Saturday, February 28, 2015


Dr. Sutherland has reported that Boyd has withdrawn from consideration. 

We expect that our elected leaders will do the job right and select a qualified candidate to lead our district.

Friday, February 27, 2015


She has more guts than anyone to stand up for her right and support of all of us.  When it's wrong it's wrong.  So much for those that have not stood up or said anything.. silence does not make things better.  We know who wears the pants on the board... 

  To the rest of the board something to reflect on:

My vote on the new Superintendent appointment

by Ann Sutherland on 02/27/15

            Here is my response to the Star-Telegram’s request that we justify our positions on our upcoming vote for FWISD superintendent.
      The Fort Worth ISD board’s 9-0 vote to choose Dr. Boyd as our sole finalist resulted from three interviews, one involving responses by 16 candidates to five questions via video and two subsequent rounds of interviews.  The first of the subsequent rounds involved seven candidates.  At the close of these interviews, we agreed on a further interview with three, selecting a fourth as a back-up in case one candidate withdrew.   However, even after two of the candidates withdrew, the president declined to call the fourth person.  Thus Dr. Boyd was the sole individual considered at our final interview.  In retrospect, this was unfortunate.
These interviews were supported with statistical information provided by our search firm which we were allowed to read only during our interview sessions.  Although we could search online, we were not allowed to talk to individuals in candidates’ districts. 
           Dr. Boyd’s performance during this final interview was outstanding.
Unfortunately, our post-interview examination of Dr. Boyd’s tenure in Santa Fe reveals great tension between teachers and Dr. Boyd.  There have been many teacher resignations, including one of a nationally recognized teacher, as well as at least one major walk-out by students in protest over his testing regimen.  Anecdotal comments from the community also report that he has treated teachers with unusual disrespect, including (a) entering classrooms and criticizing teachers in front of students and (b) during meetings with teacher representatives, banging on the table, talking on his cell phone and making other disrespectful gestures. 
           Here in Fort Worth, I have watch the relations between school site personnel and the central office deteriorate.  I am very concerned.   Although our board and administration are much more professional than what is being reported from Santa Fe, our failure to address the needs of our school sites is a crucial cause of this decline.  Thus I believe Dr. Boyd’s management pattern, including his increased testing program, is directly counter to Fort Worth’s needs.  
 During his final interview with us, I asked Dr. Boyd his opinion of FWISD’s heavy testing regimen and the consequent need for many principal meetings.  His response was that he did not see the need for either a three-week testing cycle or lengthy principal meetings.  As I indicated during our vote to announce his candidacy, this was a crucial reason for my support.  I now see that his management at Santa Fe is not too different from what we are experiencing.   
 Our board’s #1 job is to restore a positive relationship between our school site staff and our central office staff.  I will be voting “no” on any motion to employ Dr. Boyd.


We don't know how true but the word is the board is set to vote for him.  If anyone has any news let us know on comments.

As long as he knows that we need someone to listen and unite.  If he does what he did in Santa Fe or Dallas Style.. it will be a failure.  We are not Dallas, Santa Fe or whomever.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We received very disconcerting news about practices left at Santa Fe Public Schools.  Recall that we brought up the Broad  Virus stuff where they come in, clean house, setup pay for performance, etc. and then Teach for America comes in.  As we said check out Dallas ISD, same tactic.

So we received the pay scale for Santa Fe and it is set in Tiers, meaning teachers have to jump from Tier to Tier in order to receive that pay based on test scores, etc.  If you study that and read Dallas ISDs system they are compatible. 

Teachers there is no incentive within the pay, it looks good and they sell it well but believe us when we say it is a fluke because it is bent on saving money on the backs of you.  If you think testing is bad now.. just wait until this type of system is implemented.  Recall Dallas kiddos testing in Art, Music and PE, read the news.  We have said from the first time we heard of Boyd, we don't need that style of leadership.  We need something created by all of us.. not a copy of what others have done.

Be forewarned.

Santa FE Teacher Pay

Dallas Plan- skim through it and see how teachers are being evaluated and paid.

Dallas News Article- students staying after school for art tutoring to get ready for semester exam

What's on the tests that elementary students had to take so teachers can be graded on achievement


A reader of this blog happened to stumble upon the 2010 campaign time when Tobi and Sutherland were running for school board.

What caught our eye is what Tobi was using at the time to get Jean McClung out.  Which is ironic to say the least.  Seems that things are still the same and makes us think that we should move her out as well.

What do you think?

Challengers question Fort Worth school district's performance

Posted Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010


FORT WORTH -- Two challengers have filed against school trustees, saying they are concerned about the district's academic and financial performance.
Tobi Jackson filed to run against longtime Trustee Jean McClung, who has represented parts of east Fort Worth for 20 years, for the District 2 seat. Ann Sutherland is challenging Chris Hatch, who has held his District 6 seat, representing the city's southwest side, since 2004.
Four school board members are up for re-election on the May 8 ballot.
District 2
Jackson, 49, a math and science instructor at the ATI Career Training Center, said she decided to run for the board because she was concerned about the quality of education, particularly on the east side.
She noted that Eastern Hills High and Meadowbrook Middle schools have been rated academically unacceptable by the state in recent years. Meadowbrook was rated academically acceptable in 2009.
"I look at the schools on my side of town, and they don't look like the schools that they were," said Jackson, who attended those schools. "I think it's time for a fresh face, fresh approaches and new leadership."
McClung, a community volunteer, said the ratings don't tell the whole story. For example, Eastern Hills Principal Dian Korman came out of retirement to lead that school again, she said.
"She is on the right path to bring it back," McClung said. "I don't think anyone realizes how hard it is for an urban school district to really be where they need to be when you have a low socio-economic area with kids being transient all the time."
McClung also credits new curriculum in Fort Worth for resulting in gains districtwide.
District 6
Sutherland said she is concerned about the district's finances, particularly the $1.5 million the district overpaid employees and former employees as a result of glitches in a payroll system conversion. About $1.3 million has been recovered.
Sutherland, 70, a former educator and budget analyst who spent most of her career in California, said she wants to serve on the board to help it get a hold on financial issues. She said she is concerned that an internal audit of the payroll system was not adequate to determine what went wrong and whether that was all the money that was overpaid.
"It's obvious that they need to be looking at it more closely," she said. By not supporting an external audit, Hatch "is not doing his job as the person responsible for overseeing the audit committee of the district."
At its last meeting, the board did vote to seek requests for proposals to determine how much external audits would cost -- one to look at previous payrolls and one to look at the payroll process.
Hatch, 63, a certified public accountant who is chairman of the district's audit committee, supported seeking the proposals but said an external audit would likely cost too much and provide no new information. The internal audit completed in January found flaws in the payroll process that district officials said have been fixed or are being corrected.
"We made every reasonable effort to implement this and get people trained and as the months go on, there are no more issues," Hatch said.
The district declared a state of financial emergency for the second year in a row last week after being forced to lay off dozens of employees last year.
But despite financial challenges, Hatch said Fort Worth has been able to see the number of schools rated academically recognized and exemplary grow each year.
He also noted that the district's bond program is about $38 million under budget, largely because of favorable market prices for construction.
"I think we've done an excellent job," Hatch said of the district's finances.
Trustees Christene Moss of District 3, on the east side, and Judy Needham of District 5, on the west side, are unopposed so far.
The seats are generally held for four years, but the district plans to redraw its trustee boundaries in 2012 as it changes the configuration of the board.
Currently eight board members are elected from geographic locations and a ninth is elected as president by voters districtwide. The school board is the only one in the state to use that system.
The board will move to nine geographic boundaries and members will elect a president from among themselves.
EVA-MARIE AYALA, 817-390-7700
Looking for comments?

Don't forget this when she was at the ATI Center...

Sunday, February 22, 2015


We have been getting messages and inquiries into how TCU has suddenly built a TCU- Fort Worth ISD Campus right here in our city. 

It started with Melodie or Melonie Johnson, who now is a Superintendent Trainer or something to that effect.  I guess you can make up something just to try and have influence over the district.

Let's take in Cinto Ramos who now has a position there as adjunct professor... It helps to be a public figure to get cozy gigs. 

Now enters Ashley Paz who has been accepted to the TCU MBA Program and guess who congratulates her?  Well Godmother Johnson.  The big question for us now is how she got into an MBA when there is apparent word she has no Bachelor's degree.  We have looked around to find something but all she has on her job page is that she was working while attending a university in Georgia.  Her board page does not list educational background.  So how does this work if you have no Bachelor's, does TCU accept you? 

Since it seems that entry into TCU is easier than before then I am sure they are helping our students do the same.  Can our students receive the same treatment our board members get and possibly their children will get? Let's get our application ready and ride the gravy train!!

Who is ready to go to TCU?  THE CLUELESS UNIVERSITY


This letter posted by Dr. Sutherland on her blog is from a Santa Fe teacher.  Some question its validity because of the push by the Mayor and others to get someone else.  Since other board members don't share much we are left to assume but the wording sounds like what someone posted on the newspaper in Santa Fe and what we have said we don't need.  We don't need someone who is only for cookie cutter programs.  We want Boyd or whomever with a blank piece of paper and takes notes on what our district needs. 

Write these down:

*Stop the Bullying/Retaliation
*Stop the testing
*Train us on time and effectively
*We need new people at the top.

We don't need to be an experiment.  Read up on what we provided as the basis for his training at Harvard and similar programs.  If he is truly interested in Fort Worth ISD then hear out the teachers, students and parents and create a plan based on that.  Not on what you hear from the current cronies or some board members.  We are tired of the same governing styles... I would say to reach out to Dr. Reid in Keller ISD, a prominent superintendent in the state.  Read the work he and colleagues are doing in regards to education.  You want a true leader.. check him out.  Perhaps he can mentor Boyd and speed him up on how our state runs things. 

Read letter below:

Communication from former Santa Fe teacher

by Ann Sutherland on 02/22/15
This was sent to board members on Sunday, Feb. 22:

Recently, many of us who live in Santa Fe have read articles regarding Joel D. Boyd’s impending move to the Fort Worth Independent School District.  So much of the rhetoric attributed to Mr. Boyd, subsequent to the announcement, is a carbon copy of Mr. Boyd’s words when he was selected to lead the Santa Fe Public School District approximately three years ago.  During his tenure, nothing here has changed, except SFPS has lost hundreds of qualified teachers and administrators.  I suspect if Mr. Boyd becomes the leader of FWIDS, the same will be true for your district three years from now.

I was heartened to read comments from members of your Board when they referred to Mr. Boyd as being Harvard “trained,” rather than Harvard “educated.”  There is a difference – something people in Santa Fe failed to notice when Mr. Boyd was hired.  The program from which Mr. Boyd attained his on-line doctorate, has, I believe, lost its affiliation with Harvard, perhaps because Harvard no longer wants the negative association with this type of program.

I also noticed your district is focused on the academic growth of students in Santa Fe, specifically, the graduation rates.  This is an area which deserves your attention.   The growth in SFPS, referenced by Mr. Boyd, is highly influenced by students graduating from on-line courses, taken at schools converted to promote virtual learning. Students review the same questions repeatedly, take the same rote “tests,” day after day, and eventually some pass the “test,” and some finally graduate. 

In addition, many of these same students were actively recruited from the city’s two high school campus.  When the recruiting took place, many of the current on-line students were currently enrolled at the high school sites. They were offered electronic devices to enroll in the on-line programs, and were quickly accepted into the virtual programs.

There is also a great deal of controversy, and many questions around the people with whom Mr. Boyd has contracted or attempted to hire to administer programs or obtain services.  A name you may want to remember is Joseph Wise.

In the spirit of transparency, I was, until May of 2014, employed by SFPS.  I left my ten-plus year teaching position to pursue other interests.  I wish the best to the students and teachers in SFPS, and can say in all honesty, they are not receiving the “world class” education promised by Mr. Boyd when he rushed to Santa Fe in 2012.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


CHECK OUT THE CANDIDATES..   Whom would you vote for?  We know of one person we definitely don't want.. so let's see how it turns out.

Interesting that she is using the same picture from 2010..  

Sultan Cole-You can find him on Facebook

He was Principal in FWISD before.. wonder why he left?

Friday, February 20, 2015


It seems that the two main curses of this district have gone on the attack against Dr. Sutherland and some board members.

They will stab you in the back the minute they get a chance.  Dr. Sutherland don't trust them with anything, don't share information.  You are the one voice on the board that has it right and we need you to continue.  We also need to help elect new leaders on the board.

The tactics that Needham and Jackson use are right out of House of Cards.  Making deals to get as much power as they can.  We know they are all about Corruption!!!

Read comments from Dr. Sutherland's blog and how someone uses Ashley Paz comment.  We know who is behind it.. loud and clear.

Don't be fooled by anyone.

STAR Telegram Boyd Comment

Interesting take in this opinion column about what the district is heading into soon. Time to really think!  No time left as the clock winds down.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


So today we get a report that Sherry Breed aka Breedleficient... was informing principals about the testing coming up, doing interventions and handling the discipline.

She made recommendations about holding off sending students to alternative or to that effect, basically handle it by keeping the student in the classroom.  Which also sounds like, no matter what any student does, keep them.  This coming from someone who does not offer any alternatives or other support for students who struggle with their behavior.  But that's another story...

So she went on to say that students leave to go off for discipline and then teachers have to deal with them again and that teachers say "kill em, kill em all."  Now who in their right mind would make such a comment and then insinuate that teachers are thinking about  killing students in the sense that they don't want them or care for them.

So there were "crickets" in the room.  We asked if she meant it as a joke or had a smile on her face or something but no.. it was serious and everyone just looked at each other like did she just say that?

Can we have someone look into this because if this is what she thinks about our students then she needs to pack it up and go.. more than ever... 


Principals were also told to fill out a survey to say how things are going for them, what support they need and how their directors have been supportive.  The link was sent to them but then it crashed because so many people were on it at the same time.  Go figure!  So at the meeting they gave them a printed copy of 46 questions, a packet, to answer there.  But they wanted them to say what campus they are from and put it on the survey.. So is it a survey or is not?  So now how many will truly put what they feel?  

On top of that Principals are tired and upset about the debacle that has become Pre-K.  Here we are with the bond promising universal PK and it has been made a mess.  Timelines keep changing, requirements, etc.  There is no clear message.  Can we get a board member to check it out for us?  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


UEA is on the right side of the SCAs.  These were thrown down our throats and expected us to do the work.  We still have yet to see how the SCAs have improved instruction and how predictive they are to making the cut on STAAR. 

See the results for yourself and read comments that our fellow teachers left.  Yes Mr. Poole we do need quality teachers and quality leaders.. and we are lacking on the leaders.  Even the good leaders we have are tied down by top admin who have no clue.  They are just compliant and then it trickles down.

They are very telling and show that teachers should be part of the instructional process.


Going back almost 5 years ago with the Palazzolo case, the depositions by Needham and Jackson signaled conflict of interest and cronyism due to the law firm hired to collect debts by the district.  If you recall anything on the board meeting, we believe Vasquez and others pushed for either the same law firm to remain or hire a different one.  Then enters Needham and her crew and they vote the current one out and bring in Linebarger.  This firm then set out to find dirt on Palazzolo and found that he apparently owed money in Oklahoma and sparked an apparent lie on his job application.  The case had been settled and was never an issue. 

The reason Linebarger was able to get the information is because they are a virus spread across the country.  A recent story by CNN MONEY has found that Linebarger has strong business in Texas because of the amount of money it pumps to candidates and politics in general.

So Needham and Jackson are tied to their dirty money and we don't know who else.  MOSS and SIMS are the puppets going along with them as Sims has endorsed Jackson for re-election and that brings along MOSS.  Will they ever be their own voice?

   So you can bet that this election year both will be backed well.  We may not know because some laws protect donors.  This just speaks to the urgency to get voters to see it and to vote for someone else.  MONEY TALKS IN THIS CASE and no focus on students.  Jackson can take all the pictures she wants but has nothing to show for it.  The benefit has been for her as well as Needham.  SCARY AND SAD!


What can Dan Powell offer FWISD?

The conversation continues regarding who will lead FWISD into a better future.  Joel Boyd was named the finalist and in previous posts we debated what that could mean for us.  We tied his past to the trend across the country on making change in districts with business style tactics.  Our attempt was to make sure everyone knew what he has done and to make sure that he understands that we need someone to help teachers and staff and not another top down approach.  So we set out the warning that we need closure on the issues and help better the working environment.  Let teachers teach and rid top level administrators.

Then enters Dan Powell, current Superintendent of Crowley ISD, who is lauded as a great leader and apparently Needham and company have been pushing for him behind closed doors along with the mayor.  According to many he has done ok at Crowley though the board there seems to have allowed him to run as he needs.  He is seen as very conservative and while political leanings should not play a part, we don't need more politics than what we have now.  Perhaps readers out there can give us more background on him and also why he would be good for FWISD?  Obviously when Needham and company are involved we hesitate to endorse because of their track record.  Why the push for him?  What do they know that we don't?  We need an independent voice that is for teachers, students and parents.. We need integrity.

We would like for the board to tell us the make up of the candidates, the rubric used to choose candidates and what each brought to the table.  This doesn't require naming people but it would gives us an idea of the process.  Were there not other qualified people?  Who was number 2 and what set that person apart from number 1...