Wednesday, June 10, 2015


How many of you have seen this website?  Looks nice, wording is ok.. somewhat convincing.  So you boast of 22,000 employees but 5000 or more of them in the FWISD have been screwed by YOU.

They don't stand up for anything.. they work hand in hand with the district to get a deal behind your back that may benefit you or that you ultimately have to take or they will let the district fire you.  Look at the recent firings of teachers and/or employees?  They are in bed with the district and have done it for so long.  Why don't they stand up and speak out against the bully environment that we have?  Why don't they work with us to get higher pay or at least allow us to do our job.

All we can say is that they are silent because they get your money from payroll, so they don't have to do more than collect and they convince others that they are the best.  Well there are options and one of them is ATPE folks.. attorneys on staff.. not just staff.. but actual professionals.  JOIN ANY OTHER JUST NOT WHAT YOU HAVE NOW!

Where are they now?



  1. I'm still pissed that UEA backed Jackson and I can feel it in my school that admin no longer is worried when UEA is called. The questions that are brought up about what UEA is doing and not doing to help teachers in FWISD are valid but I don't hear of ATPE going after the district for bullying or extra work for teachers, or ending SCA's, or getting bigger raises for teachers, or any of the other things that the district is pulling and getting away with. I'm not saying that they don't but I don't hear it. I'm also concerned , because of being a member of ATPE when I had a problem in another district, that they aren't local and I can't get someone to my school that day if I need them. Having to deal with a lawyer in Austin was a pain and I believe that if I'd been a member of UEA at that time, things would have turned out differently. I firmly believe after talking to Steve Poole about Jackson that he's a weak sister as a leader and a sell out to the district but I personally am not sure ATPE can fit that slot I need.

  2. concernedcitizensfortworthisdJune 10, 2015 at 8:14 PM

    Perhaps your situation was handled in the way you wanted it. ATPE has lawyers around the metroplex so you would not need to go to Austin, we can attest to that. ATPE is growing locally so it will make its mark in time. Regardless you do have choices of organizations and so far membership is going up..

  3. I'm thinking bout movingJune 10, 2015 at 9:21 PM

    Do they have a local office and do they have teacher reps in our district?

  4. concernedcitizensfortworthisdJune 10, 2015 at 10:13 PM

    Will find out what they have in recall that they do but it may not be as obvious as UEA. If not then we need to have them in every school..

  5. concernedcitizensfortworthisdJune 11, 2015 at 8:56 AM

    UPDATE: ATPE members ONLY work with attorneys that know education law, not the reps! Local and Austin attorneys will guide you through the process and stand with you. They do not interrupt instruction or appear on campus like UEA. As UEA thinks they own the building and pop in on principals without permission since they have the reps. Also the reps think that they are high and mighty are the ones that don't do the work. WHen they are on a growth plan they complain that it's retaliation because they are UEA reps. Biggest bullies, we are sure you have one of those on your campus. ATPE is growing reps but there are people you can call around the district that will support you. Here is one contact Diane Pokluda if you have questions
    Contact ATPE in Fort Worth.. be a rep..
    You too can have a voice!!

  6. When you choose a representative group the #1 issue is who will give you the help you need. I can tell you that UEA was right there for my daughter when she was a first-year teacher. Melody moved her (illegally) from Helbing where she was doing great, vacated a classroom at Bill Elliott that was unmanageable, then put her on a growth plan, then (when Principal Henderson saw the value in her) actually tried to get her credential with-held. UEA was there EVERY TIME. I can't compare this to ATPE or TSTA but I do think this is the #1 issue. and dealing with a rep in another town, or waiting until you have been terminated, is not the same thing. So be careful.
    Yes, I was a school board member at the time. But ask around and make sure you have an organization that will be there--right away, not a week later, and that will stay with you. Teachers tell me UEA does this for their colleagues.

    Also after UEA and TSTA endorsed me, I called ATPE's representative. She never called back.

  7. concernedcitizensfortworthisdJune 12, 2015 at 11:16 AM

    ATPE is a non profit and can't endorse by law.

  8. concernedcitizensfortworthisdJune 12, 2015 at 11:19 AM

    Also ask administrators around about uea tactics in getting what they want. Bullied. The bad apples get their way and hurt children. Admin can document all they want but leadership tells them back off. Ask your principals and they will tell you.

  9. Thank you for sharing this Ann. I had never heard this story before. I know Palazzolo's attorneys would have LOVED using this at his trial. It simply confirms what everyone already knew about all of the players involved: vile, self-centered, vindictive Bitches.

  10. Oh, just like all those non-profit churches in SE Fort Worth couldn't endorse Sultan Cole because they were prohibited from doing so by law? Oh, never mind (sorry, I couldn't resist). In any case, ATPE showed its lack of professionalism by not returning Ann's call (a sitting board member), regardless of whether they could endorse her or not.