Thursday, November 20, 2014


So the following people violate board policy and get to keep their jobs plus raises.  So the board of trustees cannot enforce its own policies and makes special considerations for all.  I wonder if any other employee would be treated the same way.  I wonder if teachers did not do their lesson plans or every little thing Sorum wanted if they can ask for board consideration?  How about a raise?

Where is the oversight?  People are fired for dumb reasons and yet their majesties get to stay!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


We needed to come back to this fine moment when an elected representative of the FWISD commented on what kids should do when they ride on the bus to get to school for an hour for the new STEM ACADEMY.  Listen:

So Ms. Jackson whose children don't even attend her own district 2 schools has the audacity to say that every other child should ride the bus as long as it takes.  Of course we know this is in support of Needham where it looks like the STEM will reside in Benbrook.  So does her child ride the bus to Paschal?  Interesting on how the Johnson's aka(Jacksons) see our children and it's not a bother because she doesn't have to get up at 4:30 or 5 AM to get her kids to the bus stop early enough so they can make it to school.  Why aren't East Side schools good enough for you?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fireworks at the Board Meeting

If you didn't get a chance to see the last board meeting this week, you should!!! It was filled with lots of fireworks and a lot of nonsense from administration.  We will take a few pieces that we think are relevant and the citizens need to know because we know that everything presented looks good.

One thing to mention, can the board find better words to use than " it was a good report"  It seems everything presented by admin is a good report, middle schoolers can put a power point together.  Shows us how out of touch board members are when they cannot critique something intelligently.

Will write something below each portion of video that follows:

There are still problems with the SCAs contrary to what Sorum says.  Time consuming, 1st graders having to bubble, etc. etc.  You can hear some items when Sorum presents.  But Poole here brings the perspective of what teachers are feeling out in the field.  We agree, how about some autonomy for teachers to do what is best for their classroom in collaboration and support from admin.  It's always a top down approach and has been for many years in FWISD.  The SCAs are so fragmented and let's not fool ourselves they are test items that were just broken into three week cycles.  There is nothing different except that 4 questions determine mastery of the standards.  We didn't put Sorum's presentation because it's long and filled with nothing that is going to impact student achievement.  One question the board forgot to ask as we watched this is, within the report where is the data for the standards that were tested and how well did students master them.  We don't need to know passing student rate, we need to know if the students are doing well or not.  No specific data presented just gibberish.  Why do you have all those people sitting there and cannot provide information that we needed to know to see if the SCAs are working and the curriculum.  It was more substance about the giving of the test and what they say are good remarks from staff.  They brought accolades, their data from 11 campuses they visited out of 144.  They didn't even publish which schools they visited, so just giving what data they think makes it look good.  Board comment" that was a good report." blah!

Some uneasiness of the SCAs.  Ms. Paz, you as leadership do have the authority to vote it down not necessarily administrate the SCAs but you adopt policy.  Make a motion that SCAs not be given.

Once again another program change in the middle of the game and bad training from the very people that are being paid extra money, so called consultants.  More teaching to the test as you will see on Fridays, students will be doing STAAR work.  So now they expect teachers to implement after half a day of training and no time to prepare and practice.
See the following teacher comments from a teacher on the Sutherland Blog:

IN THE MEAN TIME THEY EAT LIKE KINGS and we can't afford anything in the classroom
So they can eat and we can't even get a snack with the budget

Avila has no clue what he is talking about.  He forgets that he was elected to the area he represents because he lives in the district.  Wait, he didn't get voted in, the opponent was coerced to drop out.  So technically one vote would have been enough.  What a ridiculous comment.... how can someone not live here and understand how our students live and what we are about.  Living in the castle doesn't help, Avila get out and see the community for once.

You just have to love it!  Money at its best here.. self-interests loud and clear
Mayhem in the FWISD

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nepotism alive and well at O.D. Wyatt

Seems the Criss family have jobs for all family members:

Linier Criss
Dominque Criss
Meyer Criss
Quinin Criss
Zachary Criss

All family members working at OD Wyatt together. Was this a promise from Walter Dansby or T.A. Sims?

New superintendent needs to know about this continue FWISD way of hiring.

You got a job is related or personal friend of a board member and/or superintendent. You don't even need to be qualified- free job via an affair, a family line, or a cover up. 

Check it out- it is an easy find!

Monday, November 10, 2014


The saga that is FWISD folks....

So it so happens that all this talk about residency lines has a purpose and it all goes to benefitting the ones at the top.  If you are reading this and any other blog call your board member to vote against the proposed residency guidelines, meaning they want to do away with it for anyone.  Dallas, Keller, San Antonio and other districts require their higher ups to live within the district. Yes folks it's ON PURPOSE!

Basically what we have found out is that the residency lines are for the new superintendent which begs to question why the person hired would not live within the district he or she is supposed to be vested in.  As you can see we smell a rat and the rest of them are lining up to also benefit from.
Take Sorum who according to the blog got a nice 4500 sq ft home for less than 300,000 close by the admin building.  On Dr. Sutherland's blog it says that it was bought for .61 a sq ft, interesting!

Then we get to Barbara Griffith and the sweet deals she has gotten with salary and perks.  She gets to ride on a company vehicle and do her second job with other districts.  Nice how we wish we had a company car!

Read below from Dr. Sutherland:
Dansby's budget had $75,000 for a Cadillac Escalade for Barbara to drive around in. Just part of his $21 million in "enhancements" that will drive us toward insolvency. Wait till you see the "new" budget on Tuesday . . . 

Valerie Carrillo, FWISD attorney, is supposedly going to leave but in the mean time has been covering up all of this.  So much for integrity and ruining your career to cover for the corrupt in the district.  Yes folks it's corruption at it's best and it continues.    Go Valerie because they will get you at some point.......

So Board Members-who is lining up your pockets to make all these changes and allow higher ups to embezzle on the backs of the students of FWISD.  You all speak like you have integrity and yet you show each day that you don't.  

Friday, November 7, 2014


While we were distracted from the bond issue and the money problems that seem to arise time after time.. we learned how our fellow educators at METRO, under Trustee Ramos, have discovered through the STAR that their location more than likely would be the new STEM or that it is being considered without any form of communication from the very person that came into office promising something different.  Teachers feel betrayed and once again no communication comes to them, where will they go, what about the students?  The district again offers nothing more.  Didn't Avila just mention at the board meeting that we need to do a better job to get the word out?  Wait first you have to be around long enough to hear it and not be traveling for personal gain.

So Mr. Ramos where are you now?  You have been MIA from Metro, showing up one time, and we hear the you and fellow board members are about kids and yet words mean nothing.  Here is another prime example of a personal agenda set on gaining personal wealth on the back of kids.  Whatever happened to cultural awareness and just basic culture and climate.  There is nothing in the talk that has helped anyone but you, your family and friends around you.
It's ok for other kids to be affected because having a STEM would make it look great but you have yet to talk about the students and teachers who would be affected.  How about showing up at the schools that also need help.  So happens that the school where your children attend gets the majority of everything.  How interesting that they come into the district from private school and now are atop other students who didn't have that opportunity and who are still not reaping the benefits.  How long will you stay? You are an FWISD trustee, not North Side ISD.   

We hear you Metro staff... empty words, empty promises.  Shame on all those who say they are about education and can't even do the basics.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Well Folks, here we are debating the bond project that was the pride of Dansby and everyone who was to benefit... looks like they had no issue with the turf at a million a piece. The biggest difference between this bond and the last one is that people are actually looking into it and asking questions as we are.

Now we come to the construction of schools and other projects that apparently will not be built as desired and all of a sudden we have costs that are higher than was expected .

The STAR posted an article on the recent meeting of our board and administration on what they were going to do with the projects.  As we read on it, we sort of got two stories going.  Our board members like Avila and the CIP Chief state that the cost of the construction has risen since the bond and that's what you have to deal with.  I don't recall in the last bond ever debating these issues I wonder what was different because those were more difficult times.  In the article they mention that the issue is the labor shortage which is increasing costs, so which is it?  If you need workers to reduce the cost there are plenty of people looking for work that are hands on labor.  Something doesn't feel right about all of this and I am sure that due to the closeness with AECOM and now Mr. Avila who has a construction in the family background, I am sure feels he has the lead on this.

What also doesn't sound quite right is why they are having to reduce classrooms to save on costs when I would of hoped that they did the right surveying to make sure that what was needed at each school was taken into account.  So now you don't need extra classrooms then if this was to go ahead without changes what would you have done with the extra classrooms?  Why don't you have the right numbers when it comes to student population increase?  Sounds to me that the construction issue is not everything that is being told to the public.  Yes we do face an industry like any other that will have costs rise but then we hold the purse on that because we can find a company that will do a good job at a lower cost.  We are not talking about chum change when it comes to the projects, these are in the millions so I am sure that there is not one company that will say no I won't do it and let the money go.

So we took to the internet and found a report by the state comptroller that shows construction of schools within our state.  Houston built nicely at a lower cost and they are way bigger than us.  We echo Moss' (yes I know) message, show the bids, show everything before you vote because we need to see what we are getting.  Most of those reductions do come on the East Side, what are the reasons there?  Don't hide it FWISD!  
Don't settle for what Avila says basically, we just have to deal with it and that's it.  No, we are responsible for the people's money and it is our duty to do everything to get it done right and at a good cost.
Read for yourself.  P.S. The star makes you pay to read the article but we have it here.
The link to the Comptroller's Report is below the article.