Friday, June 5, 2015


We like the nice charts!!  Like a cute kitten

So the scores that the District won't release, to have time to make them look nice.. are here.

These are the overall results as reported by Admin.  No major changes..

LOL how they compare to Dallas ISD with double the students.  But regardless we still have more than half of our students who are not successful.  They move on the factory chain of failure.

What we want to see Ms. Arispe and others.. since you got a raise.. is what is the average scale score?
How many students barely passed?

Remember these are the passing standards set by the state... so if they just pass the test then it counts.. so the big issue is that just passing is not telling of how much growth nor how much more students need to pass.  Also the Advanced levels are nowhere close to being competitive in any way.
So with scores the same or not improving significantly, what will the board do?  Will they keep it as is and sink later?

What is very telling of FWISD scores is that, with the rate so low in passing.. that we can't get higher than what we have.... 

And the answer lies with the incompetence at Central in not having a solid curriculum, training and allow teachers to teach and do what they need to do.

Also take a look at the main reports the state sends, which we don't have access to, which tell how the district would have scored when the new phases are implemented all the way to the recommended level.  I am sure that is a telling story of how far behind we are.  But what do we know.. we don't get paid a high salary.. we just work all day with students.


  1. Wow it's trueJune 5, 2015 at 8:56 AM

    Why does 5th grade show English only??

  2. The corruption in FWISD is unbelievable. Almost $5 million in legal fees could have been spent on Math and Science let alone Reading. This is the same Board who has altered the Bond and moved STEM et al to Terrell closer to the shelters where they obviously think OUR children belong. I guess this manipulation of the report is why Griffith now has a vehicle and can continue to live outside FWISD and send her child to private school.

  3. IF THIS BOARD PUSHES THROUGH THE CHANGE TO AGENDA ITEMS - THIS IS JUST THE BEGINING. We will never know what they are doing behind closed doors and outside of formal meetings. Dickerson and crew are still running things.

  4. How about someone find the data of how many actually graduated this week versus how many were classified grade 12 on PEIMS snapshot date in October? Do not allow admin to include summer graduates or students who still need eocs. We sure do spend lots of money on supplemental programs--is it helping our 12th grade students to graduate. Are the campuses calling the 11th grade parents whose child has failed and talking to them about summer options? Each campus receives money to have the online credit recovery program running and available to students over the summer? How is that communicated to parents? This would allow students flexibility to attend different enrichment camps and family vacations not available if student attends regular summer. It also saves students a minimum of a one-hour bus ride daily and if parents drive them to and from summer school that starts at an hour and with two round trips a day could be 2+ hours per day. And yes online program needs to be the one that matches curriculum frameworks. A day each week all summer could be set aside for students to come up and work online if needed, take pre and post tests, etc. Check the kids out a laptop. They can work on lessons at home. I know parents who would pay for this.

  5. concernedcitizensfortworthisdJune 5, 2015 at 11:15 AM

    they are wanting to compare to Dallas and the state for English Only. Spanish should be better so hopefully they are not hiding it unless it doesn't look good.

  6. Please remember that the Spanish norms are not national norms. Just other Spanish-dominant students.

  7. A-F will be in effect September 2016 by the State and the Parent Trigger Bill

  8. Check out Sutherland blog, Rosibel Jimenez with a Ged did get promotion from appeals and Monge on the committee.Smells bad in downtown. Will teachers get a raise?