Wednesday, April 30, 2014


We know how cozy the city and FWISD are when it comes to getting money for their particular needs and not the school.

So Fort Worth stopped it's own truancy process and contracted with the city.  The district pays the City truancy court $313, 000 a year besides giving them space to do the job, furniture and equipment.  So far the city has made $600,000 solely on student fines and court costs.  So the city gets rich from our students and parents and you never hear or see preventive measures to assist students and parents.  Do they forget that our students need help?  You want to talk about the achievement gap among our African American students?  You can't create change if you are using punitive measures all the time.  Can we take the time to get to know our students, know their life situation and spend money based on a needs assessment? 

What we do have is a bunch of probation officers chasing our students since OPS is full of ex city officers.  So we know there is a hand into decisions from the powers that be.
 What happened to parent and community engagement On Purpose?  What happened to Continuous Improvement ON PURPOSE?

All a bunch of crap!

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