Sunday, February 21, 2016


So the cat came out of the box and the changes were announced to the restructuring of the district.

What we have heard is that Sorum, Monge and Breed are out.. won't know until it's a done deal.

There will be 10 positions that everyone must reapply for including Washington and others.  We have seen restructuring before so we won't celebrate until we see the final board approvals.  While the top people get to play musical chairs the FWISD surely doesn't look after it's best employees and rather says:

Yep, so while everyone is told to look for another job Jerry Moore gets to keep his because of his deals with Paz and Ramos.  He gets to be with My Brother's Keeper!  So he gets to move around and make the money and has accomplished what?  So the Board is still cutting deals to keep their favorites.

At the same time, FWISD is paying for President Ramos' business along with his partner Dr. Guillory and his mentor.  These individuals are sure working the game on the back of FWISD and the players like it that way to keep everyone else marginalized.  It pays in FWISD!
Dr. G who is also a partner with Ramos' speaking circuit sure is double dipping in the money.
The other partner in crime, Ricky

So the board of trustees has these and others covered while the mass gets to loose their job.  Interesting to hear Norman say that they have been waiting for this restructuring for a long time and yet they approved the last one, moving individuals to central office and now they are against it.  Sure does look like they have no clue what is going on.  So now we are left to tend to our own while others get their pockets filled with money.  Guess their families are well taken care of while the rest of the employee's families are left to wonder.  Thanks FWISD for caring about your employees!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


One of the comments made on the post with Ramos and Paz, stated that Tobi Jackson was involved with SPARC and if that could be a conflict of interest.  We did a little searching and found information to which you can all make your decision on it.

What is interesting is all the individuals involved which are part of the Mafia machine we speak of a lot.  It just so happens that the SPARC initiative is part of the City of Fort Worth and a grant given to them by the Wallace Foundation.  So Tobi becomes the CEO of the initiative of which we know that she has ties to the Mayor and the Linebarger Law Firm.  Judy Perez, one of the directors, has ties to the Mafia machine as you can see in her Facebook friends page.

So it's no surprise how Tobi gets a job by who you know and not by what she claims to have, experience as an educator, etc.  Maybe she didn't put Prime on her reference sheet or other blunders she has made.  So the city law people called the FWISD legal people and said that there is no conflict of interest when the city will fund FWISD after school programs of which Tobi is getting paid for.  Of course not, in this city nothing is seen as a conflict so why not keep it going and when does FWISD legal people go against who pays them?  Might as well have called Judge Mathis or Judge Judy and gotten the same result and say it was before a courtroom.

But wait, Tobi said during the campaign that she did not work and would dedicate her time to district 2 because all other candidates worked and would not be able to devote their time.  LOL
So yeah, tell me another lie that I can believe!  That's why district 2 is doing so well- well let's give her credit she still does a lot of photo ops so she is doing what she said she would do.

Read on folks.. business as usual, move long, nothing happened here.. all is good.


The news has begun to display the new movements coming from the Scribner administration that has at least one person retiring, Michael Sorum.  We know when new people come in, reorganization takes place and you the staff are affected every time.  Pacts are made and the cliques are given the better jobs when they have ties to board members.

What about Sherry Breed?  What about Washington, Traylor?  What about Angelini who gets paid to tell teachers how to chunk a paragraph for the STAAR test?  How about Mendoza and the legal team?  How about Lopez and the disciplinary office that continue to hurt minority students?  How about over paid individuals who make more than teachers?

We will see how the restructuring goes and who is heading the newly created positions and of course how much the pay will be.  This will determine whether Scribner is serious about moving forward or staying quiet.

So far we have seen more of the same if not getting worse.  We were harsh on Dansby but the more we hear from people the more he is becoming a lot cleaner than we thought.  Scribner still has Linares by his side so that spells trouble every time.  You have a corrupted legal team with Carillo and individuals who continue to hurt our kids and parents.

Dr. Scribner, you promised to listen to parents and yet BAM Board Member Ramos' district has been completely cut off.  Parents are seeking your support and your secretary cuts them off.  So when you speak about reaching out and really making an impact then do an audit of your closest circle to see how embedded the corruption is and how they are bent on keeping you as a lame duck.  You had a dictator at the Young Women's Academy and continue to be in bed with UEA.  Teachers have reached out for support from UEA only to be harassed and bullied by Mia Hall because they made a complaint about their working condition.  Some people, like Mia, have become the golden children and can't be touched. So we can go on and on about the great things happening but you are missing the main points that have brought about turmoil in this district.  You see there are individuals within the district and outsiders who are the mafia machine that continue to crush people who speak out and that involves President Ramos and his posse.

Politics are part of our system but this is complete and utter CORRUPTION!