Thursday, January 28, 2016


The empire that the current BAM Board President and TCU Princess Paz created has been crumbling since the day they signed their life to the devil, Needham.  Within months both were elevated to a status that garnered many opportunities that no one else would have access to.  Many hoped that they would work to help the ailments of this district and to this day it seems the issues keep piling up.

Let's review what the status of some of their lack of oversight have caused (along with the rest of the board crew)


*Recall that he helped his girlfriend get a job in the discipline office area.  The job created required someone with an educational background.  Come to find out she has no background whatsoever.  But right after he won the election then suddenly she was hired over better qualified individuals.  Dr. Scribner please check her references and qualifications and check the job description and you will see how the hiring practices at FWISD work.

*The $60,000 secretary under Monge that has a GED and makes more than most teachers who have a Bachelor's and even a Master's.  Can we become secretaries so that we can get paid the same?  Dr. Scribner please check on that and let us know how it is justified.

*Received a TCU job when he signed a pact with Needham over the Farrington field when Dansby wanted the Arts school to be built there.  For the most part, Needham setup Dansby on it and Ramos did not about it.  Guess the perks were much more important than doing the right thing.

*Ramos has a stake in the Santa Fe company that runs YAP and this is why he is so invested in it and can't afford to loose.  The same goes in hiring his inner circle to some positions where they have no business being any type of role model for anyone.  Money is now the root of the evil that plagues this district.

*Let's add some content to his statements made on the Fort Worth Project and his outlook at the current status of what he says are needs (after 3 years)

  1. “The demographics in Fort Worth aren’t changing. They’ve changed.”
The demographics had changed for a long time and the run for the board was meant to deal with the change overall.  This is nothing new and yet look at where we are, besides this what have you done to make sure we are ready for the change?  What has been put in place, like the more than 200 programs like YAP that have not impacted the majority of the students.  Change only happens when actions occur.
  1. “We’ve got work to do, and we have zero time to waste.”
Show us the work and the results and we can believe this statement.  But while you want all to be working you are flying across the nation building your profile and not the districts nor bringing anything that reflects change.
  1. “We are having very real and courageous conversations. The board is legit.”
Legit?  What conversations are you having?  All of the conversations have happened in executive session because the public knows nothing of what or where the district is headed.  Where are the talking points of the strategies and implementation of things that are impacting student life overall?  The board that is in place has been the same board, minus the new people, who have made all of the decisions and suddenly things are better?  Tell us what those real conversations will result in and then maybe we can believe.  But being silent is not doing us any good.
  1. “If you see people as objects to be moved and manipulated, then you are going to fail because the bottom is going to fall out.”
So you move technology into Metro when you should be moving resources to support students and stop the overall failure of discipline that has continued to marginalize african american and latino students.  They are more likely to end up there without even a chance to redeem themselves versus anglo students.  So yes the bottom is going to fall out but I believe it has already done so.
  1. “Parents have a powerful, powerful voice.”
A voice that has been silenced or ignored.  Surveys mean nothing nor words.  The people want action that is credible and visible.  
  1. “This dude is a beast of a leader” (about Superintendent Kent P. Scribner).
Not sure what kind of beast you speak of but we are still waiting for the first big bite.  You and Linares made sure he came here and yet nothing so far.  All we hear is talk.
  1. “There is now a partnership with the Superintendent” (regarding the board).
That's interesting because your inner circle has leaked information that it's not that rosy.  You are basically fed up with how the system ate you and now you want to run.  There is no partnership, there was only agreements between you all to shut up and run a de-facto government where nothing gets out.  So yes the partnership exists in creating lies and who knows what else.
  1. “Challenge your mental model if you think it’s all negative [about the FWISD]. Visit the schools.”
Have you visited the schools?  Have you seen the other sides of the district?  Remember that you are president of the FWISD not just North Side.  What about the teacher attacks at other schools?  What about the issues at Riverside, West Handle, etc.  How about helping YWLA and the need for support for parents, teachers and students from Mia Hall who is running a dictatorship, which kind of mimics the district style.  The bullying that has been exacerbated in many schools like Paschal.  So when you visit all sides of the district, then let us know.
  1. “Ask, ‘How can I help you?’ instead of saying ‘Here’s what to do.'”
Yes we are waiting to be asked and taken seriously.
  1. “A zip code should not determine a young person’s future.”
Exactly, so why can't everyone be able to go to Paschal or other schools that board member kids get to go to?  Where do our kids from the East and South get an opportunity to excel beyond their area and go to other schools?  Tell us how you are working to determine that better future for ALL students.  Once you are serious about this and other things then maybe we can sing a better tune.  


Well we can't say too much about her because she hasn't done much and now has forgotten her schools.  The TCU gig has her busy at the expense of students.  How are things at the Riverside area of the FWISD?  Many are suffering and she is nowhere to be found.  No degree and now is in a Master's Program at TCU.. tell us how that goes... 

Friday, January 15, 2016


We needed to give the video posted on our comment section a boost.  This person did very well in depicting the state of our district.  We have seen the video used in other areas but the wording itself is great.


Sunday, January 10, 2016


We don't know what season of House Cards in the FWISD we are in but it sure seems like an eternity when nothing seems to work and the past keeps us from a better future.

We know that the players in this House continue to cause harm to everyone in the district and how they clean house when you are go against them.

Let's go back to the Palazzolo case and the recent Appeals Courts hearing.  In the transcript, Brandt, the attorney in charge of the case, takes on Dr. Sutherland and ex-member Vasquez.  His defense of the district is that because both members changed their vote the second time to fire Palazzolo that it should seal the case and end it.  He mentions Sutherland so many times that basically she is the savior of the case and/or maleficent.  We recall from the Sutherland deposition that she stated that the district had lied in the case because of the many missing records that were never presented to the board before the vote.  Another defense for Brandt is that the courts never considered their affirmative defense which meant that the statute of limitations should have been imposed because the firing of 2010 and 2012 were completely different.  What struck us very odd but something as a warning to many of us is that, at the end of the transcript, if you report something illegal with merit you can still be fired for doing what they consider criminal or a violation.  So what you reported illegally is mute and should not proceed to any further litigation.  So because Palazzolo was fired the second time then the case should have not been considered and the jury who awarded Palazzolo should have considered that defense even when the courts have turned it down many times.  At the beginning of the appeal the judge shut Brandt down for trying to talk bad about the trial court judges.  This goes to show everyone that it's the FWISD way to defame people and spread lies about them.  Glad that someone finally did something about it.  But we are not legal scholars so you be the judge of the appeal case.  We do have  scapegoat... Sutherland..

We also have Barbara Griffith who basically was involved in setting up Dansby to what became a very costly and not so positive departure.  Needham made sure that Dansby would leave after he decided not to follow her instructions on giving contracts to her buddies.  So Dr. Scribner you may need to watch out for those individuals who are here for their bidding and will betray you.  Will Needham do the same to the current superintendent?  Griffith is untouchable!
This also brings something to mind, did she set him up during the blunder of the release of the executive session audio?  What role did she play in this?  She of all people should know that you never record the session. -Transcript of Executive Session
Depositions by Griffith and everyone there that day of the executive session.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Well, well, what do we have here?

Nothing new for the most part as prior board members have spent more and been questioned about their particular vacations on taxpayer funds.  But what the article points out is that BAM President Ramos has spent at least $24,000 just on him.  His response is that he wants to put the district on the map and he needs to be present at many events.
No question that the district needs to be put on the map but for good reasons.  We didn't hear one person comment on the PEG results and what the new strategies will be nor anything related to how student education will be better.

The other big question for Mr. Ramos is, how does he get so much time off?  We know board members have a regular job because trustees do not have a salary.  We did report back that one employee that works at the Juvenile Department had stated that Ramos works 2 hours and that is considered a full day's work.  Does anyone know how the system works on leave and stuff like that at the city?  We know there are political games played but we just don't know the details, some of the big bosses are connected to big political people.

Still, we see that all these expenses and nothing to show for.  Whatever happened to the White House initiative?  How has that helped the students?  Has discipline changed some?  Do we have due process for students at risk?

Like always the district will be silent because it has no answers.  I guess Tobi, you better get a regular job because you are for sure not putting in the time you said you would since you had no job after Prep Academy.  Why waste your words, a liar is a liar.

Monday, December 14, 2015


Guess we missed the speech Scribner gave at the Board Meeting

Changes await and interesting that the focus went to Moss' side of the district but not Jackson where majority of schools are not performing.  So the push will be for central office to be out to the schools and mentioned the people who were with him, Washington, Traylor, and Breed- who have no business being there when they are the cause of everything.  Yes Washington and Traylor may be new but believe us... they did nothing where they were.. so no success to model.  So we shall she who survives the shuffle or do they just get new titles and more pay.
Dr. Scribner, you can't get better results when you don't change people.  You are correct, organizations get the results they get when they keep the same people and then recycle them.  Big task ahead and this will show where your leadership will go.  Either we do move or we get worse than we are.



So now we see the fruit of the labor of the people who have high salaries and nothing to show.  Last year the PEG list was around 22 or so schools where students have the choice of leaving to another.  So basically the networks and the resources were not well spent because this year you have way more than last year.

We know Linares just paraded around her friends and kept them happy with raises.  So Sorum didn't feel the pressure to do what he was supposed to do.  A Joker!
Here are the people to blame for it all and yet we keep doing the same thing.

Let's recall what Ms. Moss asks Sorum each year and the admin

HERE ARE THE LISTS 2015 PEG SCHOOLS (39 SCHOOLS) Remember Math didn't count and still look where we are.. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


We began the Scribner tenure with the new blog thinking that we were going to be able to write a new chapter, only to find out that things have stayed the same and the old factions are still alive.  Some will say that he has been on the job such a short time but the effect and impact this is having on everyone is real and ongoing.  We didn't expect a miracle but we expected action that showed us we were going to move in a different direction.  Could it happen?  Anything can happen but at this point in the game, we are on the losing side.

Where do we start?

The two recent incidents at Arlington Heights and O.D. Wyatt have certainly shown us the lack of focus on our schools and their safety.  While you can't avoid necessarily incidents all together, it still shows that we are not focusing on the real aspect of a better learning environment.  There is no response from the administration nor the board, they basically turn a blind eye to their own self-image and interests.

We ask where the resources are going to support our students, teachers and staff?  How about some of that money from Camp Community Mr. Ramos going to this instead of your close circle of friends?  How about some talk about culture and climate with students and staff so that they can also benefit from the promotions you are doing?  This is where things matter, not the same self promotion most are doing with photo ops.  Dr. Scribner how about some photos with our custodians, our maintenance, the people that are doing the job and given low pay and bad working conditions.  They also deserve your attention and they still have not been heard on what their expectations are for you.  How about taking some time off away from Linares and let's work on building relationships.

 CONFLICT OF INTEREST!  But more importantly something not every student benefits from because it's all on the North Side.  Let's spread the love Mr. Ramos to all sides of the district.  Since conflict of interest is not big deal in FWISD, the few become richer!  Remember that Ramos is on the board of the organization who is receiving money from FWISD and his family and friends are employed through many of the organizations.  A cozy family!

We have received inquiries into what Dr. Linares is doing at every event in FWISD, we thought she would take her vacation and she has not.  So it seems that the old never goes away and we still have the same things in place.  Rumor has it that Linares and Scribner know each other very well and that completely just brought the honeymoon to a halt because we are back to where we started once again.  Apparently there is some connection and it also speaks to the fact that she keeps hanging on and also how much influence she had on the hiring.  The board can say all they want about the process but if it's true then we have a tainted Superintendent who will only do more of the same.

For example, the district has only improved by 1% overall in relation to student achievement after all the programs and money invested.  All of this under Sorum who is still here and who has nothing to show.  Principals were given this information at one of their meetings and yet the district says nothing to the failed policies.  The same style of thinking let's continue to hope that things get better and our kids and staff are caught in the middle.  Where is all the fanfare for the new Board Team and how much more will get done since they went silent sucking Sutherland in.  Just because you hide does not mean the problems go away and it's a shame that we still see nothing better.  Still overload of principal meetings, too many tests, a sinking ship.  Yet the heavy loaded central admin and the money spent on the networks have resulted in nothing but 1% gain. So I guess the ship is sinking and the life boats were only given to the admin and the board because our children sure won't be saved.  The good ol boy system is still alive.