Friday, June 5, 2015


Remember this from Dr. Sutherland's blog:

Well word has come to us that the merger will be happening this summer.  They are getting the trucks ready to haul everything even after the community said NO!  As always they are trying to be sneaky about it but we are here to sound the alarm!!!

Once again we ask who is in charge?  Central administration headed by QUEEN LINARES has no trouble going against the community and the board because she has no stake in the district.  She is interim and has no sense of accountability.  She surely showed how bad she would of been as a superintendent.  Latina or not.. trash is trash!

But this administration will be pushing along!!

We need everyone to email their board member and voice their concerns.

Mr. Ramos, we can use your expertise on this... you had concerns about it.. so use the power you have to stop this and not hurt our students.

Dr. Sutherland please inquire about this and let's stop the madness of this incompetent group.


  1. How can they do this without board approval? I thought the board voted not to merge the 2. This is just hubris. Something that we see throughout this districts administrators.

  2. concernedcitizensfortworthisdJune 5, 2015 at 12:43 PM

    We have found that they do what they want to do. But we need this shared with as many people so that we can expose them.

  3. Dr Linares reports to the board that this is not true.

  4. Thanks for getting back so soon but I hope you understand how I feel about Linares and the truth. Just because she says it with conviction doesn't mean it's the truth.

  5. concernedcitizensfortworthisdJune 5, 2015 at 2:03 PM

    Great to hear! hopes she spreads the message to her staff. They need to stop and think before they act.

  6. concernedcitizensfortworthisdJune 5, 2015 at 2:11 PM

    Let's keep an eye out folks, as one comment said, they have done this before. We have put the word out and will be watching. Thanks to those that contributed to getting the word out.

  7. Pay attention to workshopsJune 7, 2015 at 2:56 AM

    There was no Board vote on this matter. However, at the 1st budget wprkshop Art Cavazos gave a presentation on facilities master planning and this issue was included. He told the Board in a roundabout way that he felt these programs should not be merged. Linares said "Art wants a new building for technology and indicated she had told him to forget about that! Some people from DAEP had a presentation on how they were going to combine the 2 programs in the one facility, but they never even got to present it.There insued a discussion among the Board, including a particularly impassioned speech by Mr. Ramos against combining them. The Board then instructed staff to look for another place, even if it means purchasing something that can be converted into office and equipment space for technology. There was no vote on the matter as this was a workshop meeting and no actions could be voled on. You should look to see a vote at some point in the not too distant future for a purchase of space for this purpose. Basically, Mr. Cavazos said there was going to be an increasing need for classroom space as we move forward and he did not see the wisdom in converting space that had already been converted from offices to classrooms back into offices. I agree with him and the Board did also. As I said, they never even looked at the plans for conversion.

  8. Thanks for your explanation. I have a question. "There was no vote on the matter as this was a workshop meeting and no actions could be voled on." Since when has law, rule, policy or even Robert's Rules of Order stopped the Board from doing whatever they want to do? You have no contract with Brandt yet have allegedly paid him millions over the past two years and SOMEONE has been authorizing him to act on your behalf. When elected Board Members have asked "why?" and/or "how?" they are ignored or attempts are made to throw them out of the meeting. So what's going on with almost $5 million as a line item for legal fees?

  9. So true!!! As I recall she said, "There is no secretary that makes $66k a year," oh so Rafaela Gomez????? Linares is a Liar! PERIOD! Mentidosa! We now know of 2 of those glorified ladies of Monge who make $60k plus a year! Not teachers Linares! So explain that!!!?!??!!

  10. I hope she's being truthful since she doesn't exactly tell the truth historicaly. Like Rafaela Gomez?!?!? Perhaps the BOE should do a better job of inquiring thoroughlyand that might mean asking additional staff!!! Hello???? I've said this before on the site and I will say it again staff lies staff lies staff lies hello hello??they are no better than the lobbyists in Washington! Here's another thought how about you ask someone who doesn't have anything to gain or lose by telling the truth! We're not talking rocket science here all were saying it was how about making an informed decision! Can the BOE not choose who and what to ask?

  11. Two women with GEDs that make more than most teachers, specialists and other real coordinators. I guess I should trade in my masters degree for a GED. Maybe I'll move up the ladder faster that way.