Thursday, January 15, 2015


And to think that the Holidays were about celebrations and good tidings.. it has been an interesting two weeks after the break in the FWISD.  As you noticed we have Part 1 of many issues that we have regarding how our students continue to be on the losing end of the regime.

We begin with an issue that has now caught the attention of upper administration and that is a concern about discrimination of students over at Carter Riverside High School.  We were able to get in contact with the very people that work tirelessly to help students succeed and it seems the Principal Mr. Ruthart doesn't have a HART.  There could be many issues but in particular the Credit Recovery Lab which seems to be working against the students.

The concern stems from students who truly can benefit from making up credits that would keep them from graduation.  On the other side, the Principal has his own set of rules as to how someone will qualify for the credit and what they will need to pay for it.  Presently there seems to be about 50 or so students that should be enrolled but apparently the principal does not think so.

In looking at District policy, the students have an opportunity to make up credits during the school day and if funds allows before/after school and on Saturdays.  In reviewing the document it doesn't look like there are fees attached the program.  It would make sense since the district purchased the program for students.  One can argue whether students fail just to make take the course but that cannot be determining factor for other students who are doing their best.  There must be a process where students who are failing are met with, parents are called in , home visits made if necessary but exhaust everything before deciding that a student cannot be placed in credit recovery.

The next piece is what the principal sent out to teachers regarding credit recovery.  Basically the students must attend summer school if he seems fit, charge $90 dollars per course.  During the school day it looks like students do attend tutorials, if the teacher is having them, if not then they get detention.  Trying to understand how detention benefits the student in this scenario when it is not a discipline issue.

Now it looks like someone has made the issue known and Ms. Sanchez, the Asst. Super over that area showed up to the school.  Where is the oversight with the top admin.  Why does it have to take this in order to see how destructive policies like this are towards students.

What do you think?


  1. Same fee at Paschal. Ask the administration. We can't afford this! But, we are NEVER mentioned here.

  2. The bitch you have for a Principal and the boob you have as a Board Member. Don't forget - Tobi Jackson sends her daughter there from the East Side. Ahh... politics comes with privileges. Where does FWISD get these people? Yet they have spent $2 million + in legal fees on firing one guy. And it is STILL going on.

  3. Where's all the money going? Wow! Taking money from our parents for this, for truancy, what else are we doing to further cripple our poor communities. This is so sad. This must be the Fort Worth Way.

  4. Ms Sanchez? You mean Mr Sanchez her son! He knew this violated board policy, yet allowed it as the director. He was promoted because his mom. We said this was not right, they both told us to let it happen. Investigate how Mr Sanchez moved up. Sad! We are tired of the BS!

  5. I am supportive of getting the truth out there, but his is a poorly written, emotional article with little by the way of facts. Summer school fees are not determined by the campus but by the ISD, so the principal has nothing to do with that. I'd rather hear specifics on what is going on than vague accusations and unsubstantiated claims. It also doesn't help that people name call and use profanity in the comments. If you want to seriously bring issues to light, then quit "vaguebooking" and write a real article after you calm down.

  6. Go back to la la land.