Sunday, August 17, 2014


We hope PD Week goes well and we need to hear from you on how it went.  Please let us know if there is a plan for everything they want you to do this year.  We will ask the questions on items to the powers that be.  Don't stay quiet, we need to voice our needs and this is one venue where it can happen.  Share with our colleagues.  We want a better FWISD with clear directions, expectations and organization.  

Let us know how your first day went!


  1. On Monday we were told that we would be able to work in our classrooms two days this week Tuesday and Friday, essentially making those days teacher work days. I was under the impression that on teacher work days there aren't supposed to be meetings. On our campus NSHS there are meetings taking place by department so that teachers can watch convocation.

  2. At the end of last year we had to turn in our laptops because we were getting new ones this year. Apparently someone in tech couldn't count because we, my colleagues and I, were reissued our old laptops because the district didn't order enough. That or someone kept the money. Either way we are using our old laptops that will be "refreshed" at some point. Let's be sure and give the people in tech a big raise and a calculator. Oh wait maybe someone already gave themselves a raise and they can buy their own calculator.