Sunday, August 24, 2014


It looks like the FWISD Board, perhaps not all, have agreed to allow the lawyer to appeal the case.  You can read their press release which of course was not posted on the FWISD website. WE checked but did not find anything.

This only proves that the board makes decisions behind closed doors and hide under executive privilege.  They know this decision is incorrect, one about Palazzolo and two because they are not following the law.  We would like to know what specific law allows them to secretly make decisions and not be held accountable by the Open Meetings Act.  Where is the accountability?  Who runs the district?

Here we have elected officials who have decided to go above the law and also the constituents of the district.  What kind of example are you setting for the district?  You boast high integrity and your actions speak louder.  The majority of this board is full of lies and lacks integrity.



  1. We all know who runs this board and it's the 4th mug shot in the rogues gallery. Are any of us surprised by this decision or how it was made. This behavior will continue until the mainstream media gets involved and gives these miscreants the public flogging they, metaphorically speaking of course, deserve..

  2. Well, this certainly did not come as a surprise, considering what this district has gotten away with for the past 18 yrs that Judy Needham has served on the board! This pissing contest is all about Judy saving face with her ileitis blue haired minions! How dare someone like Palazzolo and teachers of her district, question how poorly most of her schools are run. How dare they report sexual harassment, attendance fraud, disciplinary disparagement of minorities, bullying, retaliation, embezzlement, and on and on!!! And to think, Judy's hatred and bitterness has carried over for almost 5 years, all because someone like Palazzolo and AHHS teachers dared to do what others have failed to do for many the truth! All you other board members are a waste of space, because you continue to bow down to her Judy. This appeal vote should have been made public, but you all went against the law and did it to spite Palazzolo even more. No continued retaliation from 2010? Yeah right! Let's not forget who has led this appeal decision process, Brandt, who is a hurt little boy, who happened to get beat in the trial by a young Latina woman! Brandt, you are about as ethical as our governor and just as sleezy! Make no mistake, you all are about to experience "shock and awe" as this goes back to trial. The transcripts are going to be released and I hope and pray they go public. Enough is enough!

  3. Today I posted, "Where is Sutherland's pic?" And funny, it was taken off. Kinda fishy!