Friday, August 8, 2014

What will the message be for FWISD on state results?

So the results are out my friends and things are the same as before.  We have 23 schools who did not meet standard.  Not to take away from those that Met Standard but the majority of our high schools did not meet standard.

Tobi Jackson is certainly not concerned for District 2 as Eastern Hills HS and Poly HS did not meet standard, as well as, Forest Oak Middle, SS Dillow EL and CC Moss EL.  I guess her time away at the Prep Academy kept her busy and forgot FWISD.

So who will blow the trumpets and celebrate the MET STANDARD rating for FWISD?

This year we shall see if their testing every three weeks will pay off.

It seems like focusing on the North Side, South Side and West Side pays off because the East Side seems to be left alone.  Yet our leaders show no plan, nothing effective to resolve anything.  They do the same thing each year, fill positions with incompetence and leave the children on their own.  But oh don't argue against their graduation rate because they can crunch the numbers, I am sure that part was not an error when the computer messed up the attendance numbers.  Will the district report itself if that happens as they allege?

Let's not be fooled by the message that will come out we all know on the ground what is going on and we know that teachers are left to do miracles when no support is provided because everything directed is just to save their job and say they are working.  So we have a save yourself if you can attitude for our students and parents.

Remember folks that these are standards based on the low 50% to 60 % passing for most areas so that means that once the passing levels rise things will look different.  But I am sure that FWISD is happy with just passing.  Recipe for disaster eventually.

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