Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Just to update you on the Board Elections 2015, in case you haven't kept up.

Well in District 2 which covers a good part of East Fort Worth we have Tobi Jackson running for re-election but we want you to re-ject her at the polls.  She has garnered an opponent Mr. Sultan Cole.  We will see what Mr. Cole has to offer the constituents of the East Side when he presents what his vision is and what he can do to help us out in the classroom because we are drowning.  We know Jackson will use everything she can to show that she has done so much but we know number of photos don't count.  We need change.

Sultan Cole, Dist. 2 Opponent

In District 6 Dr. Sutherland has an opponent, no one new, just recycled from the Tocco era.  Cecilia Speer is a former ASSt. Superintendent and held many labels during her time.  Some of you may still remember her and from what we get from sources the symbol of BULLY at it's worst.  We do know that she is well connected to Judy Needham and will be funded by the 7th street gang.  We searched a bit for items and found something about her but sources are gathering more information.
Her biggest involvement besides the Tocco controversies is the Arlington Heights matter when Neta Alexander was the Principal there along with AP Palazzolo.  She was considered the "hit" person for Alexander when she needed to get rid of someone.  Alexander would write complaints to Speer and made sure people moved on.  Parents complained that Palazzolo had kept a student out of a dance which added to other things that eventually got him fired.  Ms. Speer heard the level 2 grievance by Palazzolo which was a conflict of interest  even after asked about knowing Mr. Palazzolo she lied and continued the hearing.  Ms. LaBeau was present then.

The scary part here is that we keep on getting individuals who know how to manipulate the system and now want to get on the board.  Can you imagine two bullies on the board, Speer and Dansby?  We need someone that will fight for us and Sutherland has shown that more than others.
Cecilia Speer


See below how Speer does people wrong

The district continued it's fight with former Palazzolo attorney Victoria Neave and lost the fight in trying to sanction her.  Recall that the attorney represented Palazzolo against the district when the jury awarded about $2.4 million of which the district appealed without a board vote or any type of discussion.  The court denied the request for sanctions on the case against Dansby for defamation.  So more money spent and lost.. the bill continues to rise.
See the court note below:


  1. Speer is one of the most unethical people ever spawned by FWISD.

  2. And as FWISD continues to spend millions on legal fees in the Palazzolo cases and others, word comes in the Star T that Needham and her followers (Jackson, Robbins and Sims) are trying to push through revising the Bond and ultimately selling the Farrington Field property to one of her buddies. Ann and others need to stop this travesty. The Center for Visual and Performing Arts NEEDS to go on the Farrington site as the taxpayers were told when they voted to approve the Bond. Who on the Board will be brave and ethical to stand up and say: "ENOUGH!"?

  3. Has anyone heard who the finalist for super might be or where they are from? Ann put on her blog that they might announce on Sat.