Tuesday, June 2, 2015


A while back we did a story on the dictatorship of Carter Riverside with the HARTless principal who is so against our minority students.  This still goes to the Odyssey and Plato issue but also with particular systems that our minority students do not have access to because the principal refuses to implement.  Other high schools have recovery type summer programs which this principal does not want.

Get some background on the story we ran:


Sarah Paz


Our biggest issue here is that there is such a disconnect with the students and parents.  Some parents are not notified their children cannot graduate and are surprised at the end.  Others need to know if their children will get to recuperate credits or anything.  So this is all about an adult issue and not what is best for our students.  So we have a disconnected principal and a board member who is focused on deals under the table than to be the support our students need.

So Paz when will you actually be on the side of our minority students?  When can they get their needs met?

We understand, no sweet deals or money in it for you there!!!  Sigh!


  1. Paz is too busy with "important issues" like the Avilla contract to worry about kids or how our money is spent. I personally like the "duct tape" solution.

  2. What a racist thing to say. White students in the FWISD are the minority. So exactly what minority are you talking about? Implying racism is a crude tactic, much like extortion; that's what race-baters.
    Mathew Avilla just made his daddy's corporation a whole lot richer--$50,000,000.00 worth. If that's the sweet deal your talking about, understand that the entire board voted for it.
    Stay tuned, by the time Avilla comes up for election
    we'll know how that sweet deal came down. I understand that the new Attorney General has already receive several request for investigation. Avilla won't run again; bad news is coming his way.

  3. EP Smith are you paying attention? The BOE actually voted against the contract. Most of them anyway so it's not happening now. 😆😆😆

  4. We still need the A.G. to investigate. Better still the FBI again as had it not been for Sutherland and CIA blog it WOULD have been approved. Stop and think about the timing of the vote. No coincidence it was AFTER the election. Only problem for Avilla was that Sutherland was still here.