Friday, February 27, 2015


She has more guts than anyone to stand up for her right and support of all of us.  When it's wrong it's wrong.  So much for those that have not stood up or said anything.. silence does not make things better.  We know who wears the pants on the board... 

  To the rest of the board something to reflect on:

My vote on the new Superintendent appointment

by Ann Sutherland on 02/27/15

            Here is my response to the Star-Telegram’s request that we justify our positions on our upcoming vote for FWISD superintendent.
      The Fort Worth ISD board’s 9-0 vote to choose Dr. Boyd as our sole finalist resulted from three interviews, one involving responses by 16 candidates to five questions via video and two subsequent rounds of interviews.  The first of the subsequent rounds involved seven candidates.  At the close of these interviews, we agreed on a further interview with three, selecting a fourth as a back-up in case one candidate withdrew.   However, even after two of the candidates withdrew, the president declined to call the fourth person.  Thus Dr. Boyd was the sole individual considered at our final interview.  In retrospect, this was unfortunate.
These interviews were supported with statistical information provided by our search firm which we were allowed to read only during our interview sessions.  Although we could search online, we were not allowed to talk to individuals in candidates’ districts. 
           Dr. Boyd’s performance during this final interview was outstanding.
Unfortunately, our post-interview examination of Dr. Boyd’s tenure in Santa Fe reveals great tension between teachers and Dr. Boyd.  There have been many teacher resignations, including one of a nationally recognized teacher, as well as at least one major walk-out by students in protest over his testing regimen.  Anecdotal comments from the community also report that he has treated teachers with unusual disrespect, including (a) entering classrooms and criticizing teachers in front of students and (b) during meetings with teacher representatives, banging on the table, talking on his cell phone and making other disrespectful gestures. 
           Here in Fort Worth, I have watch the relations between school site personnel and the central office deteriorate.  I am very concerned.   Although our board and administration are much more professional than what is being reported from Santa Fe, our failure to address the needs of our school sites is a crucial cause of this decline.  Thus I believe Dr. Boyd’s management pattern, including his increased testing program, is directly counter to Fort Worth’s needs.  
 During his final interview with us, I asked Dr. Boyd his opinion of FWISD’s heavy testing regimen and the consequent need for many principal meetings.  His response was that he did not see the need for either a three-week testing cycle or lengthy principal meetings.  As I indicated during our vote to announce his candidacy, this was a crucial reason for my support.  I now see that his management at Santa Fe is not too different from what we are experiencing.   
 Our board’s #1 job is to restore a positive relationship between our school site staff and our central office staff.  I will be voting “no” on any motion to employ Dr. Boyd.


  1. Thank you Ann for standing with students, parents and teachers! How many times does Norm Robbins need to be proven to be an unethical piece of trash before we do something to remove him? He has already cost taxpayers millions due to his repeated unethical handling of Board business. "Best superintendent in the U.S."? Hope that TCU gig was worth your failed credibility Ashley. At least you and Cinto had fun in D.C instead of vetting this guy.

  2. Ignorant Trash (FWISD Teacher)February 27, 2015 at 8:22 PM

    Just read the comment by Santa Fe resident Cate Moses PhD. Nice work Ashley Paz. "Best Superintendent"? Teachers and Parents better wake up. Guess this is what MJ meant when she spoke about "adding "value" and making a difference. Right. Like she did.


  4. Thank you for standing with teachers Dr. Sutherland. You should know there is far more behind why Robbins did what he did to push Boyd and the origin of the alleged "100's of candidates" and 16 video "presentations". You need to call for some sort of public hearings or review into what is going on and the involvement of Sammy Monge and HCM personnel.

  5. Something to look into....February 28, 2015 at 12:52 PM

    Hats off to Dr. Sutherland! I can't vote for her because I don't live in her district, but she is the best candidate by far!

    Now something to look into for those voting in her district (for anyone doubting the connections and agenda her opponent has) -- the campaign treasurer swicharoo. Cecilia Speer's campaign treasurer is none other than the one originally selected by her good buddy, Judy Needham.

    All of the following can be verified on the FWISD website, and could easily go unnoticed if you're only looking at one District. A brief timeline...

    Judy files to run mid-January and selects her campaign treasurer (Sykes).
    Judy amends her appointment of campaign treasurer (Hyry) on Feb. 9.
    Cecilia files to run on Feb. 13 and appoints none other than Sykes as her campaign treasurer.

    What are the odds that Needham would suddenly give up her trusty treasurer and select someone else days before Speers decides to run and use same trusty treasurer? Pretty slim, unless Judy's trying to throw a bone to her old pal.

    Do your own digging and make your own decision, but at least do your homework before going to the polls.

  6. Well if Mr. Boyd thinks he can bully teachers in our district, he better make sure that he knows where he is! This is the SOUTH, not all of us are so "amicable" here. I know that our district is known for such dispicable behavior as I have seen first-hand. When you see it or experience it, it changes you! Some people might just walk away feeling defeated but, there are those of us who respond quite differently! It can light a fire under some of us and the one thing you can count on with repeated bullying, our numbers are growing!

  7. I clicked on both links and I couldn't find anything written or comment by, Cate Moses. Both links are for articles written about "rubber rooms."

  8. My bad. The letter appears on Dr. Sutherland's Blog: It asks the reader to research "rubber rooms" hence the links