Wednesday, June 17, 2015


It so happens that the FWISD ADMIN ANTS are restructuring the learning networks created by Sorum and installed under Dansby.  Linares making changes without waiting for the new super.

But what people are saying deep within the ranks is that the board is still considering Sorum for superintendent.

It has to be a Joke right?

* How many years has he been in charge of Curriculum?

*How many years of failure under him?

*He tried to get EL Paso job back when Dansby came in and he did not make it.  So if they don't want him why in the world would we?

*The Learning Networks were his idea and they failed.  They herd people like cattle with no consideration for anything except lining up their pockets.

We truly hope this is a joke because the board would truly be going against the public who wants someone from the outside that can take a fresh look and clean house completely.  The changes being made now is to try and save their own heads so that the new person feels obligated to keep things as is.  We are sure watching this move.

By the way Dr. Sutherland, where are we on the Super Search?  The longer we keep these jokers in charge the worse things will get.  Why won't the district discuss STAAR results and how things will be different this time?  Ms. Moss ask Sorum again if we are ready and see what answer you get.


  1. I think the BOE wants us to think it's going to be him, so we can pounce on him and divert our attention from the Super hiring process! They know we will give em hell and that we're watching their every move, especially after their last ridiculous failed attempt of inappropriately vetting the last Super candidate. The reason it has taken this long to hire someone is the 7th st. OG's are trying to get someone they can control, as in someone to continue the cover-ups and corruption! This is why they conviniently "overlooked" Boyd's BS and made him look (and sound) like a Rock Star. They don't want to hire someone to "clean house", that would be career suicide for most of the BOE, not to mention a whole bunch of cabinet members too! No, they want things to remain the same and keep the bodies buried as usual. Linares has obviously been given Carte Blanche to make all of these current changes, in exchange for her continued corrupt loyalty to the OG's. We must be alert and ensure they don't underestimate our intellect again! We must all be hyper-vigilent on the BOE's hiring practices. We must vet the people they are trying to sell us in our own way. And believe this BOE et al, we have our reliable insider sources, who always come through with information. And don't think fir one minute you can fake the candidates bio, because our sources are gravediggers and we will know the truth!

  2. Sorum may be the best choice. After all, FWISD stopped being a SCHOOL DISTRICT long ago. We're NOT about KIDS. Now its a private club where the unqualified receive phony degrees and professorships from TCU; GED holders earn more than Teachers with PhD's; millions are wasted on legal fees against employees and consulting fees justifying outrageous promotions. FWISD stopped being about kids when Board Members who got concrete driveways from Bond issues were allowed to skate.

  3. Do you think we can possibly get this guy to be our Supe? He has the right idea...what a wise man. Parents/students need to be accountable for their actions so that they don't interrupt the education of others. What a novel idea!