Monday, August 25, 2014


In doing our due diligence we came across some interesting web connections between individuals on the board and the attorney's who represent FWISD.
In particular Judy Needham who seems to be in the middle of everything and has her ducklings follow in a straight line or all over the place as they always seem to be.

Well the press release stated that it was "a lower court ruling" that decided this case and facts are it was a Jury of their peers that decided for palazzolo.  The jury indicated that there was no justification for the termination and awarded $2.4 million.  They basically stated that it was retaliation.  The district says that the judge made the award and it was a jury.  So we know that Benjamin Barlow and his group are in-house counsel for the district at $37, 500 dollars a month, we just checked payroll checks to make sure.  So we go back and find in Needham's deposition that she worked for Win Hooper and David Joeckel, Barlow and Gardner.  Well it so happens that there is a Barlow, father, who worked for the firm and looks like he retired in 2008.  So coincidence that the son is the counsel for the district who also was in the audio taping that is the basis for the Dansby Defamation suit.  Oh the webs just keep on giving!!!

So Needham has friends who are working hard to cover up as much as they can and now are moving forward with an appeal that was not cast on a vote and will end up hurting the district in the future.  Board members we will hold you responsible for everything that happens because of your dereliction of duty that you swore upon a Bible.  Start asking for forgiveness soon because God don't like ugly and ugly it's going to be.

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  1. Isn't this an actionable offense? Aren't all these decisions being made behind closed doors without a public vote a direct violation of the laws governing the school board and since they are shouldn't that automatically initiate an investigation into the board itself? Christ the continued unchecked nerve of these people has grown to epic proportions and should have triggered some kind of investigation. Needham's partner's influence shouldn't be this all reaching. After all she's only an heir and hasn't really contributed anything, that she earned herself, to the city and those that did are long gone.