Saturday, February 7, 2015


RE:   The Teachers, Students, and Parents of the FWISD

As you have been chosen to lead our district we wanted to address our needs.  We still do not know a lot about what you do even when we did publish the record that is public in a posting.  We do want to hold on to hope that you have our best interests in mind and are not what we have read about.

Fort Worth ISD is a diverse community that is in need of uniting and taking the politics out of every decision.  While we know you have to deal with a divided board and self-interests, you will need to focus on the needs that we have in the classrooms.  These are some of the issues that have kept us from improving:

*Workplace Bullying
*Top-Down Approaches
*Cookie Cutter Programs (every year)
*The same people making the decisions over the past 6+ years
*Bad curriculum
*Lack of support
*Substandard salaries (upper management gets big raises)

We can go on but some have lost hope in our leaders because we have not seen change.  We have a community that has been forgotten and only certain ones get all the attention because of the interests of a few.  We have students who are struggling and are behind and no one seems to know what to do. We as teachers know what is expected an know how to do it but we are told how to teach by some who have not been in the classroom.

While we want to celebrate the new in you it's fine but let's truly celebrate when we see true change in our district.  The more time we spend on celebrating, we keep our students further behind and our teachers without the necessary resources to do what they need to do.

Please do not do what Dallas has done with the type of leadership that seems to be connected to you.  Value people, be intentional about what you envision and know that the majority of us will support you.  But if you cater to board pressure and the politics then you will have a hard time.  Do what is right for all of us and make sure what we do is for students and teachers.

We look forward to a better school year!

Come see us in action in the classroom to get the true picture.


  1. Great letter...I too am hopeful that this is an important step in bringing about much needed positive and long-lasting change.

  2. Amen. We need change for our children and the emoloyees that serve them, especially those on the front lines that need upper mgt support and to be included at the table of decisions.

  3. Revamp OPS and Employee Relations and you will quickly see employee morale change!

  4. "Watching"... Maybe idiots like you shouldn't be going to OPS!!

  5. Employee and VoterFebruary 8, 2015 at 6:07 AM

    Mr. Avila, please read the following story and comment honestly. The story is true. I have first hand knowledge. Were you part of this scam on the Public? What will you do now that you know?

  6. Employee and VoterFebruary 8, 2015 at 6:09 AM

    You don't sound like a "Teacher" to me but rather part of the problem like from OPS or maybe Rufino himself.

  7. No I am a teacher, but have never been sent to OPS. Thats like saying, your not a parent if you haven't had CPS come visit.

  8. Employee and VoterFebruary 8, 2015 at 8:55 AM

    You really are an idiot. Your day with Mr. No Integrity is coming. I was not "sent" there either but know all about him.

  9. I never was involved in reviewing 30 application packets? Who did this, Dr. Avila?

  10. Haha! Wow! Thank you Ann for your honesty! Thank God we still have Ann! Mr. Avila, you should be ashamed of yourself but, I'm guessing you have lies just rolling off your tongue like a breath of air.

  11. we were given the 30 in our packet of the 16 we reviewed in detail...but whatever...

  12. Ann you have been "had" again. Did you know there was "panic" over the lack of applicants? This is no way to hire a Superintendent of the third largest ISD in the State, for $300,000 plus per year. I spend more time interviewing minimum wage workers.

  13. I'll tell you whatever, Mr. Avila. Our teachers are tired of half or incomplete truths! If it's too much trouble to give that kind of transparency then, you shouldn't be on the BOE. Your customers sir, are the teachers, students, and parents of this district and I'm sorry to say that customer service is lacking. Perhaps you care to explain regarding Super. Linares' comment? Here it is just in case: Employee #102404-Rafaela Gomez currently makes 66k a year. Now Dr. Sutherland did get confirmation from Mr. Monge that she indeed has only a GED so Ms. Linares you mher whatever title you choose. Unfortunately, most of us who earned our degrees find this offensive! So yes, that is a considerable amount more than a classroom teacher with a Masters and 10 years experience! By the way, this information about her salary is on the data tab. Not sure what's left to confirm.

  14. No panic over the # of applicants. This was an ample number based on the position. Last time I think there were 30 (I am NOT positive that this is the correct number).

  15. Ann, I'm sorry but you misunderstood my comment. Actually I was asking you if you had in fact been made aware that there was a "general panic" (their term not mine) among Senior Mgt. and some of your fellow Board Members over the lack of response. If you have not heard this yourself, better start asking questions. There never was over 100 applicants - there was ONE. They were reduced to actually phone banking calls to Superintendents across the country seeking applicants. Ask some questions!!

  16. PLEASE do not rest until you get an answer to this question!

  17. Not so. Who reviewed the 30?

  18. Truth and ConsequencesFebruary 26, 2015 at 1:01 AM

    Teacher is superintendent material. Just find us someone with integrity and things will improve for everyone-except the self-serving few.