Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mayor Price: How long will you allow Judy Needham to ruin the city of Fort Worth's Public Education System?

Judy Needham, we know, controls the board and is keeping the board in the dark about everything PALAZZOLO!  Needham and attorneys Brender and Brandt are secretly meeting to hide evidence that will embarrass the entire city but all will come out soon.

The 39 million was known about years go when Tatum took the complaints to TEA and deals were cut to hold off on the report if he got a job.  WE did report that Dansby had offered him a contract which he did get and then thought he had the power to do as he pleases.  Needham, Carlos Vasquez and Norm Robbins included knew all about this move with Tatum.  Norm Robbins is just a puppet of Judy Needham.

Self audits in the district do not work because of the mess they create.. the FBI NEEDS TO COME IN NOW!!!!!

Let's walk up Fort Worth- only a matter of time before this all blows up and cost even more money to clean up.

Things that continue to occur:

*Davie is taking cuts on technology purchases.  I am sure he has friends in the business sector.
*Recent hire by Robert Ray turns out that the father is Judy Needam's friend.
*Robert Mendez is a workplace bully.
*Norm Robbins was part of the self audit years ago when the original report came out on minority disparities.  The 39 million is nothing new!!
*Tobi Jackson has two faces.. NEVER TRUST HER... she would betray anyone for political gain.
*Sutherland is now a mental case bending to Needham because Needham pays for her attorney.

The chain of cover up and corruption:
* Linares is under Needham
*Needham protects Kyle Davie
*Kathryn Everest and Cynthia Bethany (her person therapist) are still working together
*Steinert hired Chris Riddick a man that caused the suicide of one of his own patients and known workplace bully.  New job is a joke because he oversees no one.  Chuck hoffman is still taking care of his boys.
*Jonathan Bey continues to bully his employees and get away with racial comments and mistreatment of white employees.  He is a crazed hater of white people just look into his hiring pracices.  HELL look into all of FWISD hiring practices hence principal who plagiarized may get hired in the learning network.
*Sam Monge and Rufino Mendoza are a bunch of clowns as is Menchaca at OPS. Menchaca hides sexual harassment cases from women under Sara Arispe's watch.  Allowing Chad and Ken to get away with sexual harassment.
*Menchaca is protected by Linares.



  1. Needham and her croonie attorneys are pissed that a petite highly intelligent Latina kicked their ass in court and will continue to do so if they keep pushing her!
    New board needs to wake up! Insurance may cover wasted cost of litigation BUT not their reputations!!! You continue to allow our city's public school children to suffer!!!
    Mayor Price musy not care either nor the city council!!! Sal Espino??? How about Joel Burns replacement??? Ann?
    Who will save the children???

  2. We've been here before, as in going on the 5th year with Palazzolo/AHHS teachers opening a huge can of worms exposing this sinister district! How is Price going to do anything, if she is just a "good ole' girl" herself? Price is Needham's buddy and the whole City Council too for that matter. People have wondered how one person can be so powerful, well, it's not just Needham, it's her and partner, Marty Leonard and her father's money! Her late father's money was probably involved in corruption long before she was even born! It's not a wonder why Needham and Leonard make a good pair. Like attracts like. Look at the mess at TRWD and their board! That board is run just like FWISD's board. If Price wanted to do something, she would've done so already! The Palazzolo case has continued, because of Needham and her pride. Johnson was ousted, b/c someone was seeking vengeance (Dr. Vasquez). Dansby was brought on to continue the "body burying" and keep the secrets in place, in exchange for status, power and money! All manipulated by Needham and her cronies! Well, that's what they get for making deals with the Devil, all for greed. In my opinion, even if Needham is ousted, they will be replaced by others, who cave in (Paz, Ramos and Avila) to save the district's face. We think that this current Ray re-hire is going to be bad? The new Super is probably already chosen, just like it was with Dansby, to continue the corruption. I asked Sutherland on her blog if the board intended on publically announcing the 3 candidate finalists for Super search firms (which she named on her blog)...she has yet to respond! All a ploy to go through the motions like before with Dansby. NO coincidence that Hank Johnson was hired too and announced he "retired" after Dansby resigned . Furthermore, there is no coincidence that Michael Sorum is still here too, after extensive school failures in the last 7 yrs! Don't get me started on Davie's or Kathryn E's BS! . All of the cabinet needs to go too and this won't happen, until the Feds come in and scrap this district. SO much of our taxpayer money has gone into the pockets of these ruthless termites, while our district employees and students continue to suffer. Had it not been for Palazzolo and the teachers of AHHS, this corruption would go unnoticed as it has been since before Tocco!

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  4. No one is "paying for my attorney"; I don't have (or need) an attorney. Also the names of the 3 finalists for the search firm were posted late last week (we met only on Wed.) as well as the date of their interview--Saturday Aug 9 at 9 a.m.

  5. The biggest problem is that Needham makes decisions without the Board consulting with and directing that snake Tom Brandt. The Board has been easily convinced that TASB (Texas Association of School Boards) will not charge them for the cost of these endless appeals. When the next appeal is filed the Trial transcript will be made public. Then taxpayers will see how unethical Brandt and his Firm have been over the past five years in the Palazzolo, Chavez and Duran cases. The threats to Dr. Sutherland before a Judge and Jury, the suppression of evidence, the firing of two witnesses, the threats to others and promises of a job to Vasquez for dodging the process servers. Then we have the pending Dansby defamation trial. Now the biggest question is, legal advise is worth what you pay for it. FWISD is paying nothing for Brandt and has paid nothing for the past five years in multiple cases. What has it gotten you? Endless litigation based on bad advise and dirty dealing. Needham may be satisfied but what of the millions lost - now to TEA and the impact to the image of the DISTRICT you are to serve; your reputations; and the CHILDREN who witness all of this. Dansby 's legacy is in shambles - will he just be bought off or will he tell the truth? Do you really think the timing of the latest Tatum trashing (though well deserved) is coincidence on the eve of the $39 million $$ admission?
    Robbins is a corrupt puppet of Needham. Is there no one other than Sutherland who can see the need to stop the bleeding? It is obvious now the Palazzolo appeals are motivated by ego and racism on the part of Needham and Brandt. Need more proof? Remember the Hispanic soccer players at AHHS? Who saved them? It wasn't Needham! It was Cinto Ramos. Brandt is beside himself that he was beaten by an young, aggressive Latina. His advise to his client is completely tainted by this. If he was truly interested in sparing FWISD any further embarrassment, he would have encouraged them to honor their settlement agreement with Palazzolo in 2013. He did not. He was wrong then; he lost (again) at trial; he is still wrong now. So does the Board have the courage to do the RIGHT thing and end this or will morale continue to be destroyed by the racism and ego of two egomaniacs - Needham and Brandt - along with all the crooked cutthroats she has protected over the years.

  6. I believe Dr. Sutherland's credibility will soar when the Palazzolo Trial transcript is released. Robbins on the other hand, will have to hide in shame for his spineless lying under oath. Remember: Robbins was the head of the "Audit Committee" who kept all of this information (2.7 Million in unused equipment; 39 million in attendance fraud back to TEA; and millions more the Board has yet to reveal) from legal discovery and the public for YEARS. The Mayor and the City's "Powers that Be" DO need to step in and clean house. Needham has to go. Brandt needs to be fired and sent packing - even if his advise is free. The Board needs some good ethical advise to do the right thing and end the Palazzolo litigation.

  7. This truly is now all about racism on the part of Needham and Brandt. The other Board Members need to grow a spine and say enough is enough. We need to start a petition to Eric Holder asking for a Federal investigation by the FBI.

  8. You should have seen the look on the faces of the jury in the Palazzolo trial when Ray told them how much he made. That was after repeating word for word the lines repeated by he and Robbins. Too obviously rehearsed.

  9. Let's see: Palazzolo, Duran, Chavez, Gonzalez, Salinas, Neave. Then there is Needham, Robbins, Jackson and Brandt. Only one Latino on the Board with two corrupt, dinosaur African-Americans. Yeah I'd say there is a pattern. Maybe we should also file a Civil Rights complaint. Either way, the Feds need to come in.

  10. So many of us have repeatedly called for investigations but has anyone actually gone to TEA or the feds with real evidence. We all write about Needham and the rest and all the crooked and underhanded things they have done but even if what we say is true, and I believe it is, it's just hearsay and won't prompt an investigation. I see things that are wrong in the district, wasted money, nepotism, cover-ups but I have no proof. If I did I'd go to someone but I don't. If you do please take your proof to someone OUTSIDE of Ft. Worth not to our DA because nothing will be done except another cover-up if you go there.
    The city council will not do anything because they have no jurisdiction and more importantly the mayor has no interest in trying to help our kids. That is unless it's to get them on a bicycle. Needham/Leonard have to much influence to allow anything to happen.
    Ann is the job you wrote about the one that the plagiarist applied for? Also now that you absolutely know this man is unethical and that there is a Needham connection would you support his hiring?

  11. I've sent a three page letter with timelines/links to the Palazzolo case and the waste of taxpayer dollars, to the FBI office in Dallas! I hope they will send it to the field office in FTW! Others have different angles on reaching someone who will do something. Together we have a mutual goal: to get our district back from the greedy claws of those who have abused it for too long! "Come on, let's roll."

  12. Anonymous, thank you and anyone else doing the same.

  13. Under Needham the past four years have been one embarrassment after another. It has to end. It should start by ending the Palazzolo case once and for all. The Jury has spoken. It was FWISD who wanted to go to trial.