Thursday, March 5, 2015


Today most people are off due to the weather and so you may have some extra time to read statements and letters of the debacle and mess that is Judy Needham along with her friends who have ruined people's lives in the district.  She and the others are all poison and have made this district what it is and the rest of us to suffer for it.  Back in 2010 a lot was occurring with AHHS among other things.  You can't hide it!!!

As someone put it.. this is not OPINION... this is FACT!


Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The debacle over the bond program seemed to have started more than a year ago when Judy Needham was requesting changes to the bond that did not seem to fit the intent of what was proposed to the voters.  The shameful part is that board members did not say or do anything to stop her from pushing on items and ultimately delaying the process even more.  Not only were costs at play but making changes that needed board approval did not surface at all.

This is what we meant about no staying silent on issues that truly affect how money is spent.
So we have Judy Needham, not president at the time, pushing on something that would benefit her and her minions.  So where was Tobi Jackson the defender, so she says, of East Fort Worth.  Why didn't you speak up?  Where were the others?  All of you were copied on the emails.

Read the Emails  (the print is small so you will need to increase magnification.  Read from bottom to top.)

Monday, March 2, 2015


Judy Needham gained so much power by doing deals under the table and as new members entered the board her tentacles reached to suck them in.  Then Tobi Jackson comes into the picture and joins the reign of conspiracy, abuse of power, fraud and conflict of interest.  From 2010 both have joined in ruining the lives of many individuals and now they plan to get re-elected for another 4 years of the same.  

Both have made the board and the followers seem like they have no idea of anything nor think for themselves.  They give the followers small projects or committees that keep them busy and feel important while they ruin our educational system.

Read Needham has opponent:

They have been part of conflict of interest with Linebarger who has donated money before and we expect it again.  Yet they did not recuse themselves from the vote  or anything to do with the firm.  They showed their loyalty and got bought.

Don't forget their meeting prior to giving Linebarger the deal with the district.  They mention it in their deposition but attempt to say that they did not know or were aware.

Needham Deposition

Jackson Deposition

Remember the so called mistake on the executive session recording where they showed us how they treat employees even when they know they are wrong.


Sunday, March 1, 2015


If politics ever took precedent over reason then it surely left its footprint...

Now we see how are elected officials, some, feel about the entire process of hiring a new superintendent and how our district is dysfunctional.

Hence this comment that provides clarity from one of the board members supporting Dr. Boyd:

Interesting that when we first reported how everything seemed a bit strange many began to question how people come on here to complain.  That our bits and pieces of information did not paint a real picture of what was actually happening.  We provided sources of information that everyone was free to view and now here it is.  The vetting process was a sham all along and no one will say the reason why everything was being pushed just to save face.  It's true that this is all about politics and that's what we called them out on.. stop the BS and be up front about everything.  All but one board member stands up and let's us know what is going on while the rest hide under executive session privilege which amounts to nothing because in the end they tell their contacts what's going on to benefit them one way or another.  Hence TCU gigs, school choice privilege and so on.

Can we just do our homework right and for a moment in time do truly do it for the betterment of our district.



It seems the board is trying to silence one of its own once again by trying to kick Dr Sutherland from executive session.

The board needs to settle the Palazzolo case and move on. Enough damage has been done with taxpayer money. We know Tobi, Needham and others want to drag this on to hide what skeletons they have. We have a crisis in Fort Worth ISD and this election year matters. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Dr. Sutherland has reported that Boyd has withdrawn from consideration. 

We expect that our elected leaders will do the job right and select a qualified candidate to lead our district.

Friday, February 27, 2015


She has more guts than anyone to stand up for her right and support of all of us.  When it's wrong it's wrong.  So much for those that have not stood up or said anything.. silence does not make things better.  We know who wears the pants on the board... 

  To the rest of the board something to reflect on:

My vote on the new Superintendent appointment

by Ann Sutherland on 02/27/15

            Here is my response to the Star-Telegram’s request that we justify our positions on our upcoming vote for FWISD superintendent.
      The Fort Worth ISD board’s 9-0 vote to choose Dr. Boyd as our sole finalist resulted from three interviews, one involving responses by 16 candidates to five questions via video and two subsequent rounds of interviews.  The first of the subsequent rounds involved seven candidates.  At the close of these interviews, we agreed on a further interview with three, selecting a fourth as a back-up in case one candidate withdrew.   However, even after two of the candidates withdrew, the president declined to call the fourth person.  Thus Dr. Boyd was the sole individual considered at our final interview.  In retrospect, this was unfortunate.
These interviews were supported with statistical information provided by our search firm which we were allowed to read only during our interview sessions.  Although we could search online, we were not allowed to talk to individuals in candidates’ districts. 
           Dr. Boyd’s performance during this final interview was outstanding.
Unfortunately, our post-interview examination of Dr. Boyd’s tenure in Santa Fe reveals great tension between teachers and Dr. Boyd.  There have been many teacher resignations, including one of a nationally recognized teacher, as well as at least one major walk-out by students in protest over his testing regimen.  Anecdotal comments from the community also report that he has treated teachers with unusual disrespect, including (a) entering classrooms and criticizing teachers in front of students and (b) during meetings with teacher representatives, banging on the table, talking on his cell phone and making other disrespectful gestures. 
           Here in Fort Worth, I have watch the relations between school site personnel and the central office deteriorate.  I am very concerned.   Although our board and administration are much more professional than what is being reported from Santa Fe, our failure to address the needs of our school sites is a crucial cause of this decline.  Thus I believe Dr. Boyd’s management pattern, including his increased testing program, is directly counter to Fort Worth’s needs.  
 During his final interview with us, I asked Dr. Boyd his opinion of FWISD’s heavy testing regimen and the consequent need for many principal meetings.  His response was that he did not see the need for either a three-week testing cycle or lengthy principal meetings.  As I indicated during our vote to announce his candidacy, this was a crucial reason for my support.  I now see that his management at Santa Fe is not too different from what we are experiencing.   
 Our board’s #1 job is to restore a positive relationship between our school site staff and our central office staff.  I will be voting “no” on any motion to employ Dr. Boyd.