Thursday, May 1, 2014

Board Meeting: Dansby Contract-UPDATE of DECEIT

The board met on March 25, 2014 to discuss Dansby's contract and we all heard in the Star Telegram that the board had postponed any judgement on it, no votes.

Well it so happens that below you see an asterisk by letter C which means the board meeting notes were amended.  The day the board stayed until the wee hours of the night, they actually did make a decision.  So they used the paper to makes us think that there was conflict, well there is conflict among them but diverted attention from it.
So at times when the board wants to vote on all items of the agenda at once, they will agree to it in executive session.  So, while we cannot verify that it occurred, it makes us think that they actually did vote on that day and they didn't share it with the public.  We know they are used to deceit and hiding things and so this is not surprising.

According to different sources and you can also verify if you know someone, it looks like they decided not to extend the contract from that day and hid it from us.  We shall see what they say on May 25th if anything.
If anyone has other information please email

P.S.  Excuse the constant change, wanted to make sure we had the correct information.

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