Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


We just wanted to post Dr. Sutherland's comment about last night's meeting.  We hope she is right and that everything will be corrected as it should be.  We will give credit to President Ramos for a good start!

Good to hear that Dr. Sutherland will be on the audit committee and she is right that we need to clean up things.  We also hope that the Palazzolo case is settled soon so we can save money and move on.

What was your take?  let us hear from you

Monday, June 22, 2015


Well some big items made the paper, which we know is unheard of, not like Dallas where you know everything by the minute.

So it was reported that this step may be tabled at the meeting tomorrow since we do have at least two board members who are against it and feel that it may be against the law to some degree but most of all that it keeps voters disenfranchised and without representation.  We appreciate Trustee Sutherland and Trustee Paz for standing up for the voices on this issue.  We cannot allow the current administration and other trustees to silence the voice of thousands of voters for personal feelings towards fellow trustees.  We ask for the leaders to lead on this issue.

As the district dips into the reserves to cover what they call expenses based on growth.  We all know that it is not the only reason, they have given raises to the top, hired more people and teachers are only getting 3%.  So the taxpayers are asked for 3 cent tax hike to pay off some.

How nice!!!   Guess we can't give our 2 cents here or else they will take them.

Governor Abbott signed the bill decriminalizing truancy.  While TEA will provide the rules on how to deal with truancy, we sure need to know if we will save 300,000 now that we won't need the court. Will we stop feeding the city?


Here we have our taxpayer dollars at work in helping our youth make gang signs with our YAP program.  YEP folks.. that's how comfortable individuals are when the President is your ally and they only have 89 more students to train.  This is the 200,000 or more price tag.

Have we missed something?  Did the district ever talk about the scores even to celebrate them?
Maybe it's on the Good presentations they will make and get their gold seal from the board on how great they perform.  Ms. Moss we need you to ask SOrum if we are ready and how ready are kids were this year.  

Sunday, June 21, 2015


The show on Tuesday will be very interesting as Ramos takes the seat and thus mark the Perfect Dictatorship.

Dr. Sutherland has been crucial in listening and voicing much of our concerns.  Let's not forget that she is but one member.  The rest of them are working closely to run the mill as they want and forget the many ailments of the district.

What we have found out in regards to how we treat and compensate employees is that the Board ceded most of the powers to the administration.  This truly makes sense when it comes to the decisions that have been made and how in the dumps we are as a district.  Administration gives itself raises without needing approval, people with no education make more than the people who are required to be degreed and certified.  No business or agency would hire someone with a GED at 60,000 without asking for more education.  Big corporations want an educated workforce and one that continues to grow beyond the normal requirement.  We at FWISD, don't care much about that because we keep the same people in their positions and give them raises without them gaining anymore knowledge through Continuing Ed.  Yet the same individuals say that they are about children and College and Career Ready but don't practice it themselves.  Even people who enter the workforce have to be trained and earn a certificate beyond a GED and then require future training just as teachers are required to have continuous training.

So we have very low standards for teachers but we forget that it's who you know.

Also Dr. Sutherland points out that the truancy court, our taxpayer money, is being sent to the city to try our students as criminals plus the fees they charge.  So our students are being treated as collateral which sounds to us more like servitude and slavery in its own right.  We allow the criminal system to define their future and lest we forget the prison pipeline, FWISD is the starting point.

Another big items is the reorganization which is presented as a means to centralize the PD for staff.  As mentioned it is telling teachers how to teach and when.  The TOP DOWN APPROACH

See what Dr. Sutherland has posted as agenda items and let your voice be heard.

Friday, June 19, 2015


Tuesday it's going to get interesting at the board meeting, well we expect it to!

While the Ramos following is high fiving and celebrating the elevation to the throne many wonder how it was so sudden and what was behind it.

Well it so happens that due to the TOMA suit coming soon, our dear Norman Robbins who was presiding during the time of the entire debacle he can be held personally liable in both criminal and civil aspects.  He violated the Open Meetings Act when they set to appeal the Palazzolo case without a public meeting and vote as required.  In a previous post we provided the summary of judgement being sought and also the FWISD appeal.  So the board had to remove him quickly because of this and well the only puppet left is Ramos.  So they know they can control him enough that he was the quick scapegoat.

This Tuesday the board has the Palazzolo case on the agenda.  Things are getting heated and there is no one to blame but the board who continues to delay and not meet head on the responsibility it has.  So robbins:

Then the board continues to delay releasing the documents of the payments to the attorneys which once again they filed a brief on June 18 to the Attorney General asking to not have them released because it is attorney client privilege.  So now they want to make everything they talk about in session confidential even when it applies to taxpayer money.  Just release how much you have paid, no one is asking what you discussed just the amounts paid for services rendered.  They are sure hiding something!  Taxpayers should demand transparency.  The AG has already told you what you need to release and yet you keep stalling and paying more money to lawyers outside of the city.


The district lawyers denied early in 2010 that the Department of Education had any investigation into AHHS and yet the DOE sought information and had Palazzolo working with them.  Flat lies and here is the proof.. the FWISD letter and then the DOE letters.

So we continue to set the bar high for our districts requirements of educational standards.
We thought how can the district do so but then we have someone that is an example for all..  need we say more:..

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


UPDATED: apparently she has been working for the FWISD.  So not a newbie... Could it be that Rafaela moved her to the department.  Either way.. 

We better welcome the newest addition to the HCM or you will hear the wrath of Rafaela.  According to the source, "She hired Susana Mendez with Monge's benediction"  
Now you have a rogue employee running a department in charge of hiring new staff and maintaining the diversity of it which in this case.. not much since she is hiring Orlando's ex.  

Who is Orlando?  Apparently he works in the district or does someone know?  Regardless here is cheers to your new position and what is your education level?  We only accept GEDs so if you don't have one then you don't qualify.

Thanks Board for approving such quality employees to be the face of the district.  Let's all drink to that!!


It so happens that the FWISD ADMIN ANTS are restructuring the learning networks created by Sorum and installed under Dansby.  Linares making changes without waiting for the new super.

But what people are saying deep within the ranks is that the board is still considering Sorum for superintendent.

It has to be a Joke right?

* How many years has he been in charge of Curriculum?

*How many years of failure under him?

*He tried to get EL Paso job back when Dansby came in and he did not make it.  So if they don't want him why in the world would we?

*The Learning Networks were his idea and they failed.  They herd people like cattle with no consideration for anything except lining up their pockets.

We truly hope this is a joke because the board would truly be going against the public who wants someone from the outside that can take a fresh look and clean house completely.  The changes being made now is to try and save their own heads so that the new person feels obligated to keep things as is.  We are sure watching this move.

By the way Dr. Sutherland, where are we on the Super Search?  The longer we keep these jokers in charge the worse things will get.  Why won't the district discuss STAAR results and how things will be different this time?  Ms. Moss ask Sorum again if we are ready and see what answer you get.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


This posting is related to the legal fees to the one case that they have stalled and continue to fund lawyers without a contract approved by the board nor any other guidance.

As we know the Palazzolo case involves the original suit from the firing and then to add the Dansby debacle and finally the TOMA suit due to the board not approving in open session the appeal for the original suit.  So that means that lawyers have to be hired to provide the district with guidance but in all... the costs keep rising.  

Some will say well it can't be 5 million but as long as it runs it will end up being more than what the original jury deliberation was and the district has dug in at taxpayer expense.  Remember when they asked for 4.5 million for the budget, well because of all the suits.  

What is also ironic is that the district continues to withhold information related to who and how much they are paying for cases not only Palazzolo.  Requests have been made using FOIA and the district has yet to release the information even when the attorney general has indicated what they can withhold and the rest they need to release.  Also we thought that TASB lawyers were handling the cases and the recent letter by a firm from San Antonio raises questions about when they decided to get more attorneys if TASB was their chosen firm and the apparent contract that has expired and now are running on fumes.

We also included a summary of judgement to get the show on the road with all of these lawsuits.  You can read all documents below.

So President Ramos while you attend your self-invited coronation, do put that on your list of things to take care of and end once and for all.  You can't celebrate when things continue to be as they are..if you truly are serious about working and making changes, then show it.  Talk is cheap.. we've got plenty of that going around.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


On Friday, Sherry Breed and company informed learning network specialists that they would have to reapply for jobs as they were restructuring.  Staff were told that they had to make up their mind by 8 AM on Monday.

So many questions but this doesn't surprise us because this is how they treat employees.  There are 30 that are needed for the PD department under Jerry Moore and the rest are going to needy schools or so they say.


So if they are restructuring, are they being asked to go to needy schools or being forced?
If they are learning network specialists and must go back as teachers, will they keep their salary?  This sounds more like a demotion and more precisely a desperate attempt due to scores on STAAR and any other area.  So now you force people to go where they don't want to go and keep others from growing as potential administrators, etc.

What study or research was conducted to justify the moves?  FWISD is used to just throwing people everywhere and expect things to change without truly planning it.  Let's recall the reason for the networks, remember board members how they said this would definitely bring about support for the schools?  What were the results?  Did it work or not?  What happened to setting up systems?

Once again no plan in place and employees are the ones affected.  Why can't we restructure top admin with their big raises, apparently the lower end people get the blame for the state of the district and the top stay where they are or keep moving up.  Why doesn't this make sense.

JACKSON, SUTHERLAND, employees need you, where is UEA?.  Do not approve any additional funds for their crazy mess.  We knew from the beginning of this that it was top heavy.  The sad thing is that the good ones will leave for a place that treats them with dignity and not like a herd of cattle.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


As you read Dr. Sutherland's comment, the one that we are focusing on is towards the bottom regarding the policy change on how a board member can get items on the agenda.  First it was proposed that it would take 3 board members to agree to have an item placed on the agenda since the President of the Board and the Superintendent are the ones who create it.

So now the board is going to muzzle the speech of an elected official who was elected by the people not by the board.  What are they hiding?  If you think we have many items on the agenda, look at Dallas, they even have a briefing before the main board meeting..

So the people voted for their representatives only to have them cut off once they sit and represent their district.  So there is truly no representation any longer when this rule goes into effect.

Truly ironic that the new President is going to allow this but as we know he has been bought already.
Remember Mr. Ramos when you came on board you were so disgusted with the lack of resources for your district that you made deals with Dansby to get what you needed.  Yes students benefitted but you felt that some sides of the district were getting more, like Needham, and you wanted your piece of the pie.  So now that you have gotten it and will continue to get what you want, now you will vote to stop another part of the district from benefitting from an item proposed by their elected representative just because of personal opinions.  Since you are teaching at TCU I am sure that you are letting them know exactly what you are about to preside over, there is truly no JUSTICE rather more CRIMINAL. We noticed you were in attendance at the TABS graduation where your benefactor Dr. Johnson was in attendance as the pet that you are.  Of course she gave you money for your campaign so you need to wag your tail.
 Also what a great government lesson this would be for our students and your own children.  Please let them know that it doesn't matter what the votes are, you have ways to get around it and since you are in charge and have the power you can muzzle anyone because you can.. that's what power does to you.  Glad that you are serving as a beacon of greatness for the North Side.

Oh and when you get to Camp CommUNITY let the students know the same thing.  BAM is in and BAM will do whatever he wants because now you got your piece and the hell with everyone else.  Don't forget that you sold yourself to the bond and all the special interests on the backs of our students.


How many of you have seen this website?  Looks nice, wording is ok.. somewhat convincing.  So you boast of 22,000 employees but 5000 or more of them in the FWISD have been screwed by YOU.

They don't stand up for anything.. they work hand in hand with the district to get a deal behind your back that may benefit you or that you ultimately have to take or they will let the district fire you.  Look at the recent firings of teachers and/or employees?  They are in bed with the district and have done it for so long.  Why don't they stand up and speak out against the bully environment that we have?  Why don't they work with us to get higher pay or at least allow us to do our job.

All we can say is that they are silent because they get your money from payroll, so they don't have to do more than collect and they convince others that they are the best.  Well there are options and one of them is ATPE folks.. attorneys on staff.. not just staff.. but actual professionals.  JOIN ANY OTHER JUST NOT WHAT YOU HAVE NOW!

Where are they now?



So much talk around this person Rafaela Gomez and we thought we'd give her a spot on our blog.

It so happens that not only is she making more than most teachers in the district at over $60,000 dollars with a GED.  Then she loves to tell people that education has no direct meaning because it does not define you.  So we continue to employ role models for our students that it doesn't matter if you are educated, FWISD does not appreciate it nor truly takes care of their employees.  

On top of that, she has made many racial comments of which she has been reported to Employee Relations and nothing has happened.  That is no surprise to us because many have gone to any agency within the district and you either get fired or bullied to leave.  Also because Rufino Mendoza, Director of Employee Relations, who was fired from the city for sexual harassment, hired by Dansby, is Trustee Ramos' wife's uncle.  So yeah family connections will surely help you in FWISD.  We need to do a family tree investigation to see if we are at least 1% related by blood to any of hopes of not getting fired or at least get a raise.

So now teachers you will get a 3% raise, what do you have to say about that Rafaela?  oh wait you make 10 times more than even the average worker who is doing more than you are.  Yes Mr. Monge is entitled to an assistant but at that price?  Tell me what she does that merits it, not just because of a study because we are sure that the comparison was done for people who actually have more duties than she does and can assure you they actually went back to get at least an associates.

So thank you Mr. Monge for throwing it on our face that we are worth nothing to you and this district.

We don't know if this is her, only picture found.  Let us know 

We happend to run into this comparison online when she was a supervisor.  Sad that even our paraprofessionals who work more than 20 years only end up below 25,000 salary when they work with children.  Sad day.

Friday, June 5, 2015


We have gotten word from teachers and staff that the IT department under the direction of Becky Navarre have gone ahead in some areas with upgrading the computers of many teachers and staff.

No consideration for their time as they are still teaching and dealing with students to then deal with a deadline that does not make sense.  They didn't get the time to backup their information and IT went ahead and erased their computers to update.

What a shame, without using other words, that teachers are already mistreated and now add insult to injury by imposing a deadline before school is over.

How does the Board and Administration respond to this?

Board members, can we do something about the mistreatment of teachers?  Is there no dignity at all in how we treat our teachers?

They have been working hard all year and now someone who has too much power can do what they want without notice.

Once again Becky Navarre is the culprit and she is ROGUE..


We have been busy today with so many stories.. but if it wasn't for our board and company, we wouldn't have much to say about their incompetence and lack of integrity.

Let's start with our President from the Hood

If you recall he has a background in working with juvenile youth.. of which he only works two hours and that qualifies for a full day according to the standards with the Juvenile System.  But he is also very involved with Camp Community which is part of MCA a non-profit.  A camp is conducted each year where youth, we suppose, at risk youth are supported with mentors and basically positive.  This is where the Hood mentality is taught to the innocent ones who happen to go.  They are brainwashed into an ideal that keeps them from looking beyond where they are and move forward.  It's good to be grounded but not stuck and that's where our students end up.

The issue we have now is that Jerry Moore, the newly appointed Ex Director of Professional Development, coming from the failed department with Baldrige, has utilized district funds to send students to the Camp Community.  When we asked for the agenda item and/or contract between the district and MCA, nothing has surfaced.  Besides the contract not available, isn't this the same thing that happened to Avila?  A conflict of interest?

We are funding the Camp with district funds for a select few without any discussion or approval.  This to benefit Ramos who is part of the Camp as an advisor and has done so for many years.  So we see a conflict of interest here big time.  So much for transparency.  It's ok to vote against Avila but you don't see that for yourself either.

On top of that here comes Steinert.  Remember that the district contracts with YAP to work with students and of course a hefty price tag for only a select number of students that go to pay for Mr. Ramos' inner circle because a good amount of them work for YAP.  Then YAP buys Santa Fe of which Steinert's best friend is a part of and now we can see why YAP has such a bigger price tag than any of the other programs that only serve a few of our students.


Dr. Sutherland and Linda, can a request for information be made regarding Camp Community?  Where is the money coming from?  Who signed off on it especially when it's an entity that should be a vendor and go through the formal process.  How are students being selected, from which schools?  We have many questions

Check out the list of people who were there last year:  one being Claudia, the President's mistress and also that the child they have was conceived at Camp Community.. yes don't forget he has a child out of wedlock.


We like the nice charts!!  Like a cute kitten

So the scores that the District won't release, to have time to make them look nice.. are here.

These are the overall results as reported by Admin.  No major changes..

LOL how they compare to Dallas ISD with double the students.  But regardless we still have more than half of our students who are not successful.  They move on the factory chain of failure.

What we want to see Ms. Arispe and others.. since you got a raise.. is what is the average scale score?
How many students barely passed?

Remember these are the passing standards set by the state... so if they just pass the test then it counts.. so the big issue is that just passing is not telling of how much growth nor how much more students need to pass.  Also the Advanced levels are nowhere close to being competitive in any way.
So with scores the same or not improving significantly, what will the board do?  Will they keep it as is and sink later?

What is very telling of FWISD scores is that, with the rate so low in passing.. that we can't get higher than what we have.... 

And the answer lies with the incompetence at Central in not having a solid curriculum, training and allow teachers to teach and do what they need to do.

Also take a look at the main reports the state sends, which we don't have access to, which tell how the district would have scored when the new phases are implemented all the way to the recommended level.  I am sure that is a telling story of how far behind we are.  But what do we know.. we don't get paid a high salary.. we just work all day with students.


Remember this from Dr. Sutherland's blog:

Well word has come to us that the merger will be happening this summer.  They are getting the trucks ready to haul everything even after the community said NO!  As always they are trying to be sneaky about it but we are here to sound the alarm!!!

Once again we ask who is in charge?  Central administration headed by QUEEN LINARES has no trouble going against the community and the board because she has no stake in the district.  She is interim and has no sense of accountability.  She surely showed how bad she would of been as a superintendent.  Latina or not.. trash is trash!

But this administration will be pushing along!!

We need everyone to email their board member and voice their concerns.

Mr. Ramos, we can use your expertise on this... you had concerns about it.. so use the power you have to stop this and not hurt our students.

Dr. Sutherland please inquire about this and let's stop the madness of this incompetent group.


What are your goals Mr. Ramos?:

On Ramos’ Twitter account, @JARamos_Jr, he needed only nine words to tweet his goals:
“1. Unite the board as humanly possible. 2. Hire a superintendent.”"

So it comes to light that a proposal for the next board agenda is that items requested for discussion on the agenda must have the approval of THREE board members.  Tell us how this will unite the board in a humane way.. which is possibly not the correct word to use for the type of HUMANS that are on the board.

This policy seems similar to the one Dallas has where if three members request to discuss an item it must be done by the president and so since Mr. Ramos is buddies with the outgoing board Dallas Board President Miguel Solis.. it makes sense that he would get advice from his inner circle.

This is part of the Dallas News report:

The three trustees sent Solis separate emails in late February requesting that the board discuss Miles and his performance at a school board meeting. District policy says a request from three trustees must be placed on an agenda within 60 days. That deadline was April 21.

Why is Ramos following the same playbook?.. Dallas has two divided factions which fits that policy for them...  The biggest difference is that they have a separate board agenda meeting and all is on the table and have enough time to discuss items.. we don't.. we just rush it in and hope it goes away...
We have one faction which is led by Needham so definitely it makes sense to quiet dissent all around.  This is an attempt to quiet all of the issues that are surfacing at the district from the bond, lawyer fees that the district cannot explain and refuses to provide an FOIA request.  Just like the trustees sued the board president in Dallas, we must do the same here by suing the board to be transparent about the abuse of power and money.  We stand with Dr. Sutherland and we must push to stop this nonsense.  So Ramos is taking over majestically because he is following what every other president has done... hush and tell everyone all is ok.

QUEEN LINARES stay out of this, you have done enough harm and buried the bodies.. remember that's what Jackson told a group during the campaign.

P.S. Mr. Ramos, your entire beginning has been a push by the mafia... you had no knowledge of anything education until you were taught.. you came to the election after being gone from the district and suddenly appeared... as you still own a place outside FWISD.  You can't stand on your own two feet.... and now mama Needham will take care of you.  

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Officer would you please arrest her for making the life of our teachers and specialists a living hell?

Yes, Becky Navarre  has earned the distinction for the abuse she has inflicted on our staff during meetings, all under the direction of Kyle Davie.

Guess what, she tells teachers that if they don't like their jobs they can find another one somewhere else.  So I guess she is contributing to our retention program in HCM, let our best go!

Then to add insult to injury, she says she has UEA wrapped around her fingers so no need to call them because she is judge and jury.

So what say you board?  Almighty President Ramos, we can use your gang intervention skills to rid FWISD of this malice.  Have you all gotten off the clouds of Olympus and actually asked the teachers what is going on?  have you listened to their pleas?

So as the new President gets started to fix things around FWISD.. start with the people that have suffered the most.. even if they are not part of your inner circle.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Check out the misspelling on the website.

So now we need to hire a spell check for Griffith since she is out riding the school car.  We are on a hiring spree and happy raising salaries.. so why not just add one more.  Look at the last headline,

I wonder which principle she is referring to?


What a disgrace folks.. 

We can hear administrator at central office telling the schools to teach until the last day.. and make sure our students are taken care of.

We tell our students that school is the safest place and possibly the only meal they may have.. 

But come on.. can we get something better?  Are federal dollars already gone that they can't get a good meal?  Can we look at the budget again and make sure our students get a sound meal until the very last day?

Yet others are getting raises, our board feasts at each board meeting they have and yet our students get crap.. yes CRAP without using other expletives..

Students at Poly High got this today for lunch.. 

SO Jackson what part of your promise to better things is this?  Is this what they ate today at Paschal? at Tanglewood?  

Here is what they eat!!!


A while back we did a story on the dictatorship of Carter Riverside with the HARTless principal who is so against our minority students.  This still goes to the Odyssey and Plato issue but also with particular systems that our minority students do not have access to because the principal refuses to implement.  Other high schools have recovery type summer programs which this principal does not want.

Get some background on the story we ran:

Sarah Paz


Our biggest issue here is that there is such a disconnect with the students and parents.  Some parents are not notified their children cannot graduate and are surprised at the end.  Others need to know if their children will get to recuperate credits or anything.  So this is all about an adult issue and not what is best for our students.  So we have a disconnected principal and a board member who is focused on deals under the table than to be the support our students need.

So Paz when will you actually be on the side of our minority students?  When can they get their needs met?

We understand, no sweet deals or money in it for you there!!!  Sigh!

Monday, June 1, 2015


There are so many things that make you scratch your head and a few here made us as well.  Oh how dysfunctional our district is....

See what you think...

Did we miss something here?  For a moment we thought it was a mistake.  So the board voted on positions for this current school year?  So this was not something for next year when the new budget starts?  So as Sutherland said, Cherie got a job that was not even open as you can see she has no date to begin because hello!! she is still employed in another district.  

So YAP gets almost 300,000 dollars for 100 students for 90 days?  Man talk about someone making money.  So 20 students per campus when there is such a high need.  Someone is sure milking the cow.. (insert name here)  on we forgot that YAP is Ramos backed because his inner circle works there, just thought we drop that in.

Ramos backed also because his wife works here.  So yeah the dollar amount for funding will go up we are sure of that.

After 5 years she now wants to know where the money is going after she voted to approve this for 5 years?  At least she is keeping her campaign promise of doing more, if this is what you call undoing what you did wrong and now you want to be the savior.. 

GO MOSS!!!!   Can we get help for our kids to read.. we heard that!! Steinert got schooled  LOL

GO ANN!!! She sure told them how to teach children... label things, show us where the money goes.. you know basic mathematics that is not getting our money's worth from the chief...

PAZ you just put a big foot in your mouth.  I hear the recall election coming soon... it's 2017.

Dr. Sutherland gave us a shoutout at the board meeting.