Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Who is keeping Watch of our Taxpayer Money in FWISD?

During budget times Mr. Johnson would put up nice slides on the budget and celebrate the fund balance as a prized golden egg.  The district boasts no cost of programs when grants are provided or extra funding from other sources.  So then they use fund money to add more staff or do other things that are not necessarily justified or give higher salaries to upper management.  While things change when school starts and adjustments are made, not once have we seen a true balanced budget that account for what is needed.  Talking about tying the budget to action items on the District Improvement Plan is a farce because they don't.  Just look at the many amendments made throughout the year that are voted on without much discussion and so they find another way to circumvent the entire process and not have to feel accountable to anyone.

Now we have here the 39 Million dollars to pay back to the state for lack of oversight and they say that the fund balance will pay for it and then they add extra hiring of people, extra this or that, plus the millions lost in technology equipment.  We have no one on the board that can truly speak numbers and know exactly how to balance or at least attempt to close the spending on salaries that are unjustified and make no direct impact on student achievement.  If anyone in the district has a chart that shows how the increase of salary impacted the classroom then we are sold.  We hear that we need to be competitive and offer the best salary but we do not hear anything about commitment, it's all about the money.  Someone who is truly serious about making an impact will do so regardless.  This just means that when we are competitive is between upper management to see how much they can get, nothing to do with helping in the classrooms.

Sutherland makes a major point that we are looking inside the box and not looking beyond what may come.  We are not preparing ourselves for another budget crisis nor are we being intentional about making sure that there is no disruption in the classroom because the first to go are teachers.  So now tell me how a raise to Hank Johnson made an impact on where we are, none, because we have no oversight of anything, just blame the computer.  Always a blame on someone else and not on the very people that like to give themselves titles and not produce a thing.  Tell me who in upper management ever brought a school to a high level of achievement?

Our elected officials need to make sure they don't get caught up with loss of revenue on their watch.  Parading ourselves as saviors of the district means nothing when the actual work is not being done.




  1. Thank God at least one Board Member is STANDING UP for taxpayers instead of blindly following Judy Needham. You are shinning Ann. Keep up the great work. We can only turn this District around with leadership - not silence. More of the Board need to rally around you and end all this crony corruption. Please act to end the Palazzolo litigation. This has gone on far enough! Brandt is using FWISD to massage his own bruised ego after loosing at every turn. His Firm has been directing this circus for four years! They threatened Teachers (like Chad Whitt) just as he did you at the Palazzolo trial. Why is the Board still listening to this guy? Please stand up for what is right. The Jury has spoken. You went to trial like Brandt wanted and lost. Why continue with this game? Time to focus on educating kids.

  2. Brandt has sipped and swallowed the kool-aid a long time ago! Needham found someone in him that was as hateful and vindictive as she is, so naturally they are both running the show. More and more games being played by the same people toward the same cause: keep the bodies buried, make Palazzolo and his family continue to suffer and save the good old pride! Information has surfaced and you all (FWISD) have to know that it will be even more damaging that the stuff from the latest trial. The transcript alone will hopefully make people stand up and listen at what is at the epicenter of an almost 5 year battle with Mr. Palazzolo. The transcripts will come out and forget about leaving with your dignity in your pocket; the ugly truth will be made public and you will no one to blame, but yourselves. Dr. Sutherland, you are right to not vote for the budget, b/c it was passed as a means to cover the regrettable truth; we WILL be broke in one school yr from now! What new Super will want to take this monster on? We fear the new person will be, yet again, like Johnson, have a connection to Needham, who we all know runs the show. Dr. Sutherland, there is so much more that has not come out about who has done what. Rest assured, it will come out in the transcripts if the Palazzolo trial is appealed! Look at all the money that is being mismanaged and people being pardoned (past and present). You, Dr. Sutherland, have the voice to speak up and end the Palazzolo trial and demand the district gets audited again! SAY NO, to any super candidate, without complete scrutiny. Rest assured (he/she) is connected to your evil nemesis, Judy Needham. You have had plenty of opportunities to make it right, but you failed for whatever reason. NOw is the time to speak up and end this madness. The board already thinks you are a joke, so prove them wrong, when you become the trustee to take this to the top! Needham is connected very well in FTW. You can beat her and the others who follow her. Dr. Sutherland, be the change that our district so desperately needs. I am speaking from truth, when I tell you that "shock and awe" is coming; it's no joke!

  3. Look at all the lives Needham has damaged or destroyed in the FWISD community. Many more talented teachers have left vecause of her. Instead, we get nipple pinchers, uncertified coaches, and plagiarists. Stop the scandals.