Friday, June 5, 2015


What are your goals Mr. Ramos?:

On Ramos’ Twitter account, @JARamos_Jr, he needed only nine words to tweet his goals:
“1. Unite the board as humanly possible. 2. Hire a superintendent.”"

So it comes to light that a proposal for the next board agenda is that items requested for discussion on the agenda must have the approval of THREE board members.  Tell us how this will unite the board in a humane way.. which is possibly not the correct word to use for the type of HUMANS that are on the board.

This policy seems similar to the one Dallas has where if three members request to discuss an item it must be done by the president and so since Mr. Ramos is buddies with the outgoing board Dallas Board President Miguel Solis.. it makes sense that he would get advice from his inner circle.

This is part of the Dallas News report:

The three trustees sent Solis separate emails in late February requesting that the board discuss Miles and his performance at a school board meeting. District policy says a request from three trustees must be placed on an agenda within 60 days. That deadline was April 21.

Why is Ramos following the same playbook?.. Dallas has two divided factions which fits that policy for them...  The biggest difference is that they have a separate board agenda meeting and all is on the table and have enough time to discuss items.. we don't.. we just rush it in and hope it goes away...
We have one faction which is led by Needham so definitely it makes sense to quiet dissent all around.  This is an attempt to quiet all of the issues that are surfacing at the district from the bond, lawyer fees that the district cannot explain and refuses to provide an FOIA request.  Just like the trustees sued the board president in Dallas, we must do the same here by suing the board to be transparent about the abuse of power and money.  We stand with Dr. Sutherland and we must push to stop this nonsense.  So Ramos is taking over majestically because he is following what every other president has done... hush and tell everyone all is ok.

QUEEN LINARES stay out of this, you have done enough harm and buried the bodies.. remember that's what Jackson told a group during the campaign.

P.S. Mr. Ramos, your entire beginning has been a push by the mafia... you had no knowledge of anything education until you were taught.. you came to the election after being gone from the district and suddenly appeared... as you still own a place outside FWISD.  You can't stand on your own two feet.... and now mama Needham will take care of you.  


  1. At least in Dallas the newspaper stays on top of their school district, with an article (and actual investigative journalism!) almost every day or two. In fact, almost every major newspaper in Texas has already published an article about their District's STAAR scores, and how they compare to the state's, except for one. Can you guess which newspaper is MIA? Yamil Berard, are you listening? Word on the street is that FWISD tanked this year in 3-8, despite our interim superintendent doing such a "wonderful" job. Maybe she should give us a refund of part of her $1,200 per day?

  2. Northside y que chingadosJune 5, 2015 at 8:12 AM

    Miguel Solis former DISD prez and TFA lackey is nothing but a puppet of the 1 percent that want "district rules" Fellow teachers wake up, controlling boards is their game. By controlling board members and electing novices like Paz and Ashley they push their agenda of new compensation system for teachers based on performance. The game is to break up boards not unite them like Jacinto claims. Voters elected individual board members to represent their concerns. Ramos if you are a true Democrat and "brothers keeper" you will vote this down. Dr Sutherland's constituents voted for her to represent them and bring accountability. Linares and the powers that be are trying to dilute them! Have you looked at our scores lately? Budget woes abound and even now Linares is busy creating a jobs for her cronies. You don't need to tie the hands of board members. Board members need to bring concerns directly. The minority communities that the prez Cinto claims to protect will continue to suffer. Nothing but another Latino vendido for YAP and personal agenda just like Fat Vasquez!

  3. Disgusted TeacherJune 5, 2015 at 8:19 AM

    This is absolutely OUT OF CONTROL. I am forwarding this to both:

    Conversations in Executive Session are NOT protected and are NOT confidential. The Public has a right to know what is going on with our money: Local, State and Federal. Enough has been reported here as to Ramos' "qualifications" to be School Board President. This Board without disclosure to the Public or a Public vote has already spent 2x in legal fees what the Jury of taxpayers and parents awarded Palazzolo. Remember: he was fired for reporting corruption at AHHS led by Judy Needham. Within days of his election, Ramos got his wife a job with a FWISD vendor; his alleged girlfriend and mother of his child a job with FWISD. Dugan carried on an affair with a student, got her pregnant, married her and was promoted. Other teachers had affairs and even allegedly assaulted children yet were never charged or disciplined. The you have the nipple pinching Principal who did his deeds against young men with full knowledge of FWISD Admin and Board for over 5 years. GED's making more than degreed teachers, some with not one but two Master's degrees. Bond issues are robbed and manipulated for buddies of those on the Board. All at the expense of children. All while their performance continues to plummet. If this is NOT cause for TEA or the FEDS to investigate - I don't know what is.

  4. Please tell us what federal departments to contact in addition the ones listed below. misuse of power and corruption I witness on a daily basis is staggering and hasn't even reached this blog....yet.....

    Now Ann, the only voice of reason, will be censured. Not acceptable. The only way things will change is if a full blown Federal investigation is implemented.

    Please investigate Chiefs that give their administrative assistant a giant raise and coordinator title in May after denying sooooo many in TASB review . Please investigate corruption as UEA is now in bed with the district and "fixes" cases so the district wins. Please investigate long time UEA backscratchers....Switch to a different Union if you can. Please investigate the cronyism and nepotism taking place in the front office departments. Please investigate everything because it is way worse than anyone can imagine. Do not stand for the normal "whitewashing" answer.

    Call in the Feds.

  5. When did it become ok for elected officials to wrap themselves in secrecy. When did it become ok for elected officials to manipulate the procedures so that it will be almost impossible for an honest, hard working official, in this case Ann, to get anything of substance on the boards agenda. Most importantly, when did the citizens of Fort Worth, Texas become so damn complacent that they roll over and take this behavior, not just from our school board but our water board, and city council. I have lived here all my life and like with most large cities there are groups that have always had influence but we the people were cognizant enough to know when they were up to no good and spoke up and stopped it. Now we may be fully aware of the bad behavior, backroom deals, and corruption but not enough of the city is outraged enough to do something about it. What the hell happened? Those of us on this blog are aware and I do what I can and I'm sure others do too but we are small in number. I believe that we made a difference with Avila's attempted snatch of the $55 million contract but that was one victory in a number of defeats. We need more to fight off the continuing corruption that will only get worse the longer we allow to fester.

  6. Ramos is a pompous arrogant a$$hole. He's not for the children or his people, just another sell out. And please stop using commUNITY in your slogans. And no more non sense about coming back to the "hood." Who are you to talk about "hood?" You went to private schools. Had you gone to Elder or North Side you would have gotten you a$$ kicked.