Sunday, December 4, 2016


Well folks Sutherland has indicated that the board will consider a pay raise for Scribner at the next workshop.  We shot the word around to principals and the big questions is FOR WHAT?
yes, the question is what is he getting a raise for?
What has improved for anyone that merits him receiving more money when the little guy gets close to nothing after benefits, taxes, etc.  We hear DII is a mess and for sure don't hear what progress has been made by students.  You have overcrowded classrooms and more programs.

The board really needs to look at this first and really ask for the hard numbers because accountability wise the schools are not doing better, more and more programs are added and heavy top central admin.  At this point we should be saving money and giving it to the classrooms and teachers.  This is a slap in the face for the hard working employees who are not in Central Office.

While Scribner needs more money for his coal, the district continues to waste money on Palazzolo.  It seems the district twice failed to appeal on time and effectively that now they are desperate to figure out how to avoid the trial altogether.  We published their intent to have the case dismissed based on new case law they got from somewhere and now contend that Palazzolo used the Chapter 21 proceedings, grievance process, and that should be it since the board voted him out.  The question in those documents is they mention "teacher" and not administrator.  Most administrators, correct us if we are wrong, do not fall under the same protections as teachers.  Our understanding is anyone can file a grievance and have the use of the courts or other entities.  Anyway, the reasoning is so bad that the court rejected the file because they didn't do it right, even the most common practices were done badly by the high paid lawyers.  We told you hire some monkeys!
So more money to correct their mistakes.  Just go to trial and get it over with, if you are so confident, what are you afraid of?  

Special ED on the news and currently being investigated by the Houston Chronicle for underserving sped students in FWISD.
We know  many students are not served because of the bad process in the district.  Teachers would do their part in documenting and having to go through the RTI process just to be denied at the very end.  Too many loopholes and no support.  If you have not gotten the information teachers, TEA has informed districts that RTI is no longer needed to make a request for SPED.  All it takes is a formal request and the district must begin the process.  RTI is good for students who struggle but not THE determinant for students who have an intellectual disability.
Dr. Sutherland, we need the district to fess up because we will provide information to the newspaper on how the district has not served our students well and yet Scribner is going to get a raise?  Lack of leadership should not be rewarded.

We wanted to make sure we highlighted this posting of how Ramos works the cameras like Jackson did to make sure he gets pictures for his re-election bid.  Don't be fooled folks, he has done nothing outside of his circle of friends and cronies and yet does this...

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Well by now you must be sleeping in or running out of town on this much deserved break from the craziness that is FWISD.

You also have probably already read and seen what FWISD has done to cover up convicted pedophiles and abusers.  The latest is from a teacher whom OPS knew, again, about their record of abuse and the abuses and yet allowed him to move on.  This is nothing new as wee see with the coach who is still employed after OPS found enough information but our board allowed on 5-3 decision to stay.

No surprise that filth fills the halls of central administration and our children and good employees are paying the price.  These same board members and superintendent have no balls, yes ladies, to do what is right because they are bought.  They have no decency, dignity or integrity to hold offices that only hurt children not help.  You are deplorable all the way!!

Besides that, the final accountability ratings came out and it's no better if not worse than before.
While we took a look at all the schools who met standard, etc.  We found that additional schools did not meet index 1 or 2 and if the state had followed their recommendations these schools would be improvement required.  Regardless of the  met standard those schools are still not performing.  So overall, a total of 40 schools are not improving even the schools who have dual language programs who were supposed to show promise by now.  So don't be fooled by the, oh schools who have not met standard are suddenly making progress, no sir, the schools improved but not to the level needed because the board and administration don't care, don't know or care to know and have no idea how to improve.

And finally:
The Mexican Mafia circles tell us that Sal Espino, councilman, will be running for for Mayor the next time around.  He is a staunch supporter of the BAM Board President and part of the filth that has kept our communities dumb and uninformed, used for votes that have not brought anything to benefit them.  So let's get ready to oppose!  Latino or not, doesn't deserve to represent anyone.

Monday, November 14, 2016


Just a quick snippet of what the law hired hand is doing with the Palazzolo trial.

The district is once again attempting to delay the trial by asking for another appeal for the new trial.  Remember that for the past two years they have ignored the settlements and also mediation.

The smart ones decided to let the clock run out on the appeal and now want Palazzolo team to approve an extension.  They first have to file a motion request permission to file an untimely appeal which they will oppose but the bill keeps on going up and Brandt just keeps getting richer each time.

Just read the appeal and get a laugh at the reasons FWISD asking for more delays. LOL a monkey could do better.


Thursday, November 10, 2016


**Administration still does not learn from the past and the new people don't seem to change direction.  Another program sent to save our kiddos and yet it becomes a compliance task to say that you did something.  A computer program does not replace the teacher and you not allowing teachers to use the program to supplement is going to kill learning.  

Dear Board Members,

I have reviewed the recent chain of emails related to Achieve3000.

To assist with the rollout, we provided campuses with flexibility. Schools are implementing more than one classroom model of Achieve3000. The post shared in the email chain seems to assume there is only one-model.  

We told principals that adjustments could be made at the campus level to compensate for technological capacity and teacher proficiency with technology. The primary differentiating factor between Achieve3000 and a campus leveled reading library is that Achieve3000 provides students, parents, and teachers with students’ specific reading levels (Lexiles).  

Unfortunately, it is true there are students in upper elementary who still are beginning readers, and Achieve3000 will not rescue them on its own. Achieve3000 is only one part of core curriculum in FWISD. A balanced literacy approach is still part of our core curriculum, and those students will require quality instruction by our teachers and leveled readers to scaffold them quickly so they can engage with the reading passages and work toward reading at their actual grade level.

Achieve3000 is currently available district-wide on multiple platforms and has been performing effectively, according to many faculty and staff.  We currently have 1:1 at High Schools, as well as the computer labs and libraries for those students who have not received their laptops.  In our Middle Schools, currently there is a 3:1 computer to student ratio with plans on adding additional Computers on Wheels (COWS).  In our Elementary campuses, we are using the Virtual Desktops for this solution, as well as several other applications and are striving to further bolster our technological infrastructure.

We will monitor this closely and keep you informed.

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Oh how ironic is life when it comes to the politicians that run our city and those that attempt to and are not qualified.

So have you heard about the state investigation into voter fraud from the past few local elections?

It so happens that we discussed how Tobi Jackson got elected twice which included raiding nursing homes and doing the same exact thing being alleged now.  Taking the mail ballots of the elderly and "helping" by showing how to vote and then mailing them.  It makes sense that Tobi won such a high vote in this last election when she is despised outside of her elite circle of friends.

Then comes Lon Burnam who lost his election against Ramon Romero for State Rep by not many votes.  He sued alleging voter fraud for the same thing, this time it was using iPads for voters to sign their ballots or documents when it is illegal.  He dropped the suit but oh here we go.

Folks, the Northside of town is run by the same people who were present at Romero's event, which were less than 30 because that's how they suppress the vote.  How do you think Ramos won?  It is no surprise of the dirty tactics the Mexican mafia uses against people who are not in their inner circle.  Now they are crying because, if found true, although we know it is, it opens a pandora box.  You can add every democrat official elected to the same tactics to include Espino and De Leon, etc.

Just watch their Facebook pages and look to see who supports them.  You have Domingo Garcia who is a fraud himself, look how he treated Veasey the first run at Congress.  Now you see the Mexican Mafia around Veasey, run far away from them.

The same voters they say they are protecting from the far right people are the same ones they use each election and then when they need help in between they are left to burn.  Just look at FWISD and how employees have been hurt by the Board and no one to help them.  Ramos is the leader and the rest of the cronies are running the district at their expense.  We want Hispanic representatives and they for sure are not quality by any means.

We hope the attorney general finds something wrong so that we can begin to cut the ties and start seeing some change.  Stand for Fort Worth- start raising the cash to run the crooks out.

Thank you FW Weekly!
How does it feel now Romero?

Saturday, October 29, 2016


This story does not surprise us of course and we seem to repeat and repeat the same thing each time something happens.  The nipple pinching principal, teacher runs away with student, hired teachers with bad backgrounds and they just ship them away.  Can you imagine having a District of Innovation with more autonony?

The board had enough evidence that regardless of any sexual contact between Cole and the student, there was an improper relationship or comments made that violate the district's and state's code of conduct.  OPS even confirmed it.  Dansby did not want to hire him and the board pushed him to do so.

Palazzolo did not do anything close to his and they dug dirt on him and look at where we are.  The district board sets different standards for different people.  Here is someone known to violate rules and yet he is still employed.  As the board runs the district, it does not make sense that this is still happening.

So Tobi Jackson voted not to terminate and we know why, look at who voted for and against.

We know the ones who voted for termination did so for political reasons or a deal was made because Ramos has ties to the East Side.  Regardless, this should not have happened.  A young lady decided not to pursue because she was tired of the harassment and wouldn't doubt if the board members had something to do with it.  As you read the story, the grandmother wanted her to talk but she will not.  

Shame on you board!  We will remind you of the culture you have built during election time.  Where are the city leaders?  Where is the mayor, wait she loves Jackson so nothing there.  Where is the outrage from the parents? community?  

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

LYIN Jackson

Election time is a great opportunity for Board Members to come and lie to your face.  Letting you know that they have supported you and have done amazing things.  We know they lie because they don't even believe in students and for the most part believe that they deserve better.

We know Ramos' kids would not be in public schools had he not been a board member nor receive the perks that have come their way.  

Then we have Tobi who has had the luxury of moving her kids around the district to the best schools.  Now we find out that her kids have gone to The Oakridge School, a private school.  Then she posts on her twitter that she wants better playing fields and advocating for them.  She is pushing SPARC down the district's throat and Ramos YAP, yet it's not good enough for their own kids but push it for the rest.  

This is the disconnect that we have with the haves and have nots and Jackson and Ramos don't believe they fall into that category.. Both have lost the narrative of being for the people but only when it doesn't affect them.  Such a sad state of affairs people.

So overall they push programs to all FWISD children and sit on the sidelines getting perks on the backs of our kids.