Thursday, October 20, 2016

CULTURAL BIGOTRY at the Highest Levels in FWISD

We know that money talks big in FWISD as does Fort Worth for that matter.  The promise by the Cultural Savior Ramos, was to create a better environment and recognition of what needed to be fixed in the district.  What we have gotten for the past 3 years is more of the same and then worse.  The man who prides himself in training the board on cultural matters, etc. has been driving his own district into haves and have nots for his own benefit and those that have his allegiance.  Yes that includes many politicians at all levels of government because they condone what is happening to our district. Recall that his kids would not be in FWISD had he not been on the board which was a political move because he would not have done so in the suburbs where he has a residence.  

We have many upset parents on the Northside of town that Ramos represents, who have seen their own children chided and treated like second class members of this district.  Students were invited to a forum at TCU recently and Paschal and Northside were well represented and more than that, treated to front and center, areas labeled for them etc.  Well others from Diamond Hill, and other high schools were just to be seated on the side and around the rest.  So the top two schools were given a grand welcome and the rest don’t matter.  This is very symbolic of what has transpired in this administration and current leadership. They represent the two schools where they get their money support and of course great deals from TCU.  Did you read the article about TCU adding a diversity official?  That tells you a lot, let me guess will it be a Ramos or someone close to him that will fill the spot to make it look like, they have a minority friend and they are not racist?
So below you have a district employee who has an opinion about immigrants in an area where immigrant children attend schools in the lovely JP Elder.  So Mr. Ramos, what say you about this type of bigotry?  

Absent is the Superintendent who has become another puppet in waiting for the next big thing in Washington.  He was hired to continue to cover up because if he had done what he promised then we wouldn’t be where we are now.  Masking incompetence with a reading initiative and District of Innovation is not a solution it’s a cop out.  We know the issues we have, nothing new, but have not had the leadership to deal with it head on.  The plan will be in place, cronies will pocket money and children still behind.  Hence the program that does not support dual language students who will go a year with support and the data shows that the students who were to outperform everyone else are lagging.  Maybe he can at least focus on the blotted administration who has many Assistant Directors in small departments and do nothing because the little guys are doing the leg work.  Example Student Discipline has a high paying director to sit and let the other do the work.  When is the new HCM person going to change things?  Once again admin is top heavy and yet they complain there is no money. 

What we have FWISD are divisive tactics meant to disparage students who have no representation and those that continue to advocate are mistreated by the same people who stand up and say they are for the people they represent.  So politicians like Espino, Romero and others have no spine and are merely ceremonial because they do not stand for anything.  Only when it suits them will they say something but now they are silent.  It seems that they follow the Trump tactic perfectly because the money flows from the same bigot spigot.    So our new slogan is not On Purpose, it’s Let’s Make FWISD Great Again… that would resonate with many and shows you how our parents on the Northside are treated by the Ramos Corrupt Machine.  RCM 

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Well the people making decision about what students need for some reason don't have experience or they forgot everything.  The latest debacle comes from Achieve 3000 purchased from a friend of a friend of Scribner and the person who thought Spanish support meant that it had a Spanish side for the dual language students, WRONG!  So the district purchased an expensive product that does not have what it needs and an email went out stating that there is another product purchased that could serve in the mean time while they get their crap together.  So where is the accountability? Who is getting fired for this?  No one because once in upper management you stay there, hence retire-rehires.  We will post the email sent to the schools if we get our hands on it...

Word has it that Ramos has decided to run again.  We figured he would because he has two kids that need to get into TCU so it may be a while unless he gets promoted to another position.  Interesting how he balances some Trump surrogates financing his way to re-election and say he is for the latinos.. that would be an interesting pitch.  Stand Fort Worth needs to put lots of pressure!

Stay awake everybody because they are planning how to clean house with teachers or employees they don't like if they can be exempt from many current laws that protect teachers.  Don't believe anything they say, they are liars.. We will be watching and call them out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016



Dr. Sutherland posted on her blog what the district is considering soon if not already to be come a District of Innovation.  This hefty title is nothing more than gutting the rights that currently exist for teachers and many employees.  Keep in mind that central admin people are not affected in any way because they hold the power and it always boils down to the workers who are actually doing their job.

It is true that class sizes, teacher contracts and so forth can be affected because the district would be exempt from following them.  In some cases it may be no different than what they do for Bilingual or ESL classes when they ask for exemptions.   Some of the provisions of Innovation are meant to help districts recruit better or seek reprieve from some of the states dumb rules for certifications.  Yet that could go the other way and recruit people without certification while everyone else has already spent money and years to earn the right to be a teacher.

How can Fort Worth ask for this when they can't even get the basic things right?  The district, if the board approves the move, would need to create committees that have representation from all people in the district and eventually parents.  The board will need to have final approval once they have met the state requirements in the plan.  If we know Fort Worth, they will make it look like they are getting input and then dump it and go their way.

We can already see the board and central office filing their nails to get rid of the people they want.  The district would not have to go through the processes it has if protections for teachers are taken away.  We need to fight this however possible and parents need to as well because the board would have more power to do as they please without due process. They will spin this all they want and say it's for the children when nothing about it talks about supporting students monetarily or intentional with actual support.  This is a way to save money on the backs of teachers.

If you think trying to file complaints is hard now, might as well not even think it with the designation.  Authentic authoritarian rule would occur... Neeham and crew love it!

Thursday, October 6, 2016


We know that Scribner has lost any type of control of the district by allowing the board to run the district.  While he  may not want to get them mad, then why are you in charge?  Scribner said he would work with the board but run the district.  Nothing has changed.

So now we have three people who have become the untouchables

Kevin Green
*is paying himself overtime for work done by others, so he is breaking laws and policies

Look two exemplary people!

Michael Steinert
*bringing all his people from MHMR and we know all the crap that he has done or failed to do in support of students.

Kyle Davie
*Buying equipment and hiding it.  Remember there are warehouses full of them.  Neeham told Scribner to stop the audit and so now he can get away with anything.  Where is Sutherland?  I thought she was part of that committee.

These are Needham’s boys.

The audits have stopped by order of Needham into technology equipment, labor law violations, embezzlement and so forth.  Institutional racism is alive and well among other things happening to the people who get paid less and are asked to work more.

President Ramos, where are you?  Why are you not standing up for the people you claim to defend?  There are people being mistreated and yet you stay silent.  If you would stop traveling and actually talk to the people at the bottom you might learn that they are having it rough.  The employees below Central Office have no voice.  

Thursday, September 29, 2016


After trying to have the Palazzolo case dismissed, the court denied their motion and we go to trial. The motions filed could have been better written by a fifth grader and with reasonable substance. More money to spend by the district. Insurance pays, not!

Below we have the two motions FWISD filed and the court decision
The facts will come out at trial stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Why is it significant?

Not so much that it is for a majority but just to highlight  the demise of what was to be a mark of change and ended up a disaster. The savior of the poor Latino community became the sellout to the elite or better said a puppet. All came with perks of jobs and full ride scholarships for kids.

Interesting that he didn't attend public schools and until elected kids started in Northside schools only to overtake students who didn't have the choice. Now he will parade around people who have not benefitted from anything other than his own circle who have jobs etc. He is pushing for a political life which he said he was not a politician but has been a sell out on that.

Are things any better for you?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The mighty Fort Worth legal team has informed the other side that they will ask the court to delay the  decision for a new trial. If the court denies it they are going to appeal to Supreme Court. Can this get any crazier?  You asked for a trial and you get it and now you want to delay, delay, delay. Once again a decision made by an unelected official who has power over the entire FWISD.

Can anyone stop the madness?