Monday, February 9, 2015


Well, well.  We knew the cronies would come out swinging as well because they hate the fact that we have been able to uncover a lot of their dealings.  So we come to our favorite person....

Michael Sorum who has been in charge of Curriculum for how long?  Too long to see anything constructive done in the district.  We can agree that it's time to kiss up to your new boss so that you can keep your raises and keep on truckin'.  Your comment to us was very eloquent and made points that Dr. Avila agreed with because it speaks to what it is the district is needing.  Yet the way things get done do not speak to the integrity and ethics that has been lacking and continues to lack. 

You speak about data and we have yet to see the data from you regarding SCAs and how our students are doing?  You threw that into teacher's faces and thought it was the best thing and now people don't look at it.  You created a survey that says 92% of principals agree that it's a great thing.  Well how about doing the survey yourself and getting the true picture.  Of course we would not get caught up in telling you how we really feel because unlike you we are committed to our district.  We go to the area where people are working hard each and every day and we can tell you it's just another piece of paper.  Ask experts that have national recognition and they will tell you this is trash.  And no we didn't do a survey to make it sound good, we actually spoke to real people.

For you to say that classroom experience is not the cornerstone to success boggles our mind coming from the person that is in charge of curriculum.  If it is not then why were teachers told to teach with a script in hand for at least 4 years or more?  If it's not important then why do we need your position, we can just let teachers teach and not worry about data or anything else.  Let's see, when FWISD hires principals they now want them to be instructional leaders, know about curriculum.  FWISD, unless it has changed, require APs to have three years experience or more in the classroom before they can become principals.  So most people in the district have more experience that someone coming in.  If this person is coming in with much less classroom experience then why do we keep people who are performing well from moving up?  We have lost great people to other places because we have nepotism and who you know.  Just look at the families that reign in the district from board members to children of upper management. 

We laugh at how you throw pay for performance in our face, don't fear it because in the real world people get paid for what they produce.  If that's the case then why didn't you take ownership of the scores and based your pay on it?  We can tell you that you would not have the money you have now.  How much did we get?  When have you provided real training that fits our needs?  You paid Angelini to tell us how to stop and jot a STAAR story, really?  You expect that to be the fix all of our problems?  How many more programs are you going to throw in our face? 

So while you defend the new person- look in the mirror and do us a favor- tell you yourself what a failure you have been to our district.  If the new guy is coming in to do what is right, no doubt the majority will be with him.  So with our comments and information we are letting him know just how corrupt our district is and if he truly wants to do the best he needs to do it constructively where teachers and students are not affected.  He needs to involve everyone and not just hear what you and your cronies have to say.  We know you are getting yourself ready to sell yourself but we know the truth.

So when you have credibility then we will take your comments on this blog more seriously but you are always welcomed to be our guest because unlike many in upper management we do listen and post everything regardless of what it is. 

This is part of what you said: 
Your posts about our new superintendent are both absurd and ridiculous. The "sources" you post are either from August 2012 in Santa Fe, the time Dr. Boyd started his tenure at Santa Fe, or they are screenshots from anonymous sources like yourselves. The article you linked above does not paint a picture of this superintendent as immature and ineffective, in fact it sounds like Santa Fe is going to miss him because he has made positive changes. I will now attempt to summarize your complaints about this choice:
1. He is young
2. He doesn't have enough classroom experience
3. Teach For America
4. Harvard is the same as Broad
5. He will be disruptive
6. The superintendent selection was secretive
7. Ray and Associates is part of a conspiracy to bring in Broad/TFA/Harvard/"insert your next complaint" candidates


  1. Bravo!!! If upper mgt based their pay on performance they would NOT be getting any raises! So true. Sorum, what has he ever done for our children? FWISD is a great place for losers to hide out and make lots of money! How do you sleep at night? How many lives will you ruin? How do you look in the mirror every day? Is the money that important to your lifestyle? How do you look into children's eye and face their parents? You don't! You hide behind your corrupt regime of YES SIR women.

  2. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I am not Dr. Sorum. I am a pre-k teacher and the reason I didn't use my real name is because I don't want to deal with your bullying. I'll take it as a compliment that you think I'm the Deputy Superintendent. I commented yesterday because I am a fifth year teacher and your views don't represent mine or those of most of my peers. Not all of us are focusing on conspiracy theories every day and posting on a regular basis because we're busy preparing to educate our students as best we can. I'll reiterate the whole point of my original post; let's welcome Dr. Boyd to our district and city and let him work. You'll have plenty of time to criticize him if things don't go well, but at this point, you're grasping for straws, or straw men.

  3. And now that the selection is made (without Public input), according to Sutherland, Sorum is still violating state law and pushing forward with his SCA's. Obviously nothing to fear from the new MJ clone.

  4. They certainly deserve better than you.

  5. Are you drunk?

  6. Speaking of those not qualified to do their job, how about Raul Perez? He is required to have a bachelor's as a Director and his Asst Director requires a Masters! Dig deeper and you will find more of these outrageous promotions/positions.

  7. Not a Guest but a ProfessionalFebruary 10, 2015 at 11:10 AM

    But you're still here!

  8. Smelt it dealt it!!

  9. Dansby or other scapegoatFebruary 10, 2015 at 12:05 PM

    The author is so transparent. Good luck expecting anyone to believe this.

  10. Not a Guest but a ProfessionalFebruary 10, 2015 at 6:44 PM

    Just as I thought! Tobi again! You are so anti-teacher/student your rhetoric shines through.

  11. Awwwww. Do we have a Dansby supporter here? Very rare. He should be irate after getting dumped and humiliated for this inexperienced kid.

  12. Can you tell me where you saw this information? Just to Carify: Raul Perez does not have any degree and he's a Director? What department? We need to expose this! I consistently ask about Rafaela Gomez but, no one will comment

  13. Really!!! What a very grown up statement...