Wednesday, June 6, 2018


It turns out that Ashley Paz has decided she won't butt into school affairs when the people she serves, teachers and students, are asking for her help.  Some schools are re-organizing to put science classes in portables for whatever reason.  Ashley Paz says it's in the best interest of students to do it.

They may want to look at OSHA standards and safety standards on what you call a lab.  Where are chemicals going?  Where are you putting hazardous materials?  A little call to agencies may have them think otherwise.  But the main point here is that the education model the district is pursuing is ruining opportunities for students and teachers for better learning.

Ashley, did you sleep in class or where do you think moving labs to portables is ok?  Guess the TCU diploma didn't help you to reason at all.

You would butt into school affairs when it benefits you or your friends.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


This was sent by someone at North Side who has seen the despicable conditions and no one in authority is doing anything.  This Coach Turner is destroying student lives.  

North side high school there was a kid who was recovering from acl and coach turner made him do unnecessary punishment and made him do many punishments in which he was not cleared to participate the kid was fed up with coach turner with the daily bullying and sexual harassment and at time choking and wrestling with kids and the influence on drugs he puts on these kids this kid is top of his class student straight A's at times and was treated like the worse foe being smart this kid decided to stop showing up to his 8th period athletics Turner was counting him present every day because he never tales attendance this kid was hiding from this coach 3 wks later Turner reports this kid for skipping his class to principle martinez when the kid told martinez that he has every reason to skip because he doesnt want to be abuse or bullied every day and be called names such as bitch Martinez did not care at all and placed this straight A kid in iss with coach turner and during his time in iss he kept being harrased by the coach and bothered telling him that he was never going be able to get him in trouble because him and martinez are best friends. This kid was made to lose credit for his absences and was not allowd to drop the class he doesnr need this kid asked one of his teachers who has a law degree for help the teacher read the rules and help him write a complaint letter and was going be his representative this kid still didnt go back to athletics because he knew exactly what was going happen the kid had to finally come out and tell serious examples turner has done to him like hit him and point a starter gun at him in 2 different occasions when the kid's mother finally found out about the situation she talked to one administrator 1st Martinez was in a meeting when martinez came back from the meeting the first thing he told his mom was that i already talked to coach turner he said he never pointed at gun at your son the kid told him mom that he most likely told him to hide the gun rather than investigating like always just covering for his reports in sexual harrassmenr the principle was no help at all he said who am i supposed to believe your child or my coach he told his mother if hes really scared of being bullied just transfer him to diamond hill or carter he didnr bothered to listen to the kid and refused to drop the class for the kid and refused to do anything regarding the coach a report was made with the police and. The district and it seems like always Martinez and turner are going get their way and the kid sits in the office for his 8th period but continues to be bullied daily and now the teacher who helped him is being forced to move schools for helping the kid because a so call surplus when hes been at the school for 5 yrs and has some of the best ap scores in the district and is one of the most respected teachers at ns and works 12 hours daily helping these kids with their problems and who had a room so comfortable for many kids well thats it martinez and turner covering up for themselves while messing up these kids lives allowing these horrible stuff

Friday, May 25, 2018

Letter to Deborah Traylor/Cherie Washington

Late posting but related to the testing debacle that Deborah got nothing for.

Deborah Traylor was written up for taking pictures and video in an active test site.  Washington and now others have covered it up or, have tried to.  Now, other school districts have heard about this too.  Fort Worth ISD is the laughingstock of North Texas education system!  I wonder why these two left Dallas ISD?  There needs to be an investigation of the top administrators including Scribner because he has been in this district long enough to know the elitists bullying and snobbery that, like puss, has infected Fort Worth ISD for years!
In the gymnasium at Morningside Middle School, Deborah Traylor took out her phone while students were testing and took pictures and video without prior approval form TEA!
She was written up by the three teachers who saw her make this bone-headed move and, as of yet, nothing has happened to her.
She didn’t say why she was doing this but later used the excuse that she was taking pictures because there was too much teacher movement and gym was being used because it made the test coordinator’s job easier.  Not true at all.  It’s called active monitoring and teachers are required to do this at all times even when they aren’t testing.  They have been written up for not being up and moving around the room.  
Two things, first, it is a known fact that, as quoted from the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, Test Administrator Manual, “No person may duplicate, print, record, write notes about, or capture (electronically or by any other means) any portion of a secure assessment instrument (paper or online) without prior approval from TEA.  Districts may not duplicate and retain student compositions.”   
If Traylor had permission from TEA why was she written up by the people who witnessed her actions?  What were her original intentions for taking photographs and video?  Did she have a 24 hour palsy that produced tremors that made her yank out her phone and take pictures and video?
Second, did she also check each student’s Media Release Forms to know if the parents gave permission for their children to be photographed?  No one seems to care about that!  Are students not more important than standardized tests?   
If any teacher, teacher’s assistant or staff had illegally, as Traylor did, photographed or videoed an active test site they would have been fired immediately!  And she would have enjoyed making it happen!
As it is now, Traylor still has a job and is blaming the teachers and the test coordinator. In fact she is now following up on her fabricated excuse by making it impossible for testing to take place in the gym at all.  This site is desperately needed and has been working for four years and there’s never been a problem…until now when Deborah Traylor was caught taking picture without prior approval from TEA.
Morningside faculty has to cram the students that would normally be in the gym into classrooms that are too small.  There will be 30 students in each testing room and extra people will have to be pulled to make this happen.  
The students will be cramped and behaviors will escalate.  It’s almost like she’s trying to sabotage Morningside Middle School but, why and at what expense?  
We have something tangible to hang on to that highlights the favoritism and illegal actions by people who, up until now, have gotten away with this kind of garbage.  
This is why public education isn’t working!  People at the top who can’t get over the fact that they actually made something out of themselves.  Gigantic egos and social skills that rival Saddam Hussein’s; I’m not kidding!  This has got to stop!  We cannot let this go!  If we do, we just might deserve it, and that’s just not true.  
This is our conduit educators!  (not that we needed one/or/ more) Don’t let it go!!!
Civil disobedience worked for Gandhi and Martin Luther; they did the right thing!  Do the teachers of FWISD have the same ambition?  Absolutely!   There are around 5000 teachers, many paraprofessionals and admin!  The tail’s wagging the dog.  We need to take our district back!!!  So from now until something is done we are wearing purple bracelets.  Purple for peace (because we have more class).  It’s time to go Gandhi educators! 
Warning: Anyone who punishes anyone for wearing a purple bracelet and/or other objects (clothing) is subject to legal action and exposure for being an asshole; assuming it’s not already a well-known fact.
There are many people who have been hurt by Deborah Traylor and Cherie Washington.  How many of our names do they remember?  We all know theirs!  It isn’t very often a person encounters someone as mean and heartless as these women and the people around them so, we remember them.  People who have fed their ego with bits and pieces of their pride, dignity and humility.
Deborah Traylor and Cherie Washington, when it is time for you face God will he say, “Thank you for caring so deeply for my children, your brothers and sisters or, will he look at you unsmiling with sadness and ask, “Why did you treat my children that way?”   


North Side High School has become the good ol boys club led by Ramos and protected by his nemesis Principal Martinez.

If you have not read, read what this student has to say about the environment of sexual harassment allowed by FWISD.  Children are suffering!


Thursday, May 24, 2018


The district never ceases to amaze in the debacles and complete denigration of values or whatever you want to call them.

With staff being placed in other schools and hiring outside of the district to say that it is because people will retire or leave and they need to recruit.  How do you recruit when you have more than 100 people hanging in the balance?  They are doing a purge from what it looks like because any sensible person would see it as a no brainer.

Now comes this soap opera show at the board meeting of the dinosaurs fighting each other.  Does it really matter who ends up president?  They vote for each other and they are surprised at the results?  It was a show and nothing more!

Monday, April 30, 2018


Just today.....

So principals are upset that Leadership has completely taken over the process of staffing and hiring.  HCM and Budget were uninvited to the meetings for whatever reason.  So Washington and the directors are now in charge of the cutting which means more preferential treatment for their own people.  It seems now that they are going against any established protocol that has been in place for years.  Principals have no voice or choice in hiring anymore.

Friday, April 27, 2018


The deafening ears in Fort Worth would not have caught a top admin taking pictures of a STAAR test and tell the public because it is hidden under the rug.  But had it been a teacher, he or she would of been fired, picture in the paper and a whole life destroyed.  So this Washington protege is none other than Deborah Traylor.  She was at Morningside, apparently, watching testing when their side says she was not happy at the way testing was going.  So she took out her phone and started taking pictures of kids and the test.  Teachers were asked to write statements because according to the law, that is an irregularity and violation.  So now we have more criminals masquerading as directors and supervisors to join the Wall of Shame in FWISD.

Will we see it in the paper?  Does TEA know about this?