area of the Philadelphia district, 38 schools or so, then moved up to Asst. Superintendent and then Santa Fe Schools Superintendent.  From all indications, not much teaching experience.

Then we tested for the Broad Virus and we found that he has symptoms of it, if not directly, but very similar.   You can read it here:

This same type of virus is what our friends at Dallas ISD have with the superintendent who brought in Teach for America teachers and drove out veterans, installed a new teacher evaluation based on performance and we are sure you saw the news on the scandals.  They bring in a crew of similar type of people and raid the place without input.  They mask the input by making the plans ahead of time, meet with teachers and parents and just do what they had planned anyway.  Dallas has lost more than 40% of their teachers to other districts and this year will increase.  Check out to read about the teacher plan where you have to earn your keep, basically a targeted system that distributes money based on a bell curve...

We will allow you to research the guy and hope he doesn't do the Dallas thing but with what we have read from Santa Fe and Philadelphia he is not a clean cut guy.  Call a friend in Dallas and ask them how it has been for them.  The Broad people or the style is a corporate way---- we found some comments and information for you to read below.....

Left a test cheating scandal:


  1. He and Sorum are Harvard grads- any connection?

  2. concernedcitizensfortworthisdFebruary 7, 2015 at 4:41 PM

    We don't see any connection as of yet. This one is more tuned to what we mentioned in the posting about the corporate way of managing. WE know that he will need to adapt to our community because of our diversity. But we will see if he will come in pushing himself onto us or will he actually listen.

  3. It sounds like we've already had some semblance of a "Broad Super", or minion(s) who brought that methodology to FWISD since Johnson! Think about it! "Highest paid Super, more standardized testing, not listening to staff or parents, changed HR to Human Capital, probably gave failing Star Telegram loads $ to keep quiet, etc. They needed a "Broad Super", to continue the same BS! Who have been the biggest supporters? Needham and "Scrotum"!!!!!!! Yep, they needed another puppet to get paid butt loads of $ to allow the same self serving agenda. Our district employees need a walk out!

  4. First, congratulations to Sims, Moss and Ramos for doing such a stellar job representing minority youth in Fort Worth. Ramos couldn't even be present. A minority majority ISD and we have yet another Anglo Super a la M.J. What a group of MORONS. Congratulation fools! You’ve done it
    to our kids once again. First MJ and now her younger version. Wasn’t the AHHS cheating and the SCA debacle enough? Obviously from the links you did NOT do your homework. The is NO substitute for experience in the classroom. Dansby, Breed, Ray, Linares, Reyna, MJ, Sorum, on and on. Now this clown. Hard to say which of the following notable quotes display more ignorance:
    “There’s no doubt in my mind they are bringing us the best
    superintendent in the U.S.,” Trustee Ashley Paz said. –OR-
    “I just wanted to recognize the outstanding work you’ve (Linares)done,” Avila said.
    Ms. Paz, the last time we heard those SAME WORDS was from Needham describing M.J. You who just finished turning your back on a teacher who came to you for help. Guess the critics were right. Maybe the lack of a degree hampers your ability to see thru the smoke and mirrors. And Mr. Avila, what ROCK have you been under for the past 6 months? “OUTSTANDING WORK?” Are you kidding?
    Abandon Ship!!

  5. i wondering if anyone else gets the feeling that this is just going to
    be continuation of the same crap we've been living with now for years.
    How can this guy be the right choice for Ft. Worth when he only taught
    for a New York minute and only has 2 years of experience as a super for a
    smaller district than ours. When you add in his age, how much life
    experience does he bring? Was he hired to do to Ft. Worth what has been
    done in Dallas or was it because the board thinks because of his age
    they can easily control him? The last time a district had someone with
    this little experience and a younger age, Crowley, things didn't turn
    out so good for them. It sounds like he has a group of friends that he
    will bring with, all with a high price tag. Don't we already have enough
    dead weight and highly paid administrators? Like most of you out there,
    I'm hoping for some good things from Dr. Boyd but there are enough
    questions about the things mentioned in the article to temper my hope
    with extreme caution.