Thursday, March 31, 2016

IS ENGEL CULTURALLY COMPETENT? Being married to an opposite race doesn't qualify you!

It seems that John Engel, Principal at Southwest High School has stuck his big foot in his mouth on controversial comments he has made and overall the bad that is coming from the high school.  Ann Sutherland will be having a community meeting to address some of those items that are in her district and should address the discrimination at the school.

Engel has been very incompetent in relating to students and the staff overall and has no business helping to train district employees on restorative justice when he is partly responsible for the lack of due process for students at the school.

Here is a message we received:

My principal, in the context of urging kids to take their education seriously to adapt to changing economic and work opportunity trends, just told assembled students at my largely minority and low income urban Texan high school that the McDonald Corporation has announced a 50% employee cut in California in response to the new $15 an hour wage law, a move which he commended as "McDonald's did something awesome."  I have done an extensive internet search and have found absolutely nothing to back up his absurd claim.  He also told the students that because our current 13 billion dollar federal debt, many "free programs" could be expected soon to come to an end.  Again, little on the internet beyond arch conservative opinion sites substantiates this claim.  Few academic economists signal agreement with it.  Finally, he commiserated with students over the cafeteria food and said, Well, I can't do anything about that.  That's the federal government's doing."  I felt like I was listening to Fox commentary.  I didn't realize we were now allowed to use mandatory assemblies to indoctrinate our students into Party politics.

So yes folks, this individual has been chosen by the district to represent it and train on restorative justice/discipline.  So someone who has no connection to our students will be telling you how you should do it when he can't even show it himself.  Being married to someone of another race does not qualify, just like the cliche of I'm not racist because I have a friend of that specific skin color.  He is known to discriminate against hispanics and yet no one in admin can say much.  Parents at McLean had not many positive things to say.  

When does it stop, the ignorance or stupidity, from Mia Hall and now to John Engel.  Thank you BAM President Ramos for your stewardship in the wrong direction.  Will you be training Engel to give the training?  

Thursday, March 24, 2016


It was interesting to hear that Sherry Breed will mov into Chief of Equity and Excellence.  We thought we were getting rid of her but unfortunately we don't get everything we want.  So now she has the task of making equity within our system and a perfect example of what she should take up was at the board meeting.  Take a look:
It seems that our departments are either all white or all black!  Example here with Steinart and Roberts.
Then you have Anita Perry's department which is all black and Everest in Counseling is all white.  We look at where our hispanics and mix races are and we find them in the kitchen and in maintenance.  It seems the only jobs certain people can get are at the bottom and at the top very little if nothing at all.  Chris Riddick has an all black staff and so on and so forth.

So Mr. Ramos, where is the cultural crap you keep talking about but have not shown progress in?  We have a district that is 70% hispanic and yet our students don't get to see it.  All critical departments that are in charge of making a difference for our students do not represent them at all. And yes we can have a debate about best qualified, etc.  But tell us who is qualified where they are now regardless of race?  Are there no qualified latinos to fill spots?  Mr. Ramos has traveled the country and has not once mentioned the lack of representation at central office nor in the schools.  You only put hispanics at dual language schools.  Why not at Paschal or Arlington Heights?  We all know the answer.  Our custodial department is brown or black, is that all they are qualified to do?
Will Ms. Breed look into equity or is it just a hush hush job so that she is away from schools and stops from messing them up even more.

Then we hear Jerry Moore put into strategic planning and whatever else, what qualities does he bring?  What has he been accountable for?

Now let's move on to the current people running the district of which Scribner still has not gotten rid of them and continues to bleed the district.  Look at the following parts of the board meeting where Moss asks Arispe, Breed, Sorum about where we are in accountability and what has been given to the schools.  They give no answer, just rubbish.  They are funny when Sorum can't explain whether he has waited to the last minute as always to do something about struggling schools.  Yet again the people that have ruined this district remain or soon will be gone in some areas but the damage is big and Scribner, your time is almost up when it will be your baby.



We last reported that Mia Hall was under investigation and put on leave for allegations related to a student incident that involved her making crude comments about the sexuality of the student and also workplace bullying at YWLA.

We also understand that Crowley ISD, where she is a board member, has some knowledge and we will see what they will do as members are bound by standards and ethics and Crowley is a tight knit community.  For sure you don't want someone who is representing students to be there when she can't even do the right thing as an educator.

If someone has more information, do post it and let us know.  The time to crack down on things like this and like at Poly is now.  Too much suffering in many places around the district.

Parents are the driving force and this one was a parent doing what is right.  We need more!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Kyle Davie: An IT fraud, who stopped Dansby investigation into IT?

Kyle Davie continues to hide his mistakes of purchases in warehouses. Recall the money issue way back on a story we ran.

Employees are in fear of speaking up and it looks like another stamp of approval from Scribner. Just do an audit and it will be discovered. 

Who stopped the investigation?  Ramos knows if the corruption but stays quiet so he can move on and get his deals without controversy. 

Fraud. Unethical. Illegal. The FWISD motto. 

Teachers Cry For Help At YWLA! Mia Hall on leave

UWorkplace bullying is alive and well at the all girls school. Teachers are punished for filing complaints about treatment. Students who are different are mistreated. 

The current leadership is being allowed to handle the investigation which shows you that things will be hidden. This is with Scribner approval. 

MIA Hall the principal has been put on leave pending the investigation. We know admin will protect her regardless if she is guilty or give her a promotion as it's the standard in FWISD. 

Will this be business as usual or does Scribner have the backbone?

Friday, March 4, 2016



Picture says it all


A while back we talked a bit about the mess at Poly High under the Principal Delich. The atmosphere has corroded and staff are fed up.  Now TEA is involved and is attempting to investigate but the district has the option of choosing who they interview from what we gather.  This makes no sense because we know what the district will do.  We know of classes being made up to get students to graduate when they didn't do their job to help students.  One student was told he had 4 credits to make up and did not see a way to get it done.  Then when he left and came back to drop out he was told he only needed 1/2 a credit and that they could give him what he needed somehow.  

Tobi Jackson has been covering up the mess as is her style and she is shielding the principal at all costs.  UEA is nowhere to be found because they are in bed with Tobi, recall the election.  Teachers are left without a voice and mass exodus will occur this year.

Scribner is not around and doesn't seem to care at all.  Time is up!  These are the things that matter to people and he is absent without an excuse.  Now it's not anyone elses fault but yours.  If you can't handle the job then pack it up and let's get someone else that can.  Stop allowing Kyle Davie and Jerry Moore to be up your behind just to save their neck and leave everyone else defenseless.  You said change was coming and change only happens when you lead and take charge.  Let's put on some pants and do something for a change.

The BAM President is on the Northside so the East Side is of no concern.  He was out celebrating a Mafia win in the recent primary so he has no time for students.  Guess Poly is on its own.

Scribner want a cracker?


The lack of oversight and concern by top administration has allowed this phenomenon to take shape.  Now chaos has overtaken any type of reason by people of power and they wonder why things never change.

Sutherland posted on her blog some items that are incriminating towards the administration and the passive attitude they have taken to address concerns.  Teacher assaults at any level should be dealt with promptly, no brainers.  Students are being given too much leeway and putting your hands on someone should not be debated on what the consequence should be.

Finally something worthwhile is coming out that no one else reports but we will give it another venue to the people who are not being heard.

Sutherland for Schools blog

Student and teacher assaults are reaching unbearable levels

by Ann Sutherland on 03/04/16
March 3rd's news includes a video of a teacher shaking a student indefensibly.  This case is under review by our Office of Professional Standards.

In the last week I have received reports of 3 assaults by students on teachers at one school just since winter break.  Also I have heard that another school with issues is not improving.

I am very concerned.

This is a national crisis of undiscovered proportions; I do not know how to address it but I do know that the legal system can make it very difficult for schools to prevail.  

On the other hand, trying to address the corruption can be personally catastrophic, as many able staff have discovered.  The root reason Joe Palazzolo was fired was that he managed a large group of very disruptive ninth graders with a great deal of success.  The administration couldn't stand it.

Mr. Palazzolo was also concerned that a significant number of kids were making up "school" by doing custodial jobs.  And some of us know well that failing students make up a lot of credits during the final weeks of their senior years, making us wonder how they suddenly became so productive, especially as some of them reportedly could barely read.  One enterprising teacher compiled a thick notebook of computer fraud (those Plato and Odyssey courses) over months.  When Dr. Linares was given it, she threw it on the floor and announced, "THIS INVESTIGATION IS OVER!!.

I talked to a parent yesterday who tells me the community is solidly behind those of us who seek change.  Perhaps it's time for a serious community meeting on this subject.

A great society cannot survive without having the courage to identify and face the truth, whatever it is.  We need to get to work.