Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Why is it significant?

Not so much that it is for a majority but just to highlight  the demise of what was to be a mark of change and ended up a disaster. The savior of the poor Latino community became the sellout to the elite or better said a puppet. All came with perks of jobs and full ride scholarships for kids.

Interesting that he didn't attend public schools and until elected kids started in Northside schools only to overtake students who didn't have the choice. Now he will parade around people who have not benefitted from anything other than his own circle who have jobs etc. He is pushing for a political life which he said he was not a politician but has been a sell out on that.

Are things any better for you?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The mighty Fort Worth legal team has informed the other side that they will ask the court to delay the  decision for a new trial. If the court denies it they are going to appeal to Supreme Court. Can this get any crazier?  You asked for a trial and you get it and now you want to delay, delay, delay. Once again a decision made by an unelected official who has power over the entire FWISD.

Can anyone stop the madness?

Monday, September 12, 2016


So here is the settlement offer made by the Palazzolo team which was made in writing to Brandt with the figures of the trial award with applicable fees that are a standard practice.  So no it is not something extra other than what any lawyer, court would expect it to be since it has been just a few more years than normal.

So what do you say Dr. Sutherland, can you please take this to the Bar Association Ethics Commission and get Brandt to do his job of advising not dictating.

Monday, September 5, 2016


It has come to our attention that Directors TEXTED principals and others to halt DII for the moment.  Apparently there is an issue with lessons and they were told to seize.  We knew it was a disaster from the get go because it is stuff just thrown in without seeing how it fits the district.  We reported on it before, so no surprise here.

What was also interesting here is that TEXTS are being used more often to send information and not email.  We know this has to do with FOIA requests that can occur so now they are hiding information.  But let's not forget that some individuals get a phone stipend and so if that's the case then no information is private when using district money.

Dr. Sutherland, can we find out who receives the stipend?  Principals? Directors, etc?  Now the district is resorting to hiding more and not being accountable to taxpayers.


Alright, we have seen the many comments about the current Palazzolo issue, Stand for Fort Worth, etc.

We are not sure why Dr. Sutherland does not speak specifically to the  matter during the board meeting and we can think of many reasons.  Let's give some credit that she is posting on her blog even if it's not everything we want but it's there.  We know the board members have pushed her around to stay quiet because they want it all hush hush.  The Palazzolo case is going to trial and more money in the pocket of lawyers.  WE all know with evidence that the board is being lied to and then lying to the public about how the money is being spent.  The thing here is that we have no way to hold them accountable for the money because any audit has to be approved by the board since we have no independent auditor.

So this is where Stand for Fort Worth comes into play.  Yes there are probably issues we don't agree with and it all stems from the transgender policy.  We know that Scribner and Ramos chose to use our students for political points and it may help in some way but it ended up being a disaster because they didn't think it through.  They put our students in danger more now than ever.
But this has opened an opportunity for board members to feel the heat and we need to agree to disagree on certain things and fight our battles well.  It is time to clean house and if this organization has the money and the backing of the public then let's do it.  If we are truly wanting change then let it happen and let's continue to be vigilant about our students.

It's time to end Cronyism, Nepotism, and everything else that has plagued our district.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The district refused to accept or at least check out the offer made and instead of discussing a way to end it, it filed a motion yesterday for the case to be thrown out of court.  Which we don't get because the district asked and got a new trial.  

So what the hell is going on?  Dr. Sutherland we need to know, can the public know more and end the litigation?

Just who is the New HCM Chief?

As with anything that comes out of FWISD, not surprised the type of people they surround themselves with and so we wanted to highlight some of the same type of dealings that we have had to who is coming in to fill the post.

Cynthia Rincon is coming from Fort Bend ISD as the legal counsel there and served about 3 years in HR.  Our concern is the legal stuff she dealt with and used to shield secrets like our own FWISD.

We shall see what she will do but the record is clear.  Dr. Sutherland we need a close eye on this individual.