Friday, April 17, 2015


Now that election season is underway, Dr. Sutherland got an opponent in Cecilia Speer a former FWISD administrator who is supported by Judy Needham and the old guard money.

We know she has started on the attack against Sutherland and we know Citizens for Great Schools and Needham are behind it.  She then went to the forum hosted by the PTA Council and lied about her.  She stated that Sutherland was censured unanimously by the board when it's a lie.

She touted her experience in the FWISD as someone that can bring about the change needed.  In our opinion is to keep the bodies buried because at this point Sutherland has been the sole voice on the board to uncover and speak against the corruption that we have.

Hopefully others will comment on here and relate their stories about her.

The first story stems when Raul Duran grieved for the opportunity to interview for a supervisor position where Speer had not given a latino a chance.  She said she had hired a latino which stunned everyone present.  Read the article which will give you the facts presented at the time.  The result of having true qualified representation of any race is not evident now with the people that have ruled forever.  Truly there is but one latino at central admin and the ones they are trying to move up are not qualified.  The only qualification is that they are related to someone in the district.

The other story that shows Speer's character is a lawsuit brought up by an employee that underwent so much stress, bullying and harassment that even with proof lost the case.  Here is a summary of that event, we have the facts but to protect the source, we will not publish the document until permission is given.

The employee had filed a Worker's Comp report because she was injured by Loester Posey and Cecilia Speer who played a prank on her by using a large rubberband snake which was placed under a large envelope in the seat of the chair.  During the Worker's Comp hearing, Posey and Speer admitted to the prank.  The employee was startled which caused her to jump and her foot landed in a metal garbage can near her desk.  She fell to the floor, twisted her body and reinjured her wrist from a surgery she had before.  The incident resulted in injury and humiliation.

The employee filed the report which was never submitted to Worker's Comp and had to resubmit one two months later.  The interesting part here is that Posey and Speer were the appeal officers as well.  So you run the department and get to decide at the same time whether to approve an injury or not.  The employee sent various letters to Speer to request to be heard with no response.  She also sent a letter to Dansby at the time to complain about the retaliation with no response.  Even in the deposition Speer and Posey admit to the prank and the resulting injuries.

But guess what?  As in many cases in Tarrant County the district always gets its way.  After all evidence presented and proved, the case went for the district.  To add insult to injury, the employee had to pay court costs.  The lawyer for the district was Barlow.  No surprise, the same lawyers keeping the bodies hidden.

So you can see folks Speer comes with much baggage and she will continue to cover up for the district and against employees.  Her whole reason for being in the race is because Needham wants Sutherland gone and other groups.

BAD NEWS if she gets elected!!!!  Stand with Sutherland.

LISTEN BELOW TO AUDIO.. go to the END and hear SPEER and her lies then Sutherland calls her on it.

5701 Meadowbrook, Building 3 CASH COW for Fort Worth

The debate over the truancy court has been on the radar for many years going back to when Rangel was a trustee.  Rangel wanted to destroy the place because of what it was doing to our students, making them criminals.

Now that the legislature has a bill to basically not criminalize truancy we are back to what is a 300,000 dollar win for the city plus fines that they collect on the students that end up before the judge.  The bill aims to lower the charge to about $100 fine instead of $500 and no charges or jail time.

The district has not figured out a way to deal with truancy because of the politics involved.  Everything is done at the last minute with home visits instead of being proactive from the beginning. 

So who allowed this to continue even when Rangel wanted it shut down?  Well Commissioner Brooks, Ms. Moss and Tobi Jackson knew the secret and supported it.  Many secret meetings held to make decision on the Golden Calf. 

Sutherland got upset when Michael Steinert was found to be in Austin in support of the current law surprising everyone.  So now Steinert is the voice of the district even when the legislative policy administrator Jerry Moore had no idea.  Remember this is how our district runs.. you can do whatever you want without asking for permission.

No surprise that this goes back to the time of Speer when she was a chief in the district.  Now she boasts her experience and we know she is the cause of the dysfunction that we have operated under for a long time.  She needs to own this along with the Jackson, Moss, Needham, etc. 

This is the district's only answer to helping our students, put them in jail!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Ok before you all start throwing rocks at us for this post.. let's put it in context of the message we are trying to convey.

So we know Mr. Ramos has this thing for Northside where he represents and could almost be a saint if Father Jasso had his way.  But we know he can't perform miracles and hope not.. we'd have a lot of baby daddies going around.

So he has gotten to the point where he shows up for the photo ops like our friend Tobi..

In the video link, he starts crying about how proud he is in his heritage and we do applaud the parents at Jara EL because they did the work on their own.  But the man takes the credit when he barely showed up.  Also how he supports the latino efforts, etc, etc.

Yet he supports non-latino candidates and issues because he owes his loyalty to one man, his mentor.
So while we wanted to be touched by the emotion, we know he can play it well and we gave him the Oscar for best actor in a drama series.

We could believe him but he sold out on Metro from the onset.. he stayed quiet and only when pressured mounted did he become the savior.  He has sold out completely to make himself noticed and use the district as his stepping stone to something else.  At the same time working a few hours on the taxpayer back. Seriously, not that students may not appreciate it but how does he get so much time off?  Making trip after trip and being at so many events.  Tell me how we can do something like that because we all work an 8 hour or longer job.  2 hours a day!!!

So we are not fooled by anything he does anymore..

Monday, April 13, 2015


UEA sent out a press release to denounce the dirty war that Speer, on behalf of Needham , has begun to degrade Sutherland.  We knew what Needham is capable of but now she has shown it with Speer.  I am sure Citizens for Great Schools are behind the money as well since they so highly endorse Speer.  Funny how they say to be about improving schools and helping students but are nasty about it.  The old guard wants to keep its tabs on everything so that we don't uncover their dirty truths.  Don't give up Dr. Sutherland

We are looking for the flyer that was sent out to see what voters are getting at home.  If anyone has a copy email it or post it on the comments.

We need to keep pushing out all Needham cronies.


UEA Responds to MudSlinging in FWISD District 6 / Calls On Candidates to Talk About Real Issues
(Fort Worth, Texas April 13, 2015)
Today, the United Educators Association calls for the candidates in the Fort Worth ISD District 6 race to focus on the real,
substantive issues facing our students and teachers and not the needless mud‐slinging we saw in an attack piece leveled
against Dr. Ann Sutherland.
“It is shameful that the first piece of communication the voters see is a negative hit piece full of half‐truths and false
accusations”, says Steven Poole, Executive Director of UEA. “The fact of the matter is that Dr. Ann Sutherland’s censure was
nothing but an attempt to silence her. Dr. Ann Sutherland speaks truth to power and that makes some people nervous. We
need more school board members like Dr. Ann Sutherland.”
Our schools have real issues that need to be discussed and addressed. We call upon the candidates to debate class sizes, the
budget that impacts our schools, overworked teachers and staff, and the best way to address the educational needs of our
students. “What we do not need is negative mud‐slinging that distracts us from the work at hand – the needs of our students
and staff,” says Poole.

UEA holds candidates to high

Saturday, April 11, 2015

FWISD " ON PURPOSE" to move METRO to Middle Level Learning

The wisdom of the leadership continues to make our heads shake but it doesn't surprise us from how our district has been governed.  Now the inevitable has arrived, Metro on the Board Agenda for this Tuesday.

See the link to the board brief:

As you read through it they mention the comprehensive study but they never show the study itself.  What factors were considered, what data to determine that the site would be the best fit?

So now we come to the Tobi's hour or more bus drive or wait do these students get transportation?  As we read through the brief there is no mention of it.  So now you are affecting the students that need more of our support so that we can given them an opportunity to rejoin their school community.  The district's issue is not the social, emotional or academic needs of the students, as you look at rationale, it is based on saving the district money: PURE and SIMPLE.  The more we read the brief they tout having space outside to play and access to a gym, etc. why not access to an equitable education based on their particular needs that include age based curriculum and interactions. Let's get Tobi to drive the bus with the students or perhaps pick them up and she can help them study by telling them why she voted to move them farther.

Is this the result of My Brother's Keeper?  Looks like the Keeper is not doing its fiduciary duty to help the most marginalized.  I think this warrants a look from the office of civil rights because this is looking more like a prison style move.  Cram them all together, give them space to roam around outside but nothing regarding how academically they will be supported.  No game plan.
PBIS is a program of strategies to help prevent behavior before it starts.  While there may be components of support for the behavior, why are you basing your promise on a program.  Once again depending on a program like we always do and look at where we are.   So now our African American students and Latinos are not being equitably represented on the board.  Recall how more of our minority students are in an alternative setting and look at what their solution is.

This is disturbing:
and can provide these students with appropriate instructional resources. This includes access to a full size cafeteria and gymnasium, together with outdoor grounds for physical education purposes.

Note to self:  what are appropriate instructional resources?  access to all facilities is a given not a reason to merge 6-12 together.  When are 6-12 graders allowed recess?

This is a bad move just to accommodate adults because of too much traveling for them.  Why not move technology and others to middle level?  Then they can have enough room to run outside.  Why is it on the backs of our students?  So punish the ones that have no say so.. just being herded like cattle.

Tell us how strategic goal #1: Student Achievement will get better?  They never tell you because they have no clue. 

Board Members: this is on you and a lot of hypocrisy from all of you.  Once again the deals were done behind closed doors and the public is left out.  What say you Savior Ramos?  Where is that cultural diversity and poverty you so claim to know first hand?  Give us a good reason as to why this makes sense without the money part and how this will transform kids from having to go there in the first place.  ASIDERECHITO just  hit a curve!!  Did you tell the staff at Metro?  Have you even bothered?  or are you too busy womanizing to get some work done?

We shall see if they will debate it and let the public know.. can they actually deliver on that?

It all starts with leadership that can model what being a great citizen is and with who we have now.. we can see that just as kids mimic their parents.. the students mimics who the leaders are and that is the scary part.

VOTE NO!  Voice your opinions here and let Board members know this is a bad idea.  They do read the blog...

Monday, April 6, 2015


Interesting to see that things just don't seem to change..   Cole preaches about God and paints himself as the savior for our district.  We got disturbed with his homophobia and now his ethics and his connections to the old guard in the FWISD administration.

We did some investigating about the use of church property for political purpose and we found that some signs are on church properties.  We recall that he had the backing of many pastors around the city.  So we know that he is using the pulpit to try and get an advantage regardless of what the law says.

We saw pictures of his rally to get people to join him and many of his supporters including Dansby were present.  But come to find out that the place where he held it is a church.. his church that receives a tax exemption under the IRS code.  So you have someone who calls himself a preacher and yet can't follow the rule of law.. rules for that matter.

This can't be a good sign for the district.

Friday, April 3, 2015


When we think about what we do and why we do it.. we know we teach because we want to empower our students and secure the future of our country with educated productive citizens.

So we have Mr. Cole who is so opposed to the "alternative lifestyle" that God never gave anyone an alternative life.  In 2015 we continue to fight the battles of old because of someone who has his own opinion, we all have the right to it.  But now as someone who wants to represent 86,000 students, opposed to the policies already established by the district?  We teach children, we don't question their home life or who they are because our task it to teach not preach.  We guide our students to make better choices but we don't impose our beliefs on them, that's for the parents to decide.

Shame that we have Ramos supporting a homophobe and Tobi is no better in rejecting the very students she swears she supports.

What a dark future awaits our district with the leaders we have.. leaders is too grand of a word for the dark hate they have in their hearts.

District Policy