Friday, May 30, 2014

FAVORS PAY OFF IN FWISD- Dansby on a roll now with former Board Member Vasquez

Our psychic abilities keep on giving.

Seems like Dansby is paying back favors for not testifying.  Know that Carlos Vasquez, former Board Member and critical of Dansby, hid from being subpoenaed in the Palazzolo case in exchange for a cushy job at FWISD.  Let's not forget why Vasquez was upset at Johnson because he did not get a director job.  He worked hard to get rid of her.  Some say he left because he was upset but we learned that he was in trouble for being caught doing improper things at a school in the parking lot.  Everyone knew about it!

Tatum got his and now Vasquez!!  The job of Assistant Superintendent since we will have a few retirements like Sanchez, Serrano and Balandran.

So what's next?  How many more family members will be getting nice jobs with no experience.  Nothing will change for FWISD students if corruption is not eradicated from the roots.  You have the same players every single time and just when you think they have left, we are surprised once again.

FWISD BOARD, do not hire anymore bullies or you will continue to have legal battles.  You have the opportunity to create a new district for our children, rip out this chapter of corruption.

Vasquez knew all along the outcome, just stay quiet....  Fort Worth Weekly excerpt 2013

So he will be hired to a high position where he has been removed for a long time since his time in FWISD.  GPISD let him go because he was incompetent.  He then went to a book company until now.  So someone who is unethical will be added to the roll of incompetent people.

So how will TATUM react when he finds out Vasquez supports gays rights?  I am sure they will have plenty of time to talk together as they laugh to the bank.  Knowing they played their cards right and got what they wanted on the back of our students.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

TATUM BELIEVES GAY STUDENTS SHOULD BE BEATEN; So how can he work with our students and go against policy?

We have found a story from the North Dallas Gazette.  You can read the story and make your own judgement.

Whether you are for or against gay rights or not, no child should be beaten because your beliefs are different.  Did the child do wrong, yes but not to the point of beating just to satisfy your ego.

Violence at any level to any person is wrong, plain wrong.  He throws the Bible and I believe lying and covering up stuff is also against teaching.  The Bible says many things and I can tell you that he is not following the Bible.  Hypocrisy reigns here.

So here we have someone who believes in beating a student and yet is going to be involved with our FWISD students through the nice grant he received for his silence, being a good ol boy.
I ask the FWISD Board to look at this and decide who they have working with our students and basically going against established policy against discrimination of our students.  Parents should be concerned.


What are friends for? 6:42 PM TATUM/DANSBY BROMANCE

In the Saga that is FWISD with the Palazzolo case, it seems we may be psychic after all.

In the Fort Worth Weekly, months ago, a story was published regarding the troubles Mr. Kiev Tatum was having personally but also with the lawsuit.  We have seen Mr. Tatum stand up against the district in many instances, once having to be escorted because of his opinion on matters.  Since the last time I recall that, I have not seen him be for kids any longer.  Another issue that came up was the discipline concerns where minority students were being suspended or disciplined more.  So we know that a Department of Education investigation was on hand as our fine admin before hid the information.  What we are appalled to know is that Mr. Tatum also knew about it and now that his boy Dansby is in power well that voice was turned off.

We predicted that if Mr. Tatum would not testify against FWISD, he would get a nice contract from the district, at that time we said 100,000 but we are not sure of the amount.  So it so happens that the district did award him a contract for his group and as you see he is now hiring people as shown on his facebook page.  So money does buy things and it certainly bought his silence and the truth that he knew about palazzolo.  So the good ol boy system is alive and well and know that it's not about kids of FWISD but just making sure he has a job to pay his child support or whatever troubles he has.  So our kids are in the losing game nowadays with the decisions being made by admin.  I would hope to see results but I am sure that they will not even bring it up unless asked because that's how things run.  The less you say the better and of course gets hidden under the rug.

We are also checking to see other possible employment of Tatum's wife in the district.  I am sure other perks exist.

Taxpayers are always on the losing end as well.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


The first round of 5th grade scores came in weeks ago and we published them since our administration did not say anything about them or release them.  The board received a summary from Sorum which signaled that all was good and keep quiet.

So everyone else has received their scores and what do you know.. FWISD has been quiet and no mention of how things are going.

Don't be fooled.  When scores, according to them, are good they celebrate and give high fives.  But as we have found out from some surrounding districts they are not as good as last year and so no champagne bottles being opened at this point.

I can tell you that the abrupt change in curriculum format and the Pacing Guides did not help plus that teachers were not trained early enough to implement them until October.  So someone made everything without consulting the very people that have to do the work.  I know of one school whose scores were not as good... writing at 38%, reading in the 40s.  

Let's wait and see what the media communique is from those that say things are just fine... just look the other way.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

NORM ROBBINS-What are you thinking?

As we all know, Palazzolo won the first suit and right after the district indicated that they would appeal the case.

So it so happens that Norm Robbins is the only board member who wants to appeal the case, as well as, TASB.  Norm says that the district has nothing to loose by fighting it as if he doesn't remember the amount it is costing the district.  Yes!  still costing because of just sitting on it.  What he may not want to tell you is that if the district fights on and looses then they will have to pay back interest from 2012.

So citizens, you need to get on the phone and call him to tell him to stop wasting your money on something already gone.

TASB on the other hand wants the district to fight on because they don't want this suit to be precedent.  They are afraid of what can happen if the case stands.

So FWISD is being a puppet from outside people who were not elected by citizens of this city.  SO now we know we have a puppet administration doing the will of others ON PURPOSE!

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Below are comments made by people who are tired of the corruption, the cover ups and the treatment of employees at FWISD.  Interesting how the district support INOK and yet our students and teachers and others are mistreated and bullied.

Let's take for example the destruction of our diversity department where people had a voice and were heard and things were taken care of.  It was taken down once the palazzolo case took place because of people telling the truth.

Why don't they put emphasis on the cover up of OPS.  For example, in technology and also in data departments, many female employees going to report sexual harassment by Ken Torres and Chad who are still there.  They resigned because they could not be heard.  How about the many times they have sex in the warehouse?  Check the records, unless they have destroyed them.  Why is Menchaca still at the helm?  Well because he hides the bodies really well and if you let him go then you will have to pay him off.

So now come the next trial against Dansby.. spread the word and let's unite to get rid of them all.  We won't stop telling the truth!!!!  You know who you are.  We will uncover everything and make sure your face is plastered on the information along with it.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Board Meeting: Dansby Contract-UPDATE of DECEIT

The board met on March 25, 2014 to discuss Dansby's contract and we all heard in the Star Telegram that the board had postponed any judgement on it, no votes.

Well it so happens that below you see an asterisk by letter C which means the board meeting notes were amended.  The day the board stayed until the wee hours of the night, they actually did make a decision.  So they used the paper to makes us think that there was conflict, well there is conflict among them but diverted attention from it.
So at times when the board wants to vote on all items of the agenda at once, they will agree to it in executive session.  So, while we cannot verify that it occurred, it makes us think that they actually did vote on that day and they didn't share it with the public.  We know they are used to deceit and hiding things and so this is not surprising.

According to different sources and you can also verify if you know someone, it looks like they decided not to extend the contract from that day and hid it from us.  We shall see what they say on May 25th if anything.
If anyone has other information please email

P.S.  Excuse the constant change, wanted to make sure we had the correct information.