Saturday, August 2, 2014

The good, the bad and the uglier


Just when I thought I was going to have a nice relaxing time at home.  Which I still will !

I come upon article about Robert Ray resigning but staying on to help his project of Continuous Improvement.  Good that he is leaving, bad that he is deciding to stay and uglier because he may hire some people the district does not want and get it rubber stamped.  Well everything gets rubber stamped anyway by incompetence at every level.  We had hope in new blood but it looks like the old guard continues to dominate.

Which leads me to the revelation that the district will pursue the palazzolo case because they believe a jury of their peers got it wrong.  So they uncovered more of the lies and want to make sure the jury hears them so they can overturn the verdict.  So again and again money wasted on the backs of taxpayers.  Where are my fiscal conservatives?  When are we going to rein in this wasteful regime that does not get it?

Shame on board members who voted for the appeal, you have joined them, your words are meaningless because your actions speak for you.  We all know treachery they are pursuing and filling the pockets of lawyers who have no interest in our students.

Why should you care, it's not your money.. remember you have enough in the fund balance right?


  1. Where are you getting this info CIA? Was a vote casted at the Wed (special mtg)? Why is it that this is the first anyone has heard about this? What "uncovered lies" are you talking about?

  2. This is no surprise - shopping for a verdict. Same thing going on in Washington with Obama Care. If this is true, the trial transcript will be public record and released to the press. CIA needs to post the testimony of Robbins, Needham, Sutherland and Ray. Obviously 39 million is not enough. Taxpayers need to hear FWISD attorney threatening and intimidating Ann Sutherland into not testifying. To Ann's credit and The Judge's warning to Brandt, she did not back down and told the truth. I though they wanted a trial and would rather loose than take him back? Now that they've lost they've changed their minds again?

  3. This guy Brandt is such a bottom feeding muck-raker. He is the attorney whose own client in Arlington put a "hit" out on him. Real class act.

  4. Now can there be ANY doubt we need a new School Board?

  5. Hey anonymous- on the agenda there is always the section where they can discuss items in closed session. Normally you would see that they are deliberating something but this board does not follow the rules and more than likely did vote or just told attorney to move ahead. The district did not present credible evidence, actually the judge did not admit it. The district is spinning the news. We hope to get new information soon. Once they appeal the trial transcripts become public domain and we will see what happens.

  6. Thanks CIA! And may I say, I'm glad you are back with a vengeance!!! Awesome!

  7. An Appeal REQUIRES a PUBLIC vote. There has been none.