Wednesday, June 28, 2017

THE $130,000 MAN

Must be nice to get paid for doing what?

So whatever title he holds now is paying off dividends.  We would like to see his evaluation so that we can see his job description.  But it pays to do the dirty work for Ramos and to tell Scribner what to do.

Jerry, it paid off to sleep around with the Chief and to brown nose your way.

Friday, June 23, 2017


Scribner has finally found out that he is stuck at FWISD and that the label may not help his future aspirations.  FWISD was his fast track to stardom and the swamp ate him.  

Two individuals are running the district to their liking, Jerry Moore and Ramos.  Ramos protects Moore because he is running the programs that he favors of which Scribner was supposed to eliminate.  

Scribner it appears is lost not knowing who to trust and relies on Moore who by all accounts has less credibility than a roach.  

Ramos secretly wanted Paz and Sims to loose.  He offered Muhammad money to run against Sims but he saw his true colors and stuck to principles.  Ramos also paid his cronies to help Pilar run the campaign.

But back to Scribner, he is a puppet doing the bidding of the Mafia ring leader.  The power grab has been completed and has the money from Bass family to keep everyone in check.

You should of ran when you could Scribner.. now you are stuck unless your nice extended contract.  


It appears that a new clan has formed and perhaps not new because Breed is still there.  So all the appointees are part of the sorority as shown by their clan signals.  We know the Eastern Hills EL principal left to Crowley ISD and the new one is no other than the daughter of the Scott clan who were principals five years ago, ran Poly and involved in many tax scandals.  The new EH Elementary principal has about 2 years of experience as an AP who did not receive a good recommendation from her former campus but that doesn't matter when Breed, Sanchez, Buchanan are in charge.  So the committee to help hire admin worked hard thinking they were actually doing something good to come back and have Sanchez, Buchanan and the rest just pick who they wanted regardless.  Their selection process is not about skills or talent it is merely who they like or not.

FWISD is losing talent because of this.  Wonder why Hollinger left?  She saw the writing on the wall and look at those who have gone to other districts.  A shame but no surprise that clans and the mafia are ruining this even more.

Monday, June 12, 2017


So we hear that Scribner informed principals that Charles from Curriculum will now move over to HCM to take over the SLO and some of the same duties that Clint has now.  So we wonder what happened that he is being moved since he was in charge of curriculum.  

Does anyone have any information?  

This comes as the district trained principals on the new planning model that teachers will be trained on when they return.  Scribner requested that principals get 8 teachers to attend a session in July but no mention of pay for days not on contract.  This may sound like a voluntold type of thing.

So once again teachers will be subjected to fast training and immediate implementation with no sign of continued support to make sure it is done correctly.  Not sure if UEA has gotten anything more from the administration but this is the sloppy way FWISD brings on its new programs.  Another year to learn something new and blame the teachers for it not being done.

So get ready teachers, rest up.

Send us more information that we need to know because otherwise it stays all secret.


Sorry folks, we have been busy with the ending of school and trying to take a breather.

Below is the link to the Como letter referenced in the last post in comments regarding the credentials of individuals who are just hired for who they know and have no experience in anything else.

This letter was sent back when Linares was in charge and then turned a blind eye and ear and did not listen to the committee.  This is what community engagement looks like for FWISD.