Friday, February 20, 2015


It seems that the two main curses of this district have gone on the attack against Dr. Sutherland and some board members.

They will stab you in the back the minute they get a chance.  Dr. Sutherland don't trust them with anything, don't share information.  You are the one voice on the board that has it right and we need you to continue.  We also need to help elect new leaders on the board.

The tactics that Needham and Jackson use are right out of House of Cards.  Making deals to get as much power as they can.  We know they are all about Corruption!!!

Read comments from Dr. Sutherland's blog and how someone uses Ashley Paz comment.  We know who is behind it.. loud and clear.

Don't be fooled by anyone.


  1. Ashley Paz is the only other truthful board member. She is new and bullied. Needham and company will go to the extreme to continue their cover ups and corruption! Mayor Price has many more deals to cut.

  2. Sorry but I completely disagree. Ashley and CInto have sold out to Needham. Bullying? Bull shit. She should have stood her ground on Terrell; done more research on Boyd; stood up for teachers who asked her for help instead of turning her back on them. We need to start looking for someone to replace her now. As a Mother of small children she should have been all over the Terrell move and Jackson's asinine comments about 2 hour bus rides. She wasn't. She got to go to Washington - or wherever she and Cinto went.

  3. Just consider the "Tobi Jackson - like" comments coming out of Ashley's mouth of late. Ever since she apologetically objected to the 1.6 million $ budget for legal fees or the Terrell mover (which was it?), she has been backtracking. "In a blog post Thursday, Trustee Ann Sutherland indicated that the contract negotiations might have hit a snag. She wrote: “We are having some issues with the offer to Dr. Boyd.” Asked whether that was true, Robbins said that every time “you negotiate a contract, you have issues.” Of Sutherland’s comment, he said, “I wish she would cease and desist.” Trustee Ashley Paz said at the Feb. 7 meeting that he is likely the best superintendent in the United States." What in the hell did she base that on?
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  4. What? Whose skirt was that "Bad Ass Mexican" chasing in D.C.? Brings back memories doesn't it "professor" Cinto?