Wednesday, June 10, 2015


So much talk around this person Rafaela Gomez and we thought we'd give her a spot on our blog.

It so happens that not only is she making more than most teachers in the district at over $60,000 dollars with a GED.  Then she loves to tell people that education has no direct meaning because it does not define you.  So we continue to employ role models for our students that it doesn't matter if you are educated, FWISD does not appreciate it nor truly takes care of their employees.  

On top of that, she has made many racial comments of which she has been reported to Employee Relations and nothing has happened.  That is no surprise to us because many have gone to any agency within the district and you either get fired or bullied to leave.  Also because Rufino Mendoza, Director of Employee Relations, who was fired from the city for sexual harassment, hired by Dansby, is Trustee Ramos' wife's uncle.  So yeah family connections will surely help you in FWISD.  We need to do a family tree investigation to see if we are at least 1% related by blood to any of hopes of not getting fired or at least get a raise.

So now teachers you will get a 3% raise, what do you have to say about that Rafaela?  oh wait you make 10 times more than even the average worker who is doing more than you are.  Yes Mr. Monge is entitled to an assistant but at that price?  Tell me what she does that merits it, not just because of a study because we are sure that the comparison was done for people who actually have more duties than she does and can assure you they actually went back to get at least an associates.

So thank you Mr. Monge for throwing it on our face that we are worth nothing to you and this district.

We don't know if this is her, only picture found.  Let us know 

We happend to run into this comparison online when she was a supervisor.  Sad that even our paraprofessionals who work more than 20 years only end up below 25,000 salary when they work with children.  Sad day.


  1. Gee 3%. I appreciate that but it would mean more if I was still getting my step raise like I use to. That would have brought it to maybe 31/4%. If the district wants to hire new teachers and retain veterans they should restore our step raises and give us raises along the lines of 6 to 7% or more. If they can hand out those kind of percentages to central office personnel they could do it for us in the schools. Ann I appreciate what you do but why can't you ask for a bigger raise for us. We've earned it and we deserve it.

    Regards Ms. Gomez it is ridiculous that someone without a degree could be making that kind of money much less someone who doesn't even have a high school diploma. I could see it happening in the private sector maybe but no one and I mean no one that doesn't have at least an AA should be making that kind of money in a public institution. Now there are 2 making more than $60,000 that work for the same person. Even when you add in the longer work year you can't really justify that kind of money. Just what have these women done or do to deserve this money?

  2. What does she really do for...June 10, 2015 at 9:14 PM

    Her daily rate is $268 so we can't use the extra days excuse! Also, why aren't we getting what we paid for??? No way would Ms. Gomez make that kind of $ ANYWHERE on this planet even with 20 years experience and stilettos. So, if Mr. Monge is entitled to ??? Then he should get someone worth $66k not this dim wit! Who the hell says education shouldn't define you? Oh yeah somebody that doesn't have one! Perhaps her pay is equated to some other talent? If that's too tough for you to comprehend Ms. Gomez, use a dictionary! Seriously though, what do you expect in the district that continues to award and promote this crap?? What was Ashley's platform again? I think it was "I had to decide if I was going to go to college or eat? Okay, HOW FREAKIN IGNORANT?!?! Grants, scholarships, part-time job, student loans-sorry Ashley that's a load of crap! Thank goodness for good ol corrupt FWISD cause you can get everything without an education. Shoot, honorary degrees money, ugh makes me so sick!

  3. concernedcitizensfortworthisdJune 11, 2015 at 8:52 AM

    UPDATE: Rosie Medina, Rafaela's sister, was promoted as payroll director with a high school diploma. The previous person an african american was not promoted until she received her bachelors degree. The position is in the 80,000 range. We also know Rafaela's daughter works in legal... so a big family affair in the FWISD. A cycle of non educated. Apparently she can't even write a complete sentence. Anyone have communication from her to see how she does communicate? You can share at

  4. Rafaela was chosen by Monge for the coordinator job. That's why he wrote the job posting to not include a bachelors or even an associates degree because he already knew she didn't have either one. Not even a regular high school diploma. The funny part is that she supervises people who have a degree. So thank Monge for all of this.

  5. Dedicated substituteJune 11, 2015 at 9:06 AM

    Rosibel's sister in law works in central calling. Their cousin works in the front office. Both with no previous experience. It's a family affair in HCM.

  6. The job posting did include the requirement for a bachelor's degree. Rafaela signed an agreement years ago, promising that she would obtain her bachelor's degree in order to remain in the position. The document mysteriously vanished from her file. Without the proper credentials, she is much more than Monge's assistant. She has the privilege of attending HR conferences, when others, whom are more qualified, are denied attendance. Why is she attending job fairs and screening teacher candidates when she herself is not even qualified to be an assistant?

  7. concernedcitizensfortworthisdJune 11, 2015 at 5:51 PM

    Dr Sutherland can we get an answer to this how someone can be at a job without proper credentials? When did staff lower standards? We need to revise all job descriptions

  8. Let's not forget Mrs. Jimenez and her "promotion" to a Coordinator VI. If Monge desperately needed another Coordinator he she of posted the position. While we are at it CIA just to be fair let's have a spot on this blog for Mrs. Jimenez and Monge. I'm sure real teachers throughout the district would like to know why an under qualified person earns more than a degree teacher.

  9. You don't reall think Monge or Jiminez will respond do you? First of all Monge has a "little man complex" what is he like 5'2"? So he's already got that attitude like he's "macho" plus he's got the job so it's gonna look more like "Yeah so what you gonna do bout it?" I don't think Jimenez or Rafaela for that matter are the blogging type! Most of us here are the educated ones and besides you can't truthfully blame them, this is on Monge and the BOE that allows this! Because they could fix this but are choosing to ignore this! Even Ann, former teacher and almost always on the side of Right, has said nothing on this other than exposing it! We need to get the word out and make more teachers aware and doing things like leaving UEA. Idk but we must be willing to do something different.

  10. Holy indignation!June 12, 2015 at 2:57 PM

    Jane Cumbie does not a degree either! She makes over 80000 with high school diploma. That is why people like Rafaela and Rosibel feel they deserve more money! Rafaela is a bully and now has an assistant. Please investigate downtown hiring/promotion practices. Spending money that can go to students.