Saturday, August 9, 2014

Is this what our board will rubber stamp again?

Technology under Davie is asking for over 30 million more in technology enhancements at the august 12 board meeting.  A vote of no confidence should be on the agenda for Davie and staff since technology has been a waste for FWISD and a money grabber for software vendors and not using technology equipment correctly; hence millions thrown away.  A true audit would determine more than the 2.7 million reported.

Also while we are on the agenda, why would you hire Nancy Timmons ( a friend of Dansby's) who is a former curriculum assistant superintendent as an audit consultant for 53000 dollars.  Stop wasting money on consultants who have no audit background nor technology and have no idea probably how to even use it.

Kyle Davie who was an EMT, needs to be resuscitated along with the department and put in new leadership, why are you giving him 30 million?

Is this what Ramos and the gang are going to vote for without asking why?

How has more money and more technology improved student achievement, can you show us?


  1. Concerned TaxpayerAugust 9, 2014 at 3:38 PM

    Forget Timmons, what about the Baldrige continuous improvement consultant who was awarded a contract of $1,000 per day for 2014-15 for a total of $120K? She had an $80K contract for 2013-14. She's not even Baldrige certified and hasn't been for a while. This contract was approved by the board a few weeks ago and the contract is in the online board minutes for all to see.

  2. I think the Board and Norm Robbins in particular has a real problem with this. Robbins was the head of the Board's audit committee - he is THE person that sat on all of the recent "bad news" which has been released. It is said the Board has to approve this request because it was "in the Bond". Guess what? Needham, Robbins, and a few others on the Board WITHHELD information from voters. Some taxpayer may wise up and file a complaint about this fraud. Ridiculous to expect this idot to be given even more taxpayer money to waste. Consider that Linares was hired without a hearing or Board Meeting (who did that?) and was given instructions not to clean house (who told her that?). The answer to the question is the one- person School Board who has been driving this District into the ground: Judy Needham. She has become a senile wrecking ball - destroying what little is left of FWISD. 900 new teachers at orientation. 900!! Wake up school board!!! The lights are on - but no one is home - and no one is speaking out except Ann Sutherland.