Saturday, August 29, 2015


Well fellow educators we made it through one week.  Not sure how yours went but ours basically lame as always, more paperwork and extra stuff to do.  But enjoy my kiddos so I will shut the door as always and teach away... not in the drama.

Let us know how it went for you.

So we wanted to recap a few things that happened and as we prepare for the new super to officially start in some weeks.

A big celebration is Robert Ray.. is a gonner.  Well not in that literal sense but basically retired finally after many years of allowing the bullying and contributing to ruining peoples lives.  In the picture it shows the happiness but overall he gets to take the dead bodies with him and bury them forever.  Hopefully when he gets to the hot place in the after life he will remember the pain he caused.  So we celebrate to some degree.  Betty we love you but you are dead wrong on that man being a role model overall.  He told many lies.. Liners is just happy he is gone and he won't say much at the Palazzolo trial.  So at least less lies to go around.

Arlington Heights from what we gather continues it's traditional ruin the teachers they don't like and promote the ones they do like.  Take for example Ms. Sara Weeks throwing special ed kids to a closet.  Nothing has changed since the days of maltreatment of special ed kids with the restroom issues and not being allowed to leave their areas.  The throwing of the teacher out of a regular classroom to a closet allowed confidential student information to be left out in the open for anyone to see.  Guess this is how teachers are treated under Needham's watch.  Dr. Scribner you have a lot to work on with Ms. Weeks.  
Hopefully Dr. Scribner used sanitizer to cleanse from the poison of Sarah Weeks.

This is what she ordered done to special ed, in a closet.  

As always the district continues to stifle the Palazzolo case once again asking for a hearing of the hearing of the hearing to stall things.  So Brandt decided without a board vote to push for another motion.  So more money as he doesn't have enough with more than $30,000 paid monthly.  He needs a job so he will prolong it as long as possible since the Board doesn't care what is spent.  

Oh and noticed this on Sutherland's blog about how it is confirmed that teachers are being retaliated upon when they want to speak after a question was posed.  So they know it happens but do nothing.

So nothing new to celebrate----just the same old stuff.. affairs, bullying, etc.  So anyone have more information on the Jerry Moore-Karen Molinar.  

Also we continue with family hirings.. so it's just the same ole FWISD.

What say you?

Sunday, August 16, 2015


As we FWISD turns its attention to the new super in waiting, we thought we provide some information which may be old news but still significant to how the district avoids handing over information.

The district is so anti- Freedom of Information that any request just about is sent to the attorney general to decide whether it is privileged information.  Somehow they forget that we are a public institution beholden to the taxpayers so anything said or done except in executive session is public domain.  So we happen to stumble upon the contract Dansby had and what he got paid plus what we rolled over laughing is his letter of recommendation from the board LOL!

How many of us will get a severance package, a bad evaluation plus a good letter of recommendation?  Think hard!!!

So just some Sunday fun read......  let's drink up as we return tomorrow for some more fun stuff..

Wednesday, August 12, 2015



So he said the right things about top down approach is not the way to lead and then you see RAMOS behind him not even nod to agree.  Guess those are not the buzzwords they want to hear.


Dr. Ken P. Scribner has been named the sole finalist for the post of Superintendent.  Looks good on paper and on much of the information available on him.  The one item that he is linked to that we will have to watch is Teach for America.  Hopefully he looks at quality and effectiveness rather than just to fill an empty seat.

Rest assured that we will be watching as the transition happens and hopefully he will be looking towards creating a better working environment apart from what the board has in mind.  He will need a strong backbone. 

He will propably be told not to read the blog but we will make sure that he gets an invitation to read it.  We have plenty of information that he will need to make his decision on the vision of the district.

Dr. Scribner,

*Re organize and have everyone reapply for their job at the admin level.  We need fresh people with new ideas that make sense but as long as the leeches are there you won't get far.

*We need pay to be adjusted to all and better working conditions.

*Really the best thing you can do is just get rid of them and we will see that we are moving in the right direction.

The board is dysfunctional but now they will tell you that they are united but know that there are skeletons in that closet and we have most of them posted on the blog.

You have Board President whose mistress works in the district

You have other board members who do not care about teachers and are self-seekers hence TCU jobs, family members who work there and basically a who you know type system that gets you hired regardless of your qualities.

You have people getting paid more than teachers with no education

You have current top admin having affairs aka Jerry Moore and Karen Molinar  ( yes we have two sources that saw it all)  How do they get rewarded, fired you say?  Of course not they get promoted.  It's the FWISD WAY  It's OK TO HAVE AFFAIRS on company time.

Some will say that we are just teachers and staff who are complaining but none can provide facts to counter the proof we have provided.

We have a culture of fear and retaliation within the system and we are losing people.

So take your time to find out who you will work with and know that they don't care who comes in all they want is to keep their job and more salary increases.



Sunday, August 9, 2015


We got word that one person has been selected.  Just throwing it out to see if anyone knows anything since it has been dead silent.

Let's hope it's an outsider and then see if he or she has a backbone to get rid of all the filth in the district.



Oh the district should just fess up completely and end this but they like to keep on going and burning taxpayer money.

The big issue here folks is that so many lies are coming out of this and the board knows it along with administration and it's all coming out at hearings.

Remember that the district contends that there is insurance based on the agreement with TASB and they filed a brief detailing that TASB and Fannie and Harper have oversight of the case in which the board has no say.

Then Sutherland comes out and says the same thing on her blog, the paper publishes the DA brief of which days later that person is put on leave.

At the recent hearing Brandt with TASB admitted that there is no insurance rather they oversee the case with district funds but nowhere in their agreement does it say that the board of trustees an elected body relieves their power to oversee the district in all matters to one individual.  Brandt then gives the orders to Fannie and Harper who are working on their own.  According to a board member, Fannie and Harper have not informed them of an appeal or anything to that matter.  Then in June the board was briefed about it but did not take any action because they ceded their authority.

So all Carrillo did was lie about it even when TASB has told the truth.  They keep harping the same tune and think that at least we are stupid enough not to see it.  Maybe the rest of the public doesn't care but we are being duped big time.

So we have liars and we hope that the judge sees it and brings it out in public to shame all of you on the Board.  RAMOS, PAZ, JACKSON, AND THE REST-  YOU STAND FOR NOTHING BUT YOUR OWN GAIN.  How easy it is to boast about your accomplishments when money is bleeding out and yet there is no information on how it fits into the budget.  Dr. Sutherland we are saddened by your silence and now we are left to fend for ourselves but know that we will call out everyone involved.  THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE and you have decided to reside with EVIL.

So now you get to read the legal jargon but proof of the lies.  Read the response from Palazzolo attorneys... it states what the district has done to itself...  read FWISD response and it's pathetic.. recycled garbage.  AVILA you are an attorney come on, you must be having a LOL in private.




Thursday, August 6, 2015


Today a hearing was held in the ongoing Palazzolo case.  The headlines from this event is that the board was briefed and voted for the appeal that was filed in August of 2014 according to Carillo.

Then Brandt, the TASB lawyer, admitted that FWISD does not have insurance to fund continued litigation expenses for the case.  So again as we have said many times, there was no insurance.  TASB manages the RISK for the district and uses FWISD funds.  So this means that the district has to have money and they take care of everything.  It's like subsidizing your work to someone else so that you just sit back and tear down the district.

So now it comes out that many people were lying even Carillo in her affidavit.  Very disappointed with the lies but we shouldn't of been surprised.

So while TASB is taking care of spending much needed resources.. the district admin have alerted employees to stop talking to board members or face consequences.  If they do talk to a board member they need to alert their supervisor.  Yeah right!  You want us to tell them we talked to a board member and get a target put on us?

So there you go folks.. something to celebrate while we are at Convocation!!!!

Silence of the Lambs it appears


As if we have nothing more to do than sit there and watch the kingdom celebrate themselves when we could be getting ready for our students.
It has been decided that Convocation will be like the big party Johnson used to have and it will be August 21st the Friday before the first day of school.
Once again disregard for teacher's needs and a waste of time and money.  

We can at least thank Dansby for listening to us and giving us more time.  I guess the Board Members who say they are for teachers are no longer standing up for us
because admin is running the show.  Did anyone bother to ask teachers?  Where is UEA?  Why aren't they at least voicing opposition to this chirade and helping improve
the working environment?

Check the calendar and let us know how many days we are allowed to work in our rooms and then have meet the teacher and be completely ready.. of course we are expected
to work weekends because the bosses will say that rooms must be ready.

This is what non-education board members do to teachers because they don't understand what it takes to get ready.  Tobi what happened to being different and doing for teachers.  What you call micro-mananging, we call support and help because the Admin forgets what we do.
We are held accountable for pass or fail and yet we don't get support when we need time, yes time.

If you have not noticed the board is silent and united.  Yes folks the last voice we had has been silenced and so it's now up to us to raise our voices.  

Thank you President Ramos for being about us and giving us more to do.  We will sure give you the proper salute at the convocation and you can imagine what that will be.