Friday, August 29, 2014


What is it with Fort Worth upper management and this tantrum epidemic with threats to leave.
Well how can we put it to Sorum?

Board Members we are tired of incompetent people keeping the students and teachers of FWISD hostage to drive their own agenda.  When someone screams that loud and throws a tantrum that means that they have no idea what is going on and will make a scene to get their way.  You are all parents and know what we are talking about.  This is by far the lowest of the low and you above all allow this man to run over students and teachers on something that is against the law.

Rumor has it that Sorum is in the running for superintendent.  We don't know about you teachers but this would be a disgrace and above all a detriment to any moving forward in this district.  We just recycle and think that things will be different.  UEA and ATPE need to oppose Sorum having any glimpse of being the leader of this district when he has not shown any improvement on affecting all students in FWISD.  Some will say well we have the Schools of Choice and that's great but what percentage of students get in?  As Moss said, what about her schools, when will they see a change.  Teachers must speak up to their organization and vote to oust Sorum and Company.  Don't forget that he was in the running at El Paso when Johnson left and he felt the heat for a bit.  He was not hired, so think about that, with all their troubles they didn't think he had it to help them out.  So Sorum wants to become Super to fix the problems he has created?  Remember teachers that we would be fired in an instant if we caused any problems.

Thanks to Dr. Sutherland for speaking up for all of us and telling the truth.  Another rumor is that Robbins and others are coming against her for being outspoken and we are here to let them know that come election time we will remember who stood up for us.  Times are changing board members and we will call you out for sure.  Will you speak up or stay silent?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


So we learning just how our leaders have fared throughout the many raises received at rates that are not on par with even our teachers.  You tell me if any of this money has translated into high student achievement.  Tell me what someone else would be capable of doing had we spent the money to attract new talent as the reason behind TASB salary adjustment.  So to answer Ms. Moss' comment of, when will we see things change, Ms. Moss, let's start with compensating success!

I am sure with the new state evaluation tying student achievement to teachers, then it should bode the same for all administrators who are the ones forcing teachers to teach as they want and not as they should.  Now we see why they don't worry what happens on the ground at campuses, they got the money secured.

Salary 1/1/12

Salary 2-28/13

Salary 7/1/13

Salary 7/1/14

$$ increase

% increase

1/1/12-7/1/14 (%

Sammy Monge Chief HCM







Sherry Breed Chief Lrng Student Supp







Connie Berry Admn asst to CFO







Brenda DeLeon  (promotion)







Max Ates, Sr. officer payroll







Michael Sorum Deputy







Note:  TASB Compensation study indicates the following

*Chief Human Capital Management

exceeds median by 6%

*3 deputy superintendents

exceed midpoint by 3%

*Chief leadership learning student support

exceeds midpoint by 1%


Read on and let us know what you think.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


**TEACHERS- We know you are wanting to comment but may be apprehensive, when you comment, just make up an email and hit I want to post as guest and it won't show anything.  All is controlled by us and we make sure nothing is shown.


Brief comments were posted while Sorum and Company presented their spill on ways to improve district achievement.  Of course they do not have the details and I am sure most of you don't have them either.  So you will get to watch a video that will explain his wants and needs on information that can be done informally by you.  If they would get themselves to the classroom and truly evaluate the culture of the campus they would see how some campuses don't advance because of the leadership.  Not only is it about teacher capacity Board Members, it's also about the support you receive and the trust that you are a college graduate and know what you are doing.  Year after year we get prescribed curriculum, mandated assessments at the time that they want them not necessarily based on the needs of the students.

Moss had a few things right, year after year we hear the same presentations of new initiatives.. just play the videos each time and you hear how wonderful things are with what centrally they created.  The only input teachers get is working for them to create tests and the curriculum, you don't hear we went to the campuses, spoke to the teachers and asked what they see as good ways of assessing or knowing where students are.  There is no sense of urgency.. hence the final realization by Sorum and Company that only working with those students who are close to passing the test won't work.  Well duh!!!!!  For years we have expressed it to you at meetings and you have not listened.

10 questions on a test based on how many weeks or is it based on one to two TEKS taught?  Remember that some TEKS take 10 days or sometimes a full week depending on what you teach?  So have all tests been created for each content from Elementary to High School?  Will that include AP courses?  So once the tests are given, teachers will grade them or you will scan them onto the portal? At what part of the week will they be given and since you said PLCs will be used to look over it, what if my classroom is not like the other classrooms?   Will I be allowed to intervene for my students or what I am told to intervene on and with?

Thank you Dr. Sutherland for standing up!  Once again we are let down by Board Members who just bless Sorum and move on.  A few things said by Paz about concerns at the campus level.  What they don't understand about Baldrige is that if you have no buy in it won't work.  You are more worried about having something to present but yet you dress it up and it looks the same.  We think in this case if you have nothing to say then just keep quiet and don't look dumb.  Most of you Members have not substance or background to ask questions, some of you just showing up does not show anything.  As Ramos says that he doesn't understand much.. so that tells you that we have the blind leading the blind.

We too would like to know specifics on schools and how they are performing and not lumped up.  We know special choice schools will do well but yet East Side continues to lag behind and yet nothing said other than do the same thing for everyone.  SCAs may work for some schools but with schools who are not performing is more of a drag and not a specified plan for the needs of the campus.  Not once did we hear parents involved so again we do what we want to kids and move them on.  How sad that the people seated around have less education knowledge than most teachers who teach their hearts out.  Just wait teachers they will be demanding things because they have to prove that it works, so get ready for added work, longer hours, more meetings on top of meetings and stress.

As Sutherland said, we hope we are wrong but we have been let down so much that hope is dismal.  We thought our new board would help us and listen more to us but disappointed yet again.

Let's speak up!!!

Let's see.......
Blueprints and data points are meaningless if we cannot see where students went wrong.  We know we have to teach the entire TEKS but sometimes it helps to see where we may need to improve.  By not releasing questions or allowing viewing then we don't know how aligned they are to the curriculum.  We have always said the CBAs are written poorly.  The ones who have doctorate degrees should know that unless test writers are fully trained and calibrated, many are going by their own experiences or what they believe is a high level questions.  If you have not calibrated the questions or field tested them prior to full implementation then they mean nothing.  As we said, all these degrees and the basics of statistics are missed.  Yet they get the big raises.

Monday, August 25, 2014


In doing our due diligence we came across some interesting web connections between individuals on the board and the attorney's who represent FWISD.
In particular Judy Needham who seems to be in the middle of everything and has her ducklings follow in a straight line or all over the place as they always seem to be.

Well the press release stated that it was "a lower court ruling" that decided this case and facts are it was a Jury of their peers that decided for palazzolo.  The jury indicated that there was no justification for the termination and awarded $2.4 million.  They basically stated that it was retaliation.  The district says that the judge made the award and it was a jury.  So we know that Benjamin Barlow and his group are in-house counsel for the district at $37, 500 dollars a month, we just checked payroll checks to make sure.  So we go back and find in Needham's deposition that she worked for Win Hooper and David Joeckel, Barlow and Gardner.  Well it so happens that there is a Barlow, father, who worked for the firm and looks like he retired in 2008.  So coincidence that the son is the counsel for the district who also was in the audio taping that is the basis for the Dansby Defamation suit.  Oh the webs just keep on giving!!!

So Needham has friends who are working hard to cover up as much as they can and now are moving forward with an appeal that was not cast on a vote and will end up hurting the district in the future.  Board members we will hold you responsible for everything that happens because of your dereliction of duty that you swore upon a Bible.  Start asking for forgiveness soon because God don't like ugly and ugly it's going to be.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


It looks like the FWISD Board, perhaps not all, have agreed to allow the lawyer to appeal the case.  You can read their press release which of course was not posted on the FWISD website. WE checked but did not find anything.

This only proves that the board makes decisions behind closed doors and hide under executive privilege.  They know this decision is incorrect, one about Palazzolo and two because they are not following the law.  We would like to know what specific law allows them to secretly make decisions and not be held accountable by the Open Meetings Act.  Where is the accountability?  Who runs the district?

Here we have elected officials who have decided to go above the law and also the constituents of the district.  What kind of example are you setting for the district?  You boast high integrity and your actions speak louder.  The majority of this board is full of lies and lacks integrity.


Saturday, August 23, 2014


We are asking our board members to look at the new compensation plan and ask questions.  Our employees who are on the salary scale of minimum to maximum informed us that the midpoint salary does not reflect what individuals are being paid now.  According to some the difference is 8000 to 10,000.  We welcome input and some examples on individuals who are being affected.  We want to make sure that increases in salary are adjusted to make sure everyone is paid at the right level.

Remember that an increase by the board should be adjusted and also because of the conducted salary audit salaries rose for some 10,000.  We hope administration can provide information at the board meeting and address the concern.  We hope they won't just rubber stamp it without questions.  We did our homework!

Anyone with more information comment and let us know.  You can also email to

Great to hear employees are looking after each other.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

UPDATE: A Tale or the Truth About Same old Hiring Practices at FWISD?

UPDATE 8-19-14

We received word today that co-workers verify the story regarding how things unfolded at the Juvenile Detention Center and the personal issues that resulted from all of this and an innocent victim in the middle.  If someone else has other facts to provide, we welcome them because we know there are two sides to every story.  Some have indicated that this is going too far into a personal issue.  We say that if it was us teachers that were involved in something similar we would be fired on the spot.  We want everyone to be held accountable.  We are talking about the integrity and what an individual represents and presents to the public.  The situation occurred in the capacity of a public official or representative of an entity.

As you watch the board meeting we stand vigilant on making sure we hold board members accountable for what they do and say on behalf of the district.  We will make sure we get as many facts as possible and thanks to citizens who are sharing information.

So now I take you to a comment made by a reader regarding an employee named Claudia Martinez.  The comment alluded to some influence by board member Ramos as to the reason Ms. Martinez got hired and placed under Raul Perez whom we know is a supporter of Mr. Ramos.  To offer some background, Ms. Martinez worked at the Juvenile Detention Center where she and Mr. Ramos worked.  Apparently she got fired and was pregnant at the time.  Right after the election Ms. Martinez was hired by FWISD.  From all indications Ms. Martinez and Mr. Ramos have a long history together at Camp Community.  According to sources this caused a personal family situation for both individuals.  Ms. Martinez went on to marry another man while pregnant.

Individuals who have seen photos of the child, which we will not post, indicate that the child has a strong resemblance to Mr. Ramos.  When we look at the picture we notice the eyes, the nose and basically the facial features when comparing.  Again we are just comparing and noticing the similarities but obviously we do not know if this is true regarding a relationship that may have resulted in the hiring.  We will leave this to those that know anything but we wanted to respond to what a reader stated because we want to make sure ethics is upheld.

Let us know if this is a bunch of nothing or some truth to it.  Many looked forward to the new people ending the connections to obtain employment and instead use the merit of their expertise.  We shall see.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


We hope PD Week goes well and we need to hear from you on how it went.  Please let us know if there is a plan for everything they want you to do this year.  We will ask the questions on items to the powers that be.  Don't stay quiet, we need to voice our needs and this is one venue where it can happen.  Share with our colleagues.  We want a better FWISD with clear directions, expectations and organization.  

Let us know how your first day went!

Does FWISD Board want to be fined for appealing Palazzolo case like this other Texas school district? Robbins: WAKE UP AND DO SOME RESEARCH!!!

Our board has been dragging their feet on the decision to appeal or not.  Taking many executive sessions but not a public vote or explanation.  We will call out every board member who defies to do the right thing and follow the law.  Brandt is not the elected official, you are!

Board members please read and educate yourself on your elected duties.

Share this will any and all who care about FWISD and the rule of law!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Educating our Board Members on Curriculum

Recently posted the link to Dr. Sutherland's comments on the new testing that will occur every three weeks for students.  The link will be posted here as well for you to see where she is getting her facts and how for some reason our board and administration do not seem to understand that they are repeating exactly what the audit says not to do.  Remember that they paid people to come to every school and interview principals, teachers, etc.  As educators we told them that the curriculum did not align to testing and the frameworks was a bunch of information that was not specific or just too much.

So board members we are posting the link to the curriculum audit so you can view once again and study it.  We know you to be educated individuals who can read and not solely depend on Sorum and Company to explain to you.  Oh and I forgot Ms. Timmons whom you approved her contract again this year to work on the audit.  So we need to know if her job is truly to fix things or to allow everyone to do what they have always wanted with no accountability.  Don't forget that your job is to oversee the district, not be hands off.  One thing is to micromanage and the other is to hold people accountable.  Tell me how someone who has been on the job for 6 or more years with low performance can remain on the job.  We as educators would be written up, put on growth plans or fired at the end because of bad performance and yet no one at the top seems to be let go.  We truly have a big disconnect.

So the curriculum is based on our State Standards the TEKS.  If a district did not adopt anything more specific, then the TEKS are the curriculum and teachers teach.  But with book adoptions, companies break them down with activities and other items that help teachers teach concepts to students and of course mastery of the standards.  Then curriculum folks use the standards to create aligned assessments that truly measure student mastery.  The biggest thing with curriculum is that you have to allow time for teachers to teach and assess.  They need time to evaluate the information and make changes as needed.  For example, if teachers could teach 5 weeks then test the sixth week or perhaps teach 7 weeks, test the 8th week and have time to analyze information the 9th week so that interventions can take place with a full plan in place.  This does not mean that teachers cannot do formative assessments in class to gauge student learning, it's common practice but it's because they know their students.  Year after year the district decides on something new that has no connection to student learning but it's always decided in closed doors and no connection back to the campuses.  When you don't have buy in then you have already lost.

Let us ask you board members, how many of you have actually talked to teachers and asked what they think about anything related to their job?  How many of you actually are in the schools to fully assess what impact district changes will have on them?  What about our dual language teachers who teach both languages, which language are you going to test?  We hope it's in the language of instruction and it if happens to be Spanish will they be tailored to their specific standards and not just a translation of the English version?

One thing is to show up and take a picture and the other is to listen to understand rather than be understood.  If you truly are about FWISD, then learn FWISD.  When you are at meetings and we listen to you, some don't talk, others who talk have no idea what they are saying and it's because you do not inform yourself or ask questions.  In the classroom board members it's called accountable talk.. ask Sorum about it I am sure he can teach you a few more strategies to stay fully engaged!!

We look forward to the plan!

Curriculum Audit

If you have trouble seeing it, download it.. it's a big file.  Give us your take on what you see there and what has improved or still needs improvement.  Remember they have a person hired to fix it all.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Board Members: Don't let Sorum lie to you.

As we previously posted on the more testing portion of the board meeting, we needed to do some more data gathering to make sure we were on the right track and understand more about why you need to test students every three weeks.  We requested that since it must have been thought out and planned, there is a plan in place that board members can see and also the main people who will be working it, us the teachers and admin of FWISD.

We do have conflicting information which means that it does not seem organized or at least a buy in from even the people in central office who are tasked with implementing it at the campus level.
Well the whole idea came from Sorum in his infinite wisdom and guess why?

"monitor the teachers closer instead of students"

So many questions popped up. You mean to tell me:

*Sorum is now in charge of school leadership and teacher evaluation?
*Sorum and/or school leadership have no idea of the quality of teachers we have?
*Sorum and/or school leadership need another evaluation instrument to monitor teachers?
*So this means that teacher effectiveness will be measured by two weeks of instruction and a test?

They have also decided to keep the 9 weeks CBA.. tell me how all this data, of two three weeks tests and 9 weeks CBA will be used to improve.  Sounds more to us like an idea to justify your job.

So as we have requested, where is the plan?  How will it look like and when will it take effect and training?  Teachers return next week and when are we supposed to know specifics.  We were at the principal meeting and the specialists nor anyone around could answer our questions about how it will impact Dual Language students since they do it in both languages.

Does the plan include the participants, did you include bilingual/ESL/SPED, etc?

We went around asking principals and most agreed no game plan was given, just more questions with no answers as usual.  Then some network specialists said they haven't seen much of it and others say they have heard or at least seen something.  So when you get one or the other it doesn't bode well.

But the best part of this is that Sorum wanted this 3 week testing but not curriculum.  We think rightly so because they will have to come up with the exams which I am sure are not done yet and will be put together sloppily.  So here we have the CAO giving the orders with no clear direction because obviously his people did not want it.

Board members ask them for the plan, what research is behind this plan, where hast it been successful in a district such as ours...   We need you to help us... we have enough on our plate.
Also please ask school leadership to stop the threats about losing our jobs if we don't improve things when they are the ones that tell us what to do most of the time and yet they are not held accountable either.  Just look at our evaluation, we get a set criteria on how our school improves or not and that's how we get evaluated.  So where is leadership's evaluation and are they held to the same standard of achievement as we are?  I bet you they don't have anything like us because they still have their job after 24 schools are not performing even at the minimum level but you will all be ready to ax us if we don't.  With that Sorum and Company don't feel like they have any stake because their job is secure, you as a board continue to allow it.  We have become the punching bag!

Keeping the Truth Alive

Just rehashing postings on Facebook on what has been hidden for such a long time with attendance, More Tatum and Palazzolo.  They should be on the Spin Factor because they try to dress it up differently but the facts are the facts.

Read for yourself.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ATTENTION TEACHERS: Matt Avila agrees with more testing

If you didn't get to watch the board meeting, there was a small spat between Matt Avila and Ann Sutherland.  We were watching as Sutherland explained that more testing is not the solution.  Avila using his touted degrees and expertise in psychology and went on to insult Sutherland with rhetoric that shows how out of touch he is with education.  Teaching about behaviors and such has nothing to do with how our students are struggling.  You can waive all the degrees you want but Avila is out of touch.  He went to praise the "experts" that abound with Sorum saying that he cannot think that they would harm our students and that they "know" what to do.  Where has he been?  Has he truly kept up with FWISD or what reason did he have to join the board.  But let's also recall that Needham and former board members financed his campaign.  Read the curriculum audit, we don't need a PHD to see that things have not changed.

So teachers, it looks like more testing every three weeks on scantrons unless they change it.  So Kinder kids get ready to bubble your life away.  If Mr. Avila truly believes that Sorum and company have it right, then I am sure he will ask for the specifics on their plan to test more.  Show how it connects to the district objectives and provide data to prove that it is working.  Then they need to tell how that is impacting the classroom when it comes to time away from instruction.  

Mr. Avila, let us tell you how it works.  Just because we say teachers have a full day to teach does not mean that's all they have to do.  Don't forget there are announcements in the morning with pledges, get students ready, teach what they have to teach by minutes, recess, lunch (which is at times 15 minutes) because elementary teachers have to take students to lunch and the little ones have to be watched for a bit.  Upper grades not as much but some teachers who don't get a break in between have to run to the restroom.  But they don't get 30 minutes because they have to use 5 minutes to get to the room.  So not only will upper grades get more as well, high school you have enough with SAT, ACT, etc. and now more. In some places their planning time is taken away and so they don't have the time to do other things.  So now aside form their regular instructional duties, six weeks tests, benchmarks, teaching to the test prior to STAAR, now you add more tests?  Tell me Mr. Avila when will the teachers meet to discuss the results, create a plan to intervene, time to intervene and time to come back and show the data of how it worked?  So are you testing on week three or four of the six weeks?  Do you meet on week 4 or 5 of the six weeks to discuss results?  Then have a week to intervene before the end of the six weeks?  Then start a new six weeks with different standards but teachers have not finished intervening from the last ones before the next three weeks they have to test.  Wait I forgot the second three week test in the six weeks.  So when do they meet for that one before giving the benchmark?  How do they incorporate the data from 2 tests plus a benchmark when standards and needs will be different?  Hire us to teach assessment since obviously you depend on outside people and not your "experts" like Sorum and company.  Why hire if you have your gurus?

So let me see, teachers will receive "formative assessment training" that your buddies approved and so they will be trained while they have to give tests and not before.  We all know the tests are not aligned to the standards and if someone can show that, then publish results.  We never hear of results from benchmarks only when STAAR results come out.  Why doesn't Sorum report on Academics like the budget is done more during the year?  What is being hidden?

So tell me if they taught you that in your graduate classes and if they told you just how teachers are being bombarded and expected to create miracles when all they need to do is teach the standards and put their magic to it.  What is disgrace to see this happening when we were expecting better.  Sutherland was right and you all have such a distaste for her that you will do what it takes to discredit her.  She does her homework, the rest of you get an F.  Use your imagination on what that means!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Data Behind the Accountability Numbers

The numbers can be confusing because of the many calculations the state uses to determine whether things are going well or not.  But even people who like numbers can truly tell us the real picture.  We will try to provide some clarification and of course we welcome anyone who can either say we are not looking at it correctly and learn more about what the district is not saying at all.  They look at the overall but when you dig deep in then you see why some groups suffer more than others.  We don't hear this rhetoric at board meetings they just put out the nice numbers and call it a day.

In this link you will find three documents that show the numbers and we will brief you on what each one represents and what we should be focusing on and they are not.

How the Numbers were crunched

In this document it shows how the state came up with the numbers regarding the different Indexes that the district needs to meet.  Remember that we are still at the phase-in stages which means districts get time to understand the new system and tests before the state sets the real target. This year the target for most tests was 55% to meet standard.  When you look at the number as a district you see that most students passed for most below 70% which this is the second year this occurs.  When you start looking at students by race African American students are still behind most of the other groups.  We don't hear Tatum or anyone else making a fuss even when Dansby was in charge.  

The charts show you number of tests taken and when you see it that way, the picture gets real.  Our students are not performing as they should from what we hear from Curriculum folks who are doing the same thing every year.  When you start looking at Index 3 down the line, you see how students performed at the Phase-in satisfactory standard and it shows more than 55% on most.  When you look by race our AA students are below met standard.  Then take a look at the Advanced standard and the numbers are dismal.  Our students to be college and career ready must be at least 50% or more advanced to be competitive.  Yet no one speaks of that, they are happy with the minimum.

Go down to the last page 12 of 12 and you will see the picture of our graduates and how ready they are.

*Take a look at the Post-Secondary Readiness Standard, only 27% of students met it.  Out of 45,957 students tested only 12,578 met that particular standard.
*The 4 year graduation rate for the Class of 2013 shows 82.1% for the district but our African American students are at 76% and our Asian students a bit below.  
*The drop out rate for our African American students is at 4.2% twice what the district level is.
*The big one: College Ready Graduates the district is at 50% while African American Students are at 37%.  
*Our Special Ed students are not meeting standard either.

You can read more and we can sum it up that the minimum will not get our students anywhere and that's how the programs and plans (if any) are set to fail our students.  We have constantly reminded our administration that this won't cut it, even the curriculum audit said it and yet here we are, a few years from final standard.  

NO Distinction Earned

On this page you see that the district is quite far from reaching this.  Index 4 is dismal, with college ready graduates low, Advanced or Dual Credit Courses low, SAT, ACT, and on and on.  They do not pay attention because they have no clue how to tackle it.  What good are consultants when the results do not show.  So when they talk about tying money to budgets and to the district new objectives, they don't match.  All money spent should be tied to it and the results should show something but you don't see a report like that brought to the board and spoken of because they don't want to show that it didn't work.  Believe me there are many things that are hidden from the board and because they also have no clue they don't ask.

Real Numbers

Here you will see the state set passing standard with the federal requirements.  This shows that we have not met federal guidelines which are a better measure of students when it comes to how they should be performing.  I am sure they will not talk about it much because it's time to celebrate the small amounts that mean nothing to the life of student who will leave unprepared for school.

You be the judge on whether we are truly focused on students or continue on the same path of giving favors to those that have no interest in our students.  Why not ask Tatum for the results and how his interventions improved students.  Where is the accountability here because I am sure with these results the district will say that there is much work to do and not change a thing.  The same people will be in charge and the same thing will happen next year.  Let's not be fooled folks.

Is this what our board will rubber stamp again?

Technology under Davie is asking for over 30 million more in technology enhancements at the august 12 board meeting.  A vote of no confidence should be on the agenda for Davie and staff since technology has been a waste for FWISD and a money grabber for software vendors and not using technology equipment correctly; hence millions thrown away.  A true audit would determine more than the 2.7 million reported.

Also while we are on the agenda, why would you hire Nancy Timmons ( a friend of Dansby's) who is a former curriculum assistant superintendent as an audit consultant for 53000 dollars.  Stop wasting money on consultants who have no audit background nor technology and have no idea probably how to even use it.

Kyle Davie who was an EMT, needs to be resuscitated along with the department and put in new leadership, why are you giving him 30 million?

Is this what Ramos and the gang are going to vote for without asking why?

How has more money and more technology improved student achievement, can you show us?

Friday, August 8, 2014

What will the message be for FWISD on state results?

So the results are out my friends and things are the same as before.  We have 23 schools who did not meet standard.  Not to take away from those that Met Standard but the majority of our high schools did not meet standard.

Tobi Jackson is certainly not concerned for District 2 as Eastern Hills HS and Poly HS did not meet standard, as well as, Forest Oak Middle, SS Dillow EL and CC Moss EL.  I guess her time away at the Prep Academy kept her busy and forgot FWISD.

So who will blow the trumpets and celebrate the MET STANDARD rating for FWISD?

This year we shall see if their testing every three weeks will pay off.

It seems like focusing on the North Side, South Side and West Side pays off because the East Side seems to be left alone.  Yet our leaders show no plan, nothing effective to resolve anything.  They do the same thing each year, fill positions with incompetence and leave the children on their own.  But oh don't argue against their graduation rate because they can crunch the numbers, I am sure that part was not an error when the computer messed up the attendance numbers.  Will the district report itself if that happens as they allege?

Let's not be fooled by the message that will come out we all know on the ground what is going on and we know that teachers are left to do miracles when no support is provided because everything directed is just to save their job and say they are working.  So we have a save yourself if you can attitude for our students and parents.

Remember folks that these are standards based on the low 50% to 60 % passing for most areas so that means that once the passing levels rise things will look different.  But I am sure that FWISD is happy with just passing.  Recipe for disaster eventually.


Our board has indicated that on August 12 they will only discuss the palazzolo case and no votes publicly.  Once again they refuse to act and bring an end to this.

So if no vote comes then no appeal should occur and the case is settled.  We will see what they do but for the most part because it's in executive session we won't know much.  Sutherland may provide some insight, which is the only courageous person that keeps us informed.  No one else has the courage to do so.

Silence seems to be the easy way out!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mr. Jacinto Ramos, what are you teaching your youth followers?


We have discussed many of the dinosaurs that have stood in the way of progress on the board and a year after the last election, we need to also ask how the new blood is impacting the district.

Mr. Ramos, District 1, beat an incumbent who was only in it for himself and the district was hungry for something new.  His followers know him from his roots on the North Side area and for the work he does for youth.  Like them, many in the district put forth their hope that change would come or at least another voice for the people would emerge so that the status quo was no more.

Quotes and accolades are thrown around about the greatness of one person's influence on another.  While that influence is sincere, the message can get lost when actions taken in other instances do not match.  We speak about actions that are not being taken on the board, being that voice to question why things are they way they are and not a rubber stamp just so that the group looks good.

It's time that what is being taught about being a voice for others begins to take shape now before the district goes further down in disgrace.  Your followers glorified you to a degree because of what you are capable of doing and somehow that spark has faded.  Making alliances are great but only when they benefit the mass and not a particular group over another.  The quest at hand is to make a difference even when you are the only one standing.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” 
― Martin Luther King Jr.

We hope that when this is quoted within many of the youth gatherings that it is intentional because that's how it looks at this point.  Silence is a virtue at times but not when the lives of thousands of students and staff are at stake.  Not when the premise of change embodied in your campaign benefits one side.  Communication is a big point that we hear you teach the youth you serve and we are hungry for the same.

We hope words become action soon.

Who is keeping Watch of our Taxpayer Money in FWISD?

During budget times Mr. Johnson would put up nice slides on the budget and celebrate the fund balance as a prized golden egg.  The district boasts no cost of programs when grants are provided or extra funding from other sources.  So then they use fund money to add more staff or do other things that are not necessarily justified or give higher salaries to upper management.  While things change when school starts and adjustments are made, not once have we seen a true balanced budget that account for what is needed.  Talking about tying the budget to action items on the District Improvement Plan is a farce because they don't.  Just look at the many amendments made throughout the year that are voted on without much discussion and so they find another way to circumvent the entire process and not have to feel accountable to anyone.

Now we have here the 39 Million dollars to pay back to the state for lack of oversight and they say that the fund balance will pay for it and then they add extra hiring of people, extra this or that, plus the millions lost in technology equipment.  We have no one on the board that can truly speak numbers and know exactly how to balance or at least attempt to close the spending on salaries that are unjustified and make no direct impact on student achievement.  If anyone in the district has a chart that shows how the increase of salary impacted the classroom then we are sold.  We hear that we need to be competitive and offer the best salary but we do not hear anything about commitment, it's all about the money.  Someone who is truly serious about making an impact will do so regardless.  This just means that when we are competitive is between upper management to see how much they can get, nothing to do with helping in the classrooms.

Sutherland makes a major point that we are looking inside the box and not looking beyond what may come.  We are not preparing ourselves for another budget crisis nor are we being intentional about making sure that there is no disruption in the classroom because the first to go are teachers.  So now tell me how a raise to Hank Johnson made an impact on where we are, none, because we have no oversight of anything, just blame the computer.  Always a blame on someone else and not on the very people that like to give themselves titles and not produce a thing.  Tell me who in upper management ever brought a school to a high level of achievement?

Our elected officials need to make sure they don't get caught up with loss of revenue on their watch.  Parading ourselves as saviors of the district means nothing when the actual work is not being done.