Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Days of Our Children's Lives starring Tobi Jackson

Well friends, first of all, thank you for reading our blog and for commenting.  We need to stay informed to make sure that we help improve the system.  The blog is not so much a place to complain but rather bring out the transparency of FWISD and make them accountable.

Well many of you  may know Board Member Tobi Jackson who was elected to represent District 2 which covers most of East Fort Worth.  For the past months until her announced resignation from Prime Prep, she took on the lead of the academy.  The academy has been marred with so much negativity and bad decisions by adults.  In all students who were former FWISD enrollees made the decision to join the academy as it was touted mainly because of the Deion Sanders.  We questioned how an elected member of a public school system would endorse a charter.  We heard from both sides and she indicated that her job was no different than someone who lives in another district being a board member in ours.  Others weren't so fast to forgive because how can you be for public schools and represent it and then advocate for charter schools.  Well in one of her recent Facebook postings she indicates that these are public charter schools because they receive state funding.  Obviously she boasts about her schools and the improvements thereof and yet children were going to another institution.  Why would the children not stay in FWISD?  If things were going great, why leave?  Tobi turns a blind eye to the issues affecting our kids and not until she went to Prime Prep did she begin to realize that our kids are affected by extreme poverty.  Hence she called on the mayor and everyone else to join her for a walk to help the students.  So since 2010 she had not realized that students in district 2 needed help?

Now she is on a campaign to help the students return to FWISD.  Using them as pawns for her intentions to run again next year for the board. Truth be told she intended to leave Prime Prep once she thought that she could get elected president of the board.  That plan failed because she has no leadership and does not have good standing with her colleagues.  While Norm Robbins is not one of our favorites, it's the better of two evils.  We appreciate her dedication to Eastern Hills and we want her to know that District 2 has other schools that also need the attention but we don't hear much about it.  Only when a prize or recognition is won does she show up to take the picture but other than that we don't hear anything.  There are plenty of events that she shows up and that's it, nothing more than to say I was here.  Leadership requires you to be hands-on and I don't mean just hand shaking, doing the work as an example.

The results we have now are the type of leadership she has supported, actions that speak.  The results are worse than ever!  No transparency whatsoever.

2015 is board election year and know that we are coming after her to make sure that she does not continue to hurt our students.  Here is a link of a story that doesn't come up often, how she got questionable funds by an indicted lawyer and basically covered it up:

Here Ms. Jackson points out how great things were at Prime Prep, yet she resigned?  Doesn't a leader see things to the end regardless?  Then she goes on to celebrate students finishing the STAAR exam.  We are all for celebrating students but supporting a testing system that has failed our students?  See for yourself:

Interesting how Tobi works:

Friday, June 20, 2014

Let's review Sutherland Claim

Take a look at the article back in April when we found out that the lawyers were bullying Sutherland because of her stance on the Palazzolo case.  She could be saying now she wasn't to keep her post or who knows what her intent is.  The facts are there and she has not come out and recanted anything she has said in the past.  Bullying is alive and well in FWISD and we will continue to bring it up and share cases of people who are having to live with it.

The article itself exposed a lot of dirty laundry and that's why they want to appeal so that no more comes out.  They don't want this to be case law because then other people may sue for some of the same things.  FWISD is wanting to keep it all the same.  Too late we already know and won't let go of it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

OH MY! A Rebuttal to Ann Sutherland's Jab at Dansby

So here we have a Mr. Dunkins rebutting the critique by Sutherland towards Dansby.

Let's first say that Dansby did start it (sounds like kids, he started it!!)
He said the board was wanting him to do illegal and/or unethical stuff and so the fireworks started.  You can't dish it out if you can't take it, that's what I've heard...

So as you read the statement just know that while Mr. Dunkins was working for the FWISD many things were covered up and the good ol boy system was running just fine.  Perhaps he can tell us how he managed his crew since some just slept and earned their paycheck.

Mr. Dunkins, you are entitled to your view on Dansby and perhaps things went very well for you.  But know that they are many other people who were harmed by him and you don't know much about it because you don't want to hear it.  We all went through it with Dansby and believe me he is far from ethical.  The ones that were hurt the most were our students who did not benefit from all the money he is taking away from us and also the money that has to be paid for his mishap lawsuit for defamation.  If you want please read the transcript of it in one of our posts so that you can see exactly the ethical part he played in the attempt to ruin a man's life.  So please make sure you round up the facts and talk to those that were affected to get a better sense of your giant.  Giants do fall and I think that's biblical.  Also ask him what the deal was with the board and to make sure he keeps his part of it before he opens his mouth.  Ask him why he won't stand up and defend himself for what he did and pay for it but unfortunately it's on the back of our students who need  it.

Dansby broke the deal off first, so let's hear it from the rest of the board members what they think about it.  Any takers?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Fireworks continue between the board and Dansby

So Dansby threw the first punch after leaving and now it's Sutherland's turn.
She details some of the stuff we already knew about family members working and now apparent conflict of interests with vendors.  So the question is, board members, what were you going to do about it when it came to your attention?  So you would rather stay quiet and not follow the same policies you swore to uphold.  We may need our politicians to rethink having a recall when it comes to this type of treachery by the same people we voted for.  Let's propose it for the next legislative session.

The other issue is where do all directors, executives, etc. live and where do their children attend school?  Perhaps someone can investigate this for us because most of the big salary folks do not live in Fort Worth, do not pay city taxes and do not understand the lives of our students.  Some of our board member's children go to private school, so how can you make decisions and understand our district when you do not even contribute to FWISD.  How can you make decisions for our students?

When will the madness stop?  The key is the voters and until the majority realize how sickening this is, things will continue as is.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

How much longer will Needham be allowed to ruin FWISD?

Sometimes we think of politicians who have been in office for decades dinosaurs and we have one of our own.

Year after year Needham only represents the elite of Fort Worth and feels secure about her position and perhaps anything in life that she makes decisions that hurt children.  Do the elite realize how much damage she has caused FWISD?  Just when we thought Needham would be on her last leg, she now gets the support of her puppets Jackson and apparently now Sutherland.  Say it isn't so!!

Let's just say that Children are not on the agenda, just deep pockets getting ready for the next give away.

It's time for something new..

 Repeal and Replace

Which way will she go?
Replace, replace, replace

Friday, June 13, 2014

in the news video


NBC 5 reported on the Palazzolo verdict where he was award 2.7 million dollars.  The pending defamation lawsuit is asking for another million.  This is just what is going out to the plaintiff you need to add another million for lawyer fees already accrued and then the next lawsuit will cost some more.

So Dansby resigned for whatever reason he gave and the board gave and now each is telling their own story.  But Dansby got everything he wanted, money and the district paying all legal fees for his mess.  So for those of you who are crying because he left, he could care less because he is taking your money to the bank and laughing in your face.  If he so cared about the district he would stayed and finished out his contract and truly stuck to what he planned.

Let's review the facts, Dansby ordered the microphones placed at the executive session which was never, let me repeat, never done before.  Everyone who testified was surprised at the request.  Then he orders the techies who know how to run the system to leave and allow the secretaries to run it and they were not trained.  So his excuse is to say that he needed to amplify the room.. baloney.
Then they say that since it was a mistake based on their fact that the video is automatically uploaded to the system they use which is in California or some place.  So we went and tested their theory and it doesn't work that way.  Right after the board meeting is over, let's say before 10 PM you don't see the video until the next day.  So something happens prior to that video being uploaded so it's not automatic it has to be sent, converted so that it plays right.  Someone has to tell the system to record, it doesn't automatically do it itself.  Any computer or system is only as smart as the person handling it and well we know smarts is not one of Dansby's best trait.

It all looks like hush money!!/news/local/Former-FWISD-Superintendent-Faces-Lawsuit/262949421