Friday, June 5, 2015


We have been busy today with so many stories.. but if it wasn't for our board and company, we wouldn't have much to say about their incompetence and lack of integrity.

Let's start with our President from the Hood

If you recall he has a background in working with juvenile youth.. of which he only works two hours and that qualifies for a full day according to the standards with the Juvenile System.  But he is also very involved with Camp Community which is part of MCA a non-profit.  A camp is conducted each year where youth, we suppose, at risk youth are supported with mentors and basically positive.  This is where the Hood mentality is taught to the innocent ones who happen to go.  They are brainwashed into an ideal that keeps them from looking beyond where they are and move forward.  It's good to be grounded but not stuck and that's where our students end up.

The issue we have now is that Jerry Moore, the newly appointed Ex Director of Professional Development, coming from the failed department with Baldrige, has utilized district funds to send students to the Camp Community.  When we asked for the agenda item and/or contract between the district and MCA, nothing has surfaced.  Besides the contract not available, isn't this the same thing that happened to Avila?  A conflict of interest?

We are funding the Camp with district funds for a select few without any discussion or approval.  This to benefit Ramos who is part of the Camp as an advisor and has done so for many years.  So we see a conflict of interest here big time.  So much for transparency.  It's ok to vote against Avila but you don't see that for yourself either.

On top of that here comes Steinert.  Remember that the district contracts with YAP to work with students and of course a hefty price tag for only a select number of students that go to pay for Mr. Ramos' inner circle because a good amount of them work for YAP.  Then YAP buys Santa Fe of which Steinert's best friend is a part of and now we can see why YAP has such a bigger price tag than any of the other programs that only serve a few of our students.


Dr. Sutherland and Linda, can a request for information be made regarding Camp Community?  Where is the money coming from?  Who signed off on it especially when it's an entity that should be a vendor and go through the formal process.  How are students being selected, from which schools?  We have many questions

Check out the list of people who were there last year:  one being Claudia, the President's mistress and also that the child they have was conceived at Camp Community.. yes don't forget he has a child out of wedlock.

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  1. Certainly this on top of Avilla's contract and the mess that is legal fees need to be reported to the A.G. and FEDS.