Saturday, September 9, 2017


Folks, we continue to receive complaints from our auxiliary employees about continued bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace.  Just ask our cafeteria, custodial, operations and maintenance employees.  Art Cavazos and Griffin are complicit in it.  Custodial supervisors place female custodians in harms way with their sexual advances and working conditions.  The yearly online training is a complete farce when you have a problem at hand.  A video is not going to solve the problem.  Employees are not reporting for fear of losing their jobs and retaliation.  Harsh abuse for those whose voices are never allowed to be heard!

The Board and the Superintendent have blood on their hands!!!

So will it take the life of am employee for the district to do something about it?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017



Teachers, Prepare yourself for the coming school year by knowing the law
Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year.  FWISD continues to be the model for dysfunctional government that, unfortunately, seems to be the “new normal” for our country.
But don’t give up.  Educating and advocating for the education of children is still the noblest of efforts and there are federal protections still in place that you need to be aware of, especially if you encounter the kind of bully principals and administrators that CIAFWISD has exposed over the years.  So, here’s some advice for gathering documentation and “keeping your head while others lose theirs”.

1)     Know that two federal laws protect you and your students- The 1964 Civil Rights Act signed by President Lyndon Baines Johnson, ensures equal employment opportunity and equal educational opportunity rights for people based on race, national origin, age, color , religion, sex, disability, and retaliation.  Employment law protects you as an employee and educational law protects your students and their parents from being treated differently in regards to one or more of those bases.  Retaliation comes into play after you have reported a possible violation (as long as your report is sincere and well-intentioned; you don’t even have to prove the discrimination) to a law enforcement agency (i.e. Dept. of Ed., Dept. of Justice, FBI, etc.).  Reporting to FWISD’s Equity and Excellence, Human Capital Management, and/or Office of Professional Conduct is counter-productive and dangerous.

2)     YOU CAN RECORD MEETINGS WITH YOUR SUPERVISOR/PRINCIPAL.  But you’d be stupid to do it openly!  Texas law allows for anyone who is party to a conversation to record that conversation.  Don’t confuse that with eavesdropping where an outside party illegally records two other peoples’ conversation (in other words, it’s illegal to “bug” your principal’s office; but you can record any conference that he/she has with you, because you are a party in that conversation.

3)     Be wary of teacher associations that do not offer client/lawyer privilege  From your first conversation with an association, talking to a staff member, who is not an attorney, DOES NOT give you client/lawyer privilege.  Be aware that one of the largest teacher associations in Fort Worth uses staff members to get all of your information.  This is a for-profit association that is  allowed to distribute their weekly information using FWISD paid employees duties.  You have to wonder what’s the payback for free labor and advertising?

4)     Okay, so you don’t feel comfortable recording your principal, then document, document, document  Be sure that after a meeting where you feel that your rights were being violated or you are being ordered to violate someone else’s rights (such as a student or their parent), take immediate notes and include names of who was in the meeting, time and day that it took place, what was asked of you and your response, and how you felt after the meeting.  If you feel compelled to do so, in as unthreatening a manner as possible, respond to your principal in an email that summarizes what you heard he or she was asking you to do.

5)     If you are physically touched or verbally threatened with harm call the police  Tell someone who you trust right after it happens--- while calling the police.  Once police show up, record your conversation with the officer and identify them by asking for their business card or write down their name and badge number.  Don’t play with this and don’t be afraid to call the police.

6)     If you are made to cry by your principal or a supervisor, immediately go tell a trusted co-worker  If they are trusted by you, they shouldn’t have a problem with you recording your conversation with them (but let them know, remember, you trust them and they trust you, so do not say something that can get them in trouble).  Remember, at this point, both of you have civil rights protection against retaliation.

7)     Don’t taunt your principal/supervisor with the law  The law is especially protective of victims who were “victimized”.  It becomes a little “greyer” when you are perceived as the bully.  So, know your rights but don’t go pushing them.  Believe me, there already are plenty of bully principals/supervisors in FWISD who think that they are demi-gods and come after their employees without provocation.

8)     The more that teachers know how to fight, the more that outside entities, such as the federal government, will have to respond.  With sheer volumes of complaints, hopefully the feds will intercede in FWISD. 

Via CIAFWISD, I can try to answer some questions that you might have.  Click into the comment section and send your question (CIAFWISD protects your email identity and you can post a different name) and I will do my best to answer.


So the admin is gearing up for another request to voters for BOND money, for what?

We hear the supposed explanation of needs but the 2015 BOND is riddled with mismanagement.  You had a retire rehire individual who is pocketing money, has no connection to Fort Worth.  Where are the major improvements and promises of the old bond?

Scribner, can you not find better people with fresh new ideas?  Can you not put on your big boy pants and lead?

In charge of the 2015 Bond Vicki Burrus


Hello Folks,

Crazy start to the new year but the FWISD issues continue and of course the lovely people that appear to be leaders and are not.

So Sandra Salinas who we introduced as another Ramos groupie.. well it now happens that she is part of the City of Fort Worth Library Board.  She was recommended by Carlos Flores who happens to be tied to Espino who is tied to Ramos so they did him a favor.  See how easy that is.

As Mr. Orlando Fernandez stated in a comment, Cinto is true to his followers and OWN kids.. no one else.  

Then we have our fearless leader who is feared by no one and is pushed around like nothing.
He aligns himself with Betsy Trump who contributed to Carlos Flores.  At that Flores received contributions from the brother of Charlie Geren the author of SB4 which he voted against.  So lots of flip flopping.  Big Happy Family Screwing our district.

Monday, August 7, 2017


If you recall back when we covered the story about Ramos and his mistress whom he fathered a child, well not sure how this new lady is connected but has Ramos backing all the way.

Now enter Sandra Salinas who has been appointed to do various jobs at Diamond Hill Jarvis on behalf of Ramos.  She came into the school and destroyed PTA.

We found out that she does not live in the district yet is an employee and her daughter is there to do what Ramos did with his kids, take the ranking away from students who have been there for years.  So now this young lady is tops and looks like another TCU scholarship coming.  Sandra lives in Eagle Mountain-Saginaw district but is a transfer.

Ashely, is that not your school?  After Ramos helped your opponent in the election and now he is taking over your area, where are you?

Ramos has a new girl!

Saturday, July 29, 2017


This can't get any better folks.....

If you have not tuned into Facebook or other outlets, the Texas Association of School Boards or TASB, released personal information from district employees across the state but for sure FWISD.  They are going to help you monitor your credit for free just in case you have issues which you know are not easy to resolve.  Will they offer legal help in case your information is used?

The big question here is does FWISD have the legal right to release your information to an organization they pay to lawyer up, conflict of interest, just to send it over to the workforce commission?

When we signed up we either have a choice of yes or no to post our directory information.  I don't recall there being an area where the district says do you want TASB to have your information.  Any legal repercussions here?

Why can't the district give the information to the workforce commission?

This is completely adding insult to injury.  Let us know if any of you get an email about your information being published online and if the district apologizes for their stupidity.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

THE $130,000 MAN

Must be nice to get paid for doing what?

So whatever title he holds now is paying off dividends.  We would like to see his evaluation so that we can see his job description.  But it pays to do the dirty work for Ramos and to tell Scribner what to do.

Jerry, it paid off to sleep around with the Chief and to brown nose your way.