Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Interesting how being on the board pays off for family and friends but leave the 70% of people you are held to represent on the sidelines.  You can call it helping out children because of the services offered but have clout when it comes to getting it approved.

YAP and MBK are programs designed to assist students who are at risk and need help.

No one questions what mentoring and one on one does for students, once again it's who is behind it and how it came to be.  We know Ramos helped write the grant for the YAP program of which the district funded as well.  Then he hires his own people.. basically his friends.  Do we know what the process was to pick the people, were there interviews, what were the protocols?  Now you have people going around saying they are helping the district when a lot of the resources have been given and focused on one population.  Here you have a majority latino district and has yet to see the fruit of its labor unless it's the one high school you represent like in Ramos' case.  What happened to the latino champion who keeps using phrases like BAM- Bad Ass Mexican and #asiderechito- like it means something.. well have you asked those that are affected if they care about hashtags? 

The people sorrounding the speakers of these programs to include Read 2 Win are not representative of the district and its diversity.  The programs waere designed to self-promote and for the benefit of a few.

We have yet to see anything show results or even provide any information to the public.  All that happens is approval behind closed doors where decisions are made and then vote in public to make it look like consensus when nothing has ever been brought to the larger community. 

Check out the people that are part of the programs and who is working.  We can tell you it's not a diverse group of individuals, they all lie in a few zip codes.

Houston we have a representation problem!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


One would think that being so dedicated and called to a religion would warrant some humility and a yearning to help your fellow human brother or sister because that's what the scriptures tell you.

But we know that even in the holiest of stories there is greed all around.  This election has brought out so much of it because of the aligning of all the parties who are hungry for more power and more money.  We certainly don't profess to be or know everything about religion but what we do know is when you take somebody's work and make it your own and then

RUN IT AS PROPAGANDA   it says a lot about your character and your soul.

Read 2 Win- the program touted by Sultan Cole is one example.  In our last posting we mentioned something about it and had to dig to find out.  Cole is, as stated on the website, the Director of Program Development.  So this would ring true to his ownership of the program that he says is his.  But as with any story there are two sides.

Back a few years ago before it got started, Danna Diaz, was in charge of working tarrantnet on this initiative.  She worked to create it and when it was all done Dansby took her off of it.  Diaz was not a happy camper because it was her baby and now what do we see.. Cole taking it as his creation and of course this was for tarrantnet to partner with FWISD to serve children.

We tried to find results of the initiative and at this point have not found anything that tells us how things are going.  No doubt that early intervention and one on one service will help our students.  What we don't like is what has become something of money and then use it on the campaign.

The issue is taking something that was not yours in the first place.  The other is the people who keep on coming up in this picture.. Sultan, Dansby and everyone else that is riding the bus to get him elected.  Check out Ricky who is Ramos' mentor.  He has a contract with the district and it was pushed by Ramos' supporters at the board meeting where it looked like TObi was against it and caved in at the last minute.  So it looks like more of the same but in a different color.

All of this information came from people who were present at the meetings and the early stages of the partnership with tarrantnet.  So once again adults using children to advance their own self-interest.  But we know that there are many angry people who want to get back in and continue the havoc that has become our district.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Yes, the time is near for the final showdown to the election on May 9th.  Have you done your bracket and predicted the winners?  Will there be upsets?

We did want to share how some are doing and highlight a bit of irony or perhaps not on a few things we were informed of.

LULAC has endorsed Sultan Cole for Board in District 2 which at first caught us by surprise but then as we analyzed information and made a few calls it truly did not.  Let's not forget or unless you don't know that the people who run LULAC are in the same entangled web as the Mexican Mafia which locks in many of the so called latino leaders in the city.. from a certain councilman, JP, State Rep and so on.  So based on that connection then it doesn't surprise us because the Latino Leaders are supporting someone else.  Now this in no way takes away any credit to Cole but for so long the leaders of LULAC have screamed to the world the lack of latino representation.  Now mind you that they can support whomever they want, we are just curious to know what criteria they used to see how the candidates fared.  Did they interview all three?  Well we can certainly say NO.  Yes folks we asked.

Let's recall that when Johnson resigned, they were up in arms about having Reyna take over as interim and were very vocal about but then turned around and supported Dansby.  Then back during the redistricting time, they threatened to sue the district if they didn't get another district where a latino could be elected.  Well they got what they wanted and now, they are supporting someone else that is not representative of the majority of the district, according to their cries for more latinos.  Which to some degree is true.. look at the make up of the top admin and how many latinos are represented?  While we don't the most qualified, how was it determined?

We see Tobi and Cole signs all over the place now which means they are being funded well.  We haven't seen much from the third candidate so does it mean that's it only the two who have the most signs?

We also wanted to bring up something that we didn't know if we heard correctly..
Cole stated in a forum that he has been working with FWISD through the Read 2 Win program or something to that effect which is helping about 2000 kiddos in the district with reading fundamentals.  He called it his program.  But we hear from someone that works inside that the program was started and held by Dana Diaz.  But Cole did say that the program is so successful that it is expanding to Michigan and other states and so he will be traveling to promote the program.  So the questions here are:

*Is the program funded by the district, if so what happened to the new Rosie program and what is that all about?
*Would there be a conflict of interest if he is making money off of the program as a board member if elected?
*Who owns the right to the program?  The district website says that it's a partnership with churches around Fort Worth.. so how is it his?

Then we have Citizens for Great Schools Supporting Tobi and Cecilia Speer.. so they want to make sure they keep on going with the secrets and making money.  We bet that Tobi will try for City Council after Scarth leaves.. so she is not through.. she called on the Democratic party to run for Wendy Davis' seat but figured she couldn't win as a Democrat.. so she switches parties when it suits her.

Well Folks... are you bets set yet?  We know regardless of the outcome we can bet that things will be the same.. just some folks making more money off of our students.. So if you don't vote then you can't complain about the current situation.  Vote for change~

LULAC lost the L because it doesn't represent LATINOS

Friday, March 27, 2015


The board met in executive session to discuss the next moves for superintendent and well we thought they would have learned from the first debacle.

The board voted to use the same firm which has ties to the very people who were pushing Boyd here. More than likely because they will hide and keep everything in secret.

When some board members commented on the STAR article they were about having to mend fences with each other and sit by the campfire.  They can join Camp CommUNITY and do that.

What we as the people most affected by anything they do.. we need a fresh start with more openness. The board should present 4 finalists and let the community hear from them.  Why can other districts do the same and we don't?  Stop worrying about if their bosses don't want to find out.. to me if that was the case then you are hiding something.  If you are truly interested and are the best candidate then nothing to worry about.

The board does the one finalist so that they can vote and shove it down our throats regardless of what we think.  Ramos, Paz and Avila are no different anymore than those serving more than they should be.

Sutherland was against the same firm but she is the lone one.  Can you imagine Speer on the board?  That would just complete a board that would definitely allow more of the same and possible worse.

What say you?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


We reported a while back during a story about Metro and how the staff had not heard from their representative on what would happen to them with the bond issue.

Ramos stated then that he would not allow any merger of the school regardless.  At that point we got an answer because nothing had been said.

Now Ramos has flipped and will support a merger of the schools because there is a "good plan."  It is interesting that the people he is appeasing are the same ones that apparently supported him with money and also his "mentors"  Yet the students he is tasked with protecting are the same that will be hurt by the merger.  He said during his campaign that he is not a politician and would not become one.

How times change and now he is politicking on the backs of our students.  Apparently the Technology Department needs a home and the site that was originally decided upon is too far for them.  So now they are going to inconvenience the 70+ students who need a safe environment and who knows where they will end up.  So they are lying to the public that the school only serves a minimal amount of students to satisfy the adults.

Once again deals are being made in secret and the public has no information.  The teachers are worried and upset that they are being played with.  So much for the campaign rhetoric and lack of from sitting members and candidates.  Students once again on the losing end.

As we have said it folks, the very few are going to benefit and they don't need help and our neediest will be tossed around like nothing.  Hence we wonder why our district is dysfunctional and how the ones that pledged to help are now devouring and have become hypocritical.

Did Ramos say hi to his mistress at Metro?  

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


With elections coming up we will be watching how our current members and those running against the incumbents tell us how they will deal with this ordeal.

It was brought to our attention that the district is proposing merging the Mid-Level 6-8 with the Metro 9-12.  As we know they completely lost credibility with the bond program and now they are affecting the students who need the most support.

Tell us board members to save a few million you will force grade levels of students that were sent there because they are "discipline concerns" but yet you fail to provide adequate resources and support to help them reintegrate back into their home schools.  NPR reported that in Fort Worth ISD, 40% of the discipline concerns are African American which is very disproportionate based on the demographics of the district.  So now you are going to do more harm to the very students that you say you will help?  So my Brother's Keeper has become another talking point that sounds good or will you make good on your promise to change things?

We ask the public to contact their board members and tell them that they are making a mistake by even thinking about it.  This goes to show that they have no priorities nor a willingness to help the most needy of our students.

So do tell us candidates, what would you do if presented with this situation as the sitting member?

Friday, March 20, 2015


It has come to our attention that UEA has endorsed Tobi Jackson based on her testimony that she will run one more time.  Again this time she will do a lot more for teachers.

What we know is that the status quo will continue and UEA will continue it's hold on the governance of the district.  Another reason why the district does not move is because UEA threatens to sue when it doesn't get its way and then the district backs down. 

Look at every major policy by the district, shut down even before it starts.  So they would rather go with the person they can count on to do their bidding.  So teachers we will get what is coming to us.. more of the same.

They went with the person that has more money and based on who they think will win.. It's not based on the merits of any candidate but what is convenient.  So they are still in bed with the policy makers.. remember the newbies were supposed to change it and now we are in the same boat.

Teachers if you ever wonder why things don't change.. remember that deals are made behind closed doors.  There is a purpose for support but at the cost of the bullying environment that UEA should have helped stopped but have not.