Friday, April 20, 2018


This dead horse has been beaten enough that it is still dead and that horse is FWISD.  It seems things keep getting worse and worse with no slim hope of things changing.

We have seen this new 8 period/ 45 minute teaching time that is to improve teaching and learning.  We are not a PHD as some admin are but that surely did not help them to realize that less time and more periods won't make a difference.  Now, having two periods off to plan and also for PD can work in some instances but not at the expense of bigger classes.  It would also be beneficial when you have a PD department that knows what they are doing and are strategic about how to support staff on stuff that is meaningful and not just a program bought to appease a friend as in LII and such.  If this is the magic solution then why didn't Washington perform the miracle when she was principal?  Did we see the STAAR results change?  What data shows this will completely change things for the benefit of students and teachers?  No one has done their research so the answer is no.

What else do we have under rug....

1. is it unethical for a supervisor to borrow money from his or her employee?

2. Chaos and violent behavior being ignored in the maintenance department under Gil Griffin.

3. Gender and race inequities in hiring practices under Art Cavazos and his departments.

4. Board member's family earning over half a million dollars in scholarships.  In Mexico and the US that is called corruption.  Guess who it is.

5. Who really works 10 hour days during the summer?  Not principals!

6. Why is Needham hiring all of her friends at AHHS without certifications?

7. David Guerra the new Athletic Director was hired yet FWISD spent a fortune on a recruiting firm.  His son attends AHHS so expect the perks to start.

8. Race and Equity training costs millions and nothing has changed.

More and more of the same folks!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


One time thing would be like ok maybe that Ramos' son got a TCU scholarship because apparently he deserved it over all other needy students.

And what do you know, son number 2 got the same thing.

There is no shame in that family whatsoever, passing up students who qualified as well and needed it the most.  He is at TCU and he can get favors for it but no.

Said state of affairs friends and no one to stand up to him.  Karma will have to do the job for us!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

FIRE SIDE CHAT (Memo from the editor)

Without going into a long sermon in response to the many comments and inquiries about the stories posted, let me clear up a few things and then go at it.

There have always been claims that the site is bogus, self-serving, and basically a place to just complain.  The site was started almost three years ago to start having the discussions about the ailments of this district, FWISD.  The district has a hush hush culture that allow the individuals now in power to do their bidding as they wish.  We all know about the corruption with Tocco so that is not false.  We all know about the continued corruption, cover up and nepotism of the board and now the enjoining administration.  You can judge the postings as you wish but the information received comes from people within the district who have no voice.  We have sent information to the DA, the department of education, OCR, etc. and nothing will happen when the politicians are also in bed with the administration.  So you can say all you want but we expose what we can with the resources that we have so that the minority in this situation is not silenced.

Back in 2013 we felt we had the opportunity to change a few things but we were all disappointed with the individuals we now feature here who basically turned their backs on the majority who supported them.  So we will continue to push forward regardless of the trolls that defend their entitlements with the people that are harming the students and teachers of this district.

Call it what you want, freedom of expression is what we will hold onto and if anyone wants to refute anything we invite them.  No comment has been blocked here as you notice how vicious the trolls are.  We stand tall and will not allow them to change the narrative.  Remember when people are backed into a corner they will attack and so we see it.  This means we hit a good nerve and proven our point.

Remember this BAM Ramos? This was the mantra back in 2013- we are living it and we will not be silent.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


We could laugh and bash Ramos, as we will, and move along because some may not think that this forum is not a serious avenue about exposing the wrongs in this district.  But this posting is about a man who has truly transformed a community and more specifically a school where students are being brainwashed to hate another race.
Some can question the source of the posting but what is undeniable is how the Honorable Jacinto Ramos, Jr. a representative on the school board gave a hate speech at North Side on how racism is to blame for everything that has happened to him and all around him.  Remember that everything is tied to him and how he comes across as being denied or done wrong.  So the quest for him is not to help anyone else but to only better his image and his inner circle.
The interesting thing here is that when he speaks to the "White" audience his tune is completely different because they pay him for what he does but then he bashes them off the bat.  He bashes the Mayor and other city officials.  So this particular speech was posted then deleted because of what it contained.

His goal is to have all Mexican principals, teachers, coaches, etc. at North Side.  He has SB4 leaders doing his bid and is involved in orchestrating the entire SB4 movement which is an affront to the immigrant community.

People within the community indicate that white teachers are scared to go to work because he has turned the students against them. Remember he gave this speech on how racism is engrained in American society as seeing all peoples as the enemy.  Now he is on a witch hunt to find out who leaked the video of the speech so that it doesn't affect his image within the district.  Technically he would be in violation of many ethical laws and policies and overall a person of moral character if he has any left.

The district is covering up the issue by stating that no such event took place even as he called each grade level and gave the hate filled speech.  So when you hear him talk about courageous conversations, that is just lingo for how he wants his followers to be.  Camp Community is the birthplace of his journey and as he spoke to them at their annual meeting.  He completely turned it into something that benefitted him and did not speak about how much he hates the very people sitting there who supported him.

Sad state of affairs

Saturday, February 10, 2018


For some reason we didn't get the memo on the assignment of Nick Torres at Poly HS.  Did hell freeze over?

What criteria or what type of sensical crap did central admin eat that they thought Nick Torrez could run a high school that needs heavy investment to change the culture and quality of education?

He ran the elementary school he was given to the ground then went to middle school and did crap and now he is to magically turn Poly around?  All it is is a stepping stone to central office.  Watch him become a director or something just to keep the Lemons moving.

We want to say so many things but would take too much energy.

So, it appears that Nick, as always, has his favorites and well it's a woman.  Let's not forget his comes from the same clan as the Race Baiting Board Member Ramos.  So it appears this woman is a SPED teacher who is supposed to do her job as all others.  But because she was handpicked and favored by the principal she has told the staff not to put her to do ARDs or anything even when some are her own students.
The students are failing, she is not certified at that, yet the Nick standards apply.  Low Standards.

Stick together Poly teachers because Nick has his list and checking it twice of people he is going to get rid of.  So keep an eye out and document everything and play the game, smile and look pretty.

Pretty soon FWISD will take the Nick trash and dump it at central admin.

Thursday, February 1, 2018


What have we said before, when you keep the same people thinking they will do something different, it never happens.  And so we come to the Department of Equity and Excellence run by none other than Sherry Breed.  If you have ever heard the concept of when people are moved around as Lemons, then she is the prodigy.  They can't find anywhere to put her until she disappears but she has more lives than cats.

So it appears that "courageous" conversations have been happening around the district about racial inequality in the education of our students.  We understand there is a need to look into institutional racism that does help open up opportunities for students of color to succeed.  But the question here is what color?

Without getting into a debate on race, etc.  Let's start with how the department is supposed to model equity with the personnel they have hired.  Recently, the Student Engagement Department under Riddick hired 5 black women and one hispanic male.  With a district that is close to 70% Hispanic, it doesn't appear that there is equity.  At the same time, we do have anglos which may be represented in departments run by an anglo director.  So if we are having conversations, where is it changing the district?  Leadership? schools? where? Are all students being represented here in outreach?  We don't see it!

Where is the BAM Board Member Ramos who speaks of Mexican-American Studies, African-American Studies to promote pride in our students?  Wait, we hear he is so popular at TCU trying to date his students.  The focus is not on FWISD, it is on self-preservation.  Yes folks, we do have the source.  But that doesn't matter anymore because he is waiting for his next big gig.  Rumor has it he wants to run against Marc Veasey.. PFFF!  Almost choked on the premise that he has more to offer.  He doesn't know politics that well, perhaps TCU can give him a Political Science Degree to make him look credible.

Ashley Paz?  Are you there?  You speak that these conversations are so valuable yet we don't see anyone out there making the changes.  You see to Lead it means to speak and to create the change that you want.  I guess your degree at TCU did not teach you much about that.

Take a look at the department and if there is a Hispanic in there then point it out...



Just another year folks of inefficient leadership or any kind of sense making in running a school district by the administration.

You have a board that governs from atop and looks down at the very heart of who is keeping the district running, teachers and support staff.  All at the admin building could give a rats ass what happens because they keep getting their fat checks each time.  The board provides them the incentives and the rest of us get crap.

Just look at the recent events and this is coming from within the board.. seems Sutherland must have been duped again and is now talking.  Still they are important happenings because otherwise we would not know how much we are appreciated (sarcasm) by the administration.

WE TOLD YOU SO!!!  The Leadership academies were broken from the beginning, not even mentioning pay, the idea that you could replicate and run something without due diligence was a blunder.  Yet students and staff suffer.