Tuesday, June 28, 2016


So it seems Scribner and minions are paying other people to do the job that many here know how to do but no support or resources.  So here they are paying money that we don't have just to give their own cronies more money.  Once again no information to the public nor justification just continued mishandling of money.  But he rules with no opposition because BAM Ramos has his back.


Thank you to a reader who sent us this excerpt from the district, not sure how old it is.  Either way we needed a laugh and the way the district is touting her expertise to help bring equity to the district.  Equity on what?   for students?  She left that a long time ago when she decided to ruin the district.  She can't say she has brought equity when the district is lopsided in scores and also has reigned under the same bullying tactics she uses to quiet people.  She sure still wears Maleficent very well.


Fort Worth, Texas – Fort Worth ISD administrator Sherry Breed has been chosen to receive the Dr. Marion J. Brooks Living Legend Award by the National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum.
Mrs. Breed, a lifelong resident of Fort Worth, who attended Fort
Worth ISD schools, comes from a family of educators. After receiving a
BS from Texas A&M University at Commerce she began teaching
pre-kindergarten and first-grade students at S. S. Dillow Elementary
School in 1982. She eventually became a principal at Sagamore Hill
Elementary School, an associate superintendent and the chief of
Leadership, Learning and Student Support Services. She now leads a new department in the Fort Worth ISD as the chief of Equity and Excellence.
In her newest role she anticipates this department being an integral
element in managing equitable practices throughout the District to
ensure stud ents of color receive the highest quality education possible.
“I am very proud of the contributions Mrs. Breed has made to the Fort
Worth ISD,” said Superintendent Dr. Kent P. Scribner. “In her new role,
addressing issues of equity and excellence will be critical to the Fort
Worth ISD becoming a premier urban school district. I look forward to
her leadership in that endeavor.”
In addition to her professional duties, Mrs. Breed serves her
community in many additional roles. She serves on the board of the YMCA and is a member o f the Fort Worth Chapter of the Links Incorporated, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated and Women’s Policy Forum. She is a longtime member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Fort Worth and serves as the Superintendent of Sunday school, Vacation Bible School Teacher and Church Deaconess.

Friday, June 24, 2016


You'd think that by summer arriving we would at least have less to worry about FWISD, well think again...

Let's start with Jerry Moore who gets so much publicity from us but it's not for the right reasons.  He has become the Scribner and Ramos puppet, doing the dirty work.  He has survived throughout the years by kissing butt and really doing nothing to help FWISD.  Can anyone think of what he has contributed to the district besides his underhanded deals?  Show us the data...
It seems he is in a created position that we truly don't know what his title is or what he does.. last we saw he was helping administrators and also the professional learning area, well some have been dissolved but the captain did not go with the ship.  Guess having affairs with the Assistant Superintendent Molinar has helped in surviving.  Wait he has joined the camp community of Ramos who by the way is paying him as well to do their bidding.  Was the job position he got opened up?  Any interviews?  Nothing, he was handed the position just like the many others who are still there.

Then we have Scribner who is here for political reasons we have found out, basically waiting for the next political move and has a resume with running a large urban district.  This goes for Ramos whom we know is being prepped to jump into the political stage soon enough, so nothing new there.  As you can see that the moves in upper mgmt were not serious because they are meant to protect the people at the top.  So everyone just got moved around with new titles:
They protect Xavier Sanchez, whose mother is Maria Sanchez who is the godson of Balandran and also protect his cousin David Saenz of which both have jobs.. nothing to show for it.
The best way to get a job is to go and have a few drinks with the mafia and scribner who has a few beers with the group.  Also notice that we keep paying people to train teachers on DDI and whatever else because we have connections not because it needed or it works.  So now more money on crap.
We hear that training was horrible and a waste of time, 1.6 million on top of the waste already spent and what have we to show for it?  Once scores come out we will see.

This leads to Sutherland's post about HCM in shambles, the new guy skipped town, and he really read his news.  CIA may have helped perhaps.  But no one knows who is hiring who, at least anyone who is not related to someone.

Lastly, we have a Nazi on our hands, Lesley Lewis, who was really not wanted but because is the BFF of Linares she got in.  She has nothing to offer the district other than being a bully and scumbag.  It pays in the district to know people.  We are in for another long rocky road to nowhere.

Friday, June 17, 2016


Apparently the Principal at Richard J. Wilson has been labeled as the poster child of bullying.  She is a terror and leads by intimidation.  She has no filter and has created a very hostile environment.

Send us any survey results or anything we can show how she demeans people.  Email us or comment!

Thursday, June 9, 2016


We will begin  to highlight the bullies that continue to terrorize staff in the workplace.  Since the leaders of the district turn away and wish it would go away, we will show the faces of those who contribute to a toxic environment.  It's not OK to Bully!

To inaugurate this process are the Mexican Mafia dearest couple, Nick Torrez and Carla Coscia.  Nick is at Kirkpatrick MS and Coscia at Dolores Huerta.  Both are part of the Mexican Mafia and are highly protected since the godfather, Ramos, is at the top and Scribner with no backbone to protect the people he swore to help.  Empty promises altogether.  But this couple seems to be on a rant and ruin the lives of the people we need to care for our students.  Even our cafeteria workers and anyone that gets in the path are targets of these two.  Let's not forget that Xavier Sanchez is their supervisor and so nothing will ever happen because he is also part of the mafia.

Let us know of anyone else we need to include.  We have a list already so we will feature throughout the summer.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


So students at Morningside Middle got a visit from a rapper that doesn't necessarily have good standing to be a role model.  So the district can't explain how but it seems procedures are not in place and I am sure somebody had to approve it.
Thanks to Chief of Schools Sheri Breed this happens on her watch and Cherie where are you?

Scribner, what are you going to do now that you surrounded yourself with incompetence?