Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Here is the report from the newspaper and what the board said, which sums it up!!!


  1. So you're saying there's a chance.

  2. concernedcitizensfortworthisdFebruary 11, 2015 at 11:16 PM

    there's always a chance.. but we agree that we need an more instruction less politics

  3. Their problem is now our problem thanks to a Board that never has done the job they were elected to. This comment is specifically directed to Ashley Paz: Cate Moses of Santa Fe says it best speaking of our new Super:
    "The "reforms" Carrillo and Boyd's gang tout have been the status quo since the 2001 passage of the No Child Left Untested Act, and they have proven a dismal failure, even by their own standards. It's time to get politicians like Boyd and his team out of our schools and give control to the experts: teachers, as Cashmon appears to be saying. But her emphasis on "proficiency scores" is disheartening. Standardized tests have no proven educational value or relationship to learning.
    Parents, refuse the standardized tests! It's your legal right and the best thing you can do for your child and for public education.
    Under Boyd's so-called "reforms," teacher morale has never been worse. Our kids are being tested to death, curriculum has narrowed, and teacher autonomy is nonexistent. Yet teachers are blamed for all failings and Boyd is praised for imaginary successes. The graduation numbers and supposed rapid improvements are smoke and mirrors. Graduation numbers have been calculated by a different formula every year, with the aim of making Boyd look good. If that gets him out of here, great, but the numbers are a lie. The worst thing the board could do is hire a member of his team to be the interim or replacement. And it is no doubt what they will do--unless the community exercises its voice.

    Do you get it yet Ashley?

  4. No Strings AttachedFebruary 12, 2015 at 7:03 AM

    No she doesn't! But seriously what do you expect from someone who hasn't even been to college! I'm sorry but I think it's absolutely absurd to have allowed this person on the board. Everything we do is about education; don't you think it would've been a good idea to actually put someone on the board who has an education. I find it insulting! What was it she said during her campaign, I think it was, "had to make a decision was I going to eat or go to college because I could not afford to do both!" Yep that's Fort Worth ISD!

  5. Want to know why Ashley like Cinto is suddenly quiet? Cinto got a made up job at TCU, rumor has it Ashley was accepted into an MBA Program at TCU. No explanation (if true) how that was possible other than Needham and Koehler.

  6. Please withdraw your offer to Dr. Boyd and reconsider the man we have right here in our own community, Dan Powell. He has a proven track record, great integrity, and vast experience. He is an accomplished leader and is very invested in the local community. Thank you.

  7. Amen to Dan Powell!